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Monday, April 5, 2021

Undermining the Badasses

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Tell ya whut, no need for any food this A.M... might have to dig out the 'Murican MRE gum to help out things... y'all prior service know of what I speak.  Anyways, found out who the awesome dude was who donated so generously to me n mine.  Man, still can't thankee enough.  That being said, I'll just say that his location of Oz sparked a conversation with Sapper about some of what should be the most Powerhouse Countries by their past history, and seem to have fallen -so far down- "The Pozz Hole" that there just may be no recovery.

So, as I have quite a few readers from some of the Countries in Question, I figured that this A.M. I can throw me own thoughts out there, and the interconnected nature of just how questionable things are, and the projection of where things might be going.  Of course I might be barking mad in my ideas, but what the hell.  
Case in Point Australia:
Australia... a country founded by Great Britain back when it was still "Great" as a dumping ground for everyone the Brits wanted to kill, but couldn't because the optics even for them were too bad to execute a starving 8 year old kid for stealing a mold-covered bread crust out of Milord's trash privy.

A country, that, by the meme above shows that it's a country that God wanted to use for his own purposes, but somehow, somewhere, Man didn't get the memo, and still started settling despite ALL the animals, insects, reptiles and flora that He in his Glory created there are essentially Murder Plants and Murder Animals.

DESPITE all of this, the Convicts, by their nature, they survived and prospered.  Must have pissed off the Brits to no end... to the point they kept fucking using and abusing Oz, even to this very day.  King and Country Wot?  God Save The Queen....  Now... from  those heady days of the "Diggers"  and such, the country as a whole seems to have gone into some INSANE level of Progressive Idiocy, a.k.a. "The Pozz".

Part of the issue is that 3rd Wave Feminism somehow took MAD root in that place... like Teh wimmez there, that I can see and from what I've read/heard are completely and utterly deranged and out of control.  I read a LOT of new about crazy false Rape accusations, stories of out-of-control power mad Coppers, and Lockdowns that make anything here in the States look like "What lockdown?"  Part of the reason I believe is that back in Convict Days, the very few wimmez that were there were guarded and cherished, as there just t'weren't that many to be had.  Fast forward 200 years, and that indulgent attitude to them turned it into an Entitlement Monster.  Doesn't help that, like ours, their Media has turned into a Chines owned Ministry of Politically Correct Propaganda run completely amok.

Pity they got scammed into disarming in the 90's... ANOTHER reason-by-example of why to never give up the guns, nor register them.  They haven't got a ways of throwing off the shackles now.  Nevermind tat Joe Chink in his long-game has plans for all of Australia and its resources. 

Another country I hear from on the reg in my emails is Norway.
Just how in the fuck did the Norwegians and Swedes become such a neutered group?  Fucking won't even go that far into it... but to me, it's all part of a plan... a much wider plan.  Can't say who exactly is behind it, but damned man... they seem to be targeting the "Hardcore Pipehitter" nations first and foremost.  By hook and crook no less.  


The "One World Government", "Illuminati" "The Jews" "The Soros's" "The Freemasons" "The Deep State" and /or "Skull and Bones" or whomever... I mean ALL the aforementioned groups, real or not real, all of them have at one time or another been accused of vast, deep reaching plots to conquer Humanity as a whole, and many of them, if not all have been discredited.  That being said, I personally find it interesting that the "tribes" of Mankind, in particular the most violent and/or hardiest of our Human Race(s) overall seem to have been targeted for either elimination, and/or subjugation.

I mean look, targeting the "Critically Thinking Combat Troops of Humanity'  I mean you can't tell me the near-constant assault on the newly reformed and re-Risen Russia isn't intentional?  They, as well as the Polish and Hungarians have essentially told the new Leftist Progressives to go fuck theyselves Aye?  They're almost done with us here in the States. 

The once-proud 'Murican! Ideal fighting man has been effectively neutered, mentally-disarmed and subjugated by our own people who seem to be following a "Greater Agenda"... what that agenda is, I don't know, but it seems to incorporate making sure Mankind, as a whole are a bunch of non-fighting fucking pussies.  Only reason they haven't finished us off yet is that we still have ALL the guns, and some of us are still fucking crazy enough to go the fuck off if it looks like we absolutely need to.

