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Saturday, May 8, 2021

All Sorts of Weirdness

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First, Administrative actions:  Many Many Many Gratitudinal Thanks to Reader Porkypine.  Dude, you literally shouldn't have.  I can not get over the generosity.  I got a package in the mail... was told I had 'food' inbound for the new Springfield.  As well as 'some other shytte'.  OK cool.  Many thanks and dude...
The package that got delivered?
Holy crap.  When you have to count the ammo by weight, that's more than I expected.
200 Rounds Russian 7.62, 200 Rounds NATO 7.62, 500 .22, 100 5.56mm M193
I am so not worthy
I will pray to the Gods for your safety in the coming times, and Dude, since you have my addy, if you need an evac to a friendly state, yer always welcome here in DeSantisland.

Then, Wifey told me this A.M. that "Your hair is too long."
Well, DUH!
I've been growing out the top for the past 6 years.  Minor trims on the ends only.  Sides and back get shaved, but the top?  No fucking way.  This is what I looked like out of the shower this A.M.:
OK.. maybe...
So, went to a hairs cutter...
That's before...
You'll notice the ponytail on the counter.
Six Years of growth right there
Eh... it's hair... whatever.  Shocks Wifey that I'm not upset by losing the nugget cover.  Told her multiple times I'm a guy.  That shit don't matter to us, not unless yer a fag or something.  I can't remember how many times Xwife in an attempt to save money when I was a PFC -tried- to do a high and tight and fucked it up, whereupon I'd just grab the clippers, and reduce now-fucked up nugget rug to stubble uniformly without a fuck to give.

Shit grows back.
This's my concerned face <points at emotionless grill>

Then, on a bounce off of my "Friday and Branch Covidians", I got hot intel.
Spawn informed me about a near-tragedy in the "X" side of the fam.
Now, honestly, for the most part, 90% of them could die, in a fire, screaming and I wouldn't give a shit.  That being said, the shits I give are because it IS Spawn's fam, and they matter to him.  In fact I explained to him that the only reason that the majority of them are still drawing O-2 is because it would upset him if I went full on Rampage Mode and took back what I felt was due.

I'm sentimental like that
Key emphasis on "mental" in the word.

But yeah, he's also used that on his Uncle, Xwife's worthless controlling piece of shit brother, which if not for Spawn, I'd gleefully disembowel, and leave for the feral hogs in a field.  No love lost Aye?

BUT... the 'hot poop' is that XUncle's worthless son, my Xnephew got the shot.  First round Moderna from our understanding.  18 year old male, no real health issues but a minor bout of childhood asthma that he recovered from.  Got round #1, and 3 days later?

Full on no-shit fucking heart attack

At Age 18

Intensive care for 3 days.
"We have no idea what could have caused this!" said the fucking worthless croakers attending
Kid is still fucked up, and still got the second shot 
Man, I'm thinking more and more the divorce saved me in more ways than one
Spawn -was- under some insane pressure to get the shot
I hooked him up today with my own 'special remedy'
Homebrew is sooooo much 'tastier' so to speak
Spawn went to visit his cousin, and said he looks like hell
Damned right he should, as MY heart attack when I was 26 damned near wasted me.
(Drugs, partying and drinking caught up... what can I say?)
But 18?
No history of heart trouble on either side of the fam, personal nor family?
That's one right there that's a confirmed vax related effect

Do. Not. Care. what bullshit the croakers talk about.

I may not like the fucker, but damned son, a fucking heart attack at 18, with alllllll the side effects, to include myocardial inflammation after, an irregular EKG and now, they're talking possible pacemaker? 

At fucking 18?

Now, since my Xbrotherinlaw FaggotMan doesn't have any balls, I know if that shit had happened to Spawn?  OMFG... Lawsuits, you name it, all legal routes to be explored, and if all fail?  Institute Mark One Mod One Payback on the people responsible.  Sort of like how I am currently vis-a-vis Spawn #2, and the docs who fucked her head up.  The ones who scripted her the meds for her 'transition'?  I'm doing LOTS of research.

