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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Irrational Belief

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogttes!
On the fons today at work and maaaan.  Had a humdinger of a call.  Wife of a Vet that no-one was helping.  Long of the short, she at one point, said he was suicidal.  That's a hard stop right there.  I let higher know what was going on, and then kept on the fon, at which point I found out he's actually threatened in the past, but not currently, as he's not even home but at work.  So oh, OK... Got it.  Relay that to higher, and told them "It's all cool."  Much different situation Aye?

Not that Higher heard any of it.
While I was still trying to unfuck the situation, the local PD showed up for a welfare check.
Whoo boy.
The wife was cool about it, and my Higher is now trying to spin it off on me that "I said" when I didn't and hopefully it'll quiet down, not that they won't try and pin something on me.  My boss whos a dear said I'm good that I ain't gotta worry.

Now then, so I'm on the fon, and apparently the world showed up.  Whaaambulance and like two cruisers.  I get on speaker and tell one of the coppers "Hey, mis-communication, everything's cool!" as her Hubby ain't even home.  She's showing them, and telling them, "Everythings cool!" Cop #1 is like "No prob, cool" but Cop #2?

I guess he was highly disappointed that he didn't get to shoot or taze someone.  <cue authority voice> "We need to verify whoever that is on the phone, as well as go to his work and check!!!!" the whole time... Wife I was speaking to was like "This guy is like being a dick."  I even said to Cop #1, "You need ole boy to chill the fuck out before he kills someone... No one there for him to HupHupHup!!!"

Man, then the very next call I get someone who starts telling me that the DotGov "Told me that this is what's going on!!!" and couldn't be moved from that... I kept trying to politely explain that "Just 'cos the DotGov said so doesn't make it the truth."
Man, De Nile ain't just a river in Egypt.
Just like Higher Higher calling in the uniformed DotGov... I mean yeah, liability, I dig that, but BEFORE calling they should have gotten with ME to ask MOR questions on the SitRep than "OMFGCallthecopsrightnow!!!!"  I understand SOP.  I was the one who initially said "Whoa suicide, hold on..." and started that ball, but damned if they didn't grab that thing and do a Forrest Gump and run alllll the way out of the stadium with that fucker.

Such is working with an all female cast so to speak.
All emotions, no logic.
Total belief in "The System"
And when I was talking to the cops?  Even one of the cops besides cop #1 said cop #2 was like waaaay too amped up.  Like dude... only thing that tells me is no matter what, never call the cops.
Too dangerous.
For ALL involved.

The stiking thing is the utter belief of the goodness and system in general.  I have trouble believing it.  It's stunning.  Like jaw dropping.  How in the hell can -anyone- believe anything that ANY DotGov agency tells you?  Like at this point, it's got to be willful ignorance.  MomUnit, bless her is sort of like that.  Does NOT want to hear anything factual that can upset the apple cart so to speak.  She gets totally bent out at the messenger.  Especially when I slip the occasional needle in about CNN, which is all she watches.  The complete dogmatic belief in shytte like that is where everything has gone wrong.  

A BIG part of it was elimination of organized religion, either by murder and/or suicide.  The murdering of religion was done by people who don't want to believe, and force others not to believe, nevermind the Commies who want you to worship the state.  The suicide of religion is the Catholic Church willfully and intentionally allowing, nay encouraging rape and child molestation... and I'm not even going there with the current as far as I'm concerned Antipope running the shytteshow right now...

Any wonder this country is in deep(er) shit than it's ever been before?
Look, I tend to not be overly religious.  That being said,, one can't go through the shit I've been through and not believe that there ain't a God or higher power.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm fired.
What was that about God?
Seems I said I wanted to hit a motherfucker in the head for not doing their job.  Pure hyperbole.  
Of course just the thing for the HR Chick to grab onto and run with.
Terminated <sigh>
This's the shit that irritates the fuck out of me.
No writeup, no warning, no nuthin'.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Back Up and Running

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
0700 this AM I hear the HOA sponsored lawn-boys whacking and chopping at the yard(s) and common areas.  I then hear a -smashing noise-... Not good.  Seems one of the Squatamalens who're riding the big assed mower?  Well, he no se' the Fiber Optic box on the corner of my yard, and ground it to dust.

No internet for You!
No work either.  Day without pay because I know I ain't getting shytte out of this illegals nor their employer, who I still can't figure out who to blame.  The HOA Nazis?  I have to play nice with them as we have another issue that came up over the weekend, namely an aggressive 6 foot long female gator who took up residence in my bass pond in the back.

She's also digging in on my property, right up against the lanai looking to 'nest'.

Dammit.  3rd Degree Felony to whackum said gator.  I've made ALL the calls, and the HOA -supposedly- dispatched someone to get rid of it.  Too late for the fucking ducks tho, the gator made short work of them despite all the neighbors tryna keep Daffy from Wally... notsomucho good there.  Lots of feathers and down around the yard now.  And since it's a big ole gator compared to the norm, it's not like I can use a smaller quieter round like a suppressed .22.  I need one-shot-killage.
Gator skulls are thick and soft-hard so to speak. I've seen Big gators take a 230 grain .45 ACP to the nugget and while ringing Wally's bell, it did shrug it off.  So High velocity penetration is key, and a 150 grain 7.62 AP round is just the thing, and I have 20 or so rounds on hand.

Never know when you need to punch through light to medium armor plate Aye?

Mine though is in waaay better shape, that pic is rando-off-the-web.  Mine is brand new issue in the box.  I'd rather A) not have to use it and B) not violate any laws in getting this thing out of here.  The fish-fuzz 'round here tend to be hyper militant about the protection of ye olde anini-nimi-nals here.  Can't say I blame 'em.  So, unless Wally gets really aggressive and actively comes at me, live and let live I always say.  Not that I'm NOT walking the doggo with my rifle locked and loaded. 10 rounds of AP in the M1A over the shoulder patrol style.  The neighbors keep asking me when I'ma gonna whack it, and I keep telling them, "Ain't mah job Dewey!"

So they got the box rebuilt around 6 pm today. Been reading an actual book today, "Lonely Vigil: Coastwatchers of the Solomons" by Walter Lord.  Really good book.  Little known heroes of the Pacific.  Not sure if'n y'all have ever heard of them, but in the later 30's, the Solomon Islands, better known now by names like Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and all the rest, they were for the most part British and Australian (ergo British) Empire holdings, and had administrators, governors and the like allll over the Pacific.  Lots of lil bureaucrats holding down the day job of paper-shuffling for the furthest reaches of the Empire.  Most of them were near-do-wells, guys who wanted to be left alone in the middle of nowheresville, going native and telling the majority of Humanity to "Sod off!" 

When the Japs started their shit and forming the "Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere" i.e. the whole Pacific Rim for them to run, a lot of these guys took to the hills into hiding.  A Truly Curmudgeonly Commander named Eric Feldt, he started up and got all these rebels and whatever, together in a loose unit called the Coastwatchers.  Throughout the war, those who survived that is, sent regular reports on Aviation Movements, Troop dispersal and fleet movement to higher higher.  A LOT of these reports are why we were able to kick ass against the Japanese, knowing where and when they were moving had as much to do with HUMINT as well as ELINT.

LOTS of these guys got captured and tortured to death as spies. 
Genuine Heroes that don't get a lot of play here.
Thing that I'm finding though, (I'm in the first half) that the cognitive dissonance of a LOT of the Brits.  They knew war was coming.  They knew that they were going to be trapped behind the lines.  They knew their own personal 'shit was in the wind' and yet they kept going on and on, not prepping til the very last second.  In one case, as it's written comically, but at the time, I would have positively kil't this dude, he started gathering up allll the voluminous files he'd put together over 10 years and tried to pack them on a truck to escape with as Jap mortar shells were hitting the area.  Not "grab the food, grab the guns we gotta go!" but "Oh my, can't leave these files for the Jap eh wot?"

