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Monday, May 31, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I might have to kill myself now.  I don't know if I can ever do as good a job as I just finished doing for dude.  Like seriously.  This rifle is the culmination of all my skills and info into one big ball of fun and excitement.
You've all been following it and me now a while.  Let me say, in all truth, this's one of the -best- rifles I've had the pleasure of putting together.  Smoothest, Z.E.R.O. Issues, right from the get-go.
Did 5 rounds at a time.  No sites... 10 yards only, just to see the groups and aimed -roughly- center mass.
First 5:
First one was 'deer fever'... a flyer.  The rest, nice n tight.  The second group overlapped those as well... unfortunately I muffed the pic with this LOL.
Wrong picture DUH!
Not having Sapper with me made it tough to do multiple stuff...  But anyways.  It ran like a dream.  One of the things I did before shooting was lubed it down with a new lubricant with Graphene?  It's called "Riptide"... thin lube... like not a thicc lube, but very thin, and seeps into ever nook n cranny. 

I put a healthy coating on all weapons in question.  The M1A also ran like a dream today as well, but my focus was on Dude and his Droogettes weapon.
He wants a 7.62 that his gal Friday can shewt all day long.  I'd say this'un here fits the bill to a "T".  You can see in the above pic I put the thick MagPul butt pad on instead of the normal one.  And the new buffer?  Now if you're just tuning in, it's a Kynshot hydraulic buffer.  On it's own, it's $140.  Yeah... for a buffer.  You -can- and I did, find it on sale.  I paid I think, with shipping $120-5.  Now, that being said
Worth. Every. Penny.
I shit you not.
I -wish- I got paid to advertise this thing, I need the money.  I'm not though but God as my witness... No. Felt. Recoil. At. All.  Add on the Japanese JComp 89 Version 2 muzzle brake?  Yeah...
All of the above meant no recoil.
GranBebe could light this thing up all day long.  In fact, there's so little recoil, it'd be a problem as you could end up shooting all day long on it.  At a current minimum of $1.25 a round for 7.62mm?  You'd be bankrupt in about 6 hours and not even have a sore shoulder to show for it.

For real.
The rest of it handled everything smooth as can be.  I shot one 'mad minute magazine' of some German DotMilSurp that R.A. Bear gave me a while back... 20 rounds in about 10+/- seconds.  It ate the whole mag, belched and asked for MOR!!!

Needless to say, I'm tempted to refund the Droog's cash.  In all seriousness, No, I have integrity.  However, I'm going to have to fight the urge to clone it.  My mantra right now needs to be "I'm broke, I'm broke, I'm broke, I have bills..."  No kidding Aye?

Thankfully I ship it this week.  Otherwise....

Now, the other AAR.  The Springfield M1A.  That was just a quick and dirty shoot.  Load 5, fire 5.  No problems.  Load 5 more, fire.  Wash rinse repeat.  No jams, no issues feeding and no wear on the bolt, unlike the first time I fired it up.  This time it ran like a champ, and for it's 'mad minute' I did 10 'mixed rounds'. 
2x German DotMilSurp,
2x US DotMil 147 grain M80,
2x Turkish DotMil M80,
2x 150gn Handloaded, and
2x 165gn Handload TSX rounds. 
Literally mixed 'em up, loaded randomly, locked and loaded and lit off.

No issues.  Fed all five 'flavors' including my own 4 handloads like a champ.  Also, zero damage to the shell casings.  Perfect feed, perfect extraction/ejection, which was also an issue the last time.  All in all, besides being at the shitty indoor, hotter than Satan's taint range, it went well.  Nothing like firing up some boolits for Memorial Day Aye?  As it is, -my- dead comrades would enjoy the idea... looking down and watching me get some trigger time while remembering the good times with them... It's the way -I'd- want to be remembered I know.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sense of Humor and The Universe

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
92 days and counting... That's how many day without rain we've been here.  Of course... that was til today.  Or should I say this afternoon?  Or should I say, no rain, but thunder and lightening.  Which was -of course- just started when Ranger J, Sapper and meselves pulled up and parked at Ye Olde Manatee Rod and Gun today.

The day looked promising.  Sunny (at first) and it was just me n'da boys..  It's been a minute since it was just 'manly men doing manly things'.  Mostly because getting Ranger J to get a signed permission slip from his wife is really hard.

BUT somehow, everything lined up, we gathered the equipment and made the 90 minute drive.  We stopped at a killer-good restaurant called the Silver Star East.  Premium grub man.  Like Top Notch Diner chow.  I purely love this place.  It's a throwback to the 1960... early 60's diner.
Owned and operated by a Christian family, lots of religious stuff on the walls, as well as numerous pictures and tributes to the Troops and patriotic Americana.  We found it by accident a waaaays back, and now it's part of the pilgrimage to the shoot.  The way we -knew- it had to be good grub was, at the first time we went, there wasn't a parking spot to be had, and there were at least 7 full on Semi trailers in the runoff lot.  Truckers generally eat well and inexpensively, and this place quals on both counts.

Today's was the Eggs, Bacon, Fries and Southern Fried Steak smothered n'covered in sausage gravy.
Man, I'm still full.

But, then we made it to the range... it's 15 minutes from the chow, and as soon as we pulled in, we noticed a lot of folks packing up and leaving a what-had-been full range.  At first I just thought it was maybe a large-ish group leaving.  

Then we got inside and the Rangemaster tells us they're shut down due to an oncoming storm.


As once said, that totally wallows in lameness and weakosity. 

So now?  We ended up back at the house.  Unpacked, cleaned up, and in the A.M. I'm going to this shitass indoor range, as I positively have to get the AR-10 tested and packed/shipped by Monday/Tuesday.  That and the M1A needs a test/workout, and maybe MY AR-10 with the Dragunov scope.

"Of the best laid plans..." etcetc
Oh well. tis whut tis.  
Even worse?  No rain.  Lots of clouds, the occasional rumble, but the rain was a no-show, and my newly grown lawn is a deader now, as I can't water it (County Man threatened me with a fine now that it's grown in) and everything is sort of back to normal, for the values of 'normal.'
I'll get into some political observationals later... for now I'm just not in the mood after a letdown like that I had earlier.  I literally was wound up at 'trigger time' and then a big NADA.  Always sucks.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Gift for Spawn

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A nice, loooong weekend ahead.  Tomorrow Sapper, Me and Ranger Jay are range bound to get some much-needed trigger time in.  Tonight poast is late as I spent the day recovering from a long, late night.  Seems the neighbors had a house party that ended at about 0230.  The kid apparently graduated from -somewhere- (high school?  no idea... the timing is about right) but anyways, the party was, for the most part quiet.  Didn't have any complaints til the end.  0230, well... the "diversity" kicked in full speed ahead.

Meaning that the now-formerly identified-as-black neighbor kids, (or at least their friends) went full on chimpout in the road, on the sidewalk, in the yard... all over.  LOUD chimpout.  It started as laughing and being drunk-loud as they were apparently getting ready to leave.  Then -something- went sideways, and it went to 100mph Lots of yelling, swearing, screams, "Nigger" this, "Nigger" that... at extreme volume.

Enough so that I locked and loaded the shottie, and sat on the lanai, observing silently as they went at it.
Bit o'fisticuffs, but no po-po, not that these days the fuzz are going to do anything against ye olde blacke brothas.  No real idea why it went that way, but it -was- funny to watch the shit develop.  