The Vikings?  sheeee-it... Norwegian Men, by their own admittance, have become 'disposable sperm donors' as they have -z.e.r.o.- rights in their own country, what with their natural Rights-to-be-a-Man being completely outlawed by all aspects.  Bitches be running that motherfucker like an entitlement daycare, and because their men have BECOME pussies, they've been importing swarthy gives-them-tingles Muj, (Rapefugees) which has, by-the-by blown the fucking crime stats thru the fucking roof... bit o'a backfire there Aye?

The Beer guzzling Punch-You-in-the-Face Mate Aussies as mere shells of their former Murder-Country Survivor selves. No real legal rights, no real recourse.  Just drinking theyselves into a stupor.

Then, The Russian, the conquerors of Siberia and the Vast Steppes?  Currently in the Crosshairs...  Notice that almost any and all large groups that would, as by their nature be Protective and Combative and naturally aggressive have been slowly but surely ground under? 

Hell, Japan?  Poor bastards... they call their current male population "Grass Eaters" as in a derogatory term for the lack--of-balls and effeminate nature of the new Japanese Male.  What ever happened to the Sword Swinging Saki Swilling Kamikaze Crazy motherfuckers who used to get hammered, amped up and charge raging into machine guns?  Yeah... the birth rate there is so fucked that their "Boomer" population is fucked like Chuck, and their long term "Onsen" (which is their term for the purity of the race of Nippon) is gonna be totally fucked... they don't and won't allow 'imports' to come into Japan... their overall racism is so in-your-face, I'd love to see how a fucking ghetto hood rat would react to the "Nigger King" clothing chain...
Makes ya wonder just what the fuck is going on.
I mean I can see the pattern.  It's the fact that it appears to be so covert... so intangible... a series of co-incidences so vast and unreal... but the fact remains that someone, somewhere  wants Humanity as a Whole Disarmed, Disillusioned and Neutered into "Obama Pajama Bois".  Maybe I'm just finally around the bend, but man, after the past 18 months of literally watching 'Conspiracy Theory' become 'Conspiracy FACT' call me highly sceptical that I'm wrong. 
God fucking help us.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Not a conspiracy. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.

  2. The Vikings largely got mellowed out by Christianity, then Sweden's losses in the Thirty Years' War and the Great Northern War pretty well finished off any real Scandinavian might.

    The Japanese got a number done on 'em in WWII - it is really hard to overestitmate how badly that loss changed the nation.

    The US, South Irian - sorry, Australia, and the rest of the West just welcomed their destructors with open arms.

  3. There is an interesting book specifically looking at Europe, "The Strange Death of Europe". The author is a pole smoker but it is a good book ( ) , and at least part of it is the result of centuries of slaughtering each other having exhausted the Western Europeans. When you start to ask who helped manipulate Europe into these wars, you start to run into the same names that keep popping up....

  4. I have been impressed with Russia for a long time. Once even said if I had to leave America for another country it would be Russia. Mostly white and lots of Christian. Came across this read this week. Long but insightful.

    1. In his paper, Professor Caldwell discusses the pseudo-nation politely called 'israel' by their proponents.

      President Vladimir Putin did/does the opposite of fUSA bumblebrats -- he holds his people to the highest standards.
      And Russians are the better for it.

    2. *Parts* of Russia are white and Christian, but significant portions are neither. The further South and/or East one goes in Russia, the more diverse the population becomes.

  5. seems to me if you were going to enslave and subjugate an entire world for its resources this would be the absolute way to subjugate it. if this is GLOBAL this is extremely disturbing because it means there is a plan with command and control in place to implement it, weather terrestrial or extraterrestrial. simply is disturbing on many levels. the hour may be getting late. all data points to a source to what may be derived in time, hopefully before it's too late for countermeasures to be implemented. Either way it's going to be a long hard struggle that many may not be prepared for and such as the world has never before seen in all its history and will never see again.

    Matthew 24:13
    King James Version
    13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

  6. You hit the nail on the head. The end of western civilisation was pre-ordained as soon as all women were given the vote (those who had property, paid taxes and thus had skin-in-the-game already had the vote just like men. Men were all given the vote when after WW1 they realised they all had skin by the requirement they fight and die for the country. Women moaned and demanded the same without any risk or cost).

