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Friday, May 28, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Remember that vidya by.. who was it?  Now I have to google it...Chris Rock... "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police"  A great bit that one Aye?
So, this's a pretty straightforward thing.
Well, seems out in Seattle (this's my shocked face!) they done lost what little minds thay have (had?) left.  I have -no idea- how poor Phil from Bustedknuckles can deal with living in an area that is so utterly insane...

Seems the IG there wants to give ALL the blacks a free pass...  make traffic stops “discontinued for the safety of both officers and the public and for racial fairness.”    The quote that had me laughing was: “Moreover, research has consistently shown that black and Latino experiences during traffic stops are different from those of white persons.”

Ya think?
I dunno... maybe the criminality of those is question should be a bigger issue.
MAYBE that's the issue?
I mean there are parts of the proposal and statements I -do- agree with... lets face it, the average reason(s) that someone gets pulled over for, for the most part, utter bullshit.  Revenue extraction from the slave class.  And that's not a color issue, but a 'we own you all' issue with the fuzz mulcting us for as much as we can take.

And when you can't take anymore, or you have nothing left to give, they jail you and literally enslave you for their profits.  “Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers.”  THAT I agree with wholeheartedly.  However, with the caveat that making it about race?

Does this portend that only the blacks and hispanics are going to get a 'pass' on 'minor violations' vis-a-vis traffic stops?  Now, if this gets applied to everyone equally then fucking great!  I sure as fuck grow weary of the fuzz hassling people in general.  They are, for the most part teats on a boar hog.  Now if everyone gets a pass, cool.

BUT:  The revenue needs to come from somewhere and I'm sure they'll figure out a way to be sticking it to whypeepo.  They always invariably do.

Which is going to just make shit uglier.
Man, they be some seriously high motherfuckers running around out there in charge huh?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Your last graphic says it all. We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't.....

  2. In general it is the case that the system is aiming to make it impossible to convict blacks of crimes as a way of "reforming the criminal justice system"

  3. Yep. I know lots of previously bland people who are now, for all purposes, racists. Because they've been beaten, spit upon, denied service, treated unequally, passed over for promotions yet still had to do their work and the diversity promoted person's or people's work.

    Want racism? Deny the white guy food from an afro shack because they're white. Deny the white girl promotions but make her do the work of all the afros above her. Hold the whites to a completely different standard than the blacks. Staff the HR office with afros from the same extended family. Deny whites government aide when they need it while lavishing aid upon people who don't need it.

    As to policing? Blacks, at least from what I've seen, have been often treated much easier by the criminal justice system, often getting away with things that whites would have been buried under the local jail or prison.

    But... here's the thing. Blacks do so much more and so much harder levels of crime that when they get jacked by the po-po, they get hammered hard on the charges because they know that the fucking prosecutors, judges and juries will bend over backwards to let the blacks off.

    Me? Mr. White? I've been dogged by the po-po for tags, lights, things hanging from the mirror, speeding, passing too much (while a pack of feral dark-skins were circling me and trying to run me off the road.)

    Meanwhile, in my apartment complex, every non-black, including the meth-head doper white boy at the end, has their car tags current. While every black person's tags are at least 9 months out of date, one bro is 3 years out of date.

    That right there means that most of them are driving on suspended licenses, which means their insurance is cancelled, which means if they get in an accident, they aren't paying, nope. And won't be held accountable in criminal or civil court for their actions.

    White dude? No insurance? To Jail. No DL? Jail. No car tags? JAIL JAIL JAIL.

    And this has been going on for over 30 years.

    Fuck, in my area everyone except the blacks, if involved in a criminal case, had to pay restitution and the cost of their arrest and pay for the Black-on-Black Crime Task Force. And Jail To YOU if you don't pay fees, restitution and BOBCTF fees.

    If you're black, sure, the court assigns all of that except the black-on-black costs, but doesn't actually make you pay for them. Sure, they'll ding you and add the misdemeanor charges on to you when they next arrest you for doing something serious, but eventually, like with continued probation violations, will just get tired of seeing your ugly mug in the court and dismiss everything.