It all ended around 03/03:15... everyone piled into their respective cars and left, then I went to bed.

Then today, well, Spawn's birftday is coming up.  He on occasion likes a good cigar.  I already gave him my humidor that I used to use, that Wifey gave me when I quit, and I wanted to do a special thing for him.  I do artsy stuff on the rare moment, and usually DotMil oriented.  This case is no different.  A few months back I got some material to do this... first thing was a die cut stencil for an ammunition can:
You can sort of make it out...
I found a used empty Black Market Cigar box...   it looks like an old shipping crate.  
I had some thin sheets of cedar laying around, so I measured and lined the inside, and painted the whole thing OD Green, and then added the stencil...
I'm actually extremely pleased with how it came out
The stencil as you can see is for an H&K-23 GPMG in 5.56mm
Only thing I'm waiting on now is the humidity gauge (lil brass one from the 'Zon for $5) and the humidifier bar (also $5 from 'Zon) and it's good to go.  I 'sealed' it in a total of 4 coats of flat clear coat after I got the stencil on, to keep it from getting damaged.  I also re-painted the lock and hinges flat black for the finishing touches.

Spawn should really like it... it's a bit small for full size stogies, as it's for robusto length cigars, which is about 5.5 inches...  If he doesn't use it for cigars, it's still a cool crate to store shit in.

And it's really good to stash your weed in

Jes' Sayin'

I have another pile of 'stuff' to make another one... extra box, stencil and plenty of cedar...  Might make another and sell it... I can always use the $$$.   Opinions anyone?  But for now?   Back to the Jeopardy... Saturdays are cool as Alex is on, and he beats ALL the others who've been hosting.  So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, May 28, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Remember that vidya by.. who was it?  Now I have to google it...Chris Rock... "How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police"  A great bit that one Aye?
So, this's a pretty straightforward thing.
Well, seems out in Seattle (this's my shocked face!) they done lost what little minds thay have (had?) left.  I have -no idea- how poor Phil from Bustedknuckles can deal with living in an area that is so utterly insane...

Seems the IG there wants to give ALL the blacks a free pass...  make traffic stops “discontinued for the safety of both officers and the public and for racial fairness.”    The quote that had me laughing was: “Moreover, research has consistently shown that black and Latino experiences during traffic stops are different from those of white persons.”

Ya think?
I dunno... maybe the criminality of those is question should be a bigger issue.
MAYBE that's the issue?
I mean there are parts of the proposal and statements I -do- agree with... lets face it, the average reason(s) that someone gets pulled over for, for the most part, utter bullshit.  Revenue extraction from the slave class.  And that's not a color issue, but a 'we own you all' issue with the fuzz mulcting us for as much as we can take.

And when you can't take anymore, or you have nothing left to give, they jail you and literally enslave you for their profits.  “Stops for government-created requirements like car tabs, with nothing but a potential monetary penalty, do not justify the risk to community or to officers.”  THAT I agree with wholeheartedly.  However, with the caveat that making it about race?

Does this portend that only the blacks and hispanics are going to get a 'pass' on 'minor violations' vis-a-vis traffic stops?  Now, if this gets applied to everyone equally then fucking great!  I sure as fuck grow weary of the fuzz hassling people in general.  They are, for the most part teats on a boar hog.  Now if everyone gets a pass, cool.

BUT:  The revenue needs to come from somewhere and I'm sure they'll figure out a way to be sticking it to whypeepo.  They always invariably do.

Which is going to just make shit uglier.
Man, they be some seriously high motherfuckers running around out there in charge huh?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Up To Speed and Pancakes

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got the M1A -done-...
For the purposes of 'done' that is. 

There is always something 'else' to work on, be it a trigger job, rail mount, bipod... in this case when and IF I can afford it, there IS an aftermarket picatinny rail that replaces the front sling swivel.  Allows you to add a picatinny mounted bipod, as well as a few slots which will allow a sling swivel mount...
$70 for a rail is a -bit- much in my current financials...
GranBebe is outgrowing her clothes like a motherfucker as of late...

"Growing like a weed" is a serious understatement.  I can tell when she's growth-spurtin' because the way she chows down.  The other day?  OtherGrans discovered these lil baby frozen pancakes... we make sure the favorites are co-located depending on where she is at the time... duplicate everything to continue 'normal' for the means of 'normal' 'round here... Anyways, each one of them is about the size of a silver dollar... a big ole pouch of them?  About $8 for a huge bag, which has 'sub-bags' meaning they're portioned.  About a dozen per smaller bag, with the BIG bag being like a pound and a half...  Normally I'd mix m'up n'cook meselves, as I'm the head chef 'round here... that being said tho, Papi needs some down time now n'again, so's Wifey needs 'nuclear breakfast material' to keep the kinder fed and happy quicklike.

The last sitting of serious feeding?
Try two. whole. bags.  In one sitting... Easily two dozen mini pancakes.  And BTW, she -does not- eat 'em for the liquid sugar.  Nope... only butter on them, as she doesn't like the Maple Syrup...  which BTW as an aside... the stuff I have is real Vermont Maple sugar, from a farm I personally know the owners of... no bullshit syntho-maple bullshit allowed around here.  She doesn't like it believe it or not... but yeah, 24 mini pancakes, and no shit, a FULL box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage links.

Yeah... 12 oz of links... -the. whole. fucking. box.-
I was, as they say, fuckin' impressed.
That's "Infantry" level appetite.
That also being said, we got sneakers that she's worn -once- and she's already outgrown them.

<le sigh>

Whatever... so anyways...
The rifle?  Well... 

You tell moi:
Added the kydex cheekpiece.  Cut n' molded it myself.  Got the screw set on the Zon...  

40mm tubed Optic 6X-25X-56mm

UTG peep-thru scope mount.  I can use the NM Iron Sights with it w/out obstruction.

1965 issue OD green web belt sling.  REAL Marine Issue for the M-14.

And then, from Wifey, she found and got me the patch:
Funny Aye?
She understands me.
Only thing I might need is a anti-reflect honeycomb baffle for the front of the optic...

We shall see.

Otherwise, the range report will follow.  I'm personally very excited by the concept.  So, More to Follow, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Being a Dick, Graduate Level

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A long, stressed summers day ahead, along with a -bunch-o'stupid shit.  
So, while doing some digging tonight/last night, I went into my old humidor.  Xwife got it for me years n years ago, and it's a 1930s cigar box... really nice.  I use it to store my old medals, qual pins, my old ribbon rack... the dot-mil dress stuff I no longer use, witht he exception of my wings and regimental crests.

That's what I was looking for actually, a 187th Regimental Crest for my new hat.
I picked up a World War Two garrison cap on Fleabay a few weeks ago.  
(Dammit... can't upload pictures today... got the one above, now Blogger is acting Full Retard!)  Oh well take my word for it, it's sweeeet.

Like $5!!!  It's an old version of the 'cunt-cap' in Khaki.  VERY cool.  I dug out one of my old Glider patches we wore on our nasty-green dress uniform (I fucking purely hated that nasty leisure suit) and stitched it onto the proper location.  I wanted to put the crest on the other side as that's where you'd put it properly if you're an enlisted man.  Not sure what AR670-1 sez aboot it nowadays...  

