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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Unbelievably Valid

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Back after a minor inconvenience yesterday.  Had a VA Sponsored VACCN Eye exam to get new glasses.  Usually it's yearly, with a new script/new glasses (made by the lowest bidder mind you) each year.  Last year I got the exam, and the new glasses -right before- the Bogus Beijing Boogers went into full effect.  The glasses they sent me?  Wrong script, so useless.  Stuck with my somewhat scratched up year old one, and forced to make due for another year.  Now the new ones should have been ordered BUT

Yesterday the chick who did the eye-dilation liquid did something wrong or something...  Not sure... too much? liquid?  I was effectively blind alllll day.  Or at least so super light-sensitive... Sapper said I looked like I was on drugs and 'dilated' to see him... apparently the blues of the eyes pretty much vanished until about 9pm, and that's when I came out of the darkened room.   Still couldn't look at the computer screen or phone, so I sat down with an old fashion book for the night.

So, todays topic, courtesy of CA At Western Rifle:
The link takes you to:

For those not in the know, Admiral James Stockdale was a aviator who got shot down over Nam back in the day.  He was the highest ranking Naval Officer, and organized the POWs to fuck with Charles.  They tortured the ever living hell out of him and he was imprisoned for years.  Finally on getting out, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his outright ballsiness.  Guy had huge clanking steel ones, for damned sure.  
There's racks, then there are RACKS.  
Dude survived it all... and back a few years later, when interviewed by Jim Collins, he was asked by Collins: “Who didn’t make it out?”
Stockdale matter-of-factly said: "“Oh, that’s easy,” he said. “The optimists.”

“The optimists? I don’t understand,” I said, now completely confused, given what he’d said a hundred meters earlier.

“The optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, ‘We’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart.”

So, the crux of the matter.
Hopeium and Copeium.  Things that are nothing more than optimistic bullshit.
You've got to steady down and realize
Truer words were never spoken.
Like I've always said, the surest way to get kicked in the teeth is to set yourself up for failure.  
Think back to that Christmas you were so sure that Santa was bringing you that pony.
You were so sure 
You were so good all year long.
You wrote a nice letter that Mummy and Daddy helped address to the Big Man Himself
Christmas Eve you didn't sleep a wink
Christmas Morning, you got bupkiss

As you grew up, you learned, you rationalized, you understood.  Ain't no way in hell nor on God's Green Earth was Mom and Dad going to be able to get you a pony in your little Suburbistan.

But that hurt always lingered and reminded you of what didn't happen
And nowadays?
Too many people still huffing the Copeium and Hopeium
"The Recounts! The Recounts!"

So. fucking. what?

They already openly and with great satisfaction successfully stole the election

Do you -really think- that they're going to go "Oh, our bad!" pack up and leave in any way shape or form?  Fuck no they ain't.  It's like that Saudi Air Force pilot I wrote about back in the day.  Dude panicked, and death gripped the plane into a death dive towards the ground... the American instructor tried to get control, and ended up pulling his .45 and putting it to Abdul's head and telling him he was gonna waste him if he didn't let go of the controls. The fucking unelected bureaucrats are firmly running the show now... They're in the pilot's seat, and ain't no getting them out unless the guy in the other seat takes out his .45, and aces their brains alllll over the other side of the cockpit.

Eventually, we're going to have to be that guy

The -only- hope I have is that something, somewhere will provide the motivation for either the Boomers to come out of their self-induced fucking coma and start some shit, OR that the Leviathan, in running roughshod over the grass, tramples the 'wrong grass' so to speak.  The Boomers are still comfortable, as they have all their gains and cash... their nice comfortable retirements in Walled Villages of like-minded/aged fellow self-centered greedheads.  It's if -they- start getting totally fucked over that shit'll start happening... maybe.  The entirety of current Politics has been for the past 30 years aimed at keeping the giant Boomer demographic fat, dumb, disconnected and happy so as to not cause issues.  In fact it's the pre-Boomers like the 80 year old Pelosi who know and pander to that particular base that keeps them in their $27000 fridges and $15 a pint ice-cream while X'ers and Milennials are forced to scrape by on the scraps.

