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Monday, May 3, 2021

Not Quite What they Expect

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not-cool things happening here at La Casa.  Literally.  The Central Air went sideways last night.  Checked and changed the filter, reset everything, and it's -still- not pumping the proper amount of coolness.  

Rut-Roh Raggy.
I'm really hoping it's nothing serious, as the Central AC units run a couple of grand just for the pieces/parts.  My credit is shit, so that'd mean a looooong hot summer.  The AC guy I have though, he's gold. 

About 4 years ago the external unit (original house equipment) rusted clean through and died.  My guy Joe, God Bless him, came over, and since I've cultivated a relationship with him over the years, he totally hooked me up with a 'used unit' that was 4 years old, that he'd pulled from another client for disposal.  He sold it to me, and installed it for $1500 which was like nothing compared to other places/companies and people.  Joe and me have taken care of each other over the years... our first biddness together, I was home on leave and I found him by word-of-mouth.  He found out I was a vet, and a merc, and after he got done on that particular job (tuning and cleaning the unit) I gave him a case of Ice Cold Beer as a tip, on top of paying cash so's Uncle wouldn't have to hear about it.  I also, during my days of Bouncing at the Local Watering hole took care of him when he'd come in and get a bit raucous...  got him an Uber on me... that sort of thing...

DeadDad stressed to me growing up that the people you take care of are usually the ones who can take care of you.... secretaries, janitors, service folks... always be respectful, kind, tip well and it'll come back to you in spades.  And ole Joe is a prime example of that.  Hopefully the AC isn't totally fucked.  If it is... dunno what I'ma gonna do but hey... s'all good either way.  Might trade the AR-10 to him if needed for goods/services... "The Art of the Deal" Aye?

So, today ZMan has a new article up over at Taki's place.  Talking about the 80's Nostalgia for the 'Reagan Year' and whatnot.  For the takeaway, I'll cut n paste the TL;DR that's a key part IMO and why I think he's "off" on his analysis.
"This narrative begins with Obama, who represents the rising expectations of blacks in the civil rights era, which ended in ghetto riots and an explosion of black crime. It is easy to forget, but the election of Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial harmony in America. Instead, the Obama era ended with black militants shooting police officers in the streets. BLM is today’s Black Panthers.

Of course, that makes Donald Trump the Richard Nixon of this story. Instead of driving him from office with a bogus impeachment caper, the Washington ruling elite impeached Trump twice and removed him from office with a fraudulent election. Obviously, Joe Biden is the Jimmy Carter character in this telling. Instead of being paralyzed by incompetence, Biden is in the early stages of dementia.

This is the part that gets Conservative Inc. excited. This historical parallel means that what comes next is a Ronald Reagan. This will be the guy who rallies the silent majority and restores conservatism to power. In this version, the great right-wing savior will be Tim Scott or maybe Nikki Haley. The new Reagan will be a dusky deity happy to remove the stain of racism from conservatism and the GOP."

He then goes on to talk about his conclusions, that no, a "New Reagan" is not on the horizon, primarily due to demographic changes, in that Whypeepo numerically are in a decline.  That the influx of Magic Dirt is skewing the numbers in favor of the Left and their people.  Now, on one side, he's right.  That being said, I agree that I don't think we're going to see a new Reagan.  Nope...

It's going to be a New Hitler/Genghis Khan.

He equates the historical replay in terms that are applicable to 'back then'.  The failure to that is that 'back then' people, for the most part were church going, morally centered people who actually still believed in trusting the government for the most part.  That the black family still existed for the most part, and that the "Nuclear Family" was a central part of insuring domestic tranquility.  God knows a large reason I didn't lose my shit and go full Columbine in High School was the shame it would have brought on the family...

These days?  Not so much I think.  
People have changed.  Gotten more selfish, self centered.  Less community-oriented.  Definitely less family oriented.  Fast to anger.  And the large group of "silent majority" now known as "deplorables"? 

  We're biding our time.

When 'go time' kicks, it'll be the likes of which no one has ever seen before I think.  It'll be rallying not around some fucktard like any of the groypers or Alt-Right/Alt--Lite talking heads... nope... it'll be some guy, probably prior service... a truck driver from Oregon... or a dentist from Texas, who, after running afoul of Leviathan, who's family paid the price, who decides to go "Full Warlord" and begins the 'cleansing' of the Leftists in a graphic and public manner that can't be ignored.