Huh.  Looking it up, they still have it as 'AGSU' which stands for Army Green Service Uniform?  Huh.. I thought they went back to the browns?  Soooo... looking it up AGSU is the browns, or olive green apparently.    To me, you say 'Army Green' and I get nightmare flashbacks to that polyester abortion we had to wear back in the day... nasty ugly fucked up uniform.  HATED that thing to the point I literally cut the patches off of it, and threw it in the trash when I got out.  Nasty gross smelly foul.  GOD did I hate that fucking thing.

What's hysterical to me is the younger guys I talked to?  They all hated the blues that the Army shifted to around 2000.  I'm all like whatever man... we dreamed of the blues, but like no-one had the extra scratch to buy them.  And speaking of that, the new uniform?  Sexy as all git oot, but damned if someone isn't profiteering on that shitshow.  I went to the website to size up what it'd cost to get the new uniform.  "Obscenely Prohibitively Expensive" doesn't even start to touch that sucker.  The cost of the jacket alone is $400.  Nevermind all the 'other stuff' that they want you to have...  a full uniform, with Corcoran Brown Jump boots is like $1200 all together.

Even with a clothing allowance, that's insane.
So, anywho, digging through my 'stuff' I found something I totally forgot about.
Again, Blogger has fucked me and won't upload.

Long story short:  It's a set of Lieutenant General's stars.  Like legit generals stars.  I know because I stole 'em right off the General's hat when the fucker was visiting battalion.  I have no idea if anyone noticed, but he left his cover with all these other guys on a table in the briefing room

I just might have been the guy who managed to slip away and abscond with them during the Powerpoint briefing.  Word is Mon Generale was peeved like a motherfucker to have his stars stolen.

Eh... whatever.
Don't leave yer hat laying around

Wish y'all could see the pic.  Hopefully later Blogger'll unfuck itself.  In the meantime, you can view them at my other site:

So, More later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hospital Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems I hit a couple of nerves on Healthcare.  Man, you have no idea the shit I've been through, so I'm right there with you.  Got some horror stories, as well as funny ones.  For the newbies 'round here, having survived Iraq, turns out I almost didn't survive so to speak.  I mean I did, but not for a lack of the country tryna kill me after the fact.
Back in 2011, I went "a bit around the bend" in Iraq mentally.  Now yeah... fully within my rights so to speak.  I'd been there at that particular point since July of 2007.  It was September of 2011 that -something- ticked off my mental health and made me crazier than normal.  Got really really paranoid.  To the point Ranger Jay called the head office and his quote: "The loggie has lost it... you need to get him home now before he starts stacking heads."

So, they got me home.
Funny how one's head and body are operating on two different levels.  There's the conscious, and the subconscious.  Now... what I didn't know was there was something wrong with me.  Now my brain seemed to know -something- was amiss... and was screaming to me "get home NOW!!!"  Like I had no clue... I just knew shit was wrong and I might have to start killin' motherfuckers soon... 'fight or flight' instincts all over the place... so, Ranger Jay got me the fuck out ASAP that day.

AFTER I got home (in disgrace as far as the company was concerned, bastards... pissed them off that they needed a last-minute emergency replacement... no thought given to my condition, after 4 years of faithful and loyal combat-service for them... pigfuckers.)  Well two days after getting home, I suffered -something- chest related... thought it was a heart attack.  Couldn't breath.  Like OMFGWTF this sucks pain.  Called an wahmbulance, and they said "Nope, not the heart, we're not sure, let's get you to the ER..."

So, I got there, and some Pakistani Doc got me... thankfully one of the good docs... dude found out I had just been in Iraq and was like "Throw him in for a chest CAT scan... I got a hunch."  Turns out: Necrotizing Pneumonia... fucking dunno how or where BUT...  

IF I had 'gutted out' 'whatever' was making me nuts in Iraq, I sure as fuck would have been a deader.  56% mortality rate... stateside.  That's in a Class One facility.  After the fact, the docs told me I had been 40 minutes from non-recoverability.  Bullet dodged Aye?

I was loaded into the Iso-ward... they had no idea what made me this way or how I got it... just that it was deadly, and I got treated by people in space suits for the first week.  No visitors no nothing.

Welcome Home Big Country.

Long of the short, I recovered.  Slowly.  a PIC line installed.  Daily-daily self administered IV powerful antibiotics 2x a day... weakness, weight gain (goodbye all that hardcore work I did) and the cherry on top?  While they were constantly X-raying me (Fukashima levels of Radiation) to follow the retreat/healing of my tattered lung tissue... well one of the big black 'spots' didn't resolve... and appeared to be growing...
Sort of like that...  Mine was lower bottom left airbag.
Turns out, the Big C.
An at the time extremely rare form of an encapsulated tumor.  Aggressive.  Started out golf ball sized, and by the time I was fully recovered from the lung rot, it was going to apple, on the way to baseball.  Me and the Doc (not the same one, but a Frog from Canuckistan) had a discussion where he was pushing the same ole-same ole... the treatments that KIA'd DrDad to DeadDad.

No fucking thanks asshole.  Getcher scalpel and prep to carve this here turkey dude.
See, I've done a shit-pot of research on cancer.  Lots of close people to me have cashed besides dad.  Add on that at the time, it was up close and personal.  My own theories ain't worth a shit, but, proof is in the pudding so to speak.  First thing I told Frog-Doc was "cut this shit out now."  He demurred, and we went back and forth aboot it.  Wanted me to do 'standard protocol'... i.e. tons of chemo$$ and radiation$$ to 'shrink the tooma'...  I was like, no, cut out the fucker, even if you have to take the whole fucking airbag and we'll talk poison$ later.  Back n forth... til I asked if he'd check my psyche record.  He said no, and I told him that if he didn't acquiesce, that two days from then, I'd have a 'gun cleaning accident' where I 'accidentally' shot myself with my pistol while cleaning it.  

He looked at me and was like "You're joking but of course."
Me:  "Check the record doc... you got 48 hours."
I got up and left.
Next day at 0830 I got a call with the surgery scheduled.  They did a lobectomy.  Whole lower half of my left airbag.  Guess he read the psyche file Aye?

Fuck it.  It's why God gives you two.
And now? that was 2011... 10 years later and I'm still good.
Thing is, what Docs and shit forget, my body my choice.
Amazing how when it's abortion that comes into play, but vaxxes and anything else, Follow the Science!!! unless it goes against the Church of Covidiocy.  Fucking Aye.  It also, I notice really irritates the Docs, especially the younger ones when I tell them point fucking blank:  "You know what, despite alllll your vaaaaaaast experience, I personally have been inhabiting this particular meatsack for the past oh, say about 51-52 years... I'm pretty sure I know how it runs, and what it takes to keep running..."

They don't like hearing that... Doctor/God Complexes I've noticed.  And the current crop of young croakers?  Nope, not having it.  I'm sticking with my current frumpy 50 something South Korean Doctor at the VA who's of like-mind with me.  She's great... Engrish not so much, but still, she is awesome and I dig dealing with her.  Hard enough to find a sawbones that's competent, nevermind one you can joke with.

