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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Demographics Don't Lie

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well now... so I do some work in the healthcare industry.  The what and why isn't important.  That being said though, the observations I have tell me that better to die balls deep in brass, surrounded by my enemies, than to cash in in a care home or even at home without family.
DeadDad cashed surrounded by FedBro, his wife-of-the-time and MomUnit.  Home hospice.  Not cool but cool if you know what I mean.  Comfortable passing in familiar surroundings.  Peaceful.

Me?  No idea what the future holds.  -HOPEFULLY- something similar to DeadDad.  If not, then brass/dead enemies would be my choice.

ESPECIALLY in light of the trends I'm seeing.
Hospice Care?
Home Health Workers?
UNSKILLED Home Health Workers (in particular dis fukkin' group)?

Oh. My. God.

I take calls about medical claims.  Two groups I practically want to hang up on instantly are the voices of the Hindus, and the Haitian/Jamaicans.  And honestly, it's not a racial issue.  It's the ability to understand what the fuck these marble mouthed fuckers are saying.  The worst are the New Delhi call centers.  Something like 60% of -all- providers offices have outsourced to what they probably think is a US based billing office, but in reality?  The fucking workers and callers are all Apu calling from overseas.

"But Big Country, you magnificent bastard of Lore and Legend, how can you be sure?"

Easy my friends.  The fact that there's a significant delay on the phone, and an echo usually gives away the distance factor, as well as background noise, where I can hear the other marble-mouthed Apu motherfuckers babbling in the background, as well as the insanely-hard-to-unnastand accent. 

BUT The Haitians and Jamaicans?  The issue with me is the whole "don't trust/can't trust."
Muh diversity.  
"The Other" 
Dunno about -you- but no fucking thanks
I'd rather do the real deal, find a volcano, and jump into that motherfucker.  Better that than be tortured to death by some HooDoo VoodDoo motherfucker who purely hates whypeepo, but'll take yer monies.
Ahhhh yes...The Good Old Days...
That's from an archive of Heavy Metal Magazines...  I remember that story from when I was a kid, Give me the old-old stuff Aye?
Of course... Just to show what happened to Grandpa tho...

Anyways... The Mad Cohorts of Corporate and Political nature, who BTW will never be in the hands of some 'weird assed' VooDoo woman, is MOR than willing to import these folks to be the caretakers of our elderly and infirm.  Three guesses as to how that's gonna work out.
First two don't count.

Been reading a lot of anecdotes about the Haitians especially.  CNAs no less...that's a Certified Nurse's Assistant.  Your 'umble host -was- one waaay back in the day.  Worked in a nursing home, wiping asses.  6 months.  Ugh.  That was a nasty job that no one really wants to do, but nowadays?  The pay supposedly is pretty good.  BUT: it means your competing against the Haitians, who by all reports I've been seeing are more than happy to go all tribal and sheee-it with machetes in the parking lot over Overtime Hours...

Now that I think about it, frame #3 of the above comic might be more accurate as far as the care delivery systems of the future.

Hate when I'm unintentionally ironic.
But, I'm seeing the future, and it's a 300+ Pound Haitian Female with attitude beating our elderly for fun and games.  If not out-and-out robbing them.  The news stories are endless unfortunately.  Muh Diversity! takes the literal shitty jobs that people don't want.  And gets paid shit for it usually, mainly because the nursing homes, for the most part, are part of Super-Global-Medical-INC and are giant transnational, if not global megacorps who's entire existence is for profit over all other considerations.

Like Big Pharm, Giant Med does not give two flaming fucks for you
Unless it's in the pursuit of draining your $$$ to them and their shareholders

Long gone are the days of the Doc doing housecalls.

Although, some medical systems do have it.  Costa Rica does, and it's a socialist sorta-kinda... they have the DotGov mandatory healthcare, but you only pay based on income, with 7% to 11% on the high end, and the low being nothing.  The private based healthcare, which I used one time, is far more efficient and cheap by a long fucking shot compared to our shit here.  I tripped and really bashed the shit out of my knee badly enough that I thought I'd fractured something.  My knee swole up to soccerball sized.  We called the doc, who was a Nurse Practitioner, and a friend of the family.  He showed, did the once over, gave me some anti-inflammatories, and a needle for the pain (the goooood stuff!) and I think I paid, in total, for a house call $60?

