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Monday, May 17, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Not much to say here today.  I'm getting kil't here at work.  
Crazy amounts.
Getting beat like an elderly man in a 'diverse' Nursing Home'
This day and age, I'm surprised they haven't awarded that particular pigfucker with the "St Floyd Whypeepo Killer Award".  Not even sure if he's still in jail or what.  The Ministry of Propaganda is, per usual, noticeably disinterested per usual vis-a-vis the status of all these nice, diverse murdering fucktards.
Like dis fucking piece of shit:
Lil 14 year old Darriyn Brown, already under house arrest, broke into a house, kidnapped a 4 year old whypeepo, and stabbed him to death.

Why is this asshole still alive?
Why is his family still alive?
Why haven't they been dragged from the house, a tire put over their heads and wired to them with concertina, soaked in gas, and set alight?
Same goes for this fucking retard:
Cannon Hinnant
ANOTHER defenseless whypeepo cut down by feral niggers.

How is it THAT guy hasn't been shanked and gutted by the Aryan Nation?

I'm highly disappointed there guys.  Y'all are -seriously- slacking on the whole 'avenging whypeepo' thing... You know shit is lame when the most barbaric prison gang on skinheads hasn't fucking gone full retard and eaten this guy's heart.  Wimps.  Hell, used to be when you had an absolute clear cut case of some shit like this the fucking fuzz theyselves would administer some 'frontier justice'

Only good thing about the current state of affairs is that we're about 6 months from Vigilante Time.  Groups I watch, places I read, sites I visit... Lots of folks are completely fed the fuck up with the 'worship' of "Divine Negros"... the utter stupid of the current 'raising up' of them has only primed the pump.  Been sayin'... when not IF, but WHEN this summer goes from "Ludicrous" to "Plaid", which it will, no worries... then people I think will finally start acting in their own self protective interests.

I'd say we're one, maybe two 'incidents', be they false flag or real, racially speaking for everyone to just decide "enough is enough" and go full on, batshit balls-to-the-walls killfestivus mode.

Eh... what do I know though?  The very fact no one kil't none of the above,and that they'll probably be out on bail, or considered 'mentally ill' so's they'll never do the hard time nor get the needle they so richly deserve sez it all to me...

This place is fucked 
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Star Wars Bluto is AWESOME !

    Standing by for the games to begin.....

  2. We living Arlington which boarders Dallas. As you say, head on a swivel. Worked on a few finishing touches today. Reviewed locations of cloth bandoleers with loaded mags. Ordered some upgrade followers for some old GI aluminum 30 round mags.

    I am about four weeks out from cataract surgery. Slow improvement continues. For the first time today, my scope reticles focused absolutely razor sharp, without glasses.

  3. Trying to treat the animals as peers has brought nothing but violence and destruction.

  4. Had a friend that was a cop in S. E. Washington DC. Told me mulattos were the worst kind. Just enough white genetics to make them slightly more cunning than typical mud hut descendants but hair trigger psychotic rage. The ones with freckles are the worst he told me.

  5. Why? Perhaps we are too civilized, our normalcy bias blinding us to the obvious as we cannot imagine people so depraved because we aren't. Look at ancient tortures - they put alot of thought into it. Heh, disemboweling someone and make them watch you skip rope with their intestines before strangling them with whats left over never crossed my mind. Until now.

    Albert Einstein (oh no the juice, errr jooos) didnt talk until he was 3 and then didnt shut up until well past the atom bomb (kewl and ironic that Hitler's hatred of 'Jew-physics' led to the Manhatten Project that incinerated 2 Japanese cities). Probably when the switch does get engaged to the on position, it'll parallel a dam breaking ... slowly leaks then deluge.

    Right now, I feel like a backwards alchemist - changing Au and Ag into Pb.

  6. My nigger fatigue meter is broken. These niggers are proud they kill children. They should never have made it to their initial appearance. They should be fed to gators while the rest of us watch.

    IMHO. We shouldnt have to be relying on convicts to exercise justice.