I mean lets face it.

I'm Gen X... the last to 'buy the con.'  We were promised that "Greed is good" and "study hard, get the degree, get the corner office and the BMW" and "Bright Lights-Big City" late lights in Hollyweird and New Yawk cocaine fueled parties... Lots of hawt broads and eventually, get married, have the two children, setting down, and have the nice chill life with a stock portfolio that just keeps on rising.
Man we were fucking fools....
But we were sold that by the single largest and best group of scammers and grifters
The Boomers
And no, not all Boomers are to blame.  I know that a lot of you are considered to be Boomers... hell, Most people ARE but the fact remains that y'all, like cops... a few rotten ones do spoil the barrel.  Unfortunately for you, your going to be lumped in with them, as the ones who 'done everyone wrong' are the ones who are in the majority.  The ones who told their kids to study hard and that if they didn't make it, that it was their own damned fault.
NOT that the game was rigged four-ways-to-Sunday
NOT that they themselves, once in power or positions of power refuse to give it up and relinquish said positions and power to the next generation.  I mean honestly, how many "Genuine Generation X'er politicians" who are not prodigy of the Current Boomer Oligarchs are there out on their own?  Damned fucking few that I can see.  Like fucking none.
Part of that is also, we X'ers woke the fuck up sometime around the mid 90's and realized it was all a con... that it was a hustle that we weren't allowed to participate in.  That it was a sham... a con.. that the 'Murican Dream was horseshit, so we disconnected, and some of us... we taught our children the same.
Spawn is Generation Z... the "Z" in his case stands for "Zyklon" 
And he knows it and is proud of the designation.
A Race Realist
Woke to Reality
Doesn't suffer fools, nor bullshit, nor political correctness.
In fact, he and his are genuinely dangerous.  He's pissed.  He's seen what happened to me.  And his Mama.  And he's well aware that without the proper 'connections' his last best hope is to work just enough to keep his head above water, his mouth shut, and to avoid the Camps "when they inevitably start Dada."  Boy was raised right.  Deadly too.  Possibly the most natural 1911 gunslinger I've ever seen and had the pleasure of training.

Stockwell's final comment to Collins is telling: "“This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

We must have faith in the final outcome of Good over Evil
But we must remember that in order to survive,
An Individual's personal "metal" must be tested
And that test is by fire
Fire, that if caught unaware, can consume you and your soul
A brutal new dawn is coming, be ready.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country'


  1. I keep hearing and reading things about Gen Z and it makes me feel good. The book the fourth turning talks about that kind of thing and it is very interesting. Amen to "Truer words were never spoken" helps a lot the other phrase I like is "never ever ever give up" and keeps me from the hopium.

    The other funny in the press is the Arizona vote audit and the hopium they project. I laugh every time it is mentioned. Elections are over, done, caput,,,,forever until we decide its not over. Bread and circuses is all they will feed us and some people still believe it.

  2. I think you've got a lot of things right here. Your reflections are now a daily read. I forward particularly good ones on to my father. It seems we are descending into a dark age. It scares me. It hardens my resolve as a father. Thank you sir. I'm grateful.

  3. there are so very very very few who are really ready for this...

    tfA-t is one of them :)

    300 million- steady as she goes

    "it's beautiful man!"

  4. "We were promised that "Greed is good" and "study hard, get the degree, get the corner office and the BMW" and "Bright Lights-Big City" late lights in Hollyweird and New Yawk cocaine fueled parties... Lots of hawt broads and eventually, get married, have the two children, setting down, and have the nice chill life with a stock portfolio that just keeps on rising."