Tell me again how this's the greatest healthcare system in teh woild?
Yeah, intentional misspellings.
More to ponder on.  As well as More Later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter 
Big Country


  1. I have a Masters in both Nursing and Behavioral Sciences and was working on my prereqs for admission to a school in Texas for a Doctorate in Applied Clinical Research in 1999 when I was diagnosed with MS. That cut short my career and my schooling. During this time I was, at once, at the mercy of our health care system and the one I used to be employed with for over twenty years (started as a CNA, House Orderly). I found that the medical community does eat it's own and young... Former docs and fellow nurses didn't give one shit about me. I was just a pocket to be mulcted from, nothing more. I came to realize even back then it is a Medical Tyranny era that we are living in. Big Medicine, Big Pharmacy, Big Medical Durable Goods. Big Money corrupted every single one of them as well as allowing psychopaths to be in charge. The hospital I worked for twenty years went from a simple, austere place of healing to a five star Marriott or Hyatt experience, and it was a Not-for-Profit Hospital, let that sink in. Every year the Doctor's Lounge was remodeled, their parking lot repaved and re-landscaped to make it appealing for docs. Oh, and for the docs? Paid conference excursions for two weeks in Hawaii, or Vail during the season. Yeah, all us peons got was a paycheck, a t-shirt once a year at the XMAS party I never attended and hospital catered food.

  2. FYI: Belgium’s anti-lockdown ‘Rambo’ facing terrorism charges, TRACELESS for 5 days while several countries join manhunt efforts

    From comments: So, let's get this straight. 400 people + all kind of measures to find this guy. In the meantime Belgium and others have been taking back terrorists who went to Syria / Isis. Seems coherent... not.

  3. Everything you said .... yep, yep, and yep. Told my sons, no nursing care for me ... ever. If I get that feeble, put a cyanide tab in my hand and go away or leave my sidearm on the night stand. I used to deliver stuff to many of those 'health care' homes. I know what they're like. The smell and lack of care is beyond imagination. Or they just drug the patient to just this side of life. I'm in my early 60's now and the ole bod esp my back is pretty f'd up from dot-mil and some bad genes. Can hardly walk some days. In pain - always. Ideally, when I know the end is near, I'll borrow as much money as I can (and never pay back a cent), quit paying the mortgage, and tell the IRS to go fuck itself. I'll give away all my possessions and not leave a single asset "they" might want to claim.

  4. Spent some serious time in rehab recuperating from a serious knee injury with complications that took 5 years of my life in the end. Same place had elderly care too. I cannot complain about how I was treated and I never saw any care that would be considered lacking or improper.

    This all said, I would rather die alone in the woods in agony starving and on fire before I lay and fade away in an institution. Better to go on your terms than to be sent someplace where the objective is to give you a place to die in.

    Don't have a lot of problems with dealing with people with unusual and illegible accents here but I don't venture out much any more and I have zero tolerance for difficulty of any kind. I have done the parent duty and dealt with my kids into their 30s and now prefer to be alone. Its peaceful and I don't have to endure anything I don't want to.

    I'm too old to run (can't anyways) and to tired to argue so don't push it.

  5. And on a lighter note, George Floyd has been drug-free for a year now !!

  6. The beginning of the end for the U.K. was creating their massive NHS (National Health Service) right after WW II. The system required huge numbers of low skill workers so they imported all of their various low IQ commonwealth types and filled the country with cheap and dumb labor. Now they are on the verge of losing their little island to the third world but still can't bring themselves to admit it.

  7. I’m confined (even more since chinkypox) with CRPS (what used to be RSD) and have (really) limited contact with anybody, so when I talk to help-lines/complaints/call-centres I generally end up ‘chatting’ (which shocks them almost as much as being polite – apparently assuming the guy/gal on the phone isn’t personally responsible for some mistake is … rare).

    I’ve had pleasant chats with Indians (all over, but mainly Delhi), Dutch living/working in Ireland (a big thing apparently), Finns, and even spent about an hour comparing notes/solving the worlds problems/bitching and moaning with an Egyptian guy (who’d fixed my problem in the first thirty seconds).

    I have no problems with any of them but it still ‘irritates’ that jobs have been shipped elsewhere. Language usually isn’t an issue, ‘culture’ is. Basic assumptions vary massively, and that’s what we’re seeing in healthcare.

    Nursing used to be a vocation (pay and conditions were sh*t, but people did it because they were dedicated). Also (like many other now failing careers) it used to be an ‘apprenticeship’, you gained academic qualifications but you learnt ‘the job’ by doing, from the bottom (pun intended) up and no matter your qualifications you had to start at ‘the coal face’. Promotion was irrelevant, (here there were three grades above student, newly qualified, experienced and Sister – with a singular Matron in overall charge) rare and obtained by being the best (though not necessarily having any ‘people skills). The ‘highest calling’ was always direct patient care, with Registered nurses involved in every aspect. Now it’s a career, money/position is more important than skill, promotion is via certificates and ‘politics’ (sucking up and ‘being just like the boss) and whether someone can do the job or not is irrelevant, and Registered nurses ‘delegate’ all that icky direct care to unqualified assistants.