So yeah.  Now, humorous story during that particular shitshow.  Day 5? 6?  Can't remember the -exact- date but I was feeling better, leastways as good as a dude flooded with some of the strongest antivirals and antibiotics there are out there.  Vankomycin being one name I remember.  I literally had two IV bags for a while.  In each arm.  They had switched me to just one arm-one bag that particular day, and I was now ambulatory to be able to use the shitter.  I also was fortunate to not be wearing the normal hospital gown, but my gym shorts and a Harley T.  Much more comfortable.  Anyways...

Got to be around 2am, oh dark motherfucking early.  I had, that night done a 'deal-deal' with the nurses.  Being in the iso-ward, and being under intense almost-dead care, I kept getting woke up like every two hours for bloodwork and like all the checks and stuff... I managed to con the nurse into scheduling the checks at the beginning of the first two hours, and then at the end of the other two hours, giving me about 4 hours uninterrupted sack time.  I was really looking forward to it.

Cut to that 2am timeframe.  I get woke up by someone literally yelling and screaming to beat the band.  Like mad crazy expletives, hollering, general stuff of someone completely losing their collective shit.

Queue now-outraged Big Country.  I get up, highly and potentially lethally annoyed.  I grab my two lil stands, one that has all the monitoring equipment, BP, pulse, big 1 foot by 1 foot cube with a small screen on it.  Looked a lot like this:
So, I roll it, and my IV on another lil stand, just like it out to the door.  

Now, I'm in the isolation overpressure ward.  Each room is theoretically sealed, and overpressured.  Leastways it was when I first went in, (I think... good drugs and being at death's door sorta leaves me a bit fuzzy on the whole thing)... anyways, two doors, an 'airlock' arrangement.  I go through the first, and listened at the next.  I can hear the nurse frantically calling for help, and calling for -anyone-  I also hear one of the neighbors apparently.  Ranting/Raving... "I've got a knife!!!!"  That sort of stuff.  He's lost his shit or something... the PA starts calling a Code Gray, which I guess is code for 'dangerous nutjob?'  Not sure... either way I roll out because that's the stuff I deal with, and I was pissed at whomever fucked up my planned 4 hours of quality rack time.

I get out to find a Barney Fife/Paul Blart dude struggling with some hazmat gear, and old(er) dude with what appeared to be a butter knife in his hand, wearing the hospital assless gown, and raging and waving the blade... the two nurses look at me, and they looked terrified.  


I started grinning
The inner voice went: "Oh joy!  MAAAAAAAY-HEMMMMMMM!"
I looked over at dude, looked at Barny Fife and the nurses.  Everything sorta kinda -stopped-  I lifted up the monitor stand, and kicked the base off of it.  Made for a good war club.  I snarled "Get back in the fucking room!"  

Dude deee-parted with haste.
I must have had glowing eyes or something.  I was ready to use that monitor like a fucking club man...I was so pissed off at the time... like probably up to that point the angriest I'd ever been that I could remember.  That being said, the best thing is that after that lil interaction?  Man, the nurses were so happy/grateful... Extra dessert?  No prob.  Fluff the pillows?  Absolutely.  Got all the perks that I could out of it, and they made sure after that I got the 4 hours nightly by arranging the meds/bed checks/other stuff so's I could sleep.

Give a little, get a little.  Too bad I was still married at the time.  I wouldn't say there were offers, but the body language and whatnot pretty much showed I could have gotten a bit mor comfortable if I'd been leaning in that direction if'n you dig what I'm saying.

So, sorry for the late poasting.  South Tampa had a huge internet outage for quite a spell.  Two and a half hours of nada but the fon.  At least I still got paid, and got to get some minor biddness out of the way.  Speaking of which, I finished dude's rifle.  
Testing it this weekend, hopefully shipping it shortly after.
Came out really nice
So, more to follow, 
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Demographics Don't Lie

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well now... so I do some work in the healthcare industry.  The what and why isn't important.  That being said though, the observations I have tell me that better to die balls deep in brass, surrounded by my enemies, than to cash in in a care home or even at home without family.
DeadDad cashed surrounded by FedBro, his wife-of-the-time and MomUnit.  Home hospice.  Not cool but cool if you know what I mean.  Comfortable passing in familiar surroundings.  Peaceful.

Me?  No idea what the future holds.  -HOPEFULLY- something similar to DeadDad.  If not, then brass/dead enemies would be my choice.

ESPECIALLY in light of the trends I'm seeing.
Hospice Care?
Home Health Workers?
UNSKILLED Home Health Workers (in particular dis fukkin' group)?

Oh. My. God.

I take calls about medical claims.  Two groups I practically want to hang up on instantly are the voices of the Hindus, and the Haitian/Jamaicans.  And honestly, it's not a racial issue.  It's the ability to understand what the fuck these marble mouthed fuckers are saying.  The worst are the New Delhi call centers.  Something like 60% of -all- providers offices have outsourced to what they probably think is a US based billing office, but in reality?  The fucking workers and callers are all Apu calling from overseas.

"But Big Country, you magnificent bastard of Lore and Legend, how can you be sure?"

Easy my friends.  The fact that there's a significant delay on the phone, and an echo usually gives away the distance factor, as well as background noise, where I can hear the other marble-mouthed Apu motherfuckers babbling in the background, as well as the insanely-hard-to-unnastand accent. 

BUT The Haitians and Jamaicans?  The issue with me is the whole "don't trust/can't trust."
Muh diversity.  
"The Other" 
Dunno about -you- but no fucking thanks
I'd rather do the real deal, find a volcano, and jump into that motherfucker.  Better that than be tortured to death by some HooDoo VoodDoo motherfucker who purely hates whypeepo, but'll take yer monies.
Ahhhh yes...The Good Old Days...
That's from an archive of Heavy Metal Magazines...  I remember that story from when I was a kid, Give me the old-old stuff Aye?
Of course... Just to show what happened to Grandpa tho...

Anyways... The Mad Cohorts of Corporate and Political nature, who BTW will never be in the hands of some 'weird assed' VooDoo woman, is MOR than willing to import these folks to be the caretakers of our elderly and infirm.  Three guesses as to how that's gonna work out.
First two don't count.

Been reading a lot of anecdotes about the Haitians especially.  CNAs no less...that's a Certified Nurse's Assistant.  Your 'umble host -was- one waaay back in the day.  Worked in a nursing home, wiping asses.  6 months.  Ugh.  That was a nasty job that no one really wants to do, but nowadays?  The pay supposedly is pretty good.  BUT: it means your competing against the Haitians, who by all reports I've been seeing are more than happy to go all tribal and sheee-it with machetes in the parking lot over Overtime Hours...

Now that I think about it, frame #3 of the above comic might be more accurate as far as the care delivery systems of the future.

Hate when I'm unintentionally ironic.
But, I'm seeing the future, and it's a 300+ Pound Haitian Female with attitude beating our elderly for fun and games.  If not out-and-out robbing them.  The news stories are endless unfortunately.  Muh Diversity! takes the literal shitty jobs that people don't want.  And gets paid shit for it usually, mainly because the nursing homes, for the most part, are part of Super-Global-Medical-INC and are giant transnational, if not global megacorps who's entire existence is for profit over all other considerations.

Like Big Pharm, Giant Med does not give two flaming fucks for you
Unless it's in the pursuit of draining your $$$ to them and their shareholders

Long gone are the days of the Doc doing housecalls.