Morons... all ages, all eras.  Something to think on Aye?  

Some of these guys tho, they saw, they knew, and the prepped for it like motherfuckers
They seem (so far) to be doing well as the history of it is real.  Guess I'll find out as I go along.  Anything else of note I'll tell you about as I go.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Monday, June 28, 2021

More Russian with a Stove Test and Steaks

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ran a couple of tests today around Ye Olde Casa El Grande Campesino, specifically MOR food tests.  Now, as all have been tuned in, the Russian MREs are by far the best combat grub I've found in a looong time of eating foreign MREs.  The Polish ones come in somewhere in the same arena, just that it depends on the menu.  The coolest thing though about the rooskie stuff is the little stove thingy and fuel they include.

Most of the modern MREs use the stinky use-this-much-water Flameless heater.  Lots of times, they tend to be heatless too, depending on environment and age.  The older US MRE heaters are notorious for just sucking period.  I have -no idea- why they made it (the heater bag/element) just big enough for the food envelope to fit inside, on it's own.  Whereas every. other. country. provides a big ole heater/bag combo so's you can heat up your meal, all at once and get your chow hot, all at the same time, nice and hot.  The US DotMil, with bids fromt he lowest bidder?  Not so fuckin' mucho Aye?

So, the Russians, they seem to be using a lot of commercial grade actual chow, as seen here, and with the lil stove and match pack along side it:
As oyu can see, it's Kasha, which is a ground meat and rice goulash.  Looks good in the picture huh?  The matches are strike anywhere BUT it includes a strike paper as the matches have like this thick waterproof coating over them, which makes them fat at the top.  When I busted open the stove, there was a small metal (aluminum) plate with a lot of cuts in it.  4 of them got to the bottom to form the base, and the bigger triangular ones fold up, but not all the way, to form the 'holder' for the chow itself.  the fuel pellet sits in the middle:
Close Up:
Note:  The fuel I -think- is trioxane.  The pellets stink... like gross stinky smell.  Also, because it's a flame, you can't cook any of the packet style MREs on this.  The rooskie food comes in aluminum tins, that need to have the corner peeled up so it doesn't pop and blow up.  The fuel lit pretty well, after holding the flame on it for a bit.  It too was coated with a waterproofing wax or something that once it (the fuel) started, the wax became a non-issue
As I said, it lit up really issues.  the trick that I had was making sure the 4 'holding' arms were even so's the food was balanced nicely.  Once I was sure it wasn't going to blow out, I put the chow on it and let it go for about 5-6 minutes
I let it cook until steam was pouring out of the peeled back tab.  Then, once that was done, I pulled the Kasha, and threw the can of rooskie spam on that was left over from the last MRE.  Wasn't sure how hungry I was, so what the hell.  Now, once it was all done (both meals) This is what was still left going on the stove:
About 1/2 sized from the original size when I first lit it.  Very efficient combustion I'd say.
The chow itself?  The usual good tasting stuff.  Haven't had -anything- negative to speak of so far, and that is unusual for -any- military food, nevermind from a country thats military theoretically is backwards and less than ours.

I wonder how the field grunts would react to try a Russian MRE for an entire field problem?

Probably cause a mutiny in the ranks LOL.

The -other- test was the bag o'sirloin steaks from that freeze dried company.  I'd had a couple of them in the past, but not from the 'big bag o'steaks'.  They, of course were excellent, however I forgot to take pics.  I will next time as I intentionally have left overs that I want to leave in the bag for a few days, maybe a week, week and a half, then rehydrate and cook them after they've been sitting around in the bag after being exposed so to speak.  Be a god test on those for the longevity AFTER being initially uncrated and used.  I sealed them, with the original O2 desiccant, ziplocked in the original bag.  Said that they'll keep for 3-4 weeks, unrefrigerated as long as you keep them dry and un-rehydrated.
I'll take pics when I rehydrate them.  As I said, this batch was OMG good BUT:
Key observational note.  In a 'true TEOTWAWKI' situation, cooking these things is going to be able to be smelled from a quarter mile away.  I only did 10 seconds on high heat, each side (they're very thin) so as to get them medium well... anything longer and they'll be minute steaks.  That being said, they were super tender and no gristle.  VERY good steaks, BUT you're going to attract every. starvin. marvin. within a full gridsquare if you start cooking these up.  My across the street neighbor came over to borrow a baking pan and said she could smell them all the way across the street.

OPSEC: Smell.  That's a issue.  Keep it in mind Aye?
Starvation makes people into dangerous people.
THIS more than anything is why worry.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Blame the Dead Guys

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
They're -Not- going to lay it on the Condo Association from the look of it.  The smear is starting in overseas stories already. What I'm talking about is the Miami Building Collapse.
Of course, the Surfside Building Management Company has come out and said 'repairs were imminent.'  That "18 million dollars was slated to be invested in 'deep repairs' to the infrastructure."  Yep... talk about the gall.  Sh'yeah.  Two and a half full years AFTER being told that the place was falling apart.   Shoulda Coulda Woulda Oughtta... fat lot of good the hunnerd or so poor bastards who got ground to dust have to say.  

And it is "dust to dust"... after 9/11 they did a LOT of studies on building collapses vis-a-vis human remains.  Apparently when huge heavy piles of rock cave in like that, it's like a grater... literally grinds remains to dust and paste.  Only way you're finding anything is if there's a piece that didn't get ground to powder... which in this case the whole "yelling your loved ones names" and thinking people are still buried alive in that shitshow?  Notsomuch.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad new gang.

But very telling that the blame is going to be thrown on dead dood and his other dead dood partners.  Going to be interesting to see if the families put up with it, if payoffs are involved, or if any claims after the fact get thrown at them.  I mean a building completely falling down?  Jeez.  Not so good.  And the whole claims of "we wuz juuuust that close to starting repairs?"  Puh-leeze.  

The only thing that was going on on that property was "do I sell and make a shitton of cash in the overheated market or stand fast?"  I'd say that the smart money -literally- Got The Fuck Out anytime BEFORE that particular market collapsed.

MomUnit's been following and digging a bit... seems that some of the condo-for-sale ads out there for that Addy, the backside away from the beachfront view places started at $800K.  The front ocean view?  Yeah, in this case the rich took it hard in the ass.  I feel bad for them though... talk about shit-luck.

I mean if -I'd- paid umpty-dumb miiiiilllions of dollars for a ocean front crib, I sure as hell would -expect- that the fucking building doesn't collapse under it's own fucking weight.  Then again, millions or not, a fucking building shouldn't collapse in the way this joint did.  No wind, no external forces... just a 'Out of the blue' fairy-must-have-farted and WHACKUM!!!!

Christ that would've sucked.  Like mad suckage.

So, other things:  I was pointed in the direction of Princeton for researching Milley.  Good place to see if "Skull and Bones" has anything in there around this guy.  Somewhere, someone played "Rabbi" to him, and helped him significantly.  Sapper and I discussed this at great length last night.  I mean this guy showed up at sort of a really fucked time for the US Army... they'd just gotten their ass handed to them in Nam, the troop morale was nonexistent, race wars were common in the enlisted side, and a leadership was barely there... we even discussed if that was the why of how this guy got the plum assignments.

