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Saturday, May 22, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, reading 'round me daily-daily, Mike at Cold Fury touches on the whole folderol about the splits in the DotMil, the Russian Ad versus "Cpl Fluffybutt" as he calls her (good 'un dude) and her Lezbomomz and the whole trainwreck that's on the horizon vis-a-vis the ability to protect/project the 'Murican Military might-have-been-but-now-is-not.

His piece:

And he's right.
But, as stated in so many other places the US DotMil, overall has fallen from being a "lean mean fightin' machine" to SJW worshiping 'muh diversity' and "strong, diverse, female oriented characters"  A.K.A. Mary Sues galore!, the fact remains is that a lot of folks, 'specially the civilians, don't understand the DotMil.

I know of what I speak, so pull up a beer or three, as that's a good morning beverage.

See, the DotMil has always been a social safety net of sorts.  Always has been.  Always will be.  '3 Hots and a Cot, and all the boolits you can shewt' so to speak.  A personal example.  Xwife's fam, although the majority of them hated my ass purely, the one guy in the fam who apparently loved me, and thought highly of me was Papa.  I get teary thinking about him still 'cos he was the only one, outside of Grammie (his wife of 75 years...  how's that for a record?) who treated me with respect.  Reason?  He was a fellow Combat Infantryman.
May that badge never be tarnished on a split-tails chest, Amen.
Rakkasan INDEED

Now, I never earned the CIB, that's the Combat Infantry Badge.  I -was- Infantry, and I was in Gulf One, but never got shot at, ergo, no combat. 

I had the 'her' version of the Badge, the EIB, Expert Infantry Badge, that I earned by taking all the tests of basic Infantry skills... the 'her' version doesn't have the wreath around it.  I wear it to this day on my hat with my wings:
It's Hat #2 of the same... FedBro got me my original, a "Black Knights" hat when he was in College, and wearing hats like that was a mandatory at Parties.  THAT one got snatched by some lil bitch... it was all grody and worn in like the one above... and yeah, the one above?  Those 'chew marks' are shrapnel holes from when Mi Casa took the Mortar round in 05?, or was it 04?  September 14th for sure, but there's still itty-bitty pieces embedded that didn't fully penetrate in the brim, hence some of the rust stains.  That and it's perma-stained Iraq dust brown...  (it was white as hell when new)  I refuse to bleach it.  The ranger-roll is also permanent... I always thought a ball cap should look clean lined, rather than ghetto-hoodrat... DotMil Whypeepo should always ranger roll ye olde cover.  I also occasionally touch up the lettering with a sharpie... it's going on 24 years I've had it... wow.... anywho...

I -did- get an 'honorable award' of the CIB from 2-8 CAV in Iraq in 2004 for some 'stuff' I did, freelance as a Contractor.  Meaning during my 'off time' I used to saddle up with 3rd Herd as an 'advisor' and went rogue.  I'd get off work, and the 3rd were my boys that I lived with, played with, got plastered with, and chased the occasional split-tail with...  We were brothers, and their LT was cool with the "SF Advisor" that rode along for some of the door kicking interdiction missions they did.  I dressed the part, Carried an MP-5, a low slung 1911, manly operator beard... no-one ever actually questioned if I was there legit, and I saw a lot of shit LOL.

So, back to the other story, how I love to digress and meander.  

Papa joined the Yankee Division back in 1935?  Depression era enlistment.  Meant he got guaranteed at least a solid weekend of honest pay, edible food, and if there was extra duty he took it like a motherfucker.  He lied about his age, he was 15 at the time, but he was insanely strong because before that he was a stonecutter in a quarry.  Made the medical cut, and looked old for his age... hell -everyone- did back then... it was a tough life.  He was Circus Freak strong, but really really short... always was.  I towered over him.  Tough little Dago, worked hard. ALL the 'boys' in the neighborhood were in the Guard.  Went active in 41.  21 years old.  Hit North Africa, Kasserine.  Lived.  Made squad leader.  Did D-Day plus 2, said the Normandy Beach 2 days after was a fucking nightmare charnel house...  bulldozers pushing piles and heaps of corpses... THAT gave him nightmares for years.  I can't even.

