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Friday, May 21, 2021

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Got Ye Olde Nugget 'back in the game' so to speak. Been working a bit of a project as of late. And figured that this A.M. is the time to drop it. Courtesy of Aesop and Concerned American at WRSA:
Now, for obvious reasons I no longer want to necessarily poast the COVID card directly.

Shamelessly stolen from WRSA and Aesop... love the name BTW Bro... not bad for a Jarhead.

Jes' Sayin'
Now, the real one?  Not after hearing about the 4-5 guys now under lock n key by the Federales. Gotta love the priorities. Fucking feds man... Bank robbery? I'd say you got a 80-20 chance at pulling that off as they're wasting all the resources hunting down 'white extremists'... In fact that's funny... especially if you get one of      those real-to-life masks of a particular ethnic persuasion. Wear a blackface and scream about robbing the joint for "reparations"... odds are you'll get away clean-clean.
Point is I -was- in the intel biddness. Gathering Intel is a hobby. Knowledge is power, and a little intel can make or break you. So I present a 6 week project. It's gotten a bit easier, but this one was a labor of real time digging. Lots of close up phote enhancing and filing through hundreds of pictures. The reveal? Try a list of real vaccine lots and in the case of Moderna, confirmed expiration dates.

Now, the Pfizer I can't confirm except to say ALL of these numbers were taken off of real-time pictures of people getting their shots and that the resolution on ALL, Moderna AND Pfizer was good enough to make out the lot numbers.  The expiration dates for the Moderna comes directly comes from them and their website, as the expiration dates weren't visible on the bottles:

Sorry for the format going whonky, but Blogspot won't behave today.

PFIZER: EL1284, EL0412, EL6208, EJ1685, EK5730, EK4176, EK5730, EH9899

Then, Moderna, with Expiration Dates:
025L20A: JUNE 28-2021
016C21A: OCTOBER 20 2021
011J20A: MAY 11 2021
026L20A: JUNE 28-2021
042L20A: Jul 05, 2021
030L20A: Jul 16, 2021
015M21A: Jul 29, 2021

As far as I know, ain't no rule about putting this out there
Of course it's flat-the-fuck-out illegal to ask any Vaxx status as per HIPAA laws... theoretically. However, according to some: "Can someone ask/require to your vaccination status?:  No, because the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act doesn't apply here. The act prevents a third party (like a doctor or an insurance company) from giving your private health information without your permission."

Either way, throw HIPAA at someone if they're stupid enough to ask/be concerned.  If they're Branch Covidians, they sort of give theyselves away by asking Aye?  But at least the numbers above help with any legitimacy of your card.  BTW: Contact me anyone who did earlier... you know who you are, if you have concerns needs.  Email rakkasan101st@protonmail

And yeah Phil, got your email.  Got all the emails, just been busy as fuck with life and bullshit.  I'll be answering all the emails this weekend.  So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. BC,

    This reminds me that I want to send you a gift card.


  2. Thanks for the real-deal lot #s. I was plainly too lazy at 8 PM, and there are only about 10,000 real-deal pics on Goolag Images for anyone who wants to look.

    I'm biased, but I like my made-up lot numbers better. ;)

  3. HIPAA applies ONLY to those who work with and have access to healthcare information. It in NO WAY prevents a private person or business from asking about or demanding proof of vaccine status. Can't hide behind it to tell Branch Covidians to STFU

  4. the institute of higher military learning i work for is requiring vax before next semester starts so i'm losing my job over this crap. i waited too long to download that card from the net, but what the hell, if not this then they'll get me some other way. american spring getting closer every day.