The fact he showed up even AT ALL speaks to the positive.  And if he showed even the slightest motivation or competence that -might- have raised positive flags that he needed to be nurtured and 'raised up' into the rarified ranks of 'higher-higher'...
That or he had dirt on someone
Dirty dirt.
Who knows?
We sure as hell never will.
What we do know is is unquestioning ability to say what needs to be said to please HIS higher higher.  He's an asskisser nonpareil.  When Trump was in orifice, it was all "Yes Mister President!"  Same shit all the way through his career.  Offend no one, make no hard decisions, and go with the flow.  Now that CRT is -the thing- with the current Higher Higher, he's fully on board... of course he is.

Which means in a shewt'n nut-cuttin' time, he's gonna do whatever the people who hold his leash order him to do, and to hell with 'right and proper.'  Just as long as Mark Milley and his perks are safe, then it'll be all good, despite whatever is right... a man with no moral center, or impossible to determine moral center? 
Bit O'Danger there Aye?
So, More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Another Full Day and General Milley

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, today we're gonna touch on a few different things.  First off, many thanks to the reader who donated some $$$ to the boolit boot n' bean fund whilst I was in Saint Auggie.  It was enough to get Wifey a couple o' those OMFG Cookie Sammiches and kept her happy while the Doc poked and prodded me.  All turned out fine, and my script for the meds was filled as well, over my normal pain meds.

Just to fuck with Wifey, when we got back to the room last night, I ground up 2 of the pills and snorted 'em.  You'da thunk I'd whipped out a dirty needle and spoon by her reaction.
I got the idea to do that from that meme above, shamelessly stolen from over at Wirecutters. His "The shit I poast on FB" is always good for a laugh.  I figured to have Wifey Take the A Train to 'Weirdsville' by horfing my meds nasally.  No biggie.  Been there, done that back in the day, just usually in a men's room with a small glassine baggie and it was Peruvian Marching Powder.

Ahhhh the days of wine and roses...  Good times.

After I assured her I wasn't going to go all 'reefer madness' and I was only fucking with her, the night was pretty chill.  Only bitch I have from the whole weekend was the radioactive trace stuff I had to drink at one point tasted nastier than usual.  The choices per usual were Grape flavored ass, Vanilla flavored ass, and the omnipresent Banana flavored ass.  I went with the 'nilla stuff.

Soooo as I was waiting I got to looking and seeing just what the hub-bub is about regarding some MOR of the DotMil stuff out there.  Specifically I had an issue with the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Mark Milley.  His commentary, or lack that thereof bugs the ever loving shit out of me.  So, me being me, I had to do a bit more of a dive on him into his career.
Now, his official bio on Wiki, which is carbon-copied from the Army dot Mil web, has the following:

"Milley earned his commission as an Armor officer through Princeton's Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps program in 1980 and spent most of his career in Infantry assignments.

Milley has served in the 82nd Airborne Division, the 5th Special Forces Group, the 7th Infantry Division, the 2nd Infantry Division, the Joint Readiness Training Center, the 25th Infantry Division, Operations Staff of the Joint Staff, and as a Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon.

General Milley has had multiple command and staff positions in eight divisions and special forces throughout the last 39 years to include command of the 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division; Milley commanded the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light) from December 2003 to July 2005, served as deputy commanding general for operations of the 101st Airborne Division from July 2007 to April 2008, and was commanding general of the 10th Mountain Division from November 2011 to December 2012.  He then served as the Commanding General of III Corps, based at Fort Hood, Texas, from 2012 to 2014, and as the commanding general of the United States Army Forces Command, based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from 2014 to 2015. He was appointed chief of staff of the Army on August 14, 2015."

From a regular Point of View, he's been there done that.
However, to me?  Not so much.
His rack looks like this:
All the 'proper' bingo holes filled... Ranger/SF tabbed, Airborne Master Blaster.. couple of Bronze Stars and a few overseas hits in Iraq and Affy.  What I don't see  though is any Gulf War One ribbons.  In fact, that rack by standards is ho-hum.  No purple heart, no real combat so to speak.  In fact for a guy who got commissioned in 1980, there's a distinct lack of 'been in the shit' with this guy.

Some of my issues:  They make a big deal out of dude having been "Special Forces".. I've seen it thrown alllll over the place.  More on that innabit. 

Thing is, this guy started his career as a 2nd John Butterbar as the assistant maintenance officer at Fort Bragg.  He was a tread head.  Airborne Tanker no less.  The unit was 4/68, one of the last Airborne Armor units using that POS M551 Sheridan.
A rot-see... R.O.T.C. for those of you civvies, that's a Reserve Officer Training Candidate... also called 90 day wonders, shake and bake L.T. or better yet, "that fucking asshole butterbar who couldn't find his ass with both hands if it was on fire, and he had written instructions."  Especially if he was the 'assistant maintenance officer' for the battalion.... generally it's not where the next CoJC starts out at.

Never mind when the hell did he go Infantry?  Most occifers stay in their branch, start as Armor, die as Armor.  Ain't a lot of jumping around unless 'needs of the DotMil' come first, and let me tell you, they never have enough treadheads.  It's how I personally got fucked getting reclassed when they got rid of the TOWs.  They need armor like a junkie needs a fix, and no one in their right minds wants to be a tanker, once they realize the romanticism of the "Steel Beast" is really "being a slave to a very dirty, heavy, vehicle that wants to kill and maim you."

So, first he's a worthless Assistant Maintenance officer.  That's probably when he went to Panama to play "Noriega Time".  He ended his time at the 82nd as the Platoon Leader for A Company in the 4/28th...  So he wasn't totally fucked up... that's good... but then, it gets 'murky'... they say he went to 5th Group, but I can't find any info on the who, where, when on it... it also mentions in passing he went to the Officer Advanced Infantry course, and z-e-r-o mention of his Ranger Skoolin'.  When did he do SFAS? How about did he do the "Q" course or was it "A/B" school back whenever?  Was he "in SF" or is he just another occifer check-the-box long tabber?

Then, again some MOR haze, where he showed up in Korea with 2nd Infantry under the 506th Currahee, where he still wears that as his Affiliate Unit on his right side dress arrangement on his uniform
That and French Para wings... which are some of the largest and gaudiest things out there, Jes' sayin'.  He also picked his "Combat Patch" as the famed 101st...

Now his time in the 101st was waaaay after he'd navigated to the top tiers in the "Corporation".  I just don't get a lot of it... his tenure at each place he was stationed/worked in/at was almost like the perfect stepping stone... each one after another, not really being exposed to too dangerous a unit/location, doing just enough time and 'things' to earn the required accolades, and then the obligatory promotion.

In fact, that right there is my conclusion:  Dude is a perfect middle manager made good.  Someone who never really had to put ye olde ballz on the block, who never really was exposed or had to make seriously hard decisions.  

All 'flash', no substance.
His pick of the set of foreign jump wings that he's wearing?  French.  The biggest set of foreign jump wings available.  Nothing sez "Hey lookie here!" than a 4 inch by 3 inch set of wings.  I'm pretty sure that a Master Blaster has more than just one set of foreign wings for options... some of my real SF bros have like ALL the jumpwings from all over the world.  One guy I know started to get them tatted on his chest, and quit after the first 4, as he realized that he'd run out of canvass so to speak...

