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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Jail Would Suck

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes
Loooooooooooooong day.  Apparently the Nice Old Lady and her Daughter across the street?  


Seems that they've been lying to us for 7 fucking years.  They've been sheltering, and hiding the fact that the son/brother (who's been living there for all intents and purposes) is a fucking kid diddler. Serial Child molester/rapist.

Which explains quite a bit.
Dude has always gone out of his way to avoid me.  Like 'runs like I'm Satan' avoids me, which -always- struck me as odd.  Never said an untoward word towards him.  Always got a weird 'vibe' from him... but just chalked it up to the fact that he was living with his 90 year old mom and sister at 50 something years of age, and apparently seemed unemployed.  Now?

Uh, Yeah.

Because I have a serious issue here
Spawn #2, as you know from my rants and raves... she was always gay... never had an issue with that... but the Trans thing?  Caught ALL of us, to include ExWife and Spawn #1 off guard.  Because of it, I've done some -serious studies- of the trans phenomenon in hopes to maybe, someday, hopefully try to 'fix' my 'broken daughter'.  Problem is?

The timing.
She went from 'happy gay teen' to 'seriously dysfunctional/broken female wishing to be male' all around the time this guy moved into the Area of Operations.  

I really do not want to think in those lines, BUT
I talked with My Gunny tonight... not that I was in the Corps, but Gunny was my boss/older brother in Iraq for a number of years, and knew Spawn #2, and knows me.  He said, and I quote, damned near verbatim:

"Problem here is BC, good news, bad news.  Good news is that your analysis of situations tend to be a 4.5 out of 5 on reliability... I'm alive because your hunches and gut are good... the Bad News is, on this one?  Yeah, this's bad juju and no matter which way, I got your back, and bail money."

Someone, who's former Marine Intel, Navy Intel, as well as possibly DIA (Defense Intel Agency) said I'm good at my job.  Too good.  Bad news is a dispassionate analysis of yea versus nay?  

Fucker did something to my girl.

The trans thing generally is in reaction to an extremely negative sexual assault/encounter... where the subject hates her or himself -so badly- that they want to be the opposite sex as a solution, which matches this to a "T".

Right now, I'm being kept sedated (thanks Xanax!) and Wifey has let me have two drinks of the Redtail Irish Whiskey that I've been saving (thanks Concerned American!) and I'm -currently- able to write....

I haven't all day because I've debated on doing truly evil things.

Like shit y'all can't even imagine.

And the reason I'm writing about it is because I -need to- if only to insure I don't.  By making my thoughts cognizant, and realizing it becomes public record, -I can't- fucking kidnap the miserable sonofabitch, take him to parts unknown, and "putting him to the question" in a fashion that'd make even the most hardened motherfucker puke sideways.  And if he -didn't- do anything to my Spawn #2?  Even then, it'd be a public fucking service to dispose of such a fucker.  Gators gotta eat, same as buzzards n worms....   Hell, offing a fucker like that probably might earn me 'cool points' with Big Daddy, JC, and the Spook...

Jes' Sayin'

By putting it out there, I'ma saying I'm not going to, despite the urges.
Gotta stay cool.
Gotta stay focused
There's bigger issues upcoming that my skill sets are needed for.
Simple vengeance?  Waste of Time and Talent and Skills

As UBER satisfactory as it may be.
BTW: Fucktard in Question:

Raped a six year old.........
WAS a assistant principal in Miami UNTIL he got caught
Only did 6 months BECAUSE apparently the School District interceded to "keep things quiet"

Again, failure of our government on ALL levels
I give The Sherriff's Department a week... if they don't handle this, I have extremely dirty people who're willing to do deeds, for free... A lot of them being former 'soldiers' if you want to call sheep dipped Delta former soldiers... guys who consider me part of the brotherhood, who read this...

And guys... y'all reading this... Hold.  No fun til I say.
Code κρατάω
Follow up to come.

Yeah... sleepless nights to follow... I appreciate any and all, and any doxx?  Don't care... this fucker needs to purely die IMO...and anyone who sez otherwise... go and fuck yourself... this's purely personal, and my blog is part of my therapy.

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Like dat...


  1. Not to rain on your parade, but SIX MONTHS sounds like he was really, Really, REALLY, as innocent as can be... any straight white male is guilty in today's society.

    SIX MONTHS, when any 3Letter DotGov can drop a Kiddie pic on your device and you are done for twenty years?

