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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Boomers and X'ers

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Quite the discussion from the last poastage apparently. Whelp, I like a good discussion / argument, and man, the sparks in some cases flew, especially on the bigcountryexpat dot com page. I was especially tickled by a commenter "Chicolini" who said "Since you’re so prone to use bad language, I’ll follow your example. Fuck you Junior.."  

And yeah, I -do- use 'bad language' AND I also don't censor or block people unless they're trolling for troll sake.  But I will say, the reaction was interesting and telling
It's telling in that the number of people (Boomers in particular) who jumped on the "You suck! You're an asshole"  or more commonly "I worked my ass off to get where I am I earned this!"  Apparently, some folks took it personally.  Huh.  Don't remember singling out anyone per se but indicting a group as a overarching example.  

Lets look at MY generation...
Generation X, my gen? Sheesh. You want to talk about a bunch of malcontents? That'd be us. The first latchkey kids. Mainly because our parents, trying like hell to 'keep up with the Joneses', BOTH parents worked. We also were the first generation who suffered 'no-fault divorce' resulting in single-motherhood, and the degradation of the Family unit. The first generation where we were initially told that we too, could have it all. But, unfortunately, it wasn't true. Call Gen X the first of the worst. We realized early on that everything was shit... that everything we were taught a lie. We realized our music was dogshit... "Material Girl"... Our anthem was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and grunge became a style... disaffected, dissolute, disinterested. Our fashions? Cheap and plastic. MTV... say no more. Any wonder why we just didn't give a shit?

Our 'great escape' were early vidya games...Atari 2600 became our virtual babysitter, and snackables and hot-pockets the gourmet choice of microwave moms everywhere. IF we were lucky enough to get wheels, our choices of vehicles were something less-than-desirable, unless you had the scratch for something hawt and new... and even then, anything over a 3.7 liter engine became extinct unless you were a motorhead and had the skills and cash to make it run.

We saw the largess our forebears had. We wanted it too. The biggest sin that the Boomers committed? It was they told us that we could have it through hard work and determination. That it was on US to grab that brass ring... the one that was placed at easy-to-grab height for them? It was firmly placed waaay out of reach for the majority of us X'ers, and no one warned us. The Biggest Problem was, a LOT of those brass rings and gateways were firmly barred/welded in place, unless you were connected. And as far as 'taking over' from the older generation?

Whelp... I still have not seen the changing of the Old Guard for the New Guard.

One thing you have to credit the Boomers with is tenacity.
They never give up, nor let go. 

Look at the politics of today. This communist/socialist program that's being instituted NOW is a product of the late 50's early 60' Hippy/Yippy Communist indoctrination. When open revolution failed to materialize, scumfucker red-diaper Commies went to ground and became educators. Why fight in the streets when you can program the next generation and incalculate your plans in them, and have THEM do the dirty work bringing the Socialist Paradise to fruition? Bill Ayers?... That fuckin' dude should have been executed for treason. Instead, he AND his wife Bernardine Dohrn... who, not surprisingly helped raise Chesa Boudin, the communist District Attorney in San Francisco, are living the life of highly respected educators and the toast of the left wing set who, just by the by, were also responsible for King Obama.

Funny how that works?

And if being associated with that makes you upset, don't get mad at the messenger, be mad at the source.  It also ain't on you personally.  Ain't none of my doing, nor yours, per se.  I'm just here doing critical social analysis from my own point of view

As Oh-so-many these days like to say "It's his truth!" I, honestly can't do a buy in on that horseshit. Truth is truth. End period dot.
Who instituted 90% of the political changes that we've seen in the past 50 years?
Who is still running the show?
What is the single largest demographic of US Population?
Which US Demographic population, per capita, has ALL the monies?

Sure as hell ain't Gen X.
If that upsets you?  My question is why?
It's like I don't give a fuck that they say Gen X is, as I stated before: "disaffected, dissolute, disinterested"... it's because we are.  If you get all butthurt over me saying that the Boomers had it good, and left us dogshit, well, that ain't on me.  The issue that you have is the "OK Boomer" issue... that people started dissing your generation... instead of being held up and worshipped, you've been relegated to the sidelines of historical measures as felonious greedheads.  Your parents were "The Greatest Generation"... their parents were "The Silent Generation" for quietly enduring that which should have never happened, but did.  They maintained their faith, and raised the Generation that quite possibly saved the world at the time... that's open to debate, but go with the idea here...