But back to Milley:  His pick of his Regimental Affiliation?  Currahee.  Just so happens to be one of the first Airborne units formed, and just so happens to be the Infamous "Band of Brothers" unit from the HBO series...  A Regimental Affiliation, according to AR870-21 is: "Offer regimental affiliation to provide Soldiers with the opportunity for continuous identification with a regiment, a corps, or special branch during and after their period of active service."  Which usually means your affiliation is the Unit you bled with... that you'd die for and with.  Like me, The Rakkasans is mine.  
However, Some people affiliate with 'other units' so's to have the "I'm cool" points, without ever having served in them... couple of asshole I know tried to get the Special Forces affiliation (didn't work) but yeah... this guy went with a Unit he served with in Korea, where, from all MY understanding was, is and continues to be the unwiped anus of the Army in general... the only reason 1/506th gets any traction now is that "Band of Brothers" made 'em famous... I'd be curious to find out when Milley made that particular choice Aye?  Hell, when he was with them, they weren't even ABN anymore, but ASSLT.  Dope on a Rope if'n you were... which also makes the point, if he was in an Air Assault unit, wherez his AASLT wings?  

The bronze stars don't impress me either unfortunately.  I personally saw a Headquarters unit in Iraq get every. single. fucking. asshole in that unit awarded a bronze star just for being on Victory when we had incoming fire.  Where real shooters were lucky to see an ARCOM.  

And another thing, 2 AAM (Army Achievement Medal) and 5 ARCOMs (Army Commendation Medals)?  What the fuck?  AAM and ARCOMs are end of tour Permanent Change of Station (PCS) awards and -usually- not given to occifers.  Odd that he's got 5 of the ARCOM... and only 2 AAMs.  Lots of 'generals giving generals awards' Medals tho, Legion of Merit, DSM, ASM, DDSM... all given out by generals, for generals to generals for not passing out at a Regimental Dining in, or getting caught fucking someone's wife.  Or husband in todays Army...

The 'odd duck' badge out of ALL of them is the SOCOM Diver badge.  My understanding is that that is a stone cold motherfucker of a school.  I want the 'who where when how?' on that for dis fukkin guy.  Not saying that he didn't do it, but there's doing a school and then "The General is doing the school"

Jes' Sayin'
Not many senior occifers flunk out if'n you dig me.
There was the case in the early days of Army Helicopter aviation... can't remember dudes name, but "The Gen'rul" went and got qualified on whirlybirds, shortly after which he forgot to do something critical, that done kil't his ass in a helicopter crash...mainly because "He was the General" and listening and studying was for lesser men, and it ended up getting him deader n' a doornail.  At least THAT asshole only flamed hisself...

But yeah, one last thing, and I'll call it a night:
A few years back, Milley as Chief of Staff had to take the hit about the formation of the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade... bunch of people from CivAffairs and PsyOps and drawn from SF to train the Afghanis.  Seems a LOT of the SF kids got pissed in seeing a LOT of their traditions and whatnot being assumed by the SFAB kids... the article is here:

What stood out to me was Milley's quote: "“No one at all is trying to misappropriate Special Forces heraldry or Special Forces lineage, traditions or history,” Milley said. “I have too much respect personally for Special Forces. I love Special Forces. I’m a Green Beret, and I don’t want anybody misappropriating their heritage or their heraldry.“

What bugs the shit out of me is that ALL the SF kids I know, I don't think outside of being piss-drunk, they never call theyselves "Green Berets"... It's always Special Forces or just "SF"...  Only posers and wannabes call themselves "Green Berets"... and to my experience which is a LOT of time working with, training with, being brothers to some IRL SF Legends, and some time myself in the School for advanced suffering, what he said?  Nuh uh... something stinks about this guy.

You don't start off as bumblefuck the Assistant Maintenance Occifer as an Armor officer no less, get a branch transfer to Infantry, and a slot to SF (whenever the fuck that happened) and then go to every. single. safe. and opportunistic command that punches your career ticket absolutely perfectly since 1980.

It. Just. Doesn't. Happen. That. Way.
Unless the "Fairy Godmother of the Officer Branch" at the Puzzle Palace really took a shine to ole Milley, ain't no way. 

(And for those of you wondering, That Fairy Godmother does exist, she's a GS-15 who's only in the office once or twice a quarter, if your lucky she might reach out and assist a deserving occifer with a touch from her DA Wand.)
Unless there's something else in play far out of sight... tough call.  Your thoughts would be appreciated 
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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Let 'Em Burn

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Any wonder why the 'former support the blue' folks are now sayin' "fuck 'em?"  Shit like this:
Crazy Guy goes nuts, starts rampage
Crazy Guy kills cop
Good Guy with a gun drops Crazy Guy, good job Good Guy!
Shitty, worthless cowards with badges show up, Gun down Good Guy...
"Sorry, our bad!"

Fuck. Them.
Murder charges for -everyone- to include the trainer of the trigger happy cop.  I. do. not. want. to. hear. "the craziness of the moment."  There. are. no. excuses. except pure cowardice and bravado.  The details, of course haven't been released.  Never will be.  You can be damned sure that the tax slaves of Arvada Colorado are going to be paying out the ass over this particular fuckup.  I almost am 100% sure that after the shoot, any bets that Good Guy was standing with his hands up with the weapon on the ground?  According to the family and friends, this guy was highly trained, and a known good guy... good guy being defined as 'running towards the sound of musketry', which is just what he did.  An initial witness stated just that, and -somehow- that particular infonugget AND witness have vanished.

Wonder why Aye?

THAT is the type of legislation they need to enact.  Not gun control, Cop control.  A "Personal Liability Law" that IF a cop fucks up willfully, that HE/SHE pays the price, up to and including enslavement of him and his children.  Every. single. dime that they make gets paid out to the victim.  That being said, make them also carry Liability Insurance.  Good Gawd, they want to have every single gun owner carry liability insurance, and let me tell you, THAT itself is purely a grift for the insurance companies.  Insurance is 'the other mafia'... "buy this or else..."

Yeah, I'm heated reading this.  Could have been me or any of OUR number who peruse this place.
That was then, this's now.
The fuzz for me have become less, and less and waaay less worthy of -any- help from me
Fuck 'em in the future.
Unfortunately for them, They're own their own from now on.  
This, as far as I'm concerned, was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Why the fuck should -any of us- assist the swine?
The Crips wouldn't shoot you if you assisted them, Bloods too.
The Old School Mafia was more honest and respectable.
The Cops in the 21st Century?  Paid Thugs and State Sanctioned Praetorian Guards who purely exist to protect their own, extort monies for their Political Masters, and extract as much bribes and grift until they can either falsely claim disability and get 100% retirement, or finish enough years to get the full retirement deck.  I literally refuse to respect nor assist any badged thug any longer.  Ashli Babbitt, say her name.  
His Name Was John Hurley.
His Name Was John Hurley.
His Name Was John Hurley.

Say his name and remember.
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Friday, June 25, 2021

Looooooong Drive

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So the specialist I have to see is in Saint Augustine.  LOVE this town.  However, the drive?  Not so much.  what -should have- been a 3 hour +/- drive was a 5 and a half hour mess.  Wifey was helpful, massaging my neck and putting up with my shit.  The major issue, besides the 'too many ants on the anthill issue', was the rain.  Torrential downpour.  Had to drive like an old(er) man... s-l-o-w-l-y.  Remember folks, it ain't the one you see, it's the other motherfucker you don't  see down here that's the danger.
Saint A is like one of the oldest settlements in the New World.  The fort, seen above, last time we were here we weren't able to get into it, 'cos the DotGov shut it down because of the Koof.  Now?  Not sure.  We're here on biddness, so my tourist thing is going to be limited to some really good tacos at a local place we had recommended to us by FedBro back when he was still talking to me.