At first, it won't be talked about.  I mean it will, but it won't.  People on the Left will start showing up with a bad case of the "deads".  It'll be slow at first, but sure.  Think after a riot, a pile of zip-cuffed bodies, all AntiFa, will be found stacked by a quiet railroad side trestle, all summarily shot in the back of the head, and left to be found after.  The initial reports will tie the people who got aced out as having been 'arrested' and taken off the streets by 'police' (or what appear to be police) and after, when they get found all ready for a bag and tag,  It'll make the news, but be downplayed.  That IF Leviathan even lets the word out... no need to encourage people to copycat such things... especially since the shade will be on the cops, as it'll appear that the cops may have 'gone rogue' thereby making an even messier scene that much more difficult.

Sowing confusion could be so much fun.
Lots of fingers point back and forth...

Then, as spicytime increase, One or Two 'roving reporters' get cacked...  either by sniper(s) or found kil't in their home.  The first onesie-twosie Media folks who get assassinated will made into MAD Stories initially, but the subsequent targeting will have them headed for the bunkers.  Mainly because the media itself have a massive issue believing that they be part of the targeted list of "people who need to purely die." 

Depending on just how well it's planned, a decapitation strike on the media could be in the cards.  Equipment AND people will be targeted.  I mean these days VSAT relays are everywhere, and not guarded.  Hell, just driving up parts of the Greater Tampa area highways and byways, there are new station relay points ALL over... and surrounding them are just your basic chain link with barbed wire at the top... not much of an obstacle for a motivated individual Aye?  Nor are the reporters themselves safe and protected.  Despite the Ministry of Propaganda believing theyselves being untouchable AND under the protection of Leviathan, I'm sure it'll come as a shock when they're openly targeted for eradication, and the ease in which they get hit will scare the ever-living-shit out of them.

So, anyways, whoever 'rises to the occasion' is going to be someone who more than likely:

A) Be Charismatic.  A Natural Leader with good presence and public speaking abilities
B) Has lost everything.  Think 'gun grab raid gone wrong' or some 'other' motivator that leaves the individual in question with a "fuck it, I'm taking all of them with me" attitude but NOT in a suicide run.
C) Be trained.  Probably an NCO level DotMil with wartime experience.  Bonus points if he's former SPECOPs.  
D) Had already been in a prepping mindset, and now decides that he's "all in".

Once the gloves are off though, it'll get really kinetic really fast.  Personally, I don't think it'll happen necessarily.  I mean it may but I dunno... I'm of two minds.  I -do- think things are going to continue to 'degrade'.  I think we're in for a hell of a summer.  I also think that -some- of our side are ready.  I also think that the Leviathan is faltering.  There are just so many variables.  The very fact that for the first time ever, it seems like the FedGov is becoming more and more irrelevant...  The fact that it's soooo out in the open about Slo being installed... the fact that the election was fraudulent from top to bottom, that no one seems to give a fuck...   it's a weird time.  I feel almost Schizophrenic right now... 
Do I?
Don't I?
What do I want?
Where do I go?
It's like the song from Talking Heads:

Same as it ever was...
No shit Aye?

Until that guy steps up and until Leviathan 'trods on Ye Olde Crank with golf shoes', things will remain the same.

Until they don't
Then, well, it's gonna be really interesting
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Oh yee gawds!

    That last image has me giggling like a school girl.

    1. Yah... can't remember where I found it but I literally LOL'd on it... was like -THAT- needs saving/poasting

  2. Hey bro, haven't finished reading the article, but wanted to get this to you real quick re: the HVAC fail, dealt with that crap plenty in managing properties. If you did the filters and flipped your breakers and that ain't it, next thing to check is the capacitor. Signs one is failing:

    Humming Noise. ...
    Old HVAC System. ...
    AC Turns Off On Its Own. ...
    AC Doesn't Turn On Immediately. ...
    AC Won't Turn On.

    At least one of those boxes is ticked per the unit's origin. If yer boy can't hook you up, DIY is possible, just make sure your breakers are off and don't fry yourself. Hopefully you don't need a coolant recharge yet. Best of luck with the repairs!

