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Friday, May 14, 2021

Segregation Now?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, the kerfluffle over Disney going woke was 'outed'... not that people didn't already know it after seeing how they shitcanned Gina Carano... the actual documentation for the Critical Race Theory shit was leaked by a employee.  It made quite the splash in the papers, that which deigned to report on it at all that is.  The New York Post did an article on it, and it seems that the 4 dudes in charge of Disney, all 'white' men (more on that in a second... well... seems the guy who did the legwork was this guy, Christopher Rufo:
Part of the LOLz on this is that the documents encourage segregation.

" part of an initiative labeled “CEO sponsored priorities,” Disney has launched racially segregated “affinity groups” for minority employees, with the goal of achieving “culturally-authentic insights.” In the original launch, the Latino affinity group was called “Hola,” the Asian affinity group was called “Compass,” and the black affinity group was called “Wakanda.”

Nothing ray-ssssssist about that Aye?
And then, the other ele-mah-fant in the room.  
The 4 guys in charge?  "White"...
Bit of a misnomer... they are by name:
Bob Iger
Bob Chapek
Alan Bergman and 
Alan Braverman
ALL of them Jewish... part of the (((tribe))) so to speak.
Funny dat?
Maybe not so much.  I'll leave it for the Nazis and tinfoil crowd and whatnot to shoot it out over any "grand conspiracy theories" that are floating around out there about Jewish Supremacism and the now-too-obvious decline of genuine white society...  I don't make the story, I just reports it.

It's downright hilarious how the whole segregation thing is back, and being sold as a positive.  Universities are making 'POC' spaces, hell... some restaurants in 'vibrant areas' are doing the same.

I say Let 'em.
Better they self-segregate.  Makes it better for us in the long run.  I just wish they'd pack up completely and leave.  Please!!!  Apr├Ęs vous.   GTFO and don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.  
Just remember YOU left US 
And there ain't no "take-backsies"
Nor funding.
We ain't paying shit anymore.
You want it? You build it.  After all, your Messiah said we didn't build that.  You apparently did.  And as I recall, the last major structure that was done by a "strong, diverse female" was the Miami Pedestrian Bridge.  
And we all know how that one worked out.
So, yeah.  Go for it.  I mean hell, you can always join Hammer City.  That's the land that was bought up in Colorado by some hardcore Communist Black folks who are building a "self sustaining" farm based renewable energy using community.  
200 acres.  10,000 feet above sea level.  
Mmmmmn boy.
From the Colorado Farm Bureau:
"Vegetables to Consider Growing

Some vegetables that do well at high elevations include:
Root varieties (carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes, beets)
Leafy greens

Potatoes -might- grow... but corn and grain?  Not so much.  The same article mentions the fact that 'regular' seed doesn't do so well, which means genmod.  MOST genetically modified seeds are not multi-generational, meaning that you can save the seeds from the veggies you grow and reuse them.  I don't expect these grifters to know that though.  I personally think and after reading the whole website, that it too, like BLM is a grift to make a small cadre some cash...  although since the April announcement of the land purchase, the donations appear to have stalled.
First time I went there, that was the same amount showing... now unless the donations don't update in real time, well then to me, I say they're just about done.  Either way I wish them allll the luck in the world.  Let them build their Utopia.  It'll make it easier for us when it's time to perform cleanup.  Odds are we'll find out post-collapse by the circling buzzards.
Jes Sayin

So, gotta bounce.  Wifey is pissed at me, and GranBebe is here for the weekend, I'm sick as a dawg and migraned out of my mind.  More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Oh, fuck...I GOTTA get me an Ivan!

  2. The racial awakening has never been greater. Can't wait until the normies realize the sheer magnitude of horror the lesser races have committed and continue to commit.

    1. By normies you do mean sheeple, right? Btw, can they be taught to be non compliant? Ohio Guy

  3. I think a stuffed dog with a motion sensor to release a taped growl loaded with tannerite might be best. Then the noise and bang is outside. Tannerite can blow the hell out of stuff if you use any volume

  4. getting deceptive site warnings off of you now,

  5. Hammer City. Led by this goofball:

  6. Miami Pedestrian Bridge? Thats nothing.

    How about the most "diverse" ship in the Norwegian navy sunk by the two "strong female role models" who ran the $600M+ frigate Helge Ingstad into an oil tanker. And then had no idea how the damage control systems worked so the ship sank.

    So a ship designed to survive a hit from an anti-ship missile cannot survive "quota people"