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Friday, May 21, 2021

Where We Are and Where We're Going?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, more cogitation of the grey matter.  Lots and lots and lots o'fookin' talkies aboot ye olde situation.  I.E. the recounts, the obvious intentional division of "us" versus "them" on all fronts.  The obvious attempts to de-fang, if not completely eliminate our police forces nationwide.  The corruption of our youth, the dissolution of the Rule of Law...


One can't help but wonder if there is a genuine plot by some largish group like Spectre that's behind the string-pulling that's essentially unravelling our foundational concepts.  Not for nuthin' tho, our perverse system encourages sellouts and being in it for all the money you can get.  Fuck everyone else, what's in it for me?
What's happening is obvious.  As well as plenty of "other things" going on.  Recounts for one.  Lots and lots more recounts and questions as to the validity of the election.  Trump is looking like Orange Jumpsuit in New York, lots of shit boiling all over....  Plus the revalations of a 60,000 strong unaccountable multi-branch super-secret squirrel Army of some sort... the kind of shit right out of Harry Tasker and "True Lies" level of secret...   Damned strange things are afoot... LOTS of negative stories abound about our Betters... specifically Slo and the Ho.  Seems that Kamel-toe got caught out with violating some ethics, (color me shocked)... and Slo obviously wasn't driving that truck.  Add on that so many negatives, from the Ministry of Propaganda means something else is going on.  

Now, break out the foil gang.  Gonna get weird(er) than normal 'round here.

Looking it over, all these "Qtards" who seem to think that the election is going to be overturned?  That fucking window has closed.  Like I said, ain't no "take backsies" on that shit.  "Never was" as the Astronaut meme said.  Add on that the guy that should have-would have righteously won?  They're gonna jail his ass.  So much for fair and balanced Rule of Law Aye?

Then the cops... looks like and rumor has it that they want the DotMil taking over policing.   Posse Comi-whut?  Commie indeed.  Add a DotMil national police force and that's a good start to a dictatorship.  The DotMil is almost completely compromised.  We can see it from orbit.  

Now... the how and where and why.
IF and it's a pretty solid chance, judging from the way things are shaping up that Slo is going to be 86'd for mental decline, while the Ho gets run out of town on a rail, as she can't be used as the puppet she was intended to be.  She's too independent, too abrasive, too hated, and generally too stupid to keep her suck shut.  

So, IF the President and Vice are out on their collective asses, be it by an overturn of the election (40% chance IMO) or a jettisoning of garbage (50-60% chance) that leaves who in Charge?


The gin-hag herself.  Not for nothing, but ever notice she's solidly untouchable?  Even when she almost demanded the nuclear football?  Ordering the troops around, calling the fucking DotMil directly and issuing orders?  OK... sure she's the Speaker of the House... so fucking what?


Now... watching the other side, the "They Thirst For Death" Republican'ts.  Ever notice how they fold like a lawn chair?  Their biggest concern right now seems to be keeping their side all together... shit I'm reading pretty much shows they're more concerned about a third party fracture.
I mean people are sick of them.  Leopard, meet spots.  Unchanging.  Why do they give a fuck if there's another party.  It's for damned sure they ain't ever getting a straight election ever again...  So why do they keep doing what their doing?

Well, look to history.
The Roman Triumvirates.  
This was where the Roman leadership formed a tri-partite government.  The first was an informal arrangement between Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey).  Both Caesar and Pompey were military men, with Pompey being incredibly popular.  Crassus had the dinero.  Insanely wealthy by anyone's standards.  Pompey brought the DotMil (Legions) with him as enforcers, and Caesar was the Populist.  Crassus was the finance.  They ruled somewhat equally until they started fighting with each other.

The second was a political alliance formed after the Roman dictator Julius Caesar's assassination, between Caesar's three most important supporters: Octavian (future emperor Augustus), Mark Antony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.  That one became Law because  the Senate actually voted and endorsed it.  It was a military dictatorship where the Empire was broken up into 3 sections...

Boy... sounds eerily similar to what they'd like to do here Aye?
Break the US into more 'manageable' sized areas...
With the 'power and consent of the Senate' more'n'likely.  

See, they could do it... sell it as a "Red Versus Blue" and that 'they don't want a civil war... so we're doing this for the children.'  Meaning that they break us up into politically  aligned states, that have the red states (production) maintain the base of "voters" in the blue states.  The "voting" at that point will be resembling and North Korean vote or a Iraqi vote under Saddam Hussein, with 99.9999% of the voats going to the uniparty in charge.  And the Republicunts will be on board, as they get their cake, eat it, and fuck the rest of us per usual, just as long as they get their percentage.

Fuck You, Pay Me.

They could pull it off.  The DotMil, being in the position to crack down and 'support our poor, overwhelmed, overtaxed and overburdened police' could start crushing any and all dissent.  Not that we'd hear about it or know, as the Ministry of Propaganda is hoping, praying and working towards the Uniparty Gift that keeps on giving.

"Well, the current President is (fill in blank.. illegitimate/demented) and the Current Vice President is (fill in the blank illegitimate/corrupt) so the Head of the Senate needs to take over -for now-.  Seeings that the guy who ackchully won is in jail, well we can't have that, and seeing that the divisions in the country are sooooooo out of control, we're gonna share power."

