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Thursday, May 13, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A little story, provided by one of the commenters here on Ye Olde Bloggage of Ill Repute tells a tale of some serious scumbaggery going on at my old home of Fort Campbell Kentucky.  Seems a couple of 'entrepreneurs' were making some serious bank in the illegal weapons trade.
<Le Sigh>

I'm really hoping that it's not members of my old unit, the Rakkasans.
Shit like that doesn't help a units reputation.
That being said, I find it interesting that these yoots-in-uniform were even in uniform.

Apparently, and despite the attempts by the Ministry of Propagandas attempts to keep a lid on shytte, just the names alone, as well as a transcript of the IM's these idiots talking have show up in various places, which pretty much shows that they were/are gang members that joined, more than likely intentionally with the purpose of A) Getting training and B) Gaining 'legit' status as a Active Duty soldier and the cache that goes along with the hero worship that 'thank me for my service' goes with it.

Their names BTW?
Demarcus Adams, 21
Jarius Brunson, 22
and Brandon Miller, 22
Yep... pretty sure that ain't any whypeepo named that, not unless Momma was burning coal, and/or a whypeepo couple purely hated their kid and decided to name them ethnically.  Although these days, I could totally see that among the absolutely-bugfuck-crazy leftists out there these days...

That being said, seems these kids are in a whole heapa trouble.  The feds (Naturally)) are involved.  Seems they bought 91 weapons and helped flood the streets of ChiCongo with firepower.

"Court documents go on to show agents noted on April 7, Miller and a different Chicago area code phone number had the following text exchange:
From Miller: “We gotta hold this shit together ima still play the back role g I ain’t never turning my back on gang whatever got going on y’all ina door wit me stand on business ima stand on my business to make sure mfs got what they need.”
From Chicago phone number: “Sayless."
Later on the same day; from Miller: “We gone win this *war* we losing the battle but this a marathon not a race.”

Investigators did not share further details of who Miller may have been communicating with or the context of the messages"

Yep... sounds like some street shytte happening there.  The word "gang" is also specifically mentioned.  

Now, somebody, somewhere, done fucked up.  My rationale for this is that IF these guys were rolling with a gang, were they known to be gangbangers or not?  21 in nominally old for a banger from my understanding.  They usually start at 14-15, and rise up.  Now, if they never pulled a charge?  I can see a background check might have missed it, but:

IF there had ever been any charges, then it should have been caught during the NICS check that all recruits get when they first join.  Now, if they were clean, then fine.  But if not?  They should never have gotten within a hunnerd feet of a military enlistment.  However, seeings how the latest reports show Uncle is having issues with recruiting these days because the caliber of recruits is so stunningly bad, Uncle -may- have turned a blind eye hoping that these knuckleheads wouldn't do stupid.  Lots of fucking luck there, Nogs are gonna Nog... 

Reason I'm saying this is even as far back as 1990 when I was in Basic, we had a gangbanger in training with me.  He was pretty upfront about him being there in Infantry School too.  He had, officially, zero charges or shit showing... no known associates.  The reason was that he literally was raised to do this.  His father was a gangbanger, his brothers, and he was chosen to play 'straight' specifically to join the Army and get trained in Infantry tactics.  His dad, according to him learned so 'stuff' when he was drafted back in Nam... figured out using Infantry training would strengthen the gang.

Yeah... all of us who knew were like what. the. fuck.
Not much we could do though, and even our Drills had a tough time with that one.  But with no solid evidence, they didn't and couldn't do anything by watch him.  It's a real problem in the DotMil.  When I was stationed in Da Hood back in the day, Fort Hood that is, we actually had a huge gang issue (still do according to reports) that culminated with a bunch of them little fuckers getting arrested, and court martialed at III Corps HQ on base.  What was hysterical at the time, was the Crips, to whom these cockroaches belonged to, threatened to come to the base and shoot it up to free their people.  The CG was like "Bring it" and posted 2 fully loaded Bradley tracks at the main gate by Corp building.  Those of us on-base had some laughs at the idea of a lowrider, filled with a bunch of punk ass gangbangers with MAC-10s getting blowed the fuck up by a 25mm Bushmaster...

So, seems the infiltration is still ongoing, and even worse than back in the day.  And in the future?  Shit.  What with the disbanding of Gang Units all over the country, who's primary job is to identify the little fuckers, it's gonna be way worse.  The leftards are insisting, and the Dems are doing it, because racism and sheeee-it.  Seems the fact that identifying fucking black gang members is a badness thing.

Say fucking what?
Of course, no issue pointing out Klansmen and shit, and that all whypeepo are ray-sist.  In fact they get off on frying even the most innocuous thing and cancel anyone and everyone, 'cept Democrats, for even thinking along racial lines.  The backlash, I'm telling you, is going to be SPECTACULAR when it comes home to roost.  I gar-ron-damned-tee it.  And what's even sadder is that the primary pushers of that particular narrative are Jewish, and low-rent-retard whites.  They should look and see how that worked out for them back in the day Aye?

We played "Cowboys and Indians" in the 17 and 1800's
Playing "White People versus Black and Jewish People" date-to-be-announced, well, it'll probably go the same as it worked out for the Indians... 

I'd ask one but there's so damned few left.

So, More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Well once the boomer generation goes on to the Happy Hunting Grounds it will get real quite fast since they are the ones pushing the "we are all one race bullshit" and the highest civnat population...

    1. This fucking "boomer" wants to start the shit now so at least I can get a few of them before I naturally take the fucking dirt nap. I want to die with my boots on, not drooling and having you wipe my ass, because I know you are either going to ignore me or be rougher then hell...

    2. You obviously don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

    3. I keep hearing the "OK Boomer" crowd telling how they are gunna get all badass once the boomers are gone. What's bolding ya up hotshot, I'm not in your way.

    4. Well, you kind of are in the way. You keep paying the cops. You keep the right "colorblind".

    5. Some of old fuck geezer maybe won't be kicking down doors and ambushing cops and peoples of a different pigment or ideological bent, but we sure can hide your ass and be fucking support when ya need to lay low or avoid any authority. I don't pay the cops anony, I don't have anything to do with the cops.Never talk with them and avoid them like a dog turd on a hot summer sidewalk. I learned me all I need to know about po-lice and ass wipes in any kind of authority when I was 18... I wasn't a hippy, just a redneck farm boy.

  2. The Turner Diaries are coming true

  3. Just say when.

  4. So these guys talk like that and they still get to join and wear a uniform ?

    "Ironically, our model on the prospects for the rise in a civil war in the United States turned upward in December 2019 when COVID was released. This should erupt within three years of that turning point which will be 2022. That is not to say there will be a civil war at that time, but the confrontation will rise up and start to take shape in 2022. Traditionally, the revolution will erupt 13 years after that turning point which ironically brings us precisely to 2032."

    1. This is the Untied States. Wildcards still in play. Anything can happen now to 24. Ohio Guy

  5. cambell's cg is denying leave/pass to any soldier not getting the vax too. most of those 40% are trumper types, so if they stick to their guns they'll get booted out. one way of purging the good ones, eh? oh well, then there won't be any question who to shoot when they show up in the hood.

  6. Meanwhile that trout-mouthed jogger mayor in Chicago is bitching about Indiana and our guns ending up in her city where they magically start shooting colored folk. Maybe she should talk to the military about securing their shit?