    White guy violate probation? Fucking fuck him HARD with everything the court can throw at him.

  4. How do I know all of this? Well, one of my jobs at the drug task force was to follow all the cases, from start of the case to the final penal step, when the douchecanoe finally walks free or dies in prison.

    Hispanics? Fuck, those boys got hammered hard by the system. Especially if they were citizens. Illegals? Hammered then deported, and more often not back in the States in a year, usually back in the area, and if arrested, hammered hard, some sentence, deported, then back illegally in the States in a year.

    Orientals? Didn't see too many, treated like whites in the system.

    Whites? No slack given, fucked long and hard by the system. Even with 'daddy's money' the punishment was usually, for drug charges and racketeering charges, to the max. Fines and fees to the max. And what money they made in prison went to pay off the fines and fees.

    Blacks? Ha. Let me tell you a story. One guy was on probation for murder, while on probation for drug dealing, while on probation for assault, while on probation for rape, while on probation for drug dealing, while on probation for.... Get picked up, charged, released to Drug Court or RORed or Bonded out, while violating all conditions of his pre-trial release or probation or parole or diversion for multiple multiple multiple felonies and then, over and over again his parole pre-trial release diversion probation would be continued or dropped while he's going to fucking COURT for this or that or the other charge, oftentimes the case continued because he's in jail again for something and then after about 5 years of all of this bullshit with him catching case after case the Court finally throws it's hands up and cancels about 3/4 of the cases outright...

    Saw this happen with lots of dudes in one way or another. Over and over again. Heavy Drug Dealers, with rap sheets of actual convictions a mile long and tied to deaths of drug users because they mixed their shit too powerful, given Drug Court Diversion, which is what is supposed to be given to first time drug violators (users, not dealers) in order to try to divert them from using, which with the drug users was useless as a way of stopping them from using.

    Shit you not.

    If you're black, the only way you get hammered by the po-po is by being such a fucknut that they can't turn their heads and ignore it any longer.

    Been that way for over 30 years.

    1. yeah i see that here too. i was in court as a witness a while back, while waiting for my case i watched the judge release dude after dude, that he knew by first names. next case came up, aggravated assault, attempted murder re:strangled his pregnant girlfriend to an inch of her life. judge let him off time served, seven days, with a stern warning. THIRD OFFENSE! seven days. judge said "see you next week leon." that was me, i'd be doing twenty to life.

    2. The wife used to work at a bank, it was the same thing with the first nations. They had one guy come in and demand they hand over cash, they tell him no and he says he's going to his car to get a machete. They lock the door and the idiot beats on the door with said machete while they call the cops. The RCMP station was 2 doors down from the bank. A cruiser comes out of the station pulls into the bank lot and sits there. After about 10 minutes the idiot with the machete gets into his car and drives away.

      Cop pulls the 40 feet to the door and gets out and then claims no one is there (ie the idiot left) the staff tell him the guys name as he had been in before and had an account but the cop says he can't arrest him since he didn't see it happen. They pointed out said cop was watching the whole time to which the cop comes back with how its not worth arresting him as the judge will just let him off on account of him being native. That was 10 years ago, can't imagine its any better now.

      There was a big scandal a few years ago, a native guy in a different province was a pedo and killed a little girl, then after he was sent to prison by a jury the feds quietly moved him from an actual prison to a "native healing center". It has no locks or fences and the inmates are expected to do drum sessions and talk about the evil white man.


  5. athing the magic one while the officers/deputies are being transferred to the shittiest detail possible, if not suspended.

    Seen that. Seen that over and over. Doesn't matter if it's drugs, assault, domestic battery, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, theft... If you are a magic sports star, you're golden and can't be touched. Steal your car back from the repo lot? The repo owner will clean your vehicle with his tongue while paying for all damages to the repo-ed car.


    White sports star? Held up to the highest standard. Fuck, look at the way they hounded Tebow just looking for him to spit on the sidewalk or run a stop sign. Shit, they're still trying to fuck with the 'Bow, even now, even though he's taking the lowest possible pay to play in the NFL.