    SIX MONTHS, when every D.A. has a 99.99998% plea deal heavy "success rate"?

    I just don't buy him getting the smoking hot female teacher treatment by the Justice System.

    I do, however, buy a little shame railroading on their part leading to SIX MONTHS.

    1. No. Six months sounds about right if the State Attorney Office and the School Board cut a deal. Most kiddie diddlers do get light to no sentences because the SAO/DA will cut a fucking deal because kids are NOT reliable witnesses.

      Now, catch a KD with an actual kid, or child porn, actual real proof that does not rely on the court system fucking brutalizing the child witness (which both sides and the judiciary will do) and the SAO/DA will dogpile the motherfuckers.

      But... SAO/DAs hate hate hate child sex crimes. It's why so many school teachers get away with it. Most of us guys laugh and joke about having a female teacher fuck with an underage kid. But underage kids still get fucked up by those female teachers. The Teacher is a fucking sexual predator. But because female or teacher, most get away with non-sex charges and not being registered sexual predators.

      Trust me. I know someone who survived having a father who was a kiddie diddler from basically her birth on till he couldn't get it up. And it's fucked her forever. Even worse? She approached school officials, other community leaders, church officials (Church of Christ) and law enforcement and they all either turned on her or, as I said above, abused the ever living shit out of her so bad the 'good official people' chased her right fucking back into the tender arms of her abusive parents over and over and over and over and over again.

      Motherfucker even got 30 years for getting the babysitters pregnant, and got off in 2 years prison for 'good behavior.'

      Anyone in the LEO field or dealing with survivors know that there is no rehabilitation of a kiddie diddler, a real child abuser (not some 18yoa dude banging his 16yoa girlfriend while both are still in high school. Now, an 18yoa HS student scamming the local junior high or middle school girls? Yeah, tow him behind a truck.)

      Six months means that they couldn't get the victim to testify, and that the School Board cut a deal with the kid's parents under the table to 'make it all go away.'

      Fuckers. Fuckers all.

    2. Nah the education system produces an order of magnitude more child molesters than the big C church but no one tells english teacher jokes and there was never a 60 minutes episode about the dangers of leaving your kid alone with a teacher.

      Gov protects itself. The 'off' gym teacher who disappears and shows up at another school after a year or two with no warning to the parents or kids but who has been collecting a check and pension the whole time. The popular teacher who everyone knows will give grades or gas money. That was back in the day before social media and cameras everywhere. It hasn't gotten better since but the system has gotten better at protecting itself from scandal.

      BC my heart goes out to ya Sir. The timing of the revelation is suspect a bit no? Or did the puzzle click together when you looked at it different.

    3. Yup. Teachers and pre-schools have always been more dangerous than Catholic priests. But the Teachers' Unions wield big power and so are untouchable.

      Makes me sick every time I read about a teacher who gets arrested and then charges are dropped by the powers and the teacher moves on to yet another school.

  2. Jesus H CHRIST, dude, I just...I can't even. Speaking as the doting father of a soon-to-be 12 year old daughter myself, anything you need from me--ANYTHING--you just don't hesitate, aiight? I made the drive from NC to your personal AO a blue million times back in the band days, it ain't that far. 'Nuff said.

  3. Snave whatever fucktard. You're next stupid.

    1. snave is right. this looks like they knew the kid/parents story was hinky but had to look like they were doing something, and he plead out to make it all go away. if they had anything on him he'd be rotting in the prison cemetery already. or more likely he'd be gator shit in the glades. think about how corrupt the system is and apply it here.

  4. Got one of these that moved in not long ago across the street from me, married a rich j3w lady and is living the good life after his hard time in jail. Believe me my kids never go out alone. Good luck!


    Best Wishes,

  6. I was a pseudo-stepdad for a kid my wife was tutoring and having to deal with shit like this just pissed me off. And her mother didn't buy her the appropriate clothes so I got the wonderful task of buying underwear for a 13yoa. Do you know how hard it is to find non-sexed up kid's underwear? The world's a fucked up place.

    So... for the sake of the Grandbebe, please hold off on anything kinetic or exothermic...

    But if you do, one of my 'studies' was medieval torture and punishment methods. Those sick medieval Euros had some really unusual and quite painful and potentially survivable, for certain levels of 'survivable,' methods of doing things back in the day.