Although, some medical systems do have it.  Costa Rica does, and it's a socialist sorta-kinda... they have the DotGov mandatory healthcare, but you only pay based on income, with 7% to 11% on the high end, and the low being nothing.  The private based healthcare, which I used one time, is far more efficient and cheap by a long fucking shot compared to our shit here.  I tripped and really bashed the shit out of my knee badly enough that I thought I'd fractured something.  My knee swole up to soccerball sized.  We called the doc, who was a Nurse Practitioner, and a friend of the family.  He showed, did the once over, gave me some anti-inflammatories, and a needle for the pain (the goooood stuff!) and I think I paid, in total, for a house call $60?

Tell me again how this's the greatest healthcare system in teh woild?
Yeah, intentional misspellings.
More to ponder on.  As well as More Later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter 
Big Country

Monday, May 24, 2021

Well Like I Thought

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Took yesterday off.  Hit the wall on writing for a bit... 
Happens occasionally.  Coming up with new shit daily does wear after a while.  SO:

Not surprising me in -the least- FedEx, per usual failed to get me rifle back to me.
It was supposed to be back NLT EOD Yesterday.  Call me highly dubious as every. single. firearms related FedEx package to me Casa has 'somehow' been delayed/lost/mis-shipped.  And nope, don't think it's a DotGov thing either.  I think that -somewhere- in my FedEx profile that it shows I order a -lot- of weapons parts, ammunition, equipment and somewhere, there's a POS who's intercepting the stuff.  Unless I call and throw a complete poo-fling.

Which I did.

Amazing how fast a manager gets on the phone, even at 8pm EST when you start throwing the ATF bureau's name around.  Always moves mountains.  Of course this's after I request a manager, and get their employee number for the record as well as their name.  THEN I start throwing the words like 'federal weapons offenses', 'corporate investigations', 'local, state and federal authorities'.

Needless to say, I woke up with a package that went from 'late/unknown' to "Be there Today."

Now, do I think it'll be here today?  Not sure.  The tracker said it went to St. Pete, which is weird b/c St. Pete doesn't service my A.O.  Part of the reason I'm pissed is I -know- the shipping label will probably, IF it ever really gets here will say "Springfield Armory" and be a looooong flat rectangular box that's obviously a rifle.

We shall see.  <sigh>
This's what you get for hiring 'muh diversity'
And anyone who wants to call me racist about that?  Well, just Google "FedEx Stolen Guns and Arrests" and the names are self explanatory.  Juan, Jose, De'shawn... yeah... sounds like a real hardcore Cadre of White Supremacy there Lou.  Good work.
Readily apparent there's an issue.
Gun Girl has mad problems on the regular too.  Personally, I've noticed it's the Atlanta and Jacksonville locations that the shit seems to transit, and get "lost".  Either way, if I don't have it today, hell, even if I -do- get it, either way I'm making a call to the local ATF agent and filing a complaint.  Not that'll do a fookin' t'ing.

In fact, outside of the FedGov entrapping Mooslims, hunting "White Extremists" and the occasional political witchhunt, I haven't seen nor heard of a single. solitary. positive. thing the DotGov has done in any way, shape or form.  It's rather stunning.  I mean the pedo-busts during Orangeman Bad's time were all over the place on the regular, and the news was filled with various investigations that were needed to find and burn the rot out of the country's various bureaucracies...

Wonder what changed?
Sorry.  It's beyond me how this can keep going.  At least I have a hunch that the heat is going to be angling in 'other directions' I.E. the left going batshit insane on the current Admin.  Seems Slo is re-nigging on his pledge to alleviate student loans.  As in "Fuck you, pay us!" (meaning the banks who bankroll the demons).  I could have told them, anyone could have... ain't no way in fuck-alls sake is anyone getting anything (outside of a couple of freebux now n'again) from the Corporatocracy.  

A quick update:
FedEx!  Yay!  Got my baby back.  Whew.  Like I said, amazing what happens when the threats of calling the Feds do, AND you have the person-at-FedEx's employee number.  OK... Good shit.  Range report to follow, but I will say this:  The action is waaaay smoother than it was when I first had it.  Like really different.  Even Sapper said he could hear the difference.  Welp... good.  Fucking -should- work the way it was designed.

OK then... OTHER Subjects
The assholes from BlackHammer dot Org?  Yeah.  Grift.  Told ya.
And isn't he special?
And then the blacks want us to take them seriously with gravitas and then I see shit like that?
WTF people?  
Then 'other news'... everyone is feigning surprise about the education system.  Meaning the very fact that is a festering cesspool of hardcore communist indoctrination.   
Color me shocked?
Notsomuch.  It's been blatantly obvious to anyone who looks beyond their nose.  I mean just how do you think the "kids" today are such fucking retarded fuckups?  Expecting full handouts... and all the blue ribbons they can get?  I mean shit... Helicopter Parents and Participation Awards and Prizes terminally fucked the millennials in the ass.   
Part of why Spawn is doing so well?  I purely kicked his ass both in reality and metaphorically for him to stand up on his own, and earn his shit.  Now?  He's making more than me.  At 23.

He's got a great woman, a new apartment, looking to buy a house, and man... even I wasn't doing quite as well at the same age.  His new car is kick-ass for a modern day Jap Riceburner... some Turbo Charged Subaru that he literally has wanted since before he could drive.  Scary fast, but man, it's not a 350...

So now folks is waking up to the fact that Teachers and schools ain't doing much but being a daycare and grievance indoctrination center, with a side of Marx and Race for the mix.

I think it was Heinlein in "The Glory Road" who said "After you spent years knocking the patriotism out of a boy, don't expect him to cheer when he gets a note saying: Greetings: You are hereby ordered for induction to the Armed Forces of the United States..."

No shytte there Aye?
Any wonder -why- we're where we're at?
Not to me.
Clear as day.
BTW: IF you've never read "The Glory Road" I can't recommend it enough... great book.
So, busy day at work.  More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, May 22, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, reading 'round me daily-daily, Mike at Cold Fury touches on the whole folderol about the splits in the DotMil, the Russian Ad versus "Cpl Fluffybutt" as he calls her (good 'un dude) and her Lezbomomz and the whole trainwreck that's on the horizon vis-a-vis the ability to protect/project the 'Murican Military might-have-been-but-now-is-not.

His piece:

And he's right.
But, as stated in so many other places the US DotMil, overall has fallen from being a "lean mean fightin' machine" to SJW worshiping 'muh diversity' and "strong, diverse, female oriented characters"  A.K.A. Mary Sues galore!, the fact remains is that a lot of folks, 'specially the civilians, don't understand the DotMil.

I know of what I speak, so pull up a beer or three, as that's a good morning beverage.

See, the DotMil has always been a social safety net of sorts.  Always has been.  Always will be.  '3 Hots and a Cot, and all the boolits you can shewt' so to speak.  A personal example.  Xwife's fam, although the majority of them hated my ass purely, the one guy in the fam who apparently loved me, and thought highly of me was Papa.  I get teary thinking about him still 'cos he was the only one, outside of Grammie (his wife of 75 years...  how's that for a record?) who treated me with respect.  Reason?  He was a fellow Combat Infantryman.
May that badge never be tarnished on a split-tails chest, Amen.
Rakkasan INDEED

Now, I never earned the CIB, that's the Combat Infantry Badge.  I -was- Infantry, and I was in Gulf One, but never got shot at, ergo, no combat. 

