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Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Good ole Miscalculating in France is in a whole heap-a-trouble that I can see.  Troop trouble from the looks and sounds of it.  I covered the story about La Belle France's Generals and whatnot throwing down the gaulish gauntlet at the Politicos for their retarded actions.

Essentially, the French Military, which has been fighting the Global War on Terror, which is essentially a systemic battle proxy for Islam and its bullshit.  The Frog Politicos however have been importing metric fucktons of Islamics and playing "Hug a Raghead".  The guys on the front line are fucking done with all the societal concessions, and the very fact that HUGE amounts of France, especially Paris are overrun with ungrateful non-integrating Haj.  Essentially the fact that every two weeks a precious and irreplaceable Christian Religious site gets either burned tot he ground or desecrated.
Fuckers even burned Notre-Fucking-Dame man...
I'm amazed they (the Frogs) didn't start slaughtering the Haj en-mass at that point.

See, it's a soft invasion.
They're slowly but surely infiltrating all of Europe, and using the Globalist Fuckheads to install a new "Quiet Caliphate" as I call it.  The QC is there, it's real, and it's inherently against everything that a nominally Christian country stands for.

And the French DotMil
They have had it
The very fact that huge swaths of Paris alone are no-go Hajji Zones..
The fact that politicians prefer to stay quiet and allow the continued rape and pillaging of their countries, knowing full well that they (the politicians) never have to suffer for any of the actions that they instituted.  Like importing and supporting via vast social monies and support, a hostile Islamic Invasion force.  The Cloud People indeed

So, the DotMil, both active and retired wrote a letter.
Called 'em out...
A friendly warning...
"Fuck around and find out" was the essential gist of it.
Whelp.. Maricon and his retards did the exact thing I thought they would.  They doubled down on "stupid", and are investigating, censuring, and even pulling pensions for that letter.  They're shitcanning the guys who -were- on active duty, and starting a very similar deep dive on all DotMil for 'extremists'

Sound familiar?

Soooo now? In response The Active Duty Troops wrote a letter.  An open letter, online.
As of yesterday, 100,000 'normal' people had joined in to sign.

In part: "Cowardice, deceit, perversion: this is not our vision of the hierarchy. On the contrary, the army is, par excellence, the place where we speak the truth because we commit our lives."

In other words
THAT has to be one of my finest Memes evvar
I googled 'angry soldier' and looked thru all the pics...
That dude right there... I dunno... just struck me as "Pissed off French soldier"
A zoom in and add the redeye... perrrrrfect-o

And yeah, I think the guillotine is in the future for the politicians in France.
Rule #1 in politics: Never, ever, ever fuck over the guys with guns
Democracy or not, there's only so much people will put up with
Hence the attempted purge here in the States.
The generals, all bought and paid for by the Obamamessiah's clique.
They know that actual triggermen are alllll lower ranks.
The corruption usually starts in the Officer Ranks...
Especially in West Point and the Naval Academy... even the Air Force these days.  ALL of them went woke-as-fuck.  And it shows.  The lack of critical thinking, hell, basic brains is stunning.  I mean shit, I was in the Infantry.  We aren't know to be fucking rokkit scientists.  We're Grunts... eat, fuck, kill, and sleep.  Good Grunt, have a cookie... but even a Grunt can see how fucked things have become.

France is just the first, because they've had the Haj issue pretty bad.  I personally think it's because they have been losing priceless National Identifying Religious Institutions.  I mean the average Froggie probably may not be all that uber-religious per se, but the French National Identity is wrapped up in it's history, monuments and whatnot and it's Religious Monuments are testament to that.  The fact that the foreign non-integrating animals are destroying that, and the fucking Mini-Maricon Mommyfucker (look at his wife... the very definition of a Grandma) is covering for them?

That's a Beheading

Should be interesting.  Have to see where it goes.  I could see Slo and the Ho trying to 'assist' their Globalist Partners militarily if the French DotMil goes full retard-revolt.  That'd be purely hilarious as the French don't fuck around when they get their  'revolution' on.  They have a history of doing that shit to the extreme.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Some French inspiration--

  2. I'll believe it when I see it. What are they gonna do? Walk around and threaten Haji with a stale baguette?

  3. Yep, the main strategy is to breed out the westerners.

    I remember reading Macron's 90 yr old wife was talking to Melania while Melania was still 1st lady and told her she can walk all over France by herself... Guess she doesn't see the 100 or so security people within a couple feet of jumping into action should one or more of the savages decide to rape an older chick.
    Is she really that stupid..

    Anyway, hope France fires this thing up.

  4. It's not your average Parisian that is getting... froggy. It's the peasants, the country folk, the pastoral people, who are getting uppity.