The other must-do-again is the Crème de la Cocoa...
Hoooooo-leeeeee Shiiiiiiiit!
Wifey insisted.  I -was- ambivalent.  WAS being the key operative word.
.Seems this place has been on Food Network, and won a shit-ton of awards.
I now have full blown Diabeetus again.
The gluten free chocolate no-flour stuffed with Mocha Creme cookie.... OMFG...The place is packed with death by chocolate stuffs.  Thank god I'm broke.  This's a place that will kill you by sugar and OMFG.
So, yeah... 
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Thursday, June 24, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Well, at least the week is -almost- over.  Been a long week.  I swear to any and all that's Holy I'm wore out.  Between health issues and whatnot, I'm about done in.  Work isn't hard per se, just continual.  We lost a lot of folks in the call center, (even tho we all work from home) and because of this, the call volume is such that we only get 30 seconds between each and every call.  Barely time to take a breather, never mind a drink of water.

Meh.   It pays the bills.  Barely.

The people are nice... at least I got that going for me.  The problem is when I have to deal with the Streetshitters from India.  I'm doing healthcare, and man, I swear...
Now, to be fair, the majority of them are really nice folks...  Those I can deal with.  It's the arrogant 20% that do not speeky good engrish and are pretty much incomprehensible.  And in health care, looking up medical shit?  I mean -I- have trouble with some of the terminology and I'm a fucking 'Murican and it's my primary language.

See, it's gets into the whole 'exploit the turd-world'.  Medical Billing here in the states can get expensive, and it's annoying enough that I actually called up the provider's office on my own cellie, on a break so it was on my time, and told 'em that the Hindus they hired were A) Illiterate and B) Lazy as fuckall.  They were calling in to get authorizations to submit the billing waaaaaaaaaaay outside the timely filing (180 days) and I knew that when the claims get denied, that the Vishnu Lads would blame us instead of the fact that they're slacking the fuck off. 

I mean calling me and asking for over 40 individual preauths over 8 months old?  Sure, the guy there is paying his Vindaloo Vibrants prolly $0.25 an hour, but I'm sure his invoice for the MedBilling is a sight more higher and profitable.  And when the 'Murican Companies get fucked over, he points to US and blames eeee-vil insurance MegaCorps.  Normally I wouldn't give a rats ass, but I don't want to see the company take it in the keister for Easter anytime soon, as I like the gig.

Get fucked Aye you fucking goons.
So, anyways.
'Nother thing I have issue with is dealing with -some- of the folks on the phone who're flat-out hostile.  Now, it isn't too often but I have had racial animus thrown at me.  Like you can not not hear the tonality and 'attitude' when dealing with some of the people on the phone.  I mean lets face it, if you have a dialect, and an accent, you can kinda-sorta figure out what or whom yer talking to.

In one case, it was a omfg black female Karen... couldn't miss the accent -at all-.  Immediately started in on me, being abusive, demanding the manager.  A for-real Black Karen.  Or is it Felicia?  Dunno.  Either way, I got the lead on the phone, and then I muted and listened.  The lead happened to share the same racial characteristics, and maaaaaaaaaan... I didn't say anything when the lead tried to get me written up later... I "stood on 17" so to speak.  Never use ammo if possible... save it.  I document everything, and in this case, names, times and the lies and bullshit, nevermind the way that they talked about me when they thought I'd disconnected.  Thankfully my boss knows I'm a straight shooter and professional as all get the fuck out.  I just bide my time and wait.  Of course though, when I do run into one of these people, I start using the word "nigger" in my head as a non-verbal punctuation mark on everything I say to them.  I have to be careful though, as if ONE time I slip up, I'm fried.

Some whypeepo people say black folks aren't/can't be racist.  Them folks? They obviously never worked with, been around or had to deal with them.  It's out of control.  Fucking Chicongo had a cop beaten and strangled half-to-death by 3 blacks for the sin of pulling them over for running a stop sign:

The cop?  Whypeeo from my understanding, and in this case, it's so blatant that the persecutor is actually referring felony assault charges.  Not that'll go anywhere, a 'jury of they peers' will insure they get a slap on the wrist.

Dunno 'bout y'all but I'm tired.
And the hilarity is only going to get worse.
Because all involved parties have no real clue as to just how tired the average Whypeeo are getting.
It's going to be a close thing.  ONE more summer of dis fukkin shit, and man, the blacklash is going to be spectacular.  Some shit that even out of the worst nightmares of their little fevered brains they can't or won't imagine...  They. have. no. idea.

ONLY in the US could we be doing a move backwards culturally and educationally speaking.

Fucking ass backwards... They're literally and figuratively enshrining a fucking criminal drug addicted nigger...  the Canonization of St. George of Fentanyl.  A boot-lipped moron with a intellectual ability of a toadstool, who's only claim to fame is robbing a pregger chick at gunpoint and doing low grade BBC porn... and how stupid can you be?  I mean Jesus Christ, eating the Meth?  What. The. Fuck.  For fucks sakes, throw it out the window and wait for your lawyer you retard!

But no, we're going for "Full Retard" and Enstupidization to the MAX:

The new 'Murica:
Blacks too stupid to do math?  Claim it's Raycist and Sheeeit, remove AP classes from the curriculum.

Blacks refuse or can't use proper English, never mind read/write? Claim Ebonics is their "Culture" and that anything 'proper' is Raycist and Sheeeit

Blacks can't pass the SATs because they're stupid/illiterate?  Eliminate the SAT requirement for colleges because it's Raycist and Sheeeit

Police Promotion exams, Medical School Entry Exams?
ALL Raycist and Sheeeit... eliminated for 'justice and equity.'
Leastways to hear it from Donquarius and De'yonkay.

Shit like that, that tells me is that in the future, IF I need to go to the ER, and I see a black face, I'll take my chances at home with a sewing needle and aspirin.  The odds of my survival would be increased tenfold methinks.  Better to bleed out than be possibly kil't by some Socially Aware Muh Diversity THEORETICALLY Edgeahmucated  Negroid.

And to say that?  OMFG I'm now Raycist and Sheeeit.

Leastways to all them limo-libtards who're pushing this dynamic.  Fuckers who are the real racists.  Whitebread Motherfuckers who's only interaction with blacks are the 'clean cut and literate' ones that Slo Xi Den mentioned, like the Obamamessiah.  Another issue with the pig-ignorant niggers though that hasn't really been observed, is that because all the Whypeepo have been bending at the knee, washing the feet, kissing the ass, and buffering the buns of allllll these subhuman illiterate cretins, and the fact that for the most part, outside of being able to count money, numerically speaking, they've got no idea just how badly they're outnumbered come the race war.  Maff ain't a nigger's strong point as mentioned before...

Race War... ugh.
Sadly, it's going to happen methinks.  MUCH sooner rather than later.  The niggers are feeling cocky, and think that this'll all keep going one way, and that whitey is on the run. The very fact that black mobs do as they please without consequence has put them to thinking that they're running the show.

Silly that Aye?
When the whypeepo get really angry, genocide follows.
The near-continual racial discrimination against the very people who invented nuclear weapons and real civilization, well, IMO, not very smart.  But, then again, what can you expect? They keep pushing though, and pushing, and pushing, and pushing.
So yeah, I'm tired.
We all are.
We've got many miles to go too.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

How it Will Happen

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First off, admin note: Trolls, don't bother.  I moderate.  As the Humungus said "Just go away."  No want, no need.  Lots of shitty people out there.  Get fucked Aye.

Now, onward.  In keeping with Slo Xi Bi Den and his "Nook-a-clear weapons and F-15's" speech yesterday, I thought I'd continue with my discussion of just "how" things might start shaping up. 
 It's a bit like Bracken's "Dear Police" letter he did a waaays back.  More of a description of how -I- think shit'll play out if and when people get to the point where they have nothing left to lose.

Now, mind you THIS from a DotGov who's been positively screaming that unarmed protestors and trespassers almost overthrew the DotGov...

Which is it guys?  You either need Nukes and Fighter Planes or you don't.


