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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Buncha Bullshit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not for nuthin'  but man, to quote Martin Sheen in 'Apocalypse Now' "...the bullshit (in Vietnam) stacked up so fast you needed wings to stay above it."  Ain't that the truth.  COVID?  Was ist das 'COVID?'  Masks?  Like Jesus man... give me a break.

Now it's 'no masks' and 'we'll take your word on it that your vaxxed.'


If it sounds like bullshit, then it probably is bullshit.  Fauxi is going under the bus for his retardation, if not jail.  And I, personally, have not heard of anyone in my social circle at all who got the fucking bug.
Period fucking dot.

As in not one person.
Nary a one.  Lots of 'friends of friends'... all pure anecdotal.  Ab-so-lutely not a single. fucking. real-time. case of COVID.  Couple of cases of 'flu'... last season.  NOTHING that I can see or hear IRL that tells me we had the worst plague in a gorrillion years roll through.
In fact, the only thing I have heard of in negative side affects of the vaxx itself.
My ex-nephew for one.  18 years old.  Heart attack.  No prior health issues at all.  Kid -just- got out of the hospital on Saturday.  Spawn tells me he's getting lined up for a pacemaker.  At 18.

One of the neighbors had Bells Palsy.
Another guy I know up at the Liquor Store got that vaxx-rash and he said he thought his arm was going to fall off.  The rash, while fading looked like hell itself... combo of poison oak and a heat rash/sunburn.  Painful.  No thanks.  All at the point of injection.

Now granted, that's only three  cases, but it faaar outnumbers the real-time COVID infections that I've actually heard of/seen.  I'm not taking the "Well John knows a guy who told him that that guyys Mom died of COVID."  Fuck that.  Evidence please.  In fact, checking the raw numbers in the Tampa Bay Times, according to In Real Time Stats, the newspaper?  The Sunday Obituararies?  Just about the same number of pages every Sunday for the last year.  
The way they've hyped this thing?

God Help Us if we get a -real- Virus like the Plague of Justinian or the Black Death.
Hell, weaponized Ebola anyone?
Fact is, no matter what bullshit has been spun out there, is COVID real?  Yep.  
Is it a case of being hyper exaggerated because OrangeMan Bad?  Fuck yeah.
It was the perfect grift.
Who wants to bet that Slo Joe got with his Joe Chink friends and asked them to drop a 'bug'?  I mean it worked to everyone's advantage.   The Chinks, who were in Trade War One with the US for like real... first time they were -ever- really getting hammered in Trade by us, and man, the NeverTrumpers and assholes who'd rather go and see 'Murica burn than have to put up with OrangeManBad mean Tweets?


I can totally believe the Chinks did a 'solid' for Slo Joe and The Ho to corrupt our system.  

I mean why not?  Win-win for all concerned.  'Cept us 'reg'lar folks' and we don't count in the grand scheme of things.  As long as us sheep keep paying both sides, the Chinks for cheap knicknacks and the Politicos with our Taxes... just as long as we 'play nice' and don't rock the boat, things'll stay copacetic.  The Ministry of Propaganda is also fully onboard, primarily because they themselves are completely communist to the core.  ALL. OF. THEM.
Which is funny as fuck, because eventually, the press is the first group to 'go up against the wall' when either side wins.  In the end, even if they've been good little propagandist, they get it in the neck.  Can't have quasi-intelligent folks running around.

They get ideas
They start wanting things
They eventually want to be in charge
They start talking and thinking
And can't have that.  There's only so much room at the top.  Ask Stalin.  Ask Trotski.  There's a reason Stalin had Trotski take it in the nugget with a hatchet. 

Ideas are dangerous

Look at how the Goolag shut down all the blogs on Friday night.  Look how every. single. media, be it social or mass, has now decided to be the arbiters of information.  That they in their 'highly edjumuhcated' Ivory Towers have decided that they know best.  They are doing it at behest of the Politicos, whom have not a clue.  In fact, your average sock-puppet has more of a fucking clue than a goddamned politico at this point Aye?  The other thing is that they, the media, well, honestly they are also (((them))) and that's a fact.  Calling out the fact that 99.999% of media being owned, commanded and operated by a single group of an ethno-religious group is not being "anti" anything.  Point in fact is, that if you have to demonize someone for calling out that fact, means that you -might- be up to no good.  If you were not up to no good, I'd think you'd be proud that (((your group))) is doing so much better than all the others and be bragging about it.