Made it to Hedgerow country, doing what would have been Mech Infantry, riding on an M-4 when his luck sort of ran out.  The tank caught an 88 while he was on top, and his squad, the tank, the crew, everyone bought it but him.  They -thought he was dead, hell, he told me he thought he was dead.  Two inches from the top of his nose, where the eyebrows just top out, the entirety of his skull was blown off.  Brains showing sorta-kinda.  Medics left him and the rest of the blowed the fuck up dudes for dead.  At the time, he just laid there, staring into the sky, told me he was thinking the whole time but couldn't move, and said that he was all "So... this's death.  Man this purely sucks."  His quote... no shit.

Two days later graves reg showed, and when they loaded him into a body bag he started moaning.  After having a "Holy Shit!!!" moment, they got medics and saved him.  No one else made it.  They evacc'd him to England, where they put a steel plate in.  You could see it as it was sort of sunk in a bit around the top of his now perma-bald spot.  

Long story... cool, but to make it longer, no bullshit:  He was slated to go home.  BUT

As an Italian, and "Men of Respect" the boys who were in the squad made one of them pacts that if one of them bought it, the others would get 10 'Jerries' for the guy... By Papa's reckoning, he owed the boys about 60 krauts.  Papa literally snuck back to the Area of Operations, and ended up at Bastogne with the 101st.  I think he was part of the 106th Infantry Regiments that got surrounded and cut off at one point.  He was captured, and they managed to escape at one point.  He had the POW medal as part of his stuff and paperwork that I went through when I gave him his most significant Christmas gift I ever gave anyone. 

Grammie gave me his old ribbons and medals on the down low, so I got him a new rack.  Mounted it on a plaque, with his ranks (ended up E-5) his CIB and his ribbons, all redone.  He cried when he got it.  Anyways, he went back, finished the war.  Funny thing was, I found him years ago in Discovery Channel... watching "World War 2 in HD Color", there was an old scene of some "Long Tom" artillery firing, and sure as hell, there was Papa, grinning like a fool, firing the cannon.  No question it was him... younger, but him.  Anyways, Nuff about that.  I miss him.

My original point was that every. single. time. the Economy tanks, goes wobbly, or the DotGov and the world in general is a shitpile, the DotMil becomes part of the safety net.  Part of the reason I was stuck in the Reserves was the 'window' for former active duty was closed for a while.  A long 20 months that was Aye...  It closed because the economy was dogshit at the time, and everyone was joining for the 3 hots and cots.  I didn't care about it, because my need wasn't economic, but social.  I fucking found I loathed and hated civilians.  I needed to get back in boots.

Papa and his boys?  ALL of them joined because it was a guaranteed paycheck and meal(s).  Part time for them, but when 'part time' is better than 'no time' you take what you can get.  And the females and diversity hires that are most certainly not flooding the recruiting orifices?  I wouldn't worry.  I have a buddy who I buy MREs from... Recruiter.  He gets 'extras' and I buys 'em.  Win-win.  Last time we talked, he said that the quality of said-females and diversity hire wannabes is so shockingly inept, unable, unqualified, retarded and in general, fucked the fuck up that he's still having issues making quotas.

So, that being said, and the way things are going, I'm not too worried.  I do worry about the gangbangers, and the other morons that DO make it through and into regular duty, but...

Combat is it's own filter so to speak.

My Drill Instructor back in the day was absolutely sure I was a perma-fuckup and 8-Ball, to the point that they really tried to wash me out.  I persevered.  And no, this wasn't a 'head fake try-to-get-him-to-quit'. This was a real deal try to bounce me out/can't cut it attempt.  To the point I was a holdover in basic/AIT for two weeks because I couldn't pass the PT Test.  Their own fault... They smoked me so long, so badly because I had shown up a fatboy, that my carcass never got the chance to recover properly.  Two weeks at the hold company, rested and fed got me so I smoked the final test.  That embarrassed the DIs who I -tried- to tell them I needed a break.  Fuck those guys. 

So, yeah, just another aside, I ran into one of my old DIs in Iraq.  Fucker barely remembered me but was more-than-willing to take credit for my being me.  Fuck that guy too.

