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Monday, May 3, 2021

Case In Point:

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
It's only -one- example, but very telling of how things are going to go this summer, and possibly from here on out.  Fox had a story: about a passenger getting into it with a Flight attendant on American Airlines.  

Seems the PIQ (perp in question) is a female named Chenasia I. Campbell.

Guess the race... go on... first two don't count.

Now, no pictures can be found of her -anywhere- out there on the major news websites.

Gee, I wonder why they're not publishing her picture?
It's almost like they don't want us to see what ethic group she belongs to...
I wonder why that is?

But it's a sure thing that it was a chimpout. Between the name "Chenasia" and her stupidity, there's no doubt in my mind as to her ethnicity.  Also, a tell-tale, as when she was in the middle of the beatdown on the Stewardess, "the suspect allegedly claimed that the "cops aren't going to do anything to me."
I mean really?  
Either way, she's more-than-likely going to get off.  I mean it is The Times of High Nigger Worship and Feets-washing by the current Administration.  Even though the shit she pulled would have someone normally freeze dried and buried under the jail, by dint of her melanin count, she'll probably get a wrist slap by the Feds, even tho fucking around on an Aircraft these days usually warrants a severe body slam by the feds...

That is if you aren't part of "the Chosen Race" right now.
A white chick would be fucking fried for the same shit.

Not only that, but man, she's unemployed. "Campbell is reportedly a Brooklyn resident and is currently unemployed. She previously worked for the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities."
Sounds more like she was a fucking client than a worker... but I will say this:  Must be fucking nice to be able to shoot down to Miami for a vacation while unemployed.  

Fucking entitled much?
Uppity much?
No fucking shytte Aye.
And let me tell you... this's just ONE instance.  The -only- reason it's making news is that it was a Airline Beef... how many smaller, shittier issues crop up with a Nog 'pushing the envelope' against Whypeepo?  I've witnessed it myself.  The other day, while trying to find a parking spot, two blacks coming out of the store, who'd been walking at a reasonable 'normal' pace, saw me, and slowed the fuck down to what could be described as a 'mosey' or slow walk in front of me... like a laid back in-no-rush fucking walk, and one of them even stopped, and took out a smoke, and proceeded to light it... while looking right at me, almost daring me to say or do something...

I stayed cool, but in the back of my mind, it went from "Classification, Black Females" to "Classification, Fucking Pavement Apes in need of running over" 

Zero to Klansman in .5 seconds. 

There was literally no reason for the two of them to have 'slowed their roll' except to intentionally piss me off.  The telling thing was one of them had her cell phone at the ready, I think for the "just in case he says something" so as to record it to try and get their 10 minutes of fame, and possibly fuck up a White Dude's life for fun and profit.

And then they wonder "Why" the average 'Murican is tired of them and their bullshit.
Someone needs to clue them in
We're just about done with the monkeyshines and 'special priviledges'
Bad enough we've been financing their shitty behavior and attitudes for the past 50 years
I think we've done enough for the Black Community as a whole
Right now, the Canonization of a Worthless Drug Addicted Piece of Shit Fucking Nigger Felon?
About that
Go fuck yerselves sideways will ya?
To the point I ain't -ever- helping nor interacting (if I can help it) with ANYONE with a skin tone darker than light Mocha.  I just can't take the risk yannow?  Neither can any other Whypeepo.  There's nothing to be gained by the interactions.  Not a single, solitary Goddamned thing.  I'll let one of them bleed out before I step in.  Hell, even if I had the bad luck of being around when something goes sideways, I'm bailing before something like that can even become an issue.  Ta Ta, too bad, so sad.

And I'm sure this's going to become far more prevalent in the next coming months/years.
The only positive I see currently is the stupid assholes are now starting to self-segregate.  
Reversing 40 years of civil rights integration that so many of their grandparents fought for.
My attitude?  Good.
Stay on YOUR side of the street, I'll stay on mine.  Just don't be surprised if I defend my side of that same-said street if you are stupid enough to try and invade my space.

