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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Gift for Spawn

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A nice, loooong weekend ahead.  Tomorrow Sapper, Me and Ranger Jay are range bound to get some much-needed trigger time in.  Tonight poast is late as I spent the day recovering from a long, late night.  Seems the neighbors had a house party that ended at about 0230.  The kid apparently graduated from -somewhere- (high school?  no idea... the timing is about right) but anyways, the party was, for the most part quiet.  Didn't have any complaints til the end.  0230, well... the "diversity" kicked in full speed ahead.

Meaning that the now-formerly identified-as-black neighbor kids, (or at least their friends) went full on chimpout in the road, on the sidewalk, in the yard... all over.  LOUD chimpout.  It started as laughing and being drunk-loud as they were apparently getting ready to leave.  Then -something- went sideways, and it went to 100mph Lots of yelling, swearing, screams, "Nigger" this, "Nigger" that... at extreme volume.

Enough so that I locked and loaded the shottie, and sat on the lanai, observing silently as they went at it.
Bit o'fisticuffs, but no po-po, not that these days the fuzz are going to do anything against ye olde blacke brothas.  No real idea why it went that way, but it -was- funny to watch the shit develop.  

It all ended around 03/03:15... everyone piled into their respective cars and left, then I went to bed.

Then today, well, Spawn's birftday is coming up.  He on occasion likes a good cigar.  I already gave him my humidor that I used to use, that Wifey gave me when I quit, and I wanted to do a special thing for him.  I do artsy stuff on the rare moment, and usually DotMil oriented.  This case is no different.  A few months back I got some material to do this... first thing was a die cut stencil for an ammunition can:
You can sort of make it out...
I found a used empty Black Market Cigar box...   it looks like an old shipping crate.  
I had some thin sheets of cedar laying around, so I measured and lined the inside, and painted the whole thing OD Green, and then added the stencil...
I'm actually extremely pleased with how it came out
The stencil as you can see is for an H&K-23 GPMG in 5.56mm
Only thing I'm waiting on now is the humidity gauge (lil brass one from the 'Zon for $5) and the humidifier bar (also $5 from 'Zon) and it's good to go.  I 'sealed' it in a total of 4 coats of flat clear coat after I got the stencil on, to keep it from getting damaged.  I also re-painted the lock and hinges flat black for the finishing touches.

Spawn should really like it... it's a bit small for full size stogies, as it's for robusto length cigars, which is about 5.5 inches...  If he doesn't use it for cigars, it's still a cool crate to store shit in.

And it's really good to stash your weed in

Jes' Sayin'

I have another pile of 'stuff' to make another one... extra box, stencil and plenty of cedar...  Might make another and sell it... I can always use the $$$.   Opinions anyone?  But for now?   Back to the Jeopardy... Saturdays are cool as Alex is on, and he beats ALL the others who've been hosting.  So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Ah, the infamous chimpout. Here in N Cent. rural Texas we're fortunate enough to still have a PD.

  2. Anything handmade and made well will have a market. Any extra income stream means that they don't have as tight a leash on you.

  3. Nice job on the cigar box.....

  4. That’s pretty sweet. Nice job! Only downside is wood humi’s don’t hold humidity well and you’re forever chasing it, even after a good solid seasoning. Check your email.....

  5. gaybors? what are those?

    i can walk out to the road and look both ways- NO gaybors

    just woods, turkeys, and bears...

  6. Love the box. Check your email, please!

  7. Speaking of chimp outs, a city I use to live in had 11 (known) shootings over one weekend a few weeks back. And it won't get better anytime soon.

    The fucking SJWs who voted for that lunacy deserve every pile of shit that's about to explode in their stupid masked fucking faces.