Boomers?  Failed Hippies, Closet Communists and Socialists, New Robber Barons, Mad Greedheads and Political Psychopaths.  Gave birth to the most apathetic Generation, Generation X... with the lowest amount of kids born also in a looong time, thanks to birth control.  Far as I can tell, the only thing that Gen X is going to be remembered for is having the Millennials and fucking up the system oh so badly with Helicopter Parenting and "Participation Awards" because our Boomer mummy and daddies didn't pay enough attention to us, so the X'ers overcompensated, making a Generation so fucking mentally and socially damaged that needs to realistically eliminated/sterilized.  There ARE exceptions of course, but few and far between.

So, ALL THE generations, post War generations that is, are inherently damaged goods.  Only thing is, The Boomer Generation take it as a personal slur against them.  Kind of funny though ain't it?

Not so much anyone else.  The millennials seem to wear it as a badge of pride.
Whatever floats ye olde boat Aye?
I know I've done my best.
I'm sure you all have too.
No need to get all upset though for something like this.  
Tis whut Tis...
No more, no less.
More Later Tonight, and stay tuned.  The PSO-06 finally showed up from Russia.  I'm planning on mounting it and getting some pictures and doing a poast about it.
So I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Boomers have the least amount of self reflection also so I'm guessing more hate will be thrown your way...

    1. Apostle of HateMay 7, 2021 at 1:04 PM

      Holy fucking shit, I cannot believe how many of you assholes are actually blaming your lot in life on everything but your own fucking choices, what is this, fucking Oprah Winfrey?
      Quit crying and grow the fuck up, nobody owes anybody a fucking thing, especially a living!
      There is nothing new under the sun!
      You're only reaping what you've been sowing! Don't like what you got? Change what the fuck you're doing!

      1961 and so full of fucking hatred I am now an apostle, so go fuck your whiny ass selves!
      What a bunch of fucking pussies

    2. Where did I blame anyone for anything bitch...I just told you your generation has no self reflection which you just proved my point...So Fuck Off Pussy...

  2. Dude, you nailed this one (and the previous), it's all so true. (older GenX here, we're right at the same age). esp how we should do this and that even though we got none of the good stuff. And who the hell can even listen to music it's all fucking boomer shit. FORTY FUCKING YEARS of listening to the same shit and still it's on all the time. Even the part about the boomers crying about being mistreated. The day of the pillow cannot come soon enough.

    one nit to pick, the silent generation is younger than the greatest generation. Silents are kids born in the 30's and early 40's. And they shouldn't get off free either. look at all the supposed people in charge of the current regime. All over 75 which makes them Silent generation and very risk averse. Silent's kids are either younger boomers (who had a totally different experience than older boomers) or older GenX.

    BTW example of boomerism. My wife's boss worked for aerospace stuff, etc for years and years with no college degree, made good money, got laid off in the cutbacks of the early 2000's (because no college degree, fucking HR) and then got new job at company we all know of and hired my wife into the department and said "oh when i retire at 67, you'll have my job (which pays double what my wife makes). 3 years later: Oh no, now i'm going to retire at 70 cuz we just bought a house (huge fucking house, ON A MORTGAGE, AT 70 just him and his 3rd wife (yeah, the jokes write themselves)). He's now 73, still at work (not doing shit, just collecting paycheck) and says now he might retire at 75. Seriously, fuck off. This is true everywhere, I've seen it (not so blatant) in many jobs of my own. day of the pillow indeed.

  3. I like to think I'm one of the smarter millenials, I wish I wasn't though. Ignorance really is bliss in this diversified, judeolizard-ruled world. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "kid's today!" Yeah, kids today and the past 30 years had to deal with being hated minorities and bending over backwards to obvious inferiors. The boomers can enjoy their money, I resent them for the non-White hell on Earth they ushered in.