Any wonder we ignore them?
And then they're going to be genuinely puzzled when we start throwing rotten fruit and vegetables at them... in fact I'd say that's a great idea.  Every. Single. Time. one of these hacks appears in public, we should bombard them with rotten fruit, eggs and veggies.  Veggies especially as a symbol of Slo and his tater brains.

I mean what're they gonna do?  Charge you with Assault with a Deadly Veg?
Better yet, get your 14 and 15 year old kid to do it.... Yootful Prankage Aye?

So, the way it'll go down:
-Someone- is going to get cancelled/arrested/unpersoned as they used to call it in the Soviet Union.  Now, depending on the level of it, maybe someone's dear ole Dad gets hemmed up and jailed for political issues.  Or, worse, say the State of Florida decides to no longer follow the edicts and increasing crazy from the FedGov.  And someone gets arrested for having a Florida Driver's license as part of the 'rebellion'.  Far fetched?  Dunno.  I'm spitballin' here... either way, someone, somewhere, a dick gets trod on with golf shoes.

And someone decides that now, it's personal.
However, one can only 'nibble' at Leviathan.  I mean all well fine and dandy to dream of going after the J. Edgar. Hoover building in the District of Criminality, like in the Turner Diaries.  It's another thing altogether nowadays to pretty much resign yourself to lil annoying bites and nips here n'there.  Back when that moron wrote that shit, the surveillance state had nothing on what we got nowadays.  

As I said on Gab the other night,
Lots of agreement from the hoi polli Gabbers
If something goes sideways, it'll be the FedGov depending on FedAgents to enforce and be the bully boys like Bracken wrote about in "Enemies F&D".  The DotMil, while being currently pozzed out of it's mind, it's not completely stupid.  Outrageous dumbasshattery aside, the Troops?  They can get ordered all. day. long. to -do- shit, but ain't shit gonna get done.  If anything, the DotMil is going to 'hunker in the bunker' and stay the fuck out of the whole thing, 'cos like I said, their families come first.  In fact, watch for a migration of off-base peeps moving ON base if you want to have a strong indicator shit's about to get really reelz.  It'll take word of mouth to get that sort of news though... not that the Ministry of Propaganda is going to say anything.  I have a lot of Chair Farce kids from McDill who live in my A.O... you can be sure if they all start pulling up with rental trailers and vans to load some shit into them all around the same time, it'll be noticeable.  Means they're getting the fam out from possible reprisals.

Now, as far as FedGov workers outside of the DotMil?  Whereas the majority of the morons who're still working in Leviathan?  At some point, anyone who's working there has to now know, without a doubt, that they're on the wrong side.  The FedGov has been revealed as fuckin' corrupt as the day is long.  The FBI?  Evil. Period. Fucking. DOT.  I mean yeah, lotsa folks went in with the "I'm doing this for my country 'cos I'm a patriot and want to make a difference!"

Lots of us joined the DotMil for the same reason.
That lasted until week 3 or 4 of Basic...

Is it cynical?  Hell yeah.  It's a paycheck.  It rapidly becomes a paycheck.  Then, as time goes on, and the more time you spend, you aim for the retirement.  Once that comes,  the cynicism is complete and total.  Realizing that you spent the majority of your youth in pursuit of something intangible, one quickly realizes that you need to live on something AFTER the fact.  High ideals and patriotism and whatnot don't put vittles on ye olde table.  It's even harder after a hardcore life, when the knees are shot-the-fuck-through and the spine has had not 3  but 4 surgeries, and you can barely walk. least in the DotMil you have camaraderie, or leastways you used to.  Now with the current pozzing?  Notsomucho I'm guessing.  You can gar-ron-damned-tee that they'll watch out for their families.  

Fine and Dandy to be all "I'll drone those Islamic errrr... right wing whypeepo superpreemercists to death!!!" when you're located a full continent away and your family safely ensconced in home and hearth.

So here's the thing fat: when your at work, "doin' the do" -someone- kicks in your front door, and butchers every. single. person. in your house, as well as the family pets.  And then waits for you to get home, and does you too, AFTER showing you the severed heads of your fam, and letting you know that this is the price you pay for taking Leviathan's Groat.  Your failure at that point is complete and total.  No memory/progeny for you.  Your. Line. Ends. 

Probably get the whole thing on vidya and uploaded to whatever the flavor-of-the-week host that shows utterly gruesome shit out there.
Maybe ogreish will make a comeback?
Tough call, but the revolution will be broadcast in all it's horrorshow and ultraviolence.
Best to note it if'n your part of the problem, as you've legitimized your participation on what's turning out to be the wrong team.  Everyone will eventually get 'touched' by this shitspatter.

It's unavoidable.
As Spike Lee used to say: "Do the right thing"
All you have to do is look at some of the pictures of the people who've run into 'real life'.  The ones of AntiFa who fuck with the wrong person and get the scars to show it.
The stunned deer-in-the-headlights looks are classic.
Again, Keep it in mind.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How it Starts

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of issues cropping up here n'there.  Lots of people -suddenly- getting all angrified and throwing down nationally.  Not that you'd hear it from the People's Stalinist Ministry of Propaganda.  They appear to be 'sitting' on a lot of the stories floating around out there.  Almost like they don't want people getting ideas.

Because free thought is dangerous.
Especially against the crop of current commie crap they're pushing. 

As they say "sunshine is the best disinfectant", and lately, there's been a whooooole lotta sun shinin' oot n'aboot.  The Critical Race Theory bullshit being pushed, the Drag Queen push, normalization of pedophilia and recruitment of our kids INTO "teh ghay" lifestyle, non-normal sexualization... the whole Magilla as my Gran would've said.

This A.M. on the cover of the Daily Fail it was a brawl in Virginia.

Apparently, the issue was letting 'doodz who identify as doodettes use whatever shitter they want'
Not that any High School boy I know would ever identify as a chick to maybe get freebie peeks at a vag or boobies amiright?  Yeah... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  These fucking morons are bending over backwards to give point zero zero zero one per cent of the real legit population 'special games and prizes'.

The only prizes they're actually gonna earn is a fookin boolit at this point Aye?

Look, I get it.
Lest one think I'm some heartless bastard (I am) the trans kids out there, for the majority are mentally fucking ill.  I know of what I speak.  Tragically, I'm living it.  Spawn #2 fully embraced this bullshit, and all I have left are the memories, 'cos she, as a she is, by her own words, is dead.  And it's the worst pain I've ever experienced

She and I, were close. It wasn't Spawn #1 that went to the range at a young age... and liked hanging with me.  We always knew she was gay.  That wasn't in doubt.  It was that being gay wasn't enough for an emotionally imbalanced 15-16 year old girl.  She had all the usual angst of a teen... the usual body issues... then, other things that happened, some of which we still don't know about.  

What I do know is that at the time she started the whole "I'm trans" thing was at the same. exact. time. The Ministry of Perverted Propaganda started the whole "stunning and brave" Caitlin Jenner fuckwittery.  And yeah, if I ever see that fucker in my sights, he's done.  THAT I swear on a stack o'hunnerds THIS fuckin' high.  Reasoning?  Bruce Jenner was once one of the biggest athletes out there.  He had the unfortunate accident of marrying the wrong beee-atcha, namely Kris "Climber" Kardashian... this dirty slore sold her own daughters sex tape to get ahead and make cash for Christ's sakes.  What sort of sick bitch does something like that?  