Instead, I'm apparently one of those weirdos who's good at what I do/did.  Probably still am.  Fatter, slower, but hey

The pozzing of the higher ranks?  Not too worried there either.  Up and Out. 
They don't get promoted?  They're out. 
Not enough 'tick boxes', i.e. Ranger, SF, ABN, AASLT, whathaveyou, Out.  
Any. Down-checks. At. ALL?  Out.
Bad OER? Out.
Stalin killed motherfuckers literally.  Today's modern DotMil does it administratively.  Less bloody, but far cleaner and just as functional.  A dead career is a dead career, followed by Contracting 101.  And if they were fucktards in the DotMil?  They never last as contractors.  

Ask me how I know Aye?

Combat and efficient use of combat troops, never mind training competent combat troops is an art form.  Watch Angry Cops on YouTube for examples of how fucked our forces are currently.  

Currently... key word
Because IF and when we need the real deal, trust me, it'll (the real DotMil) will come roaring back to life, and I -highly doubt- we per se as Patriots need to worry.  I'd be far more concerned about the Chinese troops in Canada being, or Chinese UN sponsored troops, hell UN sponsored anything than our own coming here at the invitation of Slo and or the Ho...

Because yes, I do think that they are that incredibly stupid and detached from real life. They really believe that we're part of a Grander Global Future with Kumbaya and hand holding and 'it takes a village' stupidity.  IF Riots go from 'stupid' (last year) to "Incredible Speed/Plaid", I could actually imagine them inviting in foreign troops to "...assist in our National Time of Need because the notional guard can't be trusted, the Active Army is forbidden from doing stateside enforcement, and the police are neutered and ineffective!" 

They'll try to sell it as "Peacekeepers" and use the example of every. single. time. OUR guys and gals went over there to assist with some humanitarian disaster.  Top them, it's win-win.  Foreign troops who'll have no issue potting and shooting Americans... hell some of those depraved foreign fucks would be drooling at the idea... leastways them sub-IQ Apefrican morons would be.  The smart countries would be "Ten foot pole time" and abstaining like a motherfucker.  They know what would happen.
Be of good cheer.
Keep in mind, the DotMil between wars, is for the most part, a social welfare program.
Let the motherfucker burn to. the. ground. and per usual:
Head on a swivel
Be the gray(er) man (if possible)
B.L.O.A.T. (it's finally coming back)
And Meatspace Baby.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

BTW, That And This:


  1. Justine Trudeau is allowing ChiComs to train their ChiCom military pilots in Canada. Using ChiCom planes.

    That's a fucked up mess of discount-store Ramen right there, isn't it?

    My nephew is one of those permanent NatGuard troops. He doesn't say much about the politics, but he's very.... bland about some of the stuff going on. Like... really bland, won't talk at all. And his fellow band of NGs are the same.

    Of course, they were all happy that they were deployed overseas during the post-Capital Not-Riot seizure of power by the Dems and Frau Pelosi. And being FL-NatGuard, they all have DeSantis looking out for them, so at least they're not involved in the DC Shit Show.

    Thanks for your analysis of the current military situation. Kind of reminds me, officer-wise, of the state of our military pre WWII and pre Korean War, where both times the real officers had to hide so they didn't get drummed out for some dumbass reason. Stalin just up and executed his officers. We always seem to kill them using bureaucracy and administative shit.

    1. Justin Turdeau is allowing the chicoms build a new deep water port.


  2. "Because IF and when we need the real deal, trust me, it'll (the real DotMil) will come roaring back to life, and I -highly doubt- we per se as Patriots need to worry."

    I still hold out hope that this is true, but everyone else knows this, including our near peer adversaries. No one is going to allow us to build forces for 7 months like Iraq did in 1990-1991, any future war is going to be won or lost with what is on hand now, and will be won or lost in weeks, if not days. The woke forces we have on hand now will lose that kind of war.

    Personally, if I get a Department of the Navy recall letter, it is getting trashed.

  3. "Personally, if I get a Department of the Navy recall letter, it is getting trashed"

    Same here. Back in the day I would have died for this country. Not now.

  4. "Because IF and when we need the real deal, trust me, it'll (the real DotMil) will come roaring back to life, and I -highly doubt- we per se as Patriots need to worry."

    Hope you are correct, I think it will be a slow ramp up as it will take some mean SOB's (Officer and Enlisted) for the troops/Marines and squids to rally around. Additionally, it will require some people in civilian Leadership to have a brass set of balls and a desire to win at any cost. If I'm wrong I'll eat crow.