    And yes- as a millenial I CAN admit that overall, our morals are much more deviant than gen x and baby boomers, can you blame us? Yes I've lost track of sexual partners, jealous? Not like we have money, sex is one outlet still remaining. Doesn't matter, I have no children and don't want them- I wouldn't think to bring another soul into this hell. Brainwashed from birth and only awakening after it's too late for any peaceful change.
    I have never heard a boomer admit fault for ANYTHING. Don't worry, if we survive the civil war we'll carve a new constitution in stone, complete with examples of how not to run (White) civilization.

  4. The world will be a better place when the boomers are gone. I am a first wave GenXer and from the bottom of my heart I say "Fuck you boomer!"


    ....lause our parents, trying like hell to 'keep up with the Joneses', BOTH parents worked. ...

    [clears throat] Fuck Boomers. That was a choice. Post WWII boomers had no competition as it was in ashes in Europe and Japan. Boomer women enjoyed upto then unheard of conveniences like washing machines, birth control, cars, the phone, etc.

    Yet that wasnt enough. had to have a boat cuz the guy across the street had a boat. coudlnt save cuz what is the point of saving for a boat down the road when the guy across the street has a boat today? So mom gets that 2nd job.

    ....The biggest sin that the Boomers committed.....

    WTF!! The biggest? ... they are the greatest dengenerates in the history of mankind. Collectively, their women killed more people than Hitler.

    There isnt a strong enough word for the contempt i have for boomers.

    ...The day of the pillow cannot come soon enough.....

    Amen Brother.

    BTW Boomers..You didnt go to the fucking moon. your parents did. the beatles suck.

    Yes they had to clinb a ladder, but then they pulled it up after they got to the top.

    The day of the pillow cant come soon enough.

  6. Another X'er here. I work for a very high end retirement community (roughly 500 residents here between 70-100 years old.) Every one of these people would be considered "cream of the financial crop". For example, just the lowest "entrance fee" here is EQUAL to 10 YEARS of my GROSS salary ( and Im what is considered "upper management"!). The monthly care fee is 50% more than my take home pay. Their money makes waaaay more money than I do working. These folks have assets the likes of which I will NEVER know, and yet they are always cryin about something being "unfair" to them, still tryin to not keep up with, but out-do the Jones', and for the most part treat our staff like trash. The selfishness and self righteousness of these folks knows no bounds.

    That being said, their adult children are even worse. Entitled, spoiled, greedy and just plain fuckin' rude.

    So us "little people" get the double-shaft. Greed and abundance got the Boomers' wealth and power, which was used to ruin their children, who are now being put into those positions of power because of connections, not competence. And these "children" have never spent so much as a day living in reality.

    My reality is there will be NO "retirement". Lost my only decent nestegg back in the DotCom bust ( wall street shenanigans). Lost our house a few years later(royally f'd over by a boomer family member in that instance). Between assorted layoffs ("outsourcing", another boomer invention to benefit themselves), ever rising rents (boomer landlords the last 20 years), medical expenses and the IRS I haven't been on solid financial footing since the late 1990s, despite full time employment, but for maybe a couple weeks between gigs. And its just getting worse. The only good thing is we managed to get our daughter through college with no loans. She MIGHT have a chance, but her parents with no degrees and the wrong pigment? Screwed.
    It gets hard facing the day to day BS of work when they pay just enough to keep you coming back, but not enough to get ahead. Only 20 more years of this and I can retire to a steady diet of gruel in my cardboard castle under a bridge! If Im lucky...
    Something went terribly, terribly wrong here starting around 1980 (maybe earlier, I dunno I was just a kid) and its still picking up steam. The crash will be spectacular. And well deserved. I just hope I live long enough to see the harsh, cold hand of Reality slap the ever-lovin' shit outta these spoiled rotten pricks.
    Bitter? Hell yes I'm bitter!

  7. Boomers didn't give us the 1965 Hart-Cellar act. Boomers didn't allow for massive and unfettered migration from 3rd world shit holes. Boomers DO refuse to do anything to stop and reverse it, and refuse to even discuss it. Never mind that they got to enjoy growing up in homogeneous society that was more than 80% white.

    My parents were boomers, I am Gen X.