Kris ne' Jenner apparently.  Problem was for Ole Brucy, was that he was no longer the center of attention.  Now, 'normal' people don't have a problem with that.  Egomaniacs like Brucy?  Well, time to go full retard to recapture the glory.  Claim to be "transgendered" and go in drag.  Get on the cover of Time magazine and be lauded as "stunning" and "brave".  All so he could get back in the spotlight.  And to hell with the 'collateral damage' like my sweet daughter.  My hatred for that fuck is sooooo deep I can't even begin.  The number of kids who're now -completely and permanently fucked- because a washed up athlete needed a 'hook' to get into the limelight again?  Notice how this fucker hasn't cut off his dick?  Any bets if he's ever going to?  How much you want to bet them titties he's rolling with are rubber cutlets too?

Yep.  Give me the chance.
Please give me the chance.

So... enough of that.  My blood pressure doesn't need stroke-levels.  The point is, LOTS of bullshits been happening behind the scenes for years now.  All this shit being taught/rammed down the throats of our easily impressionable youths.  Get them at a young age, and they tend to go "full fanatic".

Ask any of the former Hitler Yoots... some of the World War 2 vets I knew told me the most savage fights they had were with the Hitler Youth and the SS.  Straight up suicidal fanaticism.

Any wonder that NOW we're seeing the product of the hidden indoctrination?
The mask is off, and people ain't happy.
I think we're getting closer-ish to the days of the rope.  People seem to forget, especially those on the Left side of the lines that Political violence is not something that should be taken lightly and -should be- approached with great trepidation.  Personally tho, I think that since only the Left has 'come out to play' thus far, that they think that they've cornered the market on violence.


Heh heh.


<wipes tears from eyes> Jeebus... that's funny.  They know not what's coming their way if they seem to think that they're going to keep this shit up without consequence.  Much like Brucy Jenner, he'd be shocked and stunned IF a highly pissed off parent of a lost child were snatch him up, then proceed to cut his cock off, cauterize the subsequent wound with a blowtorch, and feed him said-aforementioned dick to him.

With salt. 
Then again, fuck that guy.  No salt.  Eat it raw fucker.  

These people... no. fucking. clue.  The current 'year zero'  for them, they seem to think that everyone else needs to bend the knee to them.  It's pure narcissism.  WE need to bend to THEIR wishes because THEY are RIGHT and we are WRONG.   And because they're soooo right, there ain't no room for debate.

Got a hunch it's going to shock the ever living shit out of them when the pushback gets ultraviolent and the Cops stay the fuck outta the way... which is what'll happen too.  "Sorry, you voated to defund us... cain't hep ya!" as the City Councilman is dragged out and an improvised noose thrown over the streetlight....

Jes' Sayin'
In fact, methinks even if the councilfolk were of 'darker' persuasion, no one would stop that, 'cos once that fourth wall get broken?  It's on like Donkey Kong.  In fact it's a gar-ron-damned-tee it seems like that's what they WANT to have happen.  We'll have to see.
I can wait.
Got alllll the time in the world.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

What. The. F*ck.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
What. The. Fuck.
Any dude who had the balls (or lack that thereof) to take that picture back in my day would have been curbstomped.
Any "dude" that was in uniform and pulled that sort of shit when -I- was in the Army would've been driven out.
Righteously so.
Obviously, times have changed.
Not that we didn't have fags in when I was in.  Hell no, we had plenty.  I know of at least two that were in my last unit I was in.  Great soldiers.  Soldiers first and foremost.  Who or what or they did off duty?  

We. didn't. care.

As long as they did their job, we didn't give a fuck -who- they fucked.
This. will. not. end. well.
Primarily because these fucks are going to get 'special games and prizes' by dint of their preference for smegma and buttsexx.  Not enough to be a proud member of a elite fighting unit, nonono... you need the promotions that go along with being a cornhole cowboy.  Want to make E-5 in two years?  Come out in drag.  

True story from the Days of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. 
My best friend from Basic went on to become a Platoon Sgt in Germany of a TOW platoon.  One of the first of the new 'regenerated' anti-armor units.  Had a kid that was a little 'off' by normal standards, but not-so-off as to be worrisome.  The 'new Army' no longer had room inspections, but "health and welfare" inspections to make sure you were in a 'safe and healthy living environment'.  In the Infantry, new name or not, it meant a balls-to-the-walls cleaning and prep for a good ole full white glove inspection, with wall locker layout of uniforms and gear.

Anywhoo, my boy "Sgt D" as I'll call him, "D" went in, found dis fukkin' guy standing in his class "A's" at attention by his wall locker, dress-right-dress and squared away.  "D" did the basic walkthrough with the Lieutenant, and then went to the Wall Locker.  Door #1 was the uniform locker, and squared away.

Door #2 had his personal gear.
Now, looking in the 'personal side' was expected, not required.  Needless to say, on relating the story, "D" and the El-Tee could only goggle with bugeyes at the sight.  

Size 12 Patent Red Leather Heels
Couple of Dresses and Wigs
A vast selection of buttplugs and dildos
Glamour Makeup and the like.

Needless to say, after they saw it, "D" slammed the door shut, looked at the troop, muttered "Carry on." and left, dragging the Lieutenant out of the room.  Once in the hallway the LT opened his mouth to speak at which point "D" cut him off and said "May we never speak of this again. It didn't happened, we saw nothing, we speak of nothing and if you ever open your mouth Eltee, I'll deny being there."

"D" filed his retirement paperwork shortly after.
The troop in question, well, whatever the word was, he was a good troop.  Wasn't the reason why "D" retired at twenty, but a contributing factor.  "This ain't -our- Army no more B." is what he told me.
: word -did- make it around about what was found.  The Infantry gossips like a bunch of Wimmenz I swear....  Word spread.  And shortly after, this guy suddenly was -never- picked for any extra duty, nor stuff that a lot of regular troops -would- have been chosen for, based on that IF he complained, it'd mean the end of a career or three.  He never was assigned a roommate either.  He always seemed to get promoted, and never got 'pinged' for 'stuff' that others would have.

See a pattern here Aye?
This right here.  THIS is why this sort of shit is so corrosive.
Because long after that inspection, "D" happened on the guy again after he retired at Fort Campbell.  Where he then started laughing his ass off and related that the whole time, he was running a con.  He -knew- that by 'playing the fag' in the "don't ask-don't-tell" that he'd become untouchable.

Makes you wonder what's really going on in some cases.
When I was at Art College, the term was "LUG" Lesbian Until Graduation.  Meant the split tails could get an Auto "A" from the bluehaired Bulldyke professor while a guy like me had to be verbally and mentally abused to get a "C"... IF I was lucky enough for even that.

People are going to abuse the system.
Of that I have not a shred of doubt.  Nary a whit of it.
And as far as combat readiness?  Don't make me laugh.  The DotMil is a pale fucking shadow of a whisper of it's former self.  It's a welfare program for retards and near-do-wells who make too much for welfare, but don't make enough to live as comfortably as they'd like.  And this is from me, as hard a charger as there ever was.

Right now, I'd definitely presume the DotMil to be on the downward permanent slide... think the Post Nam slide, 'cept with sodomy and drag queens to make it even funnier.  Back then it was racial as fuck too, but it was the heroin and drugs that were a BIG issue as well... this time?  Buggery and Batshit Crazy.  It happens every. single. time. we lose a war or three in this case.  The DotMil loses it's collective shit.

And -anyone- still that very same-now-insane DotMil who identifies as even remotely normal is gonna fucking bail like the airplane is on fire.  Why risk it?

Hell, I've been getting pings to go back overseas NOW as the Koof is winding down.  They need me and my specialties.  Now, do I like the monies?  Hell yeah.   Do I like deployments?  Shit yeah.  Do I want to go running headlong into what's rapidly becoming a political minefield of stupid?