Yep. this ain't the Daily Stormer here... far from it.  But you'd think that some people thought it was because of my observational propensity.  I don't make the news, I just tells it.  And these days, it's unreal how dystopian our society is heading.  And the people steering us that way are as clueless as a baby duckling.  
Speaking of the ole Daily Stormer...
For those not in the know, it's a  virulent Anti-Semitic... hell, anti-everything website.  Or maybe anti-anything-the-guy-who-runs-it sez it is... that guy?  Andrew Anglin.  Neo-Nazi extraordinaire supposedly.  Now, the reason I say 'supposedly' is something that got poasted on Crazy Days and Nights, a website of celebutard gossip... run by a guy called "ENT Lawyer"... as in Entertainment Lawyer...  and so far, on an intelligence scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being absolute, his intel, so far is about a 4.5 or so... so reliability?  Yeah.  He's got it.

What caught my eye was this:
March 11th...
An interesting indictment if'n I do say so meselves.
And 'related' I don't -think- means as in related-related but as in Anglin is a stand in for Putin vis-a-vis the whole 'battling (((them)))' i.e. the Jews.  It is a fact that 90% of Russia's troubles back in the day were all caused by the ethno-religion.  And that the current targeting and modern pushing of the Anti-Russian narrative seems to have the same foundational aspects regarding the (((whos-who))) of agi-prop against Putin et al.

Seeings that outside of political assassinations, the Russians can't come out and 'name the Jew' publicly, then creating and maintaining a near-constant harangue against them on the regular would be a pretty good thing from Vladimir's perspective.  I mean why the hell not?  Keeps the pressure on them.  It also explains why no-one knows where Anglin really is, and hell, who he really is.  Guy is a ghost for all intents and purposes.

Either way, the summer is now here.
It's going to start getting worse.  That and I've also been doing a bit of research with Sapper.  We both watch and have read the "Suspicious Observers" website.  We also read their books they sell on said-website.  The page is  yeah, a zero where the 'O' should go.  They have some really interesting and valid ideas, and it's all about B.O.B.
That being the Big Orange Ball in the sky.  
Essentially, cutting to the quick n dirty, the sun is responsible for all activity weather-wise here on Earth.  Makes sense to me.  I don't buy anything saying that we as humans can do anything to genuinely affect the Ole Earth... I mean just short of blowing everything to hell with Nukes or Bioweapons, and even then, we ain't actually gonna do shit to the Earth... the Earth itself is gonna keep on spinning with us here or not... anything we do is going to affect us and the animals here...  and warming?

We're gnats on the back of a very big dog metaphorically speaking.
COULD we fuck things up?  Probably.  Like Slo, never discount the ability for mankind to gloriously fuck things up in perpetuity.  We -could- end up blowing the roof off the world, but whathaveyou Aye?  Point  is, these guys say that B.O.B. runs the show, and that so far?  Yeah, most of the 'stuff' that they discuss is pretty reasonable and on point.  One of the more fascinating things they're talking about is changes in the Earth's Magnetic Fields.  Seems the poles are shifting, the magnetic lines and such whatnot are weakening and other such stuff.  It begs the question to me:

Is part of the reason people -in general- are seemingly going fuckin' insane a tertiary affect of the magnetic poles and fields changing?  I mean our gray matter -is- (albeit weakly) an bio-electric machine that may or may not be affected by that sort of thing.  Could the slip into madness be because of the overall changes in the environment itself ?  I mean the term 'lunacy' comes from the dynamics of the Full Moon, and marked gravitational affects.

Why not?  Makes as much sense as anything else when it comes to Humanity flipping it's collective shit Aye?  I mean I got nothing else making as much sense as to the reasons that everyone has lost the plot.

I'd be really curious to see a professional to look into that.
Although that might scare the shit out of me, as it might show that people are going to get worse at one point?  Either way, from a strictly educational area/line of thought, it's interesting as hell.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. I'm convinced Covid was a scheme colluded between China and the dems or who puppets the dems, and so Covid = mail-in ballots = election fraud on a massive scale to put Trump back in the box.