Hey there... I'm looking for you.  
I will find you eventually
Jes' Sayin' 
No more, no less
"That's all I got to say about that."
Forrest Gump

But yeah... That's about it, besides the hairscut, I'm doing well, and will continue the rage and hate as we go
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Cold day in fuckin' hell if I ever get the Sweet & Sour Coof shot. I ain't no lab rat and I ain't taking a jab if I have absolutely no "legal" recourse should my body reject that shit.
    I haven't even had a regular flu shot in about 30 years. The last 3 I took from '91 back I got the worst flus I ever had...the one in '91 was hell.
    Un-uh...I got an immune system for a reason.

  2. Dude, whatcha using to slick that mop o' your'n back with? If you like, shoot me an email--as a professional rockabilly guitarist for decades myself, I bet I could recommend a product or two that you might like and would work for ya. Hell, I coulda maybe even send ya some of mine. I don't have anything like as much hair as I once did, so these days a little dab'll do me, as the old Brylcreem ads used to say.

    1. I was always a Royal Crown Pomade man, meself. Murray's would work for weeks once you got it in... but you had to get it in first.

    2. I've seen a report that Gorilla Glue keeps the mop from flopping.

    3. Apparently, a certain 'demographic' tried that.
      Resulting in another gold-star on her Emergency Room frequent-flyer card.

      Only three more punches, and she is eligible for an up-grade to the 'saint george floyd' overnight stay!

      Hopes and dreams.

  3. Umm, that would be mike-at-coldfury-dot-see-o-em, blast it.

  4. Can't wait to see what the 6-12 month effects of these shots are. If *I* were a ruling judeolizard, I'd have the shots programmed to kill around the 12 month mark. Enough time to pass bs laws,disarm and cripple the majority of survivors before their idiot kin die off. Then I'd have a convenient NON-vaxed nation step in as "peacekeepers." China, Somalia, Congo- someone who really hates humans and has NO qualms mowing down a grammar school bus stop. One of the kids took the mask off- safety right?

  5. been doing my own H&T for years now. i have a shoppe set-up in the garage- even bought a barbers chair and all the trimmings including an electric barber pole from EBAY.. figure i'll do some barbering here on the island after the collapse..

    tfA-t is above exceptional

  6. Hair cut, what's that? I developed a distinct lack of supra-orbital hirsuteness at (f*cking!*%!) 22, so all I go for is a regular polish.

    Now, what little (I have more suddenly growing in my ears and nose than on my head) didn't fall out has turned grey. Without the beard I look like a (wrinkled and scarred) egg.

    So, can I just politely suggest you take your still colorful mop and shove it! (rub it in why don't you).

    As to the not-a-vaccine and it's (heart failure, alzhiemers, MS, ... causing) spike proteins ...

    What I'm reading is that "it will take approximately 48 weeks for the full development of ADE" so expect much more of this beginning in a few months.

  7. $20 for hair clippers and make the wife do it. Although, wait a minute, isn't your wife a hairdresser?????????????????????????? Also, why does the hair stop growing on top as you reach 50 and want to grow out the ears and nose and brows and all sorts of stupid places? stupid hair.

    the not-vax is going to be very bad not that we'll ever really find out because of the state media. Your vaccine has killed more people than my gun.

    and related to "ungovernable" meme. buddy sent this to me, this is dammed genius: if you look at a map you'll see what a bottleneck the tunnels are, esp on a weekend. Some burner phone, "some mental issues" (from article, not me) and report in some random car, total gridlock for hours for nothing............... and lots of popo very busy and occupied.

  8. I find that hate is just extra baggage that's not necessary. Although, when swatting flies, I do find myself saying, "I hate these fuckin' flies." Sooo, there's that. Calm and calculated wins the day. Hate optional, I guess. Ohio Guy:)

  9. Haven’t cut my hair but once since I retired in 99. That once was to get my dumbass free from a wing I’d just riveted a repair to, with my hair firmly secured under said patch. Found it just quit growing once it got past my shoulders. Who’s got time for haircuts anyway? Ain’t no one around to gripe but the dog & he’s fuzzier than me.