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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Go Woke, Go Broke Army, You MORONS!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Aight... first things... seems yesterdays 'attack' of the Goolag at the blogspot websites was not 'all over' as many have said.  I have and do read a very large number of hardcore left-oriented blogspot sites, as part of my intel-gathering OODA loop preps.  Not a one of them got tagged with the dread "dangerous" tag.  Seems the majority of the sites were, shall we say, leaning far right?  No matter.  Sector 8 and all of us who have backups are still in the game, so make sure you bookmark it.  The only reason I haven't fully transitioned is I'm still trying to learn Wordpress and the formatting dammit.  Personally, I think it was a test... a probe... see how people reacted.

So, todays subject is the abysmal new DotMil ad series that they're doing. Big Army has come out with a new webseries of ads called "The Calling" and, by it's own description showcases 5 soldiers and their 'calling to the uniform' and how they got there.  The first ad?
And no, that ain't embedded.  
The Army can FOADIAF
This woke shit is out of control.

In fact, the commercial itself, according to all reports has bombed spectacularly.  This particular one features Army Corporal Emma Malonelord... a college graduate from the University of California no less...  who is only an Corporal????  IF she graduated, she should be -at least- a 2nd LT.  Not a corporal.  Hard E-4?  She -might- have gotten SP-4 with some college credits... which means one of two things... she didn't graduate from U of C, OR her degree in advance moron-basketweaving didn't do a fucking thing for her.  And if she didn't graduate, why did she leave college? Because I'm sure Momma and Momma would have been progressively-pissed.

Oh yeah... the only whypeepo in the ad?  Dis' fuckin' chick, who was "born by baster" apparently by two lezbos.  One of whom even in the animation looks like one of "Cow and Chicken"s" Buffalo Gals.
Dykes on Bikes INDEED.
The other people in the other 4 videos?
All ethnics.  3 blacks, and an Asian raised in Hawaii.

Army Ethnicity as of 2018?
And out of that almost 70% of Whyte males are from ostensibly 'foundational' 'Murican folks, i.e. Christian Southrons.  
Great way to alienate your prime fucking base Aye?
I can bet the only reason Big Army is going to keep the recruiting numbers up is because we're headed into an economic dark age, and the Army is a guaranteed "Three Hots and a Cot" when the chips are down.   

I swear...
The Army has zero common fucking sense marketing wise.  The last one they did that shit the bed, and chose as 'the hill to die on' was "The Army of One" ad.  Remember that debacle?  That was the one with the ad showing a convoy of armed up troops headed toward what one would assume was the front line, and there was this one fucking Joe, with no weapon, running the opposite direction.

"The battle is this way!"
"Fuck that <ditches gear> RETREAT!"

Uh, yeah.  About that.

The Army yanked that one really fucking quick.  Especially in light that the troop they used to film that fuckup turned out to be a fuckup who got thrown out for drug charges later.  I'm having trouble finding links but at the time I was so disgusted I did the research and found all that out... man, it was awful.

So, now?  The only reason I can think this particular ad is being run is to A) show how 'woke' the Army is and B) encourage the minorities to join.  According to a quote from the CSM of Marketing for the Army: "'The Calling' showcases how five Soldiers answered their call to selfless service," said Command Sgt. Maj. Charles K. Masters II, sergeant major of Army Enterprise Marketing. "Soldiers across the Army stepped up to share their personal stories with America to breakdown the stereotypes associated with those who serve. Their inspiring stories highlight the diversity in the Army as we continue to be a Team made up of great people. One common thread you will see throughout this campaign is our Soldiers all believe in something bigger than themselves and strive to make a difference in the world."

So, according to that statement and the people in the ad, straight, Christian White Males shouldn't bother apparently.  Not that at this point I'd be encouraging anyone to join.  It's become a shit show of epic proportions.  I'll be curious to see how bad the numbers are and if they skew after.  If so, I'd say ole CSM Masters #2 (how appropo!) is gonna be 'retiring' shortly after the failure.

I in fact went over and dropped some comments on the fecesbook Go Army page, essentially: "So, according to these ads, and the 'supposed diversity' of people in the ad, Straight, Christian White Males shouldn't bother joining the Army apparently. Seems y'all forgot that in 2018, White Males made up 69.98% of your recruits on active duty. Great job. Typical Army Go Woke, Go Broke."