    But magic dirt sports star?

    Now, I agree wholeheartedly about the conversion of the police from an enforcement agency to a fiduciary assets recovery service. Way too often poor white pepo are hammered and hammered and hammered by petty bureaucratic bullshit. Pulled over for an unlit tag light while the mope-mobile drifts past in a cloud of pot smoke and with the stereo system turned on so loud it's shaking the vehicle apart.

    And that unequal enforcement, hammering whites while letting black thugs skate? That's how you make racists out of bland people.

    As to your last graphic. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Don't care no more, just don't care no more.

  6. Beans, that was one of the most epic rants I've seen in a long time.
    Dead nuts on.

    1. Thanks. Tired of the 'Kangs and shit' people tell me they have it bad. Geez, quit fucking up and start bitch- and pimp-slapping the other ne'er-do-wells in your community and the world would be such a fucking better place.

      I mean, I had a Ford Aerostar (with the 2.8L Mustang engine, I regularly drove in Georgia upwards of 100mph in a minivan, so don't judge me) that had weird Hecho-en-Mehico wiring so the tail lights were 'spotty.' One day I got pulled over 5 fucking times in my own town for tail lights, on the fucking way to get the wiring yanked.

      And don't even get me started on parking in the firelane to jump out and use the ATM. I did it once and got two cops fighting over who got to write me up. While they were completely ignoring the mope-mobiles and whooptie-mobiles sitting in the fire lane blaring music.

      "Oh, the police are against the Black Community, Poor Meeeee!"

      Fuck them. Fuck them with a fucking neutron bomb. And fuck the people that side with them. They want a race war, they're gonna get a race war, and they're gonna find out how good 'whyte peepoo are at playing extermination games. Hint - they don't have enough machetes... (I have, like, 8, including a really nice Cold Steel Kukri machete that if I take it out of its sheath that bitch cuts me. Been waiting to try it on a moving target...)

    2. +1 Ohio Guy

  7. va govna' blackface did an e/o for popo to avoid pulling folks over for about anything since minorities get pulled more, for reasons. i was a popo myself for a time b4 i wised up and saw it was a moneymaking scam. see, the chief tells the troops get more tickets, so they write til their fingers cramp up. chief takes the cash n hires a "temp" cop "due to the rise in offenders" that he generated. then he goes to council/assembly asking for tax cash to keep the temp, again using the stats he generated. they can't be seen soft on "crime" so he gets it. then chief gets evaluated next budget and gets a raise b/c he now supervises more guys, which he sends out to justify the tax money with more tickets. and the circle continues.

  8. My people have a saying, "if you're going to be hung for stealing a peppercorn, you may as well be hung for stealing a sheep". All I want is to be left alone......worm

  9. Some intel from behind enemy lines. Guess which cities are being cleared fastest of blacks? Cities like San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle and Portland. In San Francisco the black population has dropped from almost 20% to 5% in the last few decades. Very soon it will be back to 1940 numbers. Less than 3%. In Seattle and Berkeley the black population has dropped more than 50% in the last few decades. What few blacks were in Portland 30 years ago are mostly gone.

    The "progressives" nutcases in City Hall may fill the streets with junkies and crazies but they can sure clear the blacks out very fast. If it were not for the projects there would be almost no blacks left in cities like San Francisco. Seems like a good trade. Street people and street junkies for black gangbangers and street crims. So if you live in an asian area not only are they great neighbors but there is very little street crime. Because any blacks stand out and the asians dont screw about when it comes to letting the blacks know they are being watched. Because even though they are only 5% of the city population pretty much the only people who are going to rob you are black.

    After the riots in '92 in LA blacks learned not to mess with asians. The gangs from South Central attacked Koreatown on the first day of the riots. On the second day the Koreans were ready (lead by ex ROK Rangers) and by the time the firefight was over the Koreans dropped off two pickup trucks worth of bodies at the local hospital. That was the last time South Central gangs tried to loot Korean shops. If the blacks try that crap again the Koreans and the Taiwanese business owners will shoot the black looters without hesitation. Just like last time.