I had the 'her' version of the Badge, the EIB, Expert Infantry Badge, that I earned by taking all the tests of basic Infantry skills... the 'her' version doesn't have the wreath around it.  I wear it to this day on my hat with my wings:
It's Hat #2 of the same... FedBro got me my original, a "Black Knights" hat when he was in College, and wearing hats like that was a mandatory at Parties.  THAT one got snatched by some lil bitch... it was all grody and worn in like the one above... and yeah, the one above?  Those 'chew marks' are shrapnel holes from when Mi Casa took the Mortar round in 05?, or was it 04?  September 14th for sure, but there's still itty-bitty pieces embedded that didn't fully penetrate in the brim, hence some of the rust stains.  That and it's perma-stained Iraq dust brown...  (it was white as hell when new)  I refuse to bleach it.  The ranger-roll is also permanent... I always thought a ball cap should look clean lined, rather than ghetto-hoodrat... DotMil Whypeepo should always ranger roll ye olde cover.  I also occasionally touch up the lettering with a sharpie... it's going on 24 years I've had it... wow.... anywho...

I -did- get an 'honorable award' of the CIB from 2-8 CAV in Iraq in 2004 for some 'stuff' I did, freelance as a Contractor.  Meaning during my 'off time' I used to saddle up with 3rd Herd as an 'advisor' and went rogue.  I'd get off work, and the 3rd were my boys that I lived with, played with, got plastered with, and chased the occasional split-tail with...  We were brothers, and their LT was cool with the "SF Advisor" that rode along for some of the door kicking interdiction missions they did.  I dressed the part, Carried an MP-5, a low slung 1911, manly operator beard... no-one ever actually questioned if I was there legit, and I saw a lot of shit LOL.

So, back to the other story, how I love to digress and meander.  

Papa joined the Yankee Division back in 1935?  Depression era enlistment.  Meant he got guaranteed at least a solid weekend of honest pay, edible food, and if there was extra duty he took it like a motherfucker.  He lied about his age, he was 15 at the time, but he was insanely strong because before that he was a stonecutter in a quarry.  Made the medical cut, and looked old for his age... hell -everyone- did back then... it was a tough life.  He was Circus Freak strong, but really really short... always was.  I towered over him.  Tough little Dago, worked hard. ALL the 'boys' in the neighborhood were in the Guard.  Went active in 41.  21 years old.  Hit North Africa, Kasserine.  Lived.  Made squad leader.  Did D-Day plus 2, said the Normandy Beach 2 days after was a fucking nightmare charnel house...  bulldozers pushing piles and heaps of corpses... THAT gave him nightmares for years.  I can't even.

Made it to Hedgerow country, doing what would have been Mech Infantry, riding on an M-4 when his luck sort of ran out.  The tank caught an 88 while he was on top, and his squad, the tank, the crew, everyone bought it but him.  They -thought he was dead, hell, he told me he thought he was dead.  Two inches from the top of his nose, where the eyebrows just top out, the entirety of his skull was blown off.  Brains showing sorta-kinda.  Medics left him and the rest of the blowed the fuck up dudes for dead.  At the time, he just laid there, staring into the sky, told me he was thinking the whole time but couldn't move, and said that he was all "So... this's death.  Man this purely sucks."  His quote... no shit.

Two days later graves reg showed, and when they loaded him into a body bag he started moaning.  After having a "Holy Shit!!!" moment, they got medics and saved him.  No one else made it.  They evacc'd him to England, where they put a steel plate in.  You could see it as it was sort of sunk in a bit around the top of his now perma-bald spot.  

Long story... cool, but to make it longer, no bullshit:  He was slated to go home.  BUT

As an Italian, and "Men of Respect" the boys who were in the squad made one of them pacts that if one of them bought it, the others would get 10 'Jerries' for the guy... By Papa's reckoning, he owed the boys about 60 krauts.  Papa literally snuck back to the Area of Operations, and ended up at Bastogne with the 101st.  I think he was part of the 106th Infantry Regiments that got surrounded and cut off at one point.  He was captured, and they managed to escape at one point.  He had the POW medal as part of his stuff and paperwork that I went through when I gave him his most significant Christmas gift I ever gave anyone. 

Grammie gave me his old ribbons and medals on the down low, so I got him a new rack.  Mounted it on a plaque, with his ranks (ended up E-5) his CIB and his ribbons, all redone.  He cried when he got it.  Anyways, he went back, finished the war.  Funny thing was, I found him years ago in Discovery Channel... watching "World War 2 in HD Color", there was an old scene of some "Long Tom" artillery firing, and sure as hell, there was Papa, grinning like a fool, firing the cannon.  No question it was him... younger, but him.  Anyways, Nuff about that.  I miss him.

My original point was that every. single. time. the Economy tanks, goes wobbly, or the DotGov and the world in general is a shitpile, the DotMil becomes part of the safety net.  Part of the reason I was stuck in the Reserves was the 'window' for former active duty was closed for a while.  A long 20 months that was Aye...  It closed because the economy was dogshit at the time, and everyone was joining for the 3 hots and cots.  I didn't care about it, because my need wasn't economic, but social.  I fucking found I loathed and hated civilians.  I needed to get back in boots.

Papa and his boys?  ALL of them joined because it was a guaranteed paycheck and meal(s).  Part time for them, but when 'part time' is better than 'no time' you take what you can get.  And the females and diversity hires that are most certainly not flooding the recruiting orifices?  I wouldn't worry.  I have a buddy who I buy MREs from... Recruiter.  He gets 'extras' and I buys 'em.  Win-win.  Last time we talked, he said that the quality of said-females and diversity hire wannabes is so shockingly inept, unable, unqualified, retarded and in general, fucked the fuck up that he's still having issues making quotas.

So, that being said, and the way things are going, I'm not too worried.  I do worry about the gangbangers, and the other morons that DO make it through and into regular duty, but...

Combat is it's own filter so to speak.

My Drill Instructor back in the day was absolutely sure I was a perma-fuckup and 8-Ball, to the point that they really tried to wash me out.  I persevered.  And no, this wasn't a 'head fake try-to-get-him-to-quit'. This was a real deal try to bounce me out/can't cut it attempt.  To the point I was a holdover in basic/AIT for two weeks because I couldn't pass the PT Test.  Their own fault... They smoked me so long, so badly because I had shown up a fatboy, that my carcass never got the chance to recover properly.  Two weeks at the hold company, rested and fed got me so I smoked the final test.  That embarrassed the DIs who I -tried- to tell them I needed a break.  Fuck those guys. 

So, yeah, just another aside, I ran into one of my old DIs in Iraq.  Fucker barely remembered me but was more-than-willing to take credit for my being me.  Fuck that guy too.

Instead, I'm apparently one of those weirdos who's good at what I do/did.  Probably still am.  Fatter, slower, but hey

The pozzing of the higher ranks?  Not too worried there either.  Up and Out. 
They don't get promoted?  They're out. 
Not enough 'tick boxes', i.e. Ranger, SF, ABN, AASLT, whathaveyou, Out.  
Any. Down-checks. At. ALL?  Out.
Bad OER? Out.
Stalin killed motherfuckers literally.  Today's modern DotMil does it administratively.  Less bloody, but far cleaner and just as functional.  A dead career is a dead career, followed by Contracting 101.  And if they were fucktards in the DotMil?  They never last as contractors.  

Ask me how I know Aye?

