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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mothers Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Talked to MomUnit this A.M. with the obligatory HMD Phone call.  
Yep... many a time MomUnit asks...

She's still got the whole "Staying locked down" shytte going on, as she pretty much -only- watches CNN and St Fauci.  Tell ya, if something -untoward- were to happen to her, and I can't see her because of this bullshit, someone will purely fucking die.
She won't even let me have flowers delivered because of this shitshow.

Whatever happened to "15 Days to Flatten the Curve?"

Ahhhh yes.  Our OverLords got a taste of being 'fully in command' and they sure as fuck ain't going to relinquish that self-appointed power... not willingly is my bet.  No matter... the pressure cooker is burbling along quite nicely.  Plano Texas was a prime example of that the other day with BLM doing their usual.  Blocking traffic with the cops not doing a thing.  In fact one of the protestors drew down his handgun on a rather sizeable man who was highly pissed off with the whole shitshow...
Pictures courtesy of Miguel at GunFreeZone:
Dude sorta looks like a gone-to-seed Goldberg from WWF back in the day...
But yeah, the cops hassled the Big Guy as opposed to busting the guy who as far as I can tell, by pulling that weapon, that's felony assault with a deadly weapon, nevermind all the other shit going on...

But as of now?  No arrests
Of Course
Because the Powers That Be for some reason want to keep this shit up.
Which, historically is a bad idea
'Cos I can tell you this... Matt Bracken wrote about how to deal with shit like this, and I'm sure shortly, it'll come into play... 

Word'll get out about this sort of shit happening.
Either by police scanner or whatever
Couple of like-minded individuals will go via pickup and find an overwatch A.O.
Drop the tailgate and start picking off assholes at 500 to 1000 meters
Suppressed weapons will keep it nice and quiet.
Co-operating individuals on the other side of town could light off fireworks to keep any shot-scanners from proper triangulation.  But even IF they were to be picked up, 3 shots each, 3 heads each, and out. 

Quick, clean getaway. 

Couple of sniper attacks like that, and this 'playing in the streets' shit will dry up and blow away like dust in the wind... As I've always maintained, it's all fun and games until you find yourself rinsing Bobby's brains out of your hair... or in this case De'ontye or Shaniquilla.  Either way, go for the head.
Make them into -good- BLM members.

So, yep.  Apparently the Big Guy in the pix has now been fully doxxed also... BTW... No word yet on if he lost his job yet... but I do gar-ron-damned-tee that if it were I?  Oh yeah.  That's time to go game on.  And these petulant children just don't understand that

Because the Powers That Be have not spanked their asses, when the Normies decide to start ventilating craniums, they're going to be in a state of shock methinks.  "Why are we being targeted by Right Wing Death Squads?" said every moronic communist/leftist when they start getting turned into mobile organ-donations-waiting-to-happen.

Gee, I have no idea why the man whos life you upended and destroyed has decided to kill every. single. member. of your extended family and slowly peel the skin from every inch of you before he finally kills you... not nary a clue.  

Best Be Ready
'Cos sooner rather than later Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. it's just BorisMay 9, 2021 at 7:22 PM

    That cartoon at the end ... That says it all.

  2. I was talking to my boss yesterday. Her mom is 75 and got the jab shortly after getting covid. She's doin OK but is hesitant to take in guests and insists folks wear a mask around her. Rarely leaves the house but me boss is workin on her to get out more. As for these fucked up cities, one must take care to avoid areas where these feral niggers are stationed. I hear there are phone apps that can steer you away from ferals. Biden's handlers are pushing this country into a war with China and/or Russia. When/if nukes rain down on major cities, Bidet will be the patsy that "made the call" and that will be the match that lights the ole powder keg/vaporized gasoline that is his agencies and followers against us dirt people. That's how you'll know it's go time, when you hear/see in the "news" that we've been "attacked" by either Russia, Iran or especially, Peoples Republic of China. Our oligarchy has planned this many years ago because they sold our Mfg. off to China in their attempt at communism here. Methinks they're taking a huge gamble on this. We must prevail. We MUST. Oh, by the way, between downpours here in the great state of Ohio, I took the time to sight in a new scope on my Russian Vepr in 7.62x54r "sorting rifle". First shot at 300yds was a foot low and on center. 16 clicks up and on target, in 2:) Happy Mother's Day! That is all! Ohio Guy

  3. It's a stone cold guarantee that this is ALL being facilitated by the commies in power....and it's equally certain that the coproaches our taxes pay for are being told to protect the lefts current crop of brown shirts. Anyone who effectively opposes these mobs will be crucified by the system. The ONLY viable method for resistance is going to be at the individual most two or three people who KNOW they can trust each other. And once the mobsters start being dropped onto the pavement they will start shooting back. And they will NOT be particularly discriminatory in their targets.

  4. Btw BC, that's a fine care package you got there. The Warrior Spirit smiles upon you! Death to the war pigs crawling. Ohio Guy

  5. Alberta used to be the freedom center of Canada, now we've used swat teams to take out two preachers who called out the government for the covid crap and they arrested a guy for selling burgers in his gas station. I've been to that place, its the middle of no where and the cops came from a long ways to take him down. We are officially a communist police state.

    I promised I'd ask around a budy who travels in BC a lot about that report of chinese in Vancouver airport. He says he didn't see any there but he has seen them in Kitimat BC. He said it was the weirdest thing, he couldn't figure out why anyone would wear blue/white and grey digital camo in that area.



  7. Dr FRAUDci

  8. Those fucking white tools marching with BLM should watch a couple of seasons of " The First 48". Damn near every episode is a 20 something Dindu wasting another for some bullshit reason. When their lives start mattering to each other, they could then make another useless attempt to get me to care.

  9. 1) Stop teasing us. Just do it.

    2) 8:3 odds that they start taking out the cops in the first volley, just to keep things interesting.
    Po-po gonna get about a New York Minute to get their heads right on which side they're on, and after that, they'll either be allies, or enemies, and no way back.

    3) Followed, in about 2 seconds, by a sudden shortage of po-po. It's one thing to play hardass when a bad guy shoots at you.
    It's another thing entirely when everyone shots at you, 24/7/365, including when you're taking a leak or mowing the lawn on your day off.

    Interesting Times a-coming.