  8. Generation X are a bunch of whiney crybabies. Us Boomers invented those things you shoot. Like you have no bad apples you people think there are more than two genders.

    1. Yeah? You invented gunpowder? Smokeless? The repeating firearm? Eat fucking shit and go suck more of Israel's cock.

    2. They invented the Uzi What have you invented SFB I own 5 patents

  9. Jaybo, you must be a clueless dumbass, specializing in normalcy bias. Boomer Mike, 70, over and out.

  10. The Boomers are the most self-absorbed, self-centered generation in American history. They took a healthy, wealthy society and infected it with STDs, abortion, drugs, illiterate aliens, and trillions of dollars of debt. They shit on their parents then shit on their kids and grandkids. They had some good music. Big whoop. I'd trade every Rolling Stones/Beatles song for silver as legal tender and a faint hope for retirement. Do yourself a favor and fucking retire already. How many Corvettes do you really need?

    1. Boomers kids are you, x's kids are antifa and trannies

  11. Both parents working...not to keep up with the Jonses, but because there was a depression going on, gas lines, wage freezes.

    When I was in high school, gas went from $49/gal to just over $1.00. The year after it was $1.18/gal.

    Pro Tip: Go spend serious time with a few folks who lived it and are not of your kin. Because kin may go soft on you and give the watered down version.

  12. I'm a boomer (1950's) who never participated in the hippie thing. Thought they were all retards. I see nothing wrong with the last post or this ne. Right on the money imo. The only thing up for debate is the how it happen.
    Personally I go with Yuri Brezmanov's explanation of the communist active measures of subversion being employed in the 60's and his comment that Even Comrade Andropov would have never dreamed of such success. "You have Americans doing it to other Americans". mass media, entertainment, politicians all educated in the marxist leninist concepts. You are stuck with them. To get rid of them you need another 15-20 years to educare at least one generation of patriotic common sense people.
    I don't see how that happens.
    That said - at 70 I'm willing to try to help, but no one that I know of can tell me what to aim at - figuratively speaking.
    I plan to live out the rest best I can and let the kids deal with their own bad decision making.

  13. Hey t-FaT, sorry I disagreed with you all those years ago at WRSA and said THE number was 150 million. Yet again we have the generational finger pointing nonsense infighting. After this bullshit I agree with you NOW... 300 million plus is correct. :)

    Grey Ghost

  14. Arguing and slinging insults over which generation one comes from? Really? At a time when we should all be finding common ground, cultivating friendships, helping one another, finding a group that enhances each others strengths, training together for the bad shit that's coming, and you know it is. This is no time to be tearing each other down. You should all rethink what you just said in this post. We should be directing our anger not amongst ourselves but those in high places, pulling our strings. Ohio Guy

    1. Exactly right. Dividing us into groups that will fight with each other is a politician's game to keep us distracted from their crimes and looting. Boomers vs. Gen X, Black vs. White, BLM vs. cops, Vaxxed vs. Un-Vaxxed, etc., etc. The politicians were the ones who sent the good paying jobs overseas, so that it took two incomes to raise a family. The politicians are the ones raising taxes and flooding the country with illegals. The only conflict should be between the politicians and all of the rest of us.

  15. @Watchu talking about Willis: Man you are so off base with the facts: The boomer generation ended in 1964 there were NO legal abortions (1972 was the year), the debt was 311,712,899,257.30 (yeah that is billions for those who can’t count that far) a far cry from what it is today, or what it is every generation since, way before Trillions was used to describe debt. Illegal aliens, are you kidding me? Have you never heard of the boomer “Operation Wetback”, look it up if you are so ignorant? That was done during the boomer years, sending the illegals back to Mexico, yeah I know unheard of today, or yesterday. The Rolling Stones… didn’t get a #1 hit in the US until 1966, you are so clueless. You are dishing the wrong generation. Yeah the good old days, back when you could buy a gun from a magazine and have it delivered to your house with no paperwork or government interference. What generation decided that law? It’s funny to me, when I see y’all dishing the boomer generation, but here where I live, I don’t see much difference between generations & what has changed from the peoples side, it’s just government that has changed and all the rules and new laws.