    Stay... controlled. Your local Sheriff's Office should have a search feature on their website that shows all the predators/creepers in your AOA. That also goes for everyone out there reading this stuff. Check your sheriff's office, or your PD's website. Know what the fuck is in your AOA. And if you know of a diddler/perv/predator that's not on the list, the local Sheriff or PD or the State Cops (in Florida, that's the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) would love to find someone who's supposed to be registered and isn't.

    It's one of the few places that even scumbag cops like the old Broward County SO under Scott Israel got right.

    The State's Attorneys or District Attorneys don't like dealing with kiddy diddlers. The cops do, love finding them not registered or not where they are supposed to be and will dog the living dogshit out of these scumbags.

    Stay frosty. Hope Spawn#2 gets some much needed skull-sweating sessions. If she's seeing someone, and you know who her therapist is, drop the information in the therapist's lap. That's what they're there for. Hope your kid pulls her head out and gets better, or at least doesn't get worse.

    Sorry for the rocky ride you and yours are now on. It isn't fun. Been the strong silent type for too many broken people in my life. But that's life. Fucked up. Grab what pleasure and sanity you can.

    I'll be keeping you and yours in my thoughts.

  7. pedos have a very limited future in tfA-t's NWO

    check your areas sex offenders registry

    make your lists- and verify what black-robed loser presided over and what liar attorney(but i repeat myself) represented him...

    porch sweeping time nears...

    justice WILL be served, hot or cold - doesn't matter...

    300 million + never seemed closer :)

    1. I knew someone put on a sex offender list for admitting he slept with a 17 year old when he was 18. Screaming Karen mother was involved.Is that the same as a legitimate predator?

    2. No, no it's not. That it judicial punishment for nothing. Now an 18yo predating upon a 15yo?

      And that's the word. Is the dude or gal predating upon someone younger than them or more vulnerable than them? Then punish.

    3. Look up Minnesota Sex Offender Program for the type. One raped a 6 month old to death.

  8. Stay strong. Things that need to happen happen.

  9. A bit of advice from someone who had to make "plans" many years ago. These people usually off themselves one way or another eventually. Do some research and work out what will push them over the edge as quickly as possible. Then if you have to, make that happen. The indirect method is always the best. But make sure you have a watertight defense. Before you give them the big shove. Always best when its the evil fucker pulling the trigger on themselves. The cleanest way of having these people put down. By their own hands. Every other way leave a big mess afterwards.

  10. Sheee-it... well, Lord knows a lot of guys have "a list": maybe not a formal one, maybe not written down, maybe not recited to oneself each night before bed like Arya fucking Stark... but a list they have. Was talkin' with someone up here at work about the local dangerous animal population and the general political situation; consensus is with this shit-show and the morons in charge doing what they're doing, sooner or later, probably sooner, that Levee's gon' break.

    In that chaos and confusion, I suspect a lot of these guys will up and disappear. I mean, gators gotta eat too, right? And who knows who'll be responsible? After all, a lot of folks know about 'em. Might be victims or their families taking revenge, might be some rando... Hell, might be the damn cops who were disgusted by how easy he got off. Lord knows if I had to put away the same smirking scumbags day in, day out, only to watch 'em do it again, I might take a page from Brazil.

    Stock market's tanking, I hear, but if current trends continue, Walt Kowalski Sandbags will be up 500% before long.

  11. There is no greater sign that this country is lost than people like these wandering the streets when by rights they should have been tried and shot in the back of the head in an afternoon. The idea that our legal protections were put in place to shelter fukin animals like this is ludicrous.

    On the other hand, without knowing the situation, there is plenty of degeneracy on the web that girls that age tend to visit that push them first into homosexuality and then often into weird gender dysphoria, often with a small hat somewhere behind the scenes pulling the strings. When every influence on popular media is pushing this crap, it is no wonder that a huge percentage of girls end up being completely messed up.

  12. As children, wifey and her two brothers were victims to scumbags like this. When she read this, she said," I don't blame him." OG

  13. Make sure you and your phone and credit cards are in action at a chosen location at a specific time if possible.

  14. There are trans people on youtube talking regrets and explaining that it isn't a sex change it's only plastic surgery. 51% of them suicide. Maybe it would be helpful for anyone considering to be exposed to some of that.

  15. 3-4 times a year I use the State convicted perv website and look for the creeps near me and make sure that they are compliant