    Sat night house party...7-11 pm
    Be there !

  6. Grody. Thought that was MY generation, BC. Doc here.

  7. The blue helmets make nice targets, those idiots seem to spend most of their time spreading cholera to the people they are "protecting" when they aren't raping the locals.

    1. Blue helmets mean hide your daughters, goats and anythibg of value. UN peace forces seem to be mostly made up of people from 3rd world shit holes, who see UN duty as a way to get some for themselves.


  8. Hi Bubba!!!!!!!!!,
    Love it, Man!!! Would love ta' meet ya' at "The Bar" and quaff a brew or two till we got tired of Beer and started sippin' whiskey!!! Your Tale Rings True!! My Dad and many uncles were in the "Big One" ... Dad was "Merchant Marine" .. 'Got torpedoed off the Fla. coast in '42,coming up anniv. on 23July!!...BTW he lived as had he not, me and my little sis wouldn't be here!! Me, born 03June1945... Myself, dotNAV.. '66-'70... PR-2.. USS PRINCETON LPH-5 'NAM '68 .... APOLLO X "Pick up" off Pago Pago May of '69...
    'Been few years an' cases of beer since then... 'Some school after I got out then got into "Aerospace" ... More tales!!
    The Beer and Whiskey waits.....,
    Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat.
    PS... note the "PR-2" I was a "Parachute Rigger!!" .... I have made a few "leap's".. my PR School jump was #290!! on 18 MAY 1967 "54 Years ago!!!".... current tally is 3853!!!

  9. I earned my EIB in February of 1977 at Fort Carson Colorado Weapons Platoon A company 1ST Battalion 12th Infantry Regiment 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized). I have got to find mine and start wearing it.

  10. idk, bc. the new 2lt rotc class looked like a bunch of pudgy ragbags and i know many of them were a walking soup sandwich. maybe 10% were worthy 2nd looey material. and not being diverse nor lefty, those guys will get shuffled to the rear and out the back asa the oer's can get pencil whipped. that said, i still know some good guys, lifers, just laying low waiting for the pendulum swing. i wish them luck, cause i'm glad as shit i'm retired, for now. i will come out of retirement for the blue helmet hunt tho, i owe them bastards for bosnia, a couple other places too.

    1. Yup, the blue helmet brigade taking pot shots at us and we couldn't return fire... fuckers.


    seriously. if you are not experiencing a full body rush and an uncontrollable grin every time you think of, or glance at the situation here in Murka! 2021 you are absolutely NOT ready for whats coming- you may want to werq on that most riki tik

    tfA-t is besides himself and giggles like a child as he witness's in realtime the deliberate catastrophic failure of the once Mightiest Nation in History- JUST AMAZING. truly the greatest show on earth...


    tfA-t! tfA-t! tfA-t!

  12. My ex brother in-laws Dad was in the Batam death march. He never was right after that according to his wife. By the time I met him he was pouring beer on his cornflakes. He told me a few stories, but not many. He knew I admired for it so he spilled a few. That generation had some serious balls.

  13. this certainly goes along with DotMil
    the Fusa has been attacked, is still under attack, and most will die not knowing what happened...

  14. Yep. Without the tax revenue when this shit show takes off they will thin the herd and lower the quotas because they have blown the budget with their pork laden grifting kickback budget line items. Not sure if the right ones will be removed as their plan as of now seems to not want the right type in.

    Hope you are right when it comes roaring back but that only means worse things going on in the global environment. Thanks for all your posts. Never served but was always a fan. Dad lost his favorite brother medic 45th infantry in WWII and never talked about it nor pushed or suggested joining. Patton claimed they were some of the toughest fightin sons a bitches in the war. Dad did encourage me to make contact with a Pawnee indian who was in his brothers unit saw him executed by SS, which I did and maintained till he died. He came to my house and told some stories of the type that never made it into hollywood films. Don't know how any of them fought with those mounted big brass clangers. Skipper, I had an econ professor in college who was in the march also. On some anniversary or maybe memorial day he told the story. Not in complete detail I am sure but enough to know it was bad. He was a tall man gave his weight at the beginning and the end of the march. I envisioned him looking like a cambodian kid from those old commercials. Thankful for the history.