    1. Ozark

      I get that math is hard, and thinking harder, but damn boy!

      So the last boomer was ‘born’ in 64, so that means? (you can call a friend or your mom for help, and take your socks off for the math)

      I was born 65, my teen years were 78-81, I still think of myself as an 80’s kid and listen to 80’s music. My adult years began in 82 when I joined up. I went mustang and made 2nd Lt. in 86. Career and family established in late 80’s and 90’s. 30+ years of service (and way too may ballistic body piercings later) and I (medically) retired (that’s what taking a 5.45 to the knee that turns you just enough so that the follow-up .50 ‘bounces’ off your SAPI instead off … splattering you does) as (still) a Major (my ‘superiors’ were and still are ‘all’ boomers).

      So? Boomers teen/young adult decades were the (sick) sixties and (freak) seventies. When did feminism take hold? When did the ‘free-love’ pill start general widespread use? When did (young, child-bearing age) women demand that abortion be available? Who voted for Kennedy’s immigration deal? Who was in charge with boom-and-bust economics, welfare-freebies, pandering to ethnics, exporting jobs, ….? That’d be boomers.

      All the things you claim were boomer, were done by silent and greatest adults when you were still wacking off to Jane Fonda pictures and cosplaying marxist revolutionary in your tie-dyed CND shirt. All the things that you blame other generations for were done by yours (and are still being done by yours – you just wont let go of the reins, power, money). Seriously, look to how many movers-and-shakers are still boomers even now. Every f*ck-up for the last 30 years is on you boomers. Every. F*cking. One!

    2. Anonymous: Kennedy's immigration deal was passed in 1965. The voting age was 21 then. You could look it up.
      So the answer would be, yet again, The Silent Generation (1925-1945) did that. No Boomer was even of voting age when it passed, and exactly zero Boomers had voted Kennedy or his 99 Senate colleagues into office.

      Oops. That was all news to you, wasn't it?

      Then maybe look up what age the SCOTUS justices were who ruled in favor of Roe V. Wade.
      And how old Roe was, and when the original suit was filed.
      [Hint: Silent Generation, yet again, for Roe, and far older and earlier generations for SCOTUS.]

      BTW, Boom-and-bust economics have been the rule in this country going back to...ever.

      Maybe stop by the VA, and have them pull your bullet out of the foot that was in your mouth when you shot yourself. And when you see him, punch your history teacher in the mouth, and demand a refund of your tuition.

      I get that math is hard, and thinking harder, but damn boy!

    3. Nope, nothing new but obviously reading is hard (especially when you're somebody renowned for interpreting anything just way he wants)..

      Like you I’m sure, I know many women who decry the biased ‘family’ court system but who gleefully take advantage of it when it’s ‘their turn’. There are uncounted idiotic pieces of legislation enacted almost continuously, what is decisive is whether it is then taken up and used by ‘the masses’.

      As I pointed out, when a generation was born is irrelevant, it’s when it becomes dominant. So who was, and is, it who took gleeful advantage of Kennedy’s act? (It was enacted in 65 but when did its effects kick in) Who was it who took advantage of Roe? (when exactly, and by whom, did the massacre of the innocents start drastically rising) Who was it who has taken the national debt to unimaginable levels? Who has been in charge throughout the decline, the shipping out of jobs, the mass immigration, the whole covid mess? That would be boomers. All, not even close, just as most of the silent generation were almost apolitical,

      I’ve generally enjoyed your site and posts even when you’re living in ‘my little dysfunctional corner of the world really is what happens everywhere else’ delusions but ‘shoot yourself in the foot’? Damn boy, pot meet kettle (you’ve had to back-track and ‘re-phrase’ so much shit lately, and filter out those who point that out, it’s/you’ve become a standing joke). I get your desperate need to be the smartest guy in the room, but apocryphal isn’t the plural of data and we both know just how ‘restrained’ your prose becomes in the real world when you’re not hiding on the internet (you may not remember me, but I remember you. You were an opinionated pissant then, nothing much changed then).

