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Saturday, April 10, 2021

They're Not Even Trying

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Man, they're not even trying anymore.
It's been ALL over the mass media...
First I've ever heard of it was on Gab with the links to "The Usual Suspects", WaPo, Huffington, Newsweek... 

I mean really??????

The Fedbois must be bored and/or disappointed at all of their MK Ultra False Flags going sideways as of yet.  Another Buffalo Jump as Bracken would call it, (more like a Buffalo Hump.. as in bangin' one in the 4th point of contact) if ANYONE rallies ANYWHERE.  One commenter on Gab posited that there'd be money to be made for someone with an Ironing Board to be at whatever rally to get the fold marks out them brand-new creased-flags of the what's obviously going to be a 'false fag event'...

Cmon Man!... at least come up with something original...
I mean how fucking stupid...
And the 11th of April?  I mean at least make it April 20th so you can get the tie-in to Hitler's Birthday... What the fuck does the 11th mean?  I'm still sticking with my 4 weeks and two day timeline... we shall see... Hell.. the Feds sent me another 'entrapment inquiry' email asking about grenades again.

Dude... I ain't got none, I don't know where to get none, (I wish!) and I ain't fuckin' rollin that way with no one rando I haven't done a deep dive on.  So Hie! and Away with Ye, ye scoundrels... go do us all a favor and go entrap a fuckin Muj or someone...  Us whypeepo tend to be a bit too smart for you 60 IQ'd dumbfucks.  When you have the intelligence and common sense of, oh, say, a chunk of broccoli, you really shouldn't be trying to entrap someone like me.  Especially since I lern't a ways back to behave meselves after my first close call with you fucks.  I'm keeping crayons inside the lines.  Makes it less stressful that way.
I mean really... How do you look in the mirror without cringing?  How do you face your family? Knowing that eventually, because of your fucked up career choices that if a civil war breaks loose, they're going to be caught in the middle in a 4G Guerilla War.  

Do you really think yer on the side of righteousness?  You and I both know the answer to that.  You lie to yourself, you lie to your children.  Your doing it either because you are a sociopath and bully, OR it's the pension that you're too cowardly to shitcan the job, and take a moral stand.  

And when and if it ever comes down to it, and the smoke clears, and any of you and yours do survive, (you more'n likely will not, jes' sayin') your Posterity will probably be going the likes of the Goebbels family and the Hitler family... changing names, denying any connection... erasing you and yours from their lineage, lest they be tainted and shunned, much as they deserve to be.

The choice is yours and lines are being drawn.
Be smart
Be brave
Be cool
Stop being a Fed 
Be a father whom your children can be proud of.
Not a Gestapo Agent whom history will revile
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Weird how the only people who know about these "White nationalist" gatherings are random leftist journalists.

  2. 411? You don’t remember calling information?

  3. here's some good news



  4. Meanwhile,DC jail officers severely beat a man and say they hate all Whites

  5. April 11 was my mother's birthday. Important day.... she would have loved you, BCE

  6. Gab was the first I heard of this supposed KKK rally. I haven't heard peep about the KKK except the media and democrats. I wouldn't doubt it a bit if the government wasn't putting a fake KKK rally together so they can say, see we told you the KKK is alive and well in America. They aren't but that won't stop them.