    Man, you nailed it with that paragraph. I'm a few years older than you but followed (I thought) all the rules and looked forward to retirement. Only no one told me at 22 that 401k's would replace old style pensions and if I wanted one of those I shoulda gone into government work or the military. Now at 56 still six years shy of any hope for SocSec checks my retirement account is nowhere near enough to even hope to sustain me. Divorce of course accounts for a lot of the shortfall but out here in Cali there are hundreds of thousands of firefighters and lifeguards sitting pretty collecting $100,000 to $250,000 a year in pensions after they retired at age 50. No one f**king told me about those kind of deals, no, corporate was the way to go boyo. FTS

    1. Don't feel bad I'm in my 30s and my $2000 checking account IS *my* retirement- and I know a lot of other millenials who don't even have the $2000.

    2. Whoever the trades are still an option for you... Oldest apprentice I had was 50 so shouldn't be a problem for you...

  5. Hi Bubba,
    A Big, Trucker's "10-4!!!" to ya'!!! I concur...
    'Old SEAL sayin',"Embrace the Suck!!!!! and The only good day was yeaterday!!"

    Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat!!!!,

  6. The people now in control have no morals, no ethics, no compassion, no soul. They have only one rule....WIN and one RULE. Thy will do literally anything to anyone with no compunction if it serves their agenda. They respect nobody and respond to only one stimulus....violence. If not effectively opposed and definitively punished for their criminality they will ALWAYS persist in there actions. Without being held personally and painfully accountable there is no limit to their perversions, abuses and crimes. Leftists are the quintessential sociopath. ALL they care about is themselves and what they want. They CANNOT feel anything for anyone else and, like a three year old, are incapable of compromise or self control. If we don't step up and forcibly remove them from power....and SOON....there won't be anything left of a civil society to salvage.
    Leftist have destroyed EVERY society thy have gained control of. Only a fool would believe that America will survive their tenure if it persists.

  7. This is one of my "reality check" stops. Thanks for keeping us posted. "Embrace the suck" gets old. I live in rural Tennessee, about as good as it gets, but it's pretty clear that I'm dying by disease, starvation or gun battle. At 70, there's not much runnin' with my gunnin'. Wish you could get to a safer area. Again, thanks for the sit. reps.

  8. I saw the shit in Kosovo and knew the shit was coming here but not as soon, I thought we had a couple of decades before the fecal boomers hit the wall switch for the overhead fans. I am at the last years of the boomer's grouping (62) and I didn't buy into that shit, it felt false and smelled worse. I became a nurse, at least I could do battlefield triage and wounds... I bought into the shit of a two car garage, a place out in the rural area but the suburbs moved out to me and the wife never got the memo about laying in beans, bullets and good booze for the Hunger Games and so she got the mine and I got the shaft...

  9. About 1980 I realized that the only way I was going to make it was to do my own thing.
    Since that time, I've done just that. Sure, there have been ups and downs, but that just
    comes with the territory. Eventually, one becomes successful. Yes, you have to keep the
    "Hustle" up or work flow slows or drys up. But that's also part of making ones way.
    Staying focused and on top of the game. Everything in this life is likened to a game of chess.
    One MUST be looking and planning ahead, in ALL areas. No one is going to do this for you.
    I really like the short add that Tate does for Jones about Turbo Force. He says, no one will
    one day say to you, "Tate, you're a good guy I'm going to make sure you become successful,
    get you a girlfriend and a neat car." "The only person who's ever said that, was me."
    Moral of the story...Get out there and Make It Happen !

  10. I am 65. Pretty sure my retirement will be lost. I am starting to get mad. Not sure yet to where to direct my anger towards. But I am getting some ideas.

    We are in Spicey Time.

    Where did I put those bullets anyway.

  11. OK. But as an RA enlistee in 1969, I'm not happy about your generalization. Wait till YOU are my age, amigo.

  12. I'm at the tail end of the Boomer demographic at age 62. Never really felt like part of it. The only reason I have a house is because I'm a veteran. VA loans are awesome! Never made a ton of money, Social Security and a little VA disability are the only sure things I've got. I've spent any money I could spare on getting ready for whatever upheaval we are gonna end up facing. Hopefully, I have enough silver to pay off my mortgage when hyperinflation takes hold. Then we'll all be in the same boat and all of this generational definition bullshit will stop.