    Health care assistants, auxiliary's, used to be either young single or middle-aged (children at school or adult) married women. They were ‘priced out’, as well as diversity hiring practices requiring hires they couldn’t put anywhere else so now most are ethnic, usually functionally illiterate and incompetent – but cheap.

    Those diversity hires approach care as their cultures demand. They care for their own, if you aren’t cared for by your own, you’re nothing and without the direct supervision (today's nurses being just too good to do the actual basic care) … anything goes.

    With CRPS I could claim to need a lot of help, but I’d rather struggle on my own. Like Cederq I know just how badly a former ‘colleague’ actually gets treated (no differently than anybody else, we just see what’s really going on). I’ve told a bunch of former colleagues that if I have a traffic accident outside the local hospital entrance that I’d demand the ambulance take me home to die with some dignity – they think I’m joking!

  8. Arthur

    The NHS was a 'good' (socialist) idea (bribe for the slow of thinking/get someone else to pay for my stuff people) in the beginning. It actually worked (if you forget that health-insurance would have done the same, cheaper and better) when people limited themselves to 'basic care'. It failed, almost immediately, when they started demanding more and more costly procedure ... without paying for them (one of the greatest drains is ... women. Women get cheaper auto insurance because they pose less risk, which is only right. Women use >80% of primary care and >75% of all health care provision yet ... pay the same or less than men in tax and NI). The ethnic take-over began in the seventies but ... is limited to cities (my local town, pop 150,000 has eight 'Asian' families and one black - and after the typical PC the mother is 'the mayor' after running unopposed - because to oppose her would have been racis). Most of the country is still almost as it was, the cities are different countries, with British (let alone white) being the minority. Healthcare, being ,Gv ruled is worse than most because (like the DMV there) they 'have' to give priority to anyone not a normal white national so foreigners, ethnics and deviants abound.

    The NHS is a disaster, but mainly because it's .Gov run, the 'take-over' is laughable because (unlike there) even now we have <2% black, <4% mus. If you watch TV or film you'd think they were the majority but (currently) they'd be nothing more than a speed-bump if the country decided to 'deal with' them. Whereas over there?

  9. The core issue is GREED !! Sadly most people in management or political positions only care about themselves and lining their own pockets. They care nothing about screwing over patients, customers or employees as long as it means more money or power for them.

    It's sad and this is the core thing destroying our society right now.

  10. In my area, it's little non-English speaking Indonesian ladies. Which takes, like a team, to move the average American. So unless you have family members, no clean sheets, no bed cleaning, no bedpan cleaning, no room cleaning, no nothing cleaning.

    First thing I do when my lady goes into the hospital is raid the linen closet and wipe the room down with rubbing alcohol, all surfaces I can reach, all surfaces they put food or meds on. Take home a load of their laundry and run it through my washer and dryer, and change her bed once a day. Bedbaths once to twice a day. I'll bring food from outside and most importantly I'll bring her drugs.

    Wait, whut?

    Yeah, her drugs, because the motherfuckingcocksuckingthugs who are nurses can't and won't get her meds right even when I bring the whole damned bag for them to read off the drug, amount, and times per day.

    Especially since the first thing they do is hit her with enough Narcan to wake up half of Lost Angeles, and then refuse to give her the pain meds she needs for her deteriorating spine thanks to cancer and assholes in her life.

    It's gotten bad in the hospitals. Unless you go to some place like the Mayo Clinic, you need to have a 24/7 support staff, just like in most 2nd or 3rd world nations. Family or friends who will watch over the person, do basic health care and provide good healthy food on a timely basis, and stand up to the local staff doctors and nurses who don't give an ever-loving shit over the actual health of your loved one or friend.

    Fuck, I saved my wife, what, 4 or 5 times now from getting slabbed by the med staff because either they just didn't care or they took an active hate to her.

    One was a respiratory doctor who tried to openly kill my wife. Nothing like standing in front of the nursing station at the ICU yelling at her good doctor that "If I ever see that fucking bitch of a useless doctor within 100 feet of my wife I'm going to kill her fucking useless murdering ass. How many people has she killed so far?" And the nurses were all nodding their heads... But it got me kicked out of the ICU for a while, though her care got much better suddenly.

    And when they called me at 4 in the morning because wife was running around in her electric chair trying to actively run over the staff and they wanted me to do something about it? "Well, you all kicked me out. Go to Santa Fe Zoo and get a tranq gun and shoot her, otherwise, I'll see you all at 7am." Fuckers. Amazing how quickly they released her into my care.

    Then there's the time she was definitely dying of malnutrition in the hospital, so bad that her doc sent her home with me. Three days later we're in the doc's office and she's not dying anymore, nosiree. Funny what real food can do.


    I will survive long enough to see her actually dead, and then, well, fuck it. Won't have anything to live for after that so all gloves off at that point.