    Far as the environment, nothing better imo than George Carlin on the Environment. I post it every stinking Earth Day.

  2. Mr. Country- I had a round of the Whubonic Plauge. Color me a doubter too, until I got it. Shit not normal flu. Violent grit-blowing. Smell and taste disappear for months. Hair fell out so that shower looked like I washed my dog. Kept a lingering cough from high in my chest for months. I couldn't do math in my head or remember anything. Terrible. No idea where or how i caught it. I refused to wear a fucking mask but i did clean my hands cause i eat snuff. There is no doubt in my mind and soul that biden and the other cockheads had something to do with this. Fuck each and every last one of them. They all should be sentenced to two weeks in the electric chair. Texson

  3. I am glad to hear you don’t know anyone who had it.
    My Mother-in-law died from it, as did my Pastor.
    My son had it, but recovered well (got him zinc, vitamin D and full strength aspirin) homeopathic works with the tools in our bodies.
    I have had ten co-workers get it. One relatively young man was hospitalized with it, when it turned to pneumonia, and cracked a rib from coughing.
    I am in Michigan, it was worse here because our Governor is an idiot, and the heating systems in our winter. My entire family, from 85yo Mom to 28yo Daughter have been vaccinated, with no one having a reaction, other than my Son who had the Wuhan flu before his jabs. Different jabs for different people in my family, all three represented.
    I am an old, fat guy (I know, f’ing boomer) so wanted the jab, and glad I got it.
    I agree that China, at the very least, hid the dangers and allowed the spread, and think they were probably deliberate in spreading it. Given their lack of quality, a lab accident makes the most sense, but it could have been a bio-weapon.
    We can’t say that without nuking them as that is longstanding US policy.
    Of course, that is just my opinion, and opinions are like asshole, everyone has one and they all stink

  4. the future belongs to Rakkasans

    give no quarter

    take everything worth taking- burn. the. rest.

    1. that said

      tfA-t has a suspicion that your dumb fucking "smart phones" and 5G have something to do with the vakthene = zombie apocalypse. really, how fucking stupid do you have to be to let some low paid name tag wearing loser inject anything into you let alone an experimental brew at a time of complete financial, spiritual, moral collapse AND robotic tech coupled with overpopulation? this is self-selecting extermination and it's BEAUTIFUL MAN!

    2. A theology professor in 1995 warned of mandatory vaccines containing magnetized particles that would turn recipients "into zombies."

    3. Man Gets Vaxxed -- Now Every Bluetooth Electronic Device Tries To Connect With His Body

  5. Had 5 family members get it from my 85 year old mother to 19 year old son. Mom had a low grade fever and cough. She has 3 co-morbidities and took 4 days to recover. Son had fever and soreness for a day but lost smell and taste for 6 weeks. I knew 5 people who "died" of chinkypox. One had end stage cirrhosis, 3 had terminal cancer and the last one was a 5'8" 480 pound diabetic who had 2 bypass surgeries that I'm aware of, I shit you not. If the CDC had not changed how deaths are recorded for this disease all of them would still be dead but not from the coof.

  6. Covid was real, but the waaay overblown. The worst year for excess deaths since the Flu pandemic of 1918 was... 2017.
    More deaths than 2020, and more people died younger. Total years of life lost in the USA - 13 million years in 2017 because the people were younger, vs 4.4 million years of life lost in 2020 because the average person was very old.

  7. The crowd shouting "We Experts Know Best & Should be In Charge" and wanting total, absolute control of the world and all human activity is the modern incarnation of the old Technocracy Movement. Buncha frauds if you ask me: never pay a price for being dead wrong. Of course, now with COVID and the vaxxes, they are EXEMPT from legal reciprocity for any failures or bad effects of the shots.

    Kinda like how ANTIFA is exempt from any kind of legal backlash for burning cities. Or how the news media pay zero price for being exactly 180-degrees wrong when trying to smear people like the Covington Catholic kid, or Trump calling MS-13 "animals", etc etc ad nauseum. Or how Big Tech pays zero price for censoring people that expose and embarrass the Technocrats or their Leftist minions.