Any bets?
Believe me... Foil time, but I haven't heard anyone else come up with something better or stupider.  Just short of an alien invasion (which they also seem to be prepping us for) it's a pretty good theory.  I mean why not?  Plenty of fucktards who want the power but can't legitimately get it.  So this could be the route they choose to go.

Who the hell knows?
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  1. Sounds like the dotmil is in for more of the street fighting they been working on for the last 20 years. I wonder if we'll make a good of a showing as the Haj did ?

  2. 5000 Taliban ran our asses ragged for 10 years.
    A coupla million duck hunters?

    The Dot mil ceases to exist a week after the escapade starts. And no reinforcements in that pipeline for EVAH.

    DotMil takes over policing?
    They could barely hold the DC and NYFC's 5 boroughs, all-in. Anything else is red-pilled Red Zone, full no-go, inside a week. If they tried to hold the nuke sub and missile pens, write off NYFC too. Not enough people.

    They don't have the manpower, nor the airpower, and 95% of necessary flight lines available are within rifle range of the outside world, 24/7/365, as are 100% of railroads and highways.

    That's before we talk about units that stand down, desert, or flip, in whole-hog mutiny.

    Ole Simo H. got him 500 in a few months.
    At 1/10th of that rate now, the US Mil is a rump regiment in less than a month, and all those weapons formerly possessed are either sidelined, or "liberated". And no shortage of talent in using them, from tanks to field artillery.

    And everyone above E-7 or O-2 has already done that math.

    The Notional Guard only kept order in DC since January because they, and everyone else, knew no one really wanted to take the place. A couple of car trunk snipers, and they'd have needed the 82d, 101st, and 2d MarDiv just to hold the zone under full martial law, 24/7/365, for every swinging Richard there.

    And desertions - armed - would have become a thing, just like in failed-state Mehico.

    Smelling blood in the water, 35 states would have declared independence by July 4th, if that had happened.
    They still would.

    There's no way they win this, and they know it.

    Just ask yourself: name any ten things they've done since January that indicates a government they're actually and fully in control of?

    They're drunks on a tightrope, on a windy night, with no net.

    And they know that, in the marrow of their bones.

    I say bring it on.

    "I'm your Huckleberry. Say 'When'"

  3. I think your thinking too small. No offense but a lot of Americans assume its all about the US. Look around and it looks like most of the democracies in the west are heading the same way in lock step.
    Now that could be because of the huge cultural influence of the US but it could also be this is bigger than the US. In which case it means Pelosi as speaker is someones pawn and not the one pulling strings.

    On the UFO front - i wonder if this is all as a back up plan. Do the big reveal of hostile aliens, and then use the threat as justification to force everyone to play nice under central rule. Doesn't have to actually be any aliens, just the threat of them.


    1. yeah i been wondering what the deal was with suddenly "admitting" ufos all casually like its no big deal.

  4. I have a thought.
    Thousands of Cops, retired cops, and armed citizens.
    A lot of people ready to stop an "active shooter", will we be able to evaluate and not act if the active shooter turns out to be doing something constructive instead of destructive?
    Just been wondering since that day may be approaching.

  5. bc, you forget these folks have gone full on power mad and they ain't the sharing sort. besides they know the real producers are in the red states so they can't let them go or even think they are independent. agreed, they are angling for federales instead of local yokels. clearly, there is/are somebody else in charge of at least the navy and marines if not the whole military. look at joe trying to be buds w/ iran while the navy has been shooting it up with them, same w/ china. joe says one thing, navy acting another direction entirely. and sudden reversal on NOT pulling out of the 'stan? the ufo angle has me worried though. they're setting us up for something there.

  6. if you took the vax you're as good as dead...

    COVID-19 Bioweapon,
    5G Energy Weapon,
    Chemtrail Chemical Weapon
    & Weaponized Covid Vaccine
    All Fully Integrated Into a
    Quaternary Weapon System
    to Depopulate and
    Lock Down Planet Earth

  7. Y'all have heard talk; they want war. And many on the right are confused and conflicted.

    It's now clear that they feint towards war was only the first part in a larger scheme.
    They don't want war. They want to APPEARANCE of wanting war. Why?

    It's mere Hegelian, my dear Watson.
    Create the problem. Let the people stew. By the time you get around to offering the solution, the people will do anything...ANYTHING? get out of the mess they're in. (the mess you created)

    So, they will be near unanimous in wanting, nay, needing the solution you provide. And liberty dies.

  8. And then Pelosi slurs, "UN troops, pleashhh help usshhh!!!" we gonna have to be the Vandal tribes then.
    I enjoy your blog very much, thanks BC.

  9. "too stupid to keep her suck shut" I'm stealing that one BC.

    It is sometimes fun to contemplate our future knowing this is the greatest country in world history. History will repeat and it won't be fun for awhile but the glorious finish will be epic. Stay positive.

  10. I think they are just stirring the pot. The more you stir shit the more it stinks. Gotta keep the people pissed off and distracted. I’m just going thru the motions until it craters, it’s all theater.