I'm dumb, not fucking retarded.
Even Corky wouldn't go there.
Talk about fucked.
And if -I'm- planting ye olde foote down on this, how many others like me are too?
Going to be a lot worse as time goes on methinks.
So, More Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, June 21, 2021

Wifey's Birfday

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Her 2nd 25th Birfday today, so really lite on the poasting.  It's been a like, month long celebratory scene with her, and tonight is no different.  'Cept I'm supposed to make shrimp scampi over linguine.  Should be a good meal as I -am- a hell of a cook.  
Also, speaking of food, I'd like to shine a light on something else: Bulking up your long term storage.  I got me a hunch... same hunch I had around January of last year.  Time to start hording foodstuffs.  Dunno why, but the voice in the back of ye olde head is sayin' "Get MOR chow now!"

So, to assist, one of the better online won't break the bank sources is the Mormons.
Church of Latter Day Saints warehouses to be specific.  The LDS kids back in the day had to deal with some serious attempts at being wiped out pogrom style in the Old West.  Because of the near-things that happened multiple times, they tended to be big on Prepping, and still are.  Lots of 'basic' foodstuffs can be gotten at their locations IF there is a local warehouse OR you can even order online.  The cost isn't killer bad either.
The website:
It's under "All Categories" and "Food Storage" otherwise you'll be buying the magic underwear and other weird things that go along with the Mormon stuff...

So, yeah, gotta work a full day.  Lunch break was doing the dishes from yesterday, emptying the dishwasher, and then clean up the stove and counter during break.  My last break of today is going to be meal prep, and hopefully laundry and a 2 minute combat-shower to get the funk off my ass.
I can Never catch a break around here.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Rest Easy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sad News today on Dada Day.  I'm fine, as well as Spawn and his woman who spent the day with me.  Bad news from Belgium though.  Seems 'our guy' Jurgen Coning's body has been found
The story is here:

Now, according tot he write up, he suicided.
To sound conspiracy oriented, that's just what they'd like us to believe.  Better a chickenshit suicide than a Martyr.  Go figure.  Either way, no skin off my ass.  I would have been epic if he'd gone "full Rambo" but hey, Euroweenies gonna weenie I suppose...

Damned shame... he had -everyone- all riled up over there.
Now, my other question is what happened to the Krauts?
Seems they're still missing OR they showed, did the job quietly and exfill'd.
Sound like professional work IMO.
Quick, Quiet, Deadly, home in time for Jeopardy, or the Kraut version that there is.

Ahhhhh well, hopefully someone, somewhere will 'kick it off' good n propper.
I'm waiting here, but not holding my breath.
So, More Later I Remain The Slightly-Disappointed Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Sgt's Time Saturday: Fuses

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, I've been behind Ye Olde Power Curve on doing 'instructionals' as of late.  Primarily because I started to run out of stuff I can go over in my areas of expertise.  My main thing(s) are mostly weapons related.  Also I can dig a fighting position, and maneuver myself and maybe a squad worth of people and some other helpful things... Master of None, Jack of All as a modern Infantryman should be.  

Last night though I was fucking around and it hit me.  I was measuring, cutting and testing various lengths of fuse for my 37mm "flare launcher" for some aerials, when I realized that this'd be a good Sergeants Time Saturday subject.  I load my own stuff for the launcher as material to do so is faaar cheaper than over the counter pre-loads.  A 37mm bird bomb goes for about $12-15 WITHOUT the hazmat shipping fee, and they DON'T sell them one at a time... so to continue...

SAETY WARNING: FAAFO. Playing with explosives is dangerous.  Nothin' written here is on me.
So, as I was sayin'

Visco Fuse is the most common easy-to-buy without special permits "fireworks" grade fuses.  As a kid, most of us played with "M-80s" and remember the green waterproof fuse sticking out of the thing.
THEORETICALLY they were a quarter stick of dynamite.  Outlawed in 1966, they did have one hell  of a Ka-BOOM! when we had them as a kid.  I remember DeadDad buying some, and man, those that he got blew a memorable crater in the back yard on the 4th one year.  So, enough on the firework, lets get to the initiator.

Fuse is part of the initiator, as it helps initiates the BOOM.  Other initiator include blasting caps and electric fuses, none of which I'm hitting today.  Only thing I'll say about Blasting Caps is DON'T. Unless you've been properly trained in fucking around with them, do. not. fuck. with. blasting. caps.  You'll be less apt to lose body parts that way.  The guy who trained me had 30 years experience, and was missing his pinkie and ring finger on on hand.  That ought to tell you something... so to continue.

Most common fuse out there is called Visco.  It's commonly green, waterproof, and is used primarily as a fuse for most common fireworks.  
It's core is black powder, and has various burn rates depending on a couple of things.  Manufacturer Quality has a lot to do with the burn times.  US made visco tends to be a bit more 'accurate' than the Chinese made stuff, for the values of accuracy, but is harder to find, especially these days.  This's why I was measuring, cutting and testing my cut sections.

ALWAYS test your fuse.  DO NOT count on it to be accurate 'because that's what the manufacturer said it was!' because THAT is a sure fire way to get blow'd the fuck up.

The visco comes in various colors.
Colors usually indicate what kind of fuse it is.  The most common is green visco.  It tends to be a slow burning, waterproof fuse with an average burn rate anywhere between 22-24 seconds per foot of fuse.  This's why you test it because in 'real time BOOM times' a 1 to 2 second delay OR worse, early initiation can mean death and or dismemberment.  There are three external layers to visco fuse. First, a layer of string is wound around the core, then a second, less tight, layer of string is wound in the opposite direction to prevent unraveling. The last layer is a low-nitrate nitrocellulose lacquer that keeps the fuse from falling apart. The last layer helps to make the visco fuse water resistant and to prevent moisture from degrading the black powder core.

Other 'flavors' of visco are as follows, with the approximate times of burn.

"Green" Visco Safety Fuse Speed: 23-24 sec/ft.

"White" Quick Fuse Speed: 0.1-0.4 sec/ft.

"Yellow" Fast Artillery Fuse Speed: 4-5 sec/ft

"Pink" Perfect, Medium Speed Fuse Speed: 9.5-10 sec/ft.

"Purple" Medium Artillery Fuse Speed: 4.5-5 sec/ft.

"Dark Green" Fat Cake Fuse Speed: 12-15 sec/ft.

"Light Green" Small Cannon Fuse (2mm) Speed: 24.5-25 sec/ft.

They usually come in rolls of twenty feet to a roll.  Industry standards are where I grabbed the list above BUT as I said, measure measure measure, cut once, test twice.  I was taught the 3-1-2 method. 
Best safety practices Aye?
As you can see, this 'fast' fuse is labeled 4-5 seconds per foot whereas the green is 20-24 seconds per foot.  Serious difference there Aye?  This's part of why I'm writing this one up, as where in a fucked situation, you come across a box of Pyro, best you know what you're maybe dealing with, rather than fucking around and finding out the hard way.

Now the fastest stuff is the white fuse.  a tenth-of-a-second to a half-a-second per foot.
This stuff is usually used inside a large firework to set off the secondary stuff.  Sort of like in the big aerial shots, you get  the initial Ka-Boom, followed by the pretty and Louder flares and Ka-booms...  It can also be used to assist with igniting multiple fireworks simultaneously.

Daisy Chaining as it were.  YMMV, I take no responsibility for this if you blow yourself the fuck up.

This's for intellectual exercise only dig?
So... There ya have it.  A solid rundown.  As far as finding this stuff, well, it too is currently in short supply.  Dunno why?  Makes you think that there's a conspiracy out there to keep boom-boom out of the hands of civvies Aye?

And Happy Juneteenth y'all.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country