  16. Point of order: the oldest Boomer was only 20 in 1965, so likely more than half of Gen Xers are the spawn of the Silent Generation (1925-1945).
    Which generation included most of the exact douchenozzles responsible for the juvenile delinquent '50s and the turbulent '60s, as well as thinking up and enacting all the ills BCE mentioned, as Boomers couldn't even vote until 1966, and couldn't all vote until 1982. (Anyone: Google who won the 1984 presidential election, and by how much, and get back to us.) FTR, no-fault divorce - which ended the nuclear family - was enacted before a single Boomer could vote for anything but Prom Queen and Class President.

    Just a few examples of the Silent Generation:

    "Hanoi" Jane Fonda: b. 1937
    Tom Hayden: b. 1939
    Abbie Hoffman: b. 1936
    Malcolm X: b. 1925
    Angela Davis: b. 1944
    George Carlin: b. 1937
    Lenny Bruce: b. 1925
    The Beatles: b. 1940 x 2, 1942, and 1943

    The problem isn't what people know, it's what they think they know that just isn't so.

    It's also apples-to-pineapples to compare the Boomers born in the late 1940s with the ones born in the early 1960s.

    The only thing Boomers have in common with each other is all being born from 1945 to 1964. Period.
    There are salt-of-the-earth types and flaming assholes in every demographic generation. Boomers, being exactly a hugely larger group than any other generation of Americans, have more of both categories than any other generation.
    Anything else is nonsense in search of a proof.

    The decline some people bitch about was begun in the early 1970s.
    If anyone wants to blame that on boomers, please post a list of the 25 y.o. CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations in 1970 and subsequent years. I'll wait. Once again, the real gripe is with the Silent Generation.
    Boomers got hit with that shit just as hard. They just weren't as obnoxiously whiny or entitled about life as subsequent generations, because they didn't grow up with the internet as their babysitter and chalkboard.

    "Any man who judges by the group is a peawit." - 1st Sgt. Buster Kilrain, 20th Maine Inf. Regiment, Gettysburg

    I don't care when anyone was born, nor what nominal generation they belong to.
    I just ask and expect that they don't be a dick or a crybaby.
    That never flies, and never will.

    Just saying.

    1. Uh huh. You own a house? Have savings? Medical benefits/insurance? A car newer than 15 years? Grew up with free speech and the opportunity to buy non-neutered weapons? Where you the racial majority in your hometown?

      If yes to any of these, respectfully, eat shit and show some fucking appreciation that you lived in a relatively good era, while those younger than you didn't have such opportunities.

      The reason why you get blamed for the horrors that befell America is largely due to your generations utter denial of any wrongdoing.

    2. Did you serve? What did you do with gi benefits, get a trade or degree? How about moving? What is your pastkme 40's and games, whime on

    3. Yes I did serve, my GI bill went to college like I was told. It wasn't enough to pay for it all. I don't watch niggerball, I prep and awaken others.

    4. I really don't give a damn what generation you're from. Treat me well, and I'll treat you better. Treat me poorly, and I'll treat you worse.

      Follow the Golden Rule: "Don't be a douchebag."

      Just curious, who has ever read about any generational distinctions before the 1960's? About the time commies started taking over the education system. What do commies excel at? Creating division and chaos among the people in order to weaken them.

      So, we have generations pitted against other generations. Those with money against those without. Races against each other. Women against men. Drinkers vs. non-drinkers (Prohibition). North vs. South. Etc..etc. If you think of any conflict that can be thought of, you'll find someone exploiting it. Dig deep enough, and you might just figure out what group benefits most from such divisions.

    5. @Whoever:
      Not that's it's any of your fucking business, but no; barely; finally; once; no; and no.
      Sorry to rain on your woe-is-me pity party.
      I guess that "obnoxiously whiny and entitled" shellfire landed right inside your perimeter, did a zone-and-sweep, and fucked you all up. Boo frickin' hoo.
      Sux to be you.

      Last I looked, there was no one at the Boomer Hand Out Stand giving that shit away based on birthdays.
      Never has been. That you think otherwise says a lot about your fundamental lack of common sense, or basic understanding of how the world works.
      Just like there isn't anyone at the Gen X or Millenial Hand Out Stand handing anything out either.
      Guess they forgot to tell you no one gets anything in this life they don't earn (unless they're a Democommunist interest group), and life doesn't owe you jack or shit.