    1. Beans, it seems I am about your age or close to it. When I got into nursing it was a calling and it was a place for healing. Within five years it started change into a profit center, skills went down, care became non existent because you had five or six patients to provide care and charted for. Then it was twelve, then sometimes fifteen and don't get me started on the Filipino nurses they imported. The MBAs and beancounters that were running the show wised up when hospitals were losing their accreditation because of slipping healthcare and deaths due to negligence and incidents such as your wife experienced the ratio went down and more nurses aides hired to provide care. I am a lot like all of you that posted, I will not enter a nursing home and at my age a life prison term doesn't deter me, cuz' a lot of mother fuckers are gonna die.

    2. I had an interesting incident recently. I've collected a lot of medical books last decade. Doctors are going from har copies to online digital services for references.
      You can pick up the Lange series for a couple bucks each vs the $200+ they sold for orriginally.

      Family doctor was discussing something with me and looked up something in the service but it was different than she remembered it being. I looked it up in a hard book and it was what she remembered.
      Now info changes but she figured the online service had a typo. Me i'm much more suspicious by nature, the online service is through google.

      Anyone seen google classroom? Its the same sort of service for schools, digital textbooks. I noticed that the kids 'textbooks' had facts wrong, little things but more and more every year.

      What if the issue is someone is slowly corrupting the medical knowledge the way they have history in the schools?


    3. Yup. We have one good family doc. He actually cares. He's a DO, so he believes in the whole body stuff. His nurse is good too, much better than the twit before her.

      Her pain doc is okay. His PA is a festering asshole and his nurses keep getting chased away by the front desk girls, though last time we were there all the front desk girls except the one competent one were gone so maybe.

      My eye doc? Cute ex-Cuban with nice eyes and flaming reddish Cuban hair. She's great, doc and to look at, and is no-nonsense.

      Pretty much everyone else? When the pharmacy techs at Publix look like the cream of the crop, professional, understanding, able to communicate in English, and so much better than most nurses these days, well, there's a big problem.

      And don't even get me started on phlobotomy and lab tech diversity hires. Wife has a service dog, clearly marked as a service dog, and some stupid tech goes screaming and calls the cops? And to make matters worse, our city cops are taught an illegal version of service dog regs, which is funny when they're trying to arrest you and the State of Florida Gurus of Service Dog stuff is on the line telling the badge-orc to stand down and 3 minutes later two FL State Troopers come in to arrest the cop... Yes, it's happened, funny as shit, seems the Florida rules have some serious criminal teeth when Officer Fudd does something stupid.

      When wife passes, if I need to, and there's some deserving candidates, can you say "Hello, Death Guard, meet Ragnarok!"

  11. In April, wife had baby #2 at our local NHS hospital.
    They forced her into taking a covid swab and made her feel as though she'd have to have the baby out on the pavement. Don't worry-et my local dr's surgery reception have it as to what their colleagues at the hospital are forcing on people at their most vulnerable.
    They're mostly shite here, dr's just google it on their medical computers during appointments, useless. Had one Polish female doc that actually listened here though.

    1. Was Polish doc good looking? There's one in my area that is Shit-hot! And she likes guns, too!

      Yeah, during the height of the Covidiocracy, both local hospitals basically shut down to patients, which, because nobody was dying or having much of a hard time, other than old geezer nursing home types, that the medical staffs were bored. Did the hospitals clean? No. Did the hospitals train? No. Did the hospitals do more than send home excess staff and pocket all the federal monies they could? Why, yes, yes they did.


  12. I could be wrong but I've never noticed ads popping up on this site before but today Google is advertising here. Am I wrong?

    1. Banner commercial at the bottom -- two fruits holding an infant.
      Scroll reads -- "Help making your dreams come true!"

      Sounds like something prohibited on PornHub.

  13. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I must stand up for the Medical/Senior care industry. I've been in continuing care retirement communities for 15 years now and have seen a few things... YES, there has been a MASSIVE influx of immigrants "taking over" healthcare. Where they're from depends on the facility. In my AO virtually NO Haitians or Caribbeans, but the Filipina Mafia has had a stranglehold in Nursing for a long time. That being said, the vast majority of them do a good job and show real care for the patients. Management isn't so much "greedy" as generally they are trying to keep from getting sued by family members looking to cash in on Mom's demise or they're jumping through endless hoops trying to stay "compliant" with City, County, State and Federal regulations - many of which contradict each other. Most people have NO idea of the layers upon layers upon layers of regulations these types of facilities have to comply with, its insane. And EXPENSIVE. The greatest impediment to quality health care isnt immigrants or insurance companies, it is GOVERNMENT REGULATION. Followed very closely by lawyers.
    As with most industries the 80/20 rule applies...80% of the problems are the result of 20% of the staff. The other 80% of the staff do actually try to do good for those in our care.
    Of course, this is just my experience and observation. Take it with a grain of salt, YMMV.