Combat and efficient use of combat troops, never mind training competent combat troops is an art form.  Watch Angry Cops on YouTube for examples of how fucked our forces are currently.  

Currently... key word
Because IF and when we need the real deal, trust me, it'll (the real DotMil) will come roaring back to life, and I -highly doubt- we per se as Patriots need to worry.  I'd be far more concerned about the Chinese troops in Canada being, or Chinese UN sponsored troops, hell UN sponsored anything than our own coming here at the invitation of Slo and or the Ho...

Because yes, I do think that they are that incredibly stupid and detached from real life. They really believe that we're part of a Grander Global Future with Kumbaya and hand holding and 'it takes a village' stupidity.  IF Riots go from 'stupid' (last year) to "Incredible Speed/Plaid", I could actually imagine them inviting in foreign troops to "...assist in our National Time of Need because the notional guard can't be trusted, the Active Army is forbidden from doing stateside enforcement, and the police are neutered and ineffective!" 

They'll try to sell it as "Peacekeepers" and use the example of every. single. time. OUR guys and gals went over there to assist with some humanitarian disaster.  Top them, it's win-win.  Foreign troops who'll have no issue potting and shooting Americans... hell some of those depraved foreign fucks would be drooling at the idea... leastways them sub-IQ Apefrican morons would be.  The smart countries would be "Ten foot pole time" and abstaining like a motherfucker.  They know what would happen.
Be of good cheer.
Keep in mind, the DotMil between wars, is for the most part, a social welfare program.
Let the motherfucker burn to. the. ground. and per usual:
Head on a swivel
Be the gray(er) man (if possible)
B.L.O.A.T. (it's finally coming back)
And Meatspace Baby.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

BTW, That And This:

Friday, May 21, 2021

Where We Are and Where We're Going?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, more cogitation of the grey matter.  Lots and lots and lots o'fookin' talkies aboot ye olde situation.  I.E. the recounts, the obvious intentional division of "us" versus "them" on all fronts.  The obvious attempts to de-fang, if not completely eliminate our police forces nationwide.  The corruption of our youth, the dissolution of the Rule of Law...


One can't help but wonder if there is a genuine plot by some largish group like Spectre that's behind the string-pulling that's essentially unravelling our foundational concepts.  Not for nuthin' tho, our perverse system encourages sellouts and being in it for all the money you can get.  Fuck everyone else, what's in it for me?
What's happening is obvious.  As well as plenty of "other things" going on.  Recounts for one.  Lots and lots more recounts and questions as to the validity of the election.  Trump is looking like Orange Jumpsuit in New York, lots of shit boiling all over....  Plus the revalations of a 60,000 strong unaccountable multi-branch super-secret squirrel Army of some sort... the kind of shit right out of Harry Tasker and "True Lies" level of secret...   Damned strange things are afoot... LOTS of negative stories abound about our Betters... specifically Slo and the Ho.  Seems that Kamel-toe got caught out with violating some ethics, (color me shocked)... and Slo obviously wasn't driving that truck.  Add on that so many negatives, from the Ministry of Propaganda means something else is going on.  

Now, break out the foil gang.  Gonna get weird(er) than normal 'round here.

Looking it over, all these "Qtards" who seem to think that the election is going to be overturned?  That fucking window has closed.  Like I said, ain't no "take backsies" on that shit.  "Never was" as the Astronaut meme said.  Add on that the guy that should have-would have righteously won?  They're gonna jail his ass.  So much for fair and balanced Rule of Law Aye?

Then the cops... looks like and rumor has it that they want the DotMil taking over policing.   Posse Comi-whut?  Commie indeed.  Add a DotMil national police force and that's a good start to a dictatorship.  The DotMil is almost completely compromised.  We can see it from orbit.  

Now... the how and where and why.
IF and it's a pretty solid chance, judging from the way things are shaping up that Slo is going to be 86'd for mental decline, while the Ho gets run out of town on a rail, as she can't be used as the puppet she was intended to be.  She's too independent, too abrasive, too hated, and generally too stupid to keep her suck shut.  

So, IF the President and Vice are out on their collective asses, be it by an overturn of the election (40% chance IMO) or a jettisoning of garbage (50-60% chance) that leaves who in Charge?


The gin-hag herself.  Not for nothing, but ever notice she's solidly untouchable?  Even when she almost demanded the nuclear football?  Ordering the troops around, calling the fucking DotMil directly and issuing orders?  OK... sure she's the Speaker of the House... so fucking what?


Now... watching the other side, the "They Thirst For Death" Republican'ts.  Ever notice how they fold like a lawn chair?  Their biggest concern right now seems to be keeping their side all together... shit I'm reading pretty much shows they're more concerned about a third party fracture.
I mean people are sick of them.  Leopard, meet spots.  Unchanging.  Why do they give a fuck if there's another party.  It's for damned sure they ain't ever getting a straight election ever again...  So why do they keep doing what their doing?

Well, look to history.
The Roman Triumvirates.  
This was where the Roman leadership formed a tri-partite government.  The first was an informal arrangement between Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey).  Both Caesar and Pompey were military men, with Pompey being incredibly popular.  Crassus had the dinero.  Insanely wealthy by anyone's standards.  Pompey brought the DotMil (Legions) with him as enforcers, and Caesar was the Populist.  Crassus was the finance.  They ruled somewhat equally until they started fighting with each other.

The second was a political alliance formed after the Roman dictator Julius Caesar's assassination, between Caesar's three most important supporters: Octavian (future emperor Augustus), Mark Antony and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus.  That one became Law because  the Senate actually voted and endorsed it.  It was a military dictatorship where the Empire was broken up into 3 sections...

Boy... sounds eerily similar to what they'd like to do here Aye?
Break the US into more 'manageable' sized areas...
With the 'power and consent of the Senate' more'n'likely.  

See, they could do it... sell it as a "Red Versus Blue" and that 'they don't want a civil war... so we're doing this for the children.'  Meaning that they break us up into politically  aligned states, that have the red states (production) maintain the base of "voters" in the blue states.  The "voting" at that point will be resembling and North Korean vote or a Iraqi vote under Saddam Hussein, with 99.9999% of the voats going to the uniparty in charge.  And the Republicunts will be on board, as they get their cake, eat it, and fuck the rest of us per usual, just as long as they get their percentage.

Fuck You, Pay Me.

They could pull it off.  The DotMil, being in the position to crack down and 'support our poor, overwhelmed, overtaxed and overburdened police' could start crushing any and all dissent.  Not that we'd hear about it or know, as the Ministry of Propaganda is hoping, praying and working towards the Uniparty Gift that keeps on giving.

"Well, the current President is (fill in blank.. illegitimate/demented) and the Current Vice President is (fill in the blank illegitimate/corrupt) so the Head of the Senate needs to take over -for now-.  Seeings that the guy who ackchully won is in jail, well we can't have that, and seeing that the divisions in the country are sooooooo out of control, we're gonna share power."

Any bets?
Believe me... Foil time, but I haven't heard anyone else come up with something better or stupider.  Just short of an alien invasion (which they also seem to be prepping us for) it's a pretty good theory.  I mean why not?  Plenty of fucktards who want the power but can't legitimately get it.  So this could be the route they choose to go.