    Why, it ALMOST seems like we're being subjected to a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, doesn't it? Of course, I'm sure all these famous people wouldn't do anything evil, now, would they? Surely, we can trust them to put the interest of the general public before their own!

    On the other front... glad to hear you're an Observer, BC! Ben knows what's up - I'm pretty sure the reason all the ancient religions worshipped the Sun God is because their ancestors remembered quite well the ass-kicking the Sun God gave them back inna day. "Hail BOB - please don't kick our ass, we promise to be good this time! Would you like more sacrifices? MORE SACRIFICES FOR BOB!" Thing is, low-tech peoples obviously didn't know shit about WHY or HOW the Sun kicked their ass, so it all comes out as myth and most modern scientists don't take old myths seriously.

    Well, BOB's about due to kick our ass again: was supposed to get a weak pussyfart of a CME this Sunday; it arrived a day late (so even slower than expected) and the fucker kicked off a geomagnetic storm. We take a real hit from an Earth-facing X-class solar flare and/or associated big CME, maybe after having our cages rattled a bit by a coronal hole stream or some earlier M-class popping and sputtering before the big blast, and that shit could be a killshot on our power grid etc.

    Apparently the spooks have known about the polar reversals and possible Earth-rollovers since the 50's and covered it up. Mayhap the real reason for all those DUMBS is to hide out from the Wrath of BOB, not nuclear war - nukes are just a good excuse. Lord knows if the planet's surface is getting plasma-blasted by a damn solar micro-nova and/or a massive storm of cosmic rays, a thick roof of dirt over one's head would be a Good Thing.

    That Catastrophism stuff, man... watch the Joe Rogan / Randall Carlson podcast sometime, it's a doozy. Makes me look at the continental shelves in Google Earth a whole new way...

  8. Our poles shift by the hour, by the day, by the month in it's wobbles. The complete polar shifts have happened plenty of times, the last one about 41K years ago during (or the cause of?) the last glacial period. -

    And it looks like it can move 10 times faster than we thought. -

  9. "Look at how the Goolag shut down all the blogs on Friday night."

    What REALLY got me scratching my head is that over the weekend I had a good few readers tell me that they were getting the "DANGER DANGER, MALWARE, VIRUS, COOTIES etc" warning at CF...which is hosted on a private server, has been since I started the damned thing back in 2001, and has never had any connection with Blogspot whatsoever. Not EVER. Curious, no?

  10. I'm waiting for some not masked person to get in a altercation that results in an arrest because they claimed HIPA rules say they Do Not have to release Any of their personal health information.

  11. Meh, I had the WuFlu and was pretty sick for three weeks, like a really nasty flu. Now supposedly with a bad heart, asthma and diabetes and past cases of pneumonia, I should be pushing up daisies, right? The key to survival is this amazing thing that God gives to everyone: an immune system. I happen to keep mine in pretty good shape, especially due to all the health problems I have. I may have been pretty sick, but I was never in any danger of having to go to the hospital or dying. There is a lesson in there somewhere.

  12. ...Given their lack of quality, a lab accident makes the most sense, but it could have been a bio-weapon....


    So Fauci was bankrolling gain of function reaeacrch at Wuhan. In my mind, this makes how china responded make sense. Holy shit! something is loose, we dont know what it is but may be the Americans. But, in the end, it was just shiity lazy chinese work ethic.

    The USA spending dough rfor research in China is bad optics for both the Fed and the Chinese. After China figured out that it wasnt going to be like 1 of 3 bubonic plague deaths, they went on with their lives.

    That this was an escaped other than naturally occuring virus might explain some of the wierder symptoms one would expect from a "normal" flu.

    It also shows all levels if govt from local dog catcher all the way to the usurper in chief are all criminally incompetent. Everyone in govt is either incompetent, a grifter, outright evil or a combination there of. Fauci is a lying idiot.

  13. the chinkypox was the scare to get us to the vax which will kill us next year when the real bioweapon gets released. every test animal in prior covid vax tests died when re-infected. next year, or maybe the next, will make the holocaust look like summer camp....yeah funny how it suddenly went away, not even asking if you got the jab or not. i didn't and i never will.