So, enough racially-oriented rants for now.  Time for Jeopardy with Wifey.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. When I left the shithole known as Florida, I did a wiki on the demographics of several potential counties for my relocation. Found one with. 03 Nogs and .001 asian and I think thats the family that runs the one sushi joint in town. Gotta few mexicorns but thats mostly transit farm workers. Its been a glorious 4 yrs.

  2. Beautiful and accurate essay foretelling the end of the orcs.

    1. And they wonder why we still call these savage beasts niggers. Even politically correct liberals won't say it, but they're thinking it. They only join in the rioting and looting hoping it diverts the savages away from them and their "white privilege". These uncivilized apes will continue to chimp out until we finally crack down on them, the first step can be constitutional carry. After all, these apes aren't licensed to carry, so why should we? 🤷

  3. Thing is, like 'peaceful muslims,' good and peaceful blacks aren't, for the most part, saying to their brethren to stop the shit and clean the shit up.

    By not condoning the violence and stupidity, the 'peaceful' and 'good' ones are tacitly showing their support of the fucking animals that are ruining everything.

    Haven't seen a black preacher come on TV and say, "All Y'all (aimed at other blacks) need to stop this shit right now!"

    Just like I haven't seen an imam or cleric come on TV and say, "All of you radicals need to stop this shit right now!"

    Tacit acceptance of the thugees and dreadlocks and urban thugs and other black slime is open approval of their antics.

    Want White America to not go stormtrooper on all y'alls asses (including the good ones)? Then continue actively and tacitly supporting the ferals.

    Got that in my own neighborhood. Passed by a pack of black children and the things they were yelling at me were not very nice at all. Trust me, I do know where those children live.

  4. The cbc which our pravda is telling all sorts of stories this month on the impact of blacks in settling the prairie provinces.
    Problem is even now they mske up only 8% of the pop and 95% of them are refugees and new arrivals with less than 20 years in country.
    The CBC had to take a pic of a black family in old time clothes and doctor it too look old.

    The vast majority are muslim too. If you want to visit a 3rd world nation go look at Brooks AB. Look at what happens when they make 20% of a community.


    1. Go take a look at the Council of European Canadians. You'll be amongst friends.

  5. These incidents I hear on the blogosphere nearly daily now of these emboldened apes keeps me grateful that I live in a small working class town with zero apes. I really don't think our Catholic community would put up with that shit in any instance. There would certainly be a missing nog(s) if it committed any monkeyshines in my AO. I feel for all that have to put up with that crap. All I can say is until season is open, be the gray. Be cool, BC. On another note, looking forward to hearing what the malfunction of the M1A bolt was. Prolly just sticky cosmo in it. Tootles, Ohio Guy

  6. Dad always used to tell me he doesn't deal with(as he'd count on fingers) "Liars, Faggots, Niggers and Thieves" and he was right. The only racists I've ever seen or experienced are bootlips.

  7. They know that we aren't going to do anything about it, at least right now. If you get into a scrap with a black and the cops show up, it is just as likely you get arrested regardless of who was at fault. Or if you get into an altercation, odds are more will jump in and attack you out of racial solidarity while zero Whites will come to help you. They are spoiled, violent children who have learned that their actions have no consequences.

  8. Found a Dailly Mail vid with a reporter trying to interview her and your guess as to ethnic background is again correct

  9. Yes they were emboldened on purpose. Notice the elite try to stay above the fray.

  10. Also funny. Jobless yet she can afford to fly and is sporting a late model version mobile phone and expensive tattoos.

  11. And they wonder why the word nigger is alive and well in 2021. The days of we civilized white people saying "we're better than that" or "that's not who we are" needs to end! If these violent apes don't want to be called niggers, then they need to stop acting like them! Sadly, for the time being, I live with my son in an area that's wall to wall niggers. Every now and then, I will see white people walking in pairs, no doubt for protection. As soon as my disability kicks in, I'm outta this ghetto! Maybe I'll find that small town in the store mentioned state of Ohio. The less niggers AND wetbacks I see, the better!