Who the hell knows?
Rip it up in the comments
I'm easy like that
Just like your Mom
Jes' Sayin'
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Got Ye Olde Nugget 'back in the game' so to speak. Been working a bit of a project as of late. And figured that this A.M. is the time to drop it. Courtesy of Aesop and Concerned American at WRSA:
Now, for obvious reasons I no longer want to necessarily poast the COVID card directly.

Shamelessly stolen from WRSA and Aesop... love the name BTW Bro... not bad for a Jarhead.

Jes' Sayin'
Now, the real one?  Not after hearing about the 4-5 guys now under lock n key by the Federales. Gotta love the priorities. Fucking feds man... Bank robbery? I'd say you got a 80-20 chance at pulling that off as they're wasting all the resources hunting down 'white extremists'... In fact that's funny... especially if you get one of      those real-to-life masks of a particular ethnic persuasion. Wear a blackface and scream about robbing the joint for "reparations"... odds are you'll get away clean-clean.
Point is I -was- in the intel biddness. Gathering Intel is a hobby. Knowledge is power, and a little intel can make or break you. So I present a 6 week project. It's gotten a bit easier, but this one was a labor of real time digging. Lots of close up phote enhancing and filing through hundreds of pictures. The reveal? Try a list of real vaccine lots and in the case of Moderna, confirmed expiration dates.

Now, the Pfizer I can't confirm except to say ALL of these numbers were taken off of real-time pictures of people getting their shots and that the resolution on ALL, Moderna AND Pfizer was good enough to make out the lot numbers.  The expiration dates for the Moderna comes directly comes from them and their website, as the expiration dates weren't visible on the bottles:

Sorry for the format going whonky, but Blogspot won't behave today.

PFIZER: EL1284, EL0412, EL6208, EJ1685, EK5730, EK4176, EK5730, EH9899

Then, Moderna, with Expiration Dates:
025L20A: JUNE 28-2021
016C21A: OCTOBER 20 2021
011J20A: MAY 11 2021
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As far as I know, ain't no rule about putting this out there
Of course it's flat-the-fuck-out illegal to ask any Vaxx status as per HIPAA laws... theoretically. However, according to some: "Can someone ask/require to your vaccination status?:  No, because the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act doesn't apply here. The act prevents a third party (like a doctor or an insurance company) from giving your private health information without your permission."

Either way, throw HIPAA at someone if they're stupid enough to ask/be concerned.  If they're Branch Covidians, they sort of give theyselves away by asking Aye?  But at least the numbers above help with any legitimacy of your card.  BTW: Contact me anyone who did earlier... you know who you are, if you have concerns needs.  Email rakkasan101st@protonmail

And yeah Phil, got your email.  Got all the emails, just been busy as fuck with life and bullshit.  I'll be answering all the emails this weekend.  So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, May 20, 2021

FINALLY! Some Good News

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
'Bout fuckin' time Aye?
Longest month I've ever had to go through in one fucking week worth of bullshit.  Hit with so many rights, I was begging for a left.  Good news came in the form of some intel from Springfield.  Email showed up just as I was getting of of work.  I get it back on Sunday theoretically as I worry about the shipping companies.  

Not for nuthin' too many fucking thieves working the various FedExUPSDHL groups out there...
Insured or not, I want my motherfuckin' rifle back.  That being said, they included an invoice with a breakdown of what was done to it.
I mean shit... 
It was quite the list of 'shit that was fucked up on it.
Biggest issue?  Seems "Gas system out of alignment" was the main culprit.
Which I never even thought of.  Research shows I -could- have futzed with it, but as it is under warranty, and I paid more for it (on credit that is) than I did my first car. I figured let the guys there do it.  

I literally sent a 2404 with it.
Deadlined it Red X, no circle.
Figured it was the best way to get the exact issues across, as well as let whoever was going to work on it that this wasn't "Bubba's ry-ful".  I literally wrote up each round, what make, what load of powder, grain of projectile and what happened.  Failure to extract being #1, which the gas system being out of fucking whack would definitely be the issue.  They also refinished the bolt as on my writeup of what was wrong with it, I mentioned 'excessive wear' despite a shitton of lubrication.  I mean there's 'fair wear' then there was what was going on with this poor thing.  I worked on M-16A2 with Hydra-matic Lowers (only made 1968 to 1972 by a division of General Motors... a retooled Transmission line for making M-16A1s... later converted to A2s... long cool history there) but anyways, I worked on Hydra-matic M16s with less wear that this Springfield had after only 9 rounds.

They also listed that they had to refit the bolt to the barrel... Headspace?  Not sure.  Either way this thing better run smooth as a Prom Queen's thighs when I get it back, as I have -plans- for this bad baby.  Optics, mounts, a cheek riser... whoooole lotta fun 'stuff' future wise.

God knows after this week, even though it's not coming back til Sunday -sometime- I know that I'll be getting trigger time in sooner, rather than later.  If it gets here early enough on Sunday, I -might- have to go to the local indoor shit-range.  100 yards, single lane for retards... usually hotter'n hell and the range-geeks are uptight teen assholes who -think- they know something about firearms and firearm safety.  It's not that pleasant a place IMO.  The store itself is overpriced for such a volume dealer.  Sort of like BassPro...

I would never purchase a rifle nor pistol at a Cabelas or BassPro.  Fuckers are thieves.  Well advertised and huuuuge corporate thieves.  I actually applied to work at the local BassPro when it was opening, as I was between gigs and desperate.  That was before I lern't the trick of self identifying as 'two-or-more-races'... believe me, that works.  Let 'em -try- to prove otherwise. Aye?  But anyways, they didn't hire me, and man, when they opened, I was fuckin' glad.  I don't think my conscience would let me sell a basic, no frills Glock 17 for $600... I could never be a car dealer...  Only thing I -used- to get there was powder and primers... now?  Notsomuch anymore leastways.

I also need to put out a couple of thank yous... Couple of readers sent some donations for the Bullet Bean and Boot, and now apparently Booze fund.  My most 'umble thanks.  I also got a surprise in the mail today that's fuckin' cool as shit.  
"Utah Goldbacks"  1/1000 of an ounce of gold in a plastic-style matrix.  Had to research it, but apparently they're getting really popular in the State of Utah, as it's real gold, serial numbered, and man, 20% of stores there take them according to a lot of independent websites.  Mac, thanks so much for the gift dude.  If the return addy is legit, leave a comment, I got a thank you for ya.

Funny thing is, I think stuff like that above is going to eventually catch on.  Fiat currency is almost completely fucking Weimar right now.  I got another bumped up offer on the Casa... this time 10K MOR this time around... The rate of increase is like double the original what was it$800 weekly?  Now it's like $2500 per week in valuation...

Helicopter cash... cray-cray warning of bad shit to come, mark my words.

So, good stuff today, hopefully a good ending to an otherwise shitty week.  I also, FYI, reached out to Old Lady and her Daughter... told 'em not to move, that we could work shit through, that I understood why they did what they did, and that I didn't have issue with them.  The unstated was that if he ever sets foot in this Area again, I'll snipe his ass in a clap shot from the front bay winder.  I really don't think it's fair that a 90 year old sweetie like her needs to uproot over this.  She needs to be chill and relax, and not worry about shit like this, as they've already had their lives completely shit-show upended because of the fucktard.

So, More Later, I Remain the Trying-for-Peace-and-Good-Karma Intrepid Reporter
Big Country