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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A Fed Charged? Say it Ain't So...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Anyone remember back a few months ago the Fibbie on the DC metro who capped someone and it went all -hush-hush- secret squirrel mode?  Yep.  Apparently the shit was so gregarious that they're charging the piece of shit with Attempted Murder 2.

Now that is something I never expected. 

I guess reading it over, Mr. Shot-in-the-guts (the victim) was a homeless dude who tried beg some dinero off him.  Dude told him to go away, probably forcefully.  Beggarman got up and left, and I guess, from the report started talking shit about Mr Agentman.  Agentman didn't like being 'disrespected' apparently... Key takeaway:
"The man muttered expletives and began to walk away when the agent said he didn't have any money to give, the prosecutor added.

'Watch your mouth,' the agent told the man, according to Hill."

Whoops.  Guess Hotshit-Hothead-Fucktard Badge with a Gun didn't like a shabby bum calling him a cheap prick in a suit.  So... per the usual with a Tin Badge Comes Godlike Special Privileges and this asshole escalated.  Homeless dude, (race unknown but I can guess) turned and started towards Badged Buttboy, who cleared leather and then capped  Beggarman in the gut, more than likely sure he'd get a medal for such stunning and brave service.

Now, of course the defense attorney of course brings up Beggarman's prior history of street violence. 

Can't say I blame him... thing is, dude was walking away.

Doesn't matter anything after the fact.  Immaterial that the guy has a history of violent assault.  Mr "Theoretically Violent" was walking away .  Cuttin' n Runnin' when Mr. Big-Shot-Badass-With-A-Badge had to open his questionable cockholster.  If -I- was a homeless bum, who just got told to 'fuck off' and/or otherwise, and I was muttering about "Shit-in-a-suit" and said-aforementioned "Shit-in-a-suit" told me to "watch my mouth" I'd get the ass too.  Who the fuck you think you are Jack?

Obviously an asshole with a Badge, who thought he'd get away with murder.
Make that attempted murder, as obviously he's a bad shot... 
And 'reckless endangerment' as the backstop was a civilian
Even the prosecutor thinks the guy is a bad shot...  
I hate bad shots.
So, yeah, this sat around, and -someone- -somewhere- had to have told the prosecutor that this's gonna go badly for him as they hardly ever go after Feds in cases like this.  The optics must have been a stone bitch.  My guess?  The vic and the surviving backsto... er witness/civilian?  Probably -both- members of a certain-minority-group that's currently beyond reproach.  I'd say that the civilian got hisself a lawyer who's now suing for mental trauma/PTSD in seeing a fellow get one in the guts, and realizing the only reason HE didn't absorb the pass through is the Feds generally carry 147 grain Plus "P" Speer Gold Dot hollowpoints.  Low penetration, massive cavitation.   As also demonstrated by the fact that Beggarman lost, according to the story, a goodly amount of his internal organs.

Personally, if he was shewtin' anything other than the standard round, I want to know what it was, and if they're available to the general public. Single shot? "The wounded man had part or all of his spleen, colon and pancreas removed during surgery after the shooting, according to Hill."  Day-um.  Nice.  One-Shot-One-Kill stuff.  A chest wound would've made steak tartar I'm thinking.

Either way tho, something made them go after this guy.  Who knows... maybe he had something to do with Epstein and Company.  I. don't. trust. the. Feds. ever.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Mr. Country- like you say, never trust those cockheads. That's some Ol'Remus advise right there. Look forward to your and Phil's post everyday. Watch Wirecutter's sidebar for it. Thanks for your trouble. Texson

  2. It will most likely get to a plea deal as TPTB don't want the sordid truth surfacing. As to the Preferred Melanin Uno and Due, I wonder who else is going to be on the "suing for dollars" liability train. Dollars to donuts its going to be your tax dinero paying for it.

    Spin Drift

  3. No Intent...move along now: The Inspector General’s Office turned over its report to the FBI, but it’s unclear what disciplinary action was taken against the agent.