  14. Bigcountry how do i send you an email?


  15. The only person I know that got it was my wife's 94 y.o. step-father. Strokes 2 years ago and in a nursing home, broke his hip, sent to a hospital and caught it.

    Doctor was chuckling on the phone when he spoke to the b-i-l, "LOL your dad has covid."

    Evvybody at work got the shot except the old lady whose sister died 3 days after being talked into it at her nursing home.

  16. I think it may have been Ron Paul who testified about the threat of CME, weaponized nuclear and non-nuclear EMPs. Talked about and proposed hardening our power grid, power production, distribution, and communications infrastructure. An excerpt of it made it in to one of the prepper fiction books back in the day.

    Big ol nothing came of it of course with no civil side action taken unless private builders had the cash to burn.

  17. Wife and I picked it up back in April 2021. We're both fit, mid 40s, we eat well and neither are on meds or have any health issues. I'm of the opinion that we got it because so many of her coworkers have been pressured in to getting the vaccine. I've had worse colds in years past but the weird thing on this one is that I've had the lingering cough as someone above mentioned. I had CV a month ago and I'm still coughing on occasion. Wife on the other hand didn't experience this.

  18. My 98 year old father-in-law brought it home from the hospital(had an infected scrape that needed IV antibiotics). Five days after getting home he gets what seemed like a bad cold. A week later my wife gets sick with mild-flu like symptoms. Six days later I get really, really sick. Body aches so bad even the roots of my hair hurt. Tested positive at doctors office, wasn't quite bad enough to be hospitalized. Not a fun Christmas. I used to be able to ride a bicycle 60-65 miles in a day. Two years ago I built another 2-story barn by myself. Now I can even walk a mile without gasping for air. I struggle to keep up with farm chores and can only do the minimum. Dr. says lungs are scarred and doesn't know if I will ever get better and said I better think about retirement. Covid may not affect you but it isn't like the flue. Know several people who didn't make it. I am 66 years old and it changed my life forever.
    James Johnson

  19. RE: the media, et al:


  20. I follow your blog. Great! Everything is pretty much as you describe it.
    I am several years older than you and I did get it as well as the Wife. 5 days in hospital for both of us.
    Keep on keepin on! And may The Almighty Creator guide and protect you!

  21. I do not buy a word of it.

    The only source of S.A.R.S.-CoV-2 'information':
    * the government agents and their propaganda department TheMainStreamMedia.

    I cannot trust that bunch to do anything other than self-preservation at any cost... including destroying the civilizations built by Northern Europeans.
    In Eugene Oregon, hive-people drive to the stadium for drive-through inoculations.
    The staff mark the inoc time on the rear side window of the recipient vehicle... 12:35, 8:40, that sort of thing.
    The recent inoc pulls forward to an observation lot in case of dying or convulsions.
    After a one-size-fits-all wait, the inoc is allowed to re-enter society.

    As a virtue-signal to other hive-members, inocs drive around for weeks with their inoc time on their rear side window.
    Tattered and faded, similar to the 'I Am With Her' bumper-stickers and 'Feel The Bern' yard-signs.

    The hivers need constant reminders.

    In other news, hideously over-makeupped grown adult men in ballerina shoes and tutu dresses read to children at the library.
    Did I just hear the 'START!' bell?

  22. You might want to rethink the Putin thing. Yes Putin knows perfectly well (((their))) History with Russia & Bolshevism but he is just fine with it. However the article writer made a wrong conclusion when he thought Jujus would leave the US after Trump got elected.
    March 2016 --
    More info on Putin, Obama and the Jujus. May 2021 It's quite a long read ! :
    More Putin stuff- Jan 2019 :

  23. As for the Covid shit. I went out last December to a local watering hole and tried to drink all the Pacifico they had. Woke up feeling like shit. Next day my eyes hurt. Third day ,all better. Made an appointment for a test anyway and was positive. I was already back to 95% when I took the test 4 days after the hangover with a bonus. I'm 60 years old, this covid shit is a scam.

  24. Ever notice the difference between Africa Americans, and African? Yeah. Same here in the States. With certain demographics.