      And my GI Bill was "Thanks, there's the door, GTFO." Over and out. That was all of it.
      I served, got dick for my troubles - knowing full well that was all there would be - and then worked my way through college to earn a degree that pays me well. What a concept, huh?
      You might try that instead of pissing and moaning.
      When last I noticed, the HR term for someone looking for a job who hasn't completed college is "high school graduate".
      I suppose you're shocked to discover that puts you in the minimum-wage class for life, right?

      So all your pitiful whinging amounts to bupkus, based on total obliviousness to How It Really Is.

      The "horrors that befell America" started long before I was even born, Baby Duck, so consult your dictionary, and find sympathy for your situation somewhere between "shit" and "syphilis".
      No one cares that you're butthurt, and your attitude has nothing to do with when and where you were born.
      It has to do with how you think life should treat you. (That would be the entitled part of "entitled".)
      Pro tip: the Universe gives zero fucks about what you wanted, or how you think it should run.
      It never has, and never will.
      "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, boy." - Dean Wormer, Faber College, 1962

      Welcome to the planet, youngster.
      Got a bitch with the hand Life dealt you?
      Call someone who cares.

      The sooner you get over trying to blame someone else for your life situation, the less time you'll waste on that kind of happy horseshit.

  17. Old Millenial here. Born 85.

    Just food for thought: it was largely Millenials that volunteered to go to war Post 9/11. Many of us watched the towers fall in High School and figured we'd do something about it when it was our turn. And we did. For whatever good that did.

    Boomers just got lucky. They were born in the era when access to capital and asset aquisition was the easiest it had been for at least 50 years. At least since the Gilded Age.

    Its pretty obvious that these generational events come in cycles as clearly outlined in the 4th Turning.

    Boomers get so defensive when the blame for our current shit show is laid at their feet because its pretty obvious that thats WHERE it should lay. They know. We know.

    Wonder how things would have gone had not 60k of the best of that generation been lost in Vietnam.

    1. "Boomers just got lucky. They were born in the era when access to capital and asset aquisition was the easiest it had been for at least 50 years. At least since the Gilded Age."

      And when would that era have occurred, in your estimation? 1945-1965, the time period when Boomers were actually born? When the oldest of them were working for minimum wage, and it amounted to $1.25/hour?!?
      In your experience, do 0-20 year-olds do a lot of capital and asset acquisition? On what planet?
      Just so we're clear upon what economic nonsense you're basing that assessment.

      Maybe, Baby Duck, you could look up a few things, and tell the class what Stagflation, the Misery Index, and Wage and Price Controls did for the economy, long before the era into which you were born. Just because everything before your birth is lumped in together with dinosaurs, the Norman Conquest, and black-and-white television doesn't make it the ancient unknown to everyone with a few more growth rings on their bones.

      And when you really and embarassingly obviously don't know what-in-the-hell you're talking about, take Will Rogers' sage advise, and "Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up."

      You're just dog-piling into a sinkhole at this point.

    2. :) still no admissions of guilt or gratitude.

  18. The question has nothing to do with guilt nor gratitude.
    It's got to do with you talking out your fourth point of contact, getting called out on it, and still not getting it.
    Try a crowbar and see if you can break suction.

  19. only tfA-t can save youz now

    come to tfA-t my dear fellows

    tfA-t awaits the rational thinkers...

  20. Remember no one is coming to save you. We say that for a reason see above. Yes some generations have advantages some have disadvantages. Boomers large population takes a while to flush out for upward mobility in the work world. Get z and born today have an advantage, lot more opportunities in the future except that to much manufacturing gone now. Stop whining, nobody likes a whiner, suck it up buttercup. These phrases have been uttered for eons. When you were born is just fate. What you make of it is all that matters and thats on you. The fourth turning book does a pretty good analysis on the generations and all the cycles in history. Which do repeat/rhyme by the way.

    There is only one book that will tell you to be content be content with what you have and you will be content. If you want more but whine, well I can't help you. Be charitable along the way though.