    1. Yep replaced a capacitor a couple of years ago, bingo, with help from HVAC friend. Careful handling them they may be charged touch a screw driver across the posts first. Today he is installing 2.5 and 3.5 tons. 12 grand total and cheaper than the local quotes. The units are house original and its time since one went out late last fall. What a friend, he drove from California where he moved, not just for my A/C units, he gets to see his new grand bebe for the second time this month.

      When that guy blows I hope he starts with the big TV media people.

  3. '...or a truck driver in Oregon...'

    This is the nightmare of TheRulingElites / TheMalignantOverlords.

    The instigator will be 'nobody'.
    'Nobody' will hit once, then retire.

    No bragging, no letter-to-the-editor, no lead-time for the target to assume a defensive stance.

    Hit one-time, disappear back into the crowd.
    A tiny one-time destruction, then 'poof'... gone.

    No way to predict it to organize a preemptive raid.
    Before the hour/minute of her one-time hit, she didn't know which target she would destroy.

    Hit them once, retire.
    Invisible before, invisible after.

    Two hits establishes a pattern:
    * the blue Buick
    * the brown bib-overhauls
    * the camo cap
    * 'short', 'obese', 'Black©', '30-45yo', 'gimpy'
    * tattoos
    * 'reminded me of Dorner (buhn (blessings upon his name)) driving a Killdozer (buhn)'

    * LawEnforcementOfficials -- a cheap renewable resource equals low-efficiency, plus they tend to stick together.
    * Their puppet-masters -- high return-on-investment, plus they instantly snitch on their best-friends (examples -- epstein, che, mohammadans, ClintonCrimeSyndicate)

    The targets quake in their ivory towers.
    For entertainment purposes; certainly not based on anybody I would want to know.

  4. Trump was the modern Reagan, with a mix of Calvin Coolidge and Andy Jackson.

    You are correct, the next President is going to be, whether left or right, a not-good thing for either side, nor the middle.

    And I still say it's going to be some old retired fart who has lost everything, wife, family, friends, and been fucked just once too often, most likely some gun-grabber coming to, well, grab his guns because nothing to live for and everything to die for.

    Stay frosty. Well, bad saying but... hope the AC is just a bad internal breaker or something easy and cheap.

  5. A/C? We are still intermittently using the furnace, lows in the 30s several nights this week. You need to move away from that swamp.

    The problem with all of this talk about the "silent majority" is that we are not a majority of any sort and haven't really been with all of the White quislings out there for some time.

  6. Hey BC - there are things you can check that are pretty easy. There should be two thin wires going to a white thing that looks like a chiclet gum, hanging outside near the external unit or the power breaker box next to the external unit. Make sure it is intact and something did not gnaw through the wires. Next check the fan is still working blowing air (probably is). Check the batteries in the indoor wall thermostat (assuming it has some). If all that is OK, next easiest thing is check outdoor compressor is working when fan turns on in the outdoor unit. If it is not running, then Joe is going to check line pressures for the refrigerant (whatever they use nowadays). Hoping it is an electrical gremlin and not a failed sea or dead compressor.

  7. My central unit shat the bed. Made a few calls and looked at the bank account. Went and bought four window units. The drop in electric bills saved us enough that summer to pay for the air conditioners,which was a bunch less than the cost of getting the central unit replaced. Just cooling the rooms we were using saved us a ton.Yeah, window units aren't sexy ,but ,nobody ever stopped and offered me sex or cash because I had a central unit anyway.

  8. hitler was a corporal. not a fan, jus sayin.....have a/c issues too. bought a whole new system online, now i can't get anybody to install it. cray cray. nikki haley is a traitor slag of the worst order. next prez won't matter, but it'll be a dem. they learned to cheat, you think they'll play fair next time? biden just denied rolling thunder a permit. obammy did something similar,ww2 memoral park, resuted in 700k vets tearing down the barricades and stacking them on the white house lawn. secretservice flew obammy away, pronto. what if it repeats but things go sideways?...i agree, it won't be some big event, it'll be some innocuous little thing that snowballs into "the troubles."

  9. Ww I started with some duke getting whacked by the wrong ethno group. History does not repeat but it rhymes. I am reminded of the old Roman Empire. It took a looong time to unwind. I see some peaks and valleys coming.