    Men and women think differently, have different perspectives and priorities. The womens approach (risk averse, feelings trumping facts, judgement based on shades of grey ‘perspective’ of who, what, where, why in justice, ….) arguably works best in the family (Hey, you’re not going to treat your kid who ‘steals’ a cookie from a baking tray the same as a guy who steals one from a store are you). In society as a whole it’s a destructive nightmare (that guy stealing is now treated like a naughty child).

    The growth of big government, welfare, destruction of the family (meaning expecting women to actually obey their responsibilities as well as all those rights) can all be traced back to womens choices.

    The amusing thing is they are voting for everything that will guarantee their own deaths or enslavement. They actually believe all the rights and privileges they enjoy are ‘natural’ instead of maintained only at the demand of western men (willing to maintain them at the point of a gun and at the cost of their lives). And that’s fading fast (I’ve been asked uncounted times why I/we, in The UK, haven’t ‘done something’ about the Rochdale types. Why would I/we face probable harm, and guaranteed destruction of my life to protect women who, whilst throwing themselves at any ‘ethnic’, attacking and demonising western men, wouldn’t spit on me let alone date me?)

    Women are always the gate-keepers to a societies norms, mores and values and ‘they’ have overwhelmingly decided that they want to live as parasites and degenerate wh*res. Well guess what, actions have consequences and when the barbarians they invited in (because they're fashionable and cool) decide to beat, rape and kill, and put them back into the second class/property status that women ‘enjoy’ everywhere else in the world I and mine will be sitting back, eating popcorn and enjoying the schadenfreude.

    Women wanted it, demanded it, voted for it. I hope they get to enjoy it good and hard.

  7. "...someone, somewhere wants Humanity as a Whole Disarmed, Disillusioned and Neutered into "Obama Pajama Bois"."

    Look no further. They were quite open about it in the 30's; had to go a bit underground when they got embarrassed back inna day. As for "conspiracy" to undermine America, it's been clear to me since about 2010, when Obama cucked to the Chinese building those damn militarized islands in the Pacific, and letting them steal our technology (including the data from the JSF program) without lifting a finger against them. Starting to wonder how much of the rumors re: Hillary & Co. selling SAPs data to them (including on our submarines) is true.

    Corbett lays it out pretty well in his interview with Patrick Wood. Also had an audio interview with Jim Goddard on the subject.

    Last, but not least, you'll love the tale of Maurice Strong of Big Oil running the "Environmentalist" movement. All of this would be hilarious if it wasn't so fucked up - when I think of our "It's a Feature, Not a Bug" fucked-up world, the word that comes to mind is "Perverse".

    From that "perverse", feature-not-bug perspective, I don't see the world as much as a contest between rival warring factions anymore, and more of a "managed" affair between controlled (but supposedly independent) "warring" factions, as more of a process intended to change the world, our societies, and Humanity itself to better serve those who control those groups and the process. It's like, the best way to ensure your side wins the fight, and that the fight goes the way you want, is to be running both sides. Or as the Wrestlers put it: "Kayfabe"...

    The key thing is that I think the Chinese see themselves as independent, and the "new heirs" to the empire, but are pretending to be very cooperative with the globalist Western technocrats... and those guys in the Old Guard somehow think that they won't be dead meat just as soon as they've turned over the keys and have outlived their usefulness to their Chi-Com overlords. When that illusion is lifted, of course they'll turn to us Patriots in an attempt to save their hides, and pretend that they were loyal Americans all along, they just got duped by the clever Chinese, boo hoo...

  8. The short on this is, if you have morals, an education, show good judgement, practice some kind of Christian faith, and are...eeek...white, you may be on the chopping block. The KJV Bible gives a fairly accurate description of the other side's plans and countermeasures. YMMV. BC, check your proton. Ohio Guy

  9. I think what you're seeing is countries that were effective enough to become very wealthy. Then very lazy. And soft. There's plenty of brutal mid-wit cultures that are hungry and happy to take from foolish, weak, lazy societies. It's just a multigenerational process that really sucks when you've been able to be part of the peak or tail end of a declining society's high point. And some day, when we're as effective as the Italians have been since 1946, some guy named Mohammed will be living the high life after laying waste, his son will cruise on his father's efforts, his son will will wonder why all these foreigners a coming into the country his grand dad conquered, and his son will probably lose everything and be a 3rd-class citizen where he was born. The last good eras in this country were 1875 to 1914 and 1946 to 1965.