I'll be curious to see if they let that particular comment stay on or not.
YouTube already disabled any and all comments on the vidyas.  Seems they were getting roasted as well they should be.  What the hell man...  Guess this IS turning into The Turner Diaries in real life. 
Seems a New Maff needs to be done:

"Idiocracy + The Turner Diaries = Rwanda X Yugoslavia"


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  1. Meet the new Rakassan...Same as the old Rakassan? Ohio Guy:)

  2. no, the new rule is: go f yourself and die, or i'll do it for you. you're right, turner diaries becoming real. the day of the rope cometh.

  3. FYI

  4. and C) Demoralising white men. You cant measure the demoralization's effectiveness. The weaker the man, the stronger the demoralisation effect. So I guess I should say weak white men.

    This has the opposite effect on me. I know that when will no problem sending to kill me. Knowing that .mil gear is run by serviced niggers and butches does not send a chill up my spine. I cant speak for anyone else. But when this thing breaks, that Vlad meme a few days ago is gonna be for real.

    Mr. Gorilla, Sir, Do you have any advice regarding thermal mitigation in a light urban / subdivision setting? Much obliged.

    /Grandpa Idaho

  5. @RiverRider....

    Amen Brother. But I like pikes over rope.

  6. "..."So, according to these ads, and the 'supposed diversity' of people in the ad, Straight, Christian White Males shouldn't bother joining the Army apparently...."

    Ah, BCE, you've missed the point - that IS the point of these ads, reflecting the new direction the mil apparently intends to go. Wypeepo no longer need apply.

    All this copium over the decades about how the .mil would be on 'our side' has always made me chuckle. At previous status quo, best outcome is they would stand down and do nothing if things get spicy.
    Well, now that they're getting a makeover, how much does anyone thinking those sort of old hypotheses want to bet about which side they'll end up actively on?
    Isn't it kinda funny how fast this has been implemented? Since they dumped 30K or so troops on DC for the non-insurrection and that Cohen fella was all like "gee they sure do seem rather overwhelmingly white and non-woke, oh noes..." And within what, a month? they had the 'standown to root out extremism" and here we are not a few months after that...
    It's almost like everything is going according to plan or something...
    And as always the folks on the right are behind the curve. What was that movie quote about "not mentally equipped to fight this war"? Conservatives/GOPers(especially) and most of the rest of the "right" right there in a nutshell...

    1. "...behind the curve..."

      I see that as 'playing their rules on their field with their ball'.

      Similar to saying:
      * 'blue state vs red state' instead of 'whack-jobs vs normal folk' and
      * 'gay/lesbian' instead of 'homosexuals' and
      * 'Black©' instead of 'Negroid'.
      Using their words in their discussions bestows on them a legitimacy they never earned.

      They own 'the curve' by propagandizing their playing-field.
      They own the verbiage simply by whining the loudest.
      Either ahead or behind, they own that discussion.

      An alternative?

      If I was me -- which I assure you I most assuredly am not -- I would act as if they don't exist.
      Some say that would be prep for the time they won't exist.

      Good grief.
      What next... FlyingPyramids©?

      Some say all this chatting is merely delaying the inevitable.
      * Negroids tend toward crimes of opportunity because the development of complex thought isn't needed in their slums.
      * Persons of the jewish religion tend toward endless discussions as a way to prove they are 'negotiating in good faith'... while enslaving our children and stealing our heritage under the table.

      Some folks anticipate a time of kitting-up, going to honest battle with an honorable foe such as the Japanese people or German people during World War The Second.
      Based upon their acts over hundreds of generations, how honest are our opponents?

      Their words are empty promises.
      Their acts prove their goal is annihilation of anybody with a heritage of Northern Europeans.
      Destroy everything we are.
      Erase our DNA as if we never existed.
      We remember Vlad 3 ('the Impaler') of Romania for his 'cruelty' in destroying the mohammadan invaders, heads on stakes by the thousands.
      His acts annihilated the mohammadan will to fight.

      Who will sing of our legends -- our children in praise or our opponents in derision?