    It's not well known over here, or in the eneMedia here or over there, but the rural French people, for the last 10 years or so, have been actually doing full pilgrimages from their small communities and farms. You know, full walking 30-150 or more miles in groups of thousands, from one religious shrine to another, and often ending up at Notre Dame de Paris (the one in Paris) or at other great cathedrals like at Chartres or at Notre Dame de Reims (the one in Reims.)

    And what followed mass pilgrimages, back in the medieval days? Oh... the Orders Militant (fighting priests) and the Crusades. Remember the Crusades? Started to protect Christian pilgrims and Christian holy sites and Christian towns in the Holy Lands? That, for the first 100 years, fucked the towelheads up right royally and probably would have succeeded if not for being fucked by the Byzantine Empire. And even when losing still fucked the towelheads up royally (just read up on the fall of Acre and Antioch, and then go read up how the Knights fucked the towelheads during the centuries-long attempt to conquer Malta.)

    France is heading into this period. Personally, I thought shit was going to go sideways when two muslims slit the throat of an 85yoa priest in Saint-√Čtienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy in 2016. A lot of people got riled, got that pissed-off-Jacques look as in your meme, but held back.

    The fact that the French government is still trying to lay the blame on the Notre Dame de Paris fire on a 'construction accident' when everyone knows it was muslims, well, I thought the next Crusade was going to start there, as there was a lot of pissed-off-Jacques looks then. But, no, they held back.

    But now? Now that the French military is, well, up in arms over the bullshit?

    You are correct. Madame La Guillotine will be showing herself soon. Along with Messrs Les Firing Squads, Le Homme du Corde (The Rope Man) and other ways of judicial punishment.

    1. beans, too bad the church has been "woke" or at least pandering to the woke. just look at what has become of the black robe regiment. and the "pope"? ha!

    2. That rat-bastard commie/socialist got elected. God had nothing to do with his ascension.

  5. Blah blah blah.....just hot air. The commies in France AND here know that NOBODY is going to do a damn thing but flap gums. Till they start bleeding and dying NOTHING is going to least not for the better.

  6. Six years ago during my last visit to Paris for the Eurosatory military hardware exhibition, the ragheads were pushing 22% of France's population. Bet that now they are nearing 25%. It is pretty much proven that once a country gets past that 20% mark, all hell breaks loose because the muj start exercising political strong arm tactics. Gonna be interesting to see if the spirit of Napoleon lives on and those Guillotines come out of the museums and mil depots.

    I fervently hope that some in old Blighty are also similarly inclined to start going all Norse on the invaders.

  7. It's almost time here. It's kinda like cooking BBQ. Gotta wait till just the right time to eat.
    Paris and other European cities gonna burn to the ground before it's done. Gonna be just as bad here.
    My fear is that we won't get all the infection and it'll come back in a few generations.

  8. Well, well, well. Looky here folks

  9. Well said. And just think, all those soldiers. With guns. And I'm with Beans, btw.

    1. Yup. The last time things were this bad we had the Reconquista starting to really get hot and the Church went militant.

      We need a Church Militant. The Church(s) needs a Church(s) Militant. Instead, well, we get the Rainbow Diversity Church(s) whose various leaders question the existence of God.

      It's not going to be nice soon. It won't be what so many want, peaceful and happy and diverse. It will be, like the song says, what we need. Which is going to be a whole buncha bodies hitting the floor.

      Like, well, in Israel today. F'n Gaza terrorists and the world decries Israel defending itself? Subtle hint, there, mussie terrorists, you don't want Israel to go into another holy war. They know how to do it right.

  10. "Civil war is inevitable" says a French officer

    1. Thanks for finding that. Scary shit there. The Provincial French aren't pussies. It's always the big city dwellers and the politicians who have fucked France.

  11. I truly can’t believe I’m sitting here counting on the frogs for our salvation.
    At this point - they’re my only viable hope. - Princess Nautigal Leia

    1. The French were a great help in our war of independence from Britain. The French are full of surprises.

    2. "The corruption usually starts in the Officer Ranks...
      Especially in West Point and the Naval Academy... even the Air Force these days. ALL of them went woke-as-fuck. And it shows. The lack of critical thinking, hell, basic brains is stunning. I mean shit, I was in the Infantry. We aren't know to be fucking rokkit scientists. We're Grunts... eat, fuck, kill, and sleep. Good Grunt, have a cookie... but even a Grunt can see how fucked things have become."

      I was one of those 'rocket scientist officers'......experimental test pilot back in the day. I had to quit over the BS before retirement, and that was back in the late 90's. Don't count all of us out as woke; I sure am not.


  13. Maybe Charles Martel is waking up from his long slumber...