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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Something Very Very Wrong with Me...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yep... Just ask my Pshrink.  Paraphrasing Bill Murray in "Stripes" of course...
"There's something wrong with us, something very, very wrong with us. Something seriously wrong with us - we're soldiers. But we're American soldiers! We've been kicking ass for 200 years!"

And in this case, today's Lunch show I just ain't right sometimes.  Leastways the way Wifey reacted when I busted out my lunch for today:
I busted into that Russian MRE...  There were Three 250 Gram tins to choose from, one is Beef, one Beef w/Cereal, and the last, Beef, Rice and Veggies.  Leastways that's what the translation sheet stated.
Me?  I had no idea... I took the one that was most dented.
Turns out, I chose.....wisely.
Initial Impact:  Looks like cat food.  Smelled ok though...  Quickly realized this's the beef, rice 'n veggies.  I then went to heat it up... I did taste it cold, and TBH, not bad... not too salty, but had a tomato undertaste.  So, I threw it in a bowl and gave it 45 seconds on the Microwave.
Mashed it up before I nuked it...
Tasted it, and realized it needed pepper
And Holy Shit!
Like color me highly surprised!!!
That shit was the shit!  Like man, damned good.  Lots of Carrots, a taste of tomatos, and not, unlike the US variant, swimming in gravy or a sauce.  IMO thats a BIG problem with US DotMil issue MREs... 90% of them are fucking just gravy with random chunks of mystery meats and veggies in it, and they tend to be generic as fuck.  Tastes like either Dark Brown or Light Brown... and salt... lots and lots of salt.

The Rooskie Meal though?  Wet but not floating...  Heated?  Smelled really good.  Stella the Sausage Princess Pitbull was salivating like the chow hound she is.  I let her have the last 1/4 bowl of it, and she damned near snorted it up like a Hunter Biden at Tony Montana's desk.  So it gets the Puppy Two Paws Up.  

Wifey declined the invite for a taste.
One of these days I'm gonna make up an entire dinner of some Army chow and not tell her ass, and let her eat it all, then show her the empty wrappers.  Been trying to tell her I want her to try this stuff now (which I also suggest y'all do, whilst we can) while you have the choice because knowing now what you like and do not like allows you the leeway to build up your stockpiles for when there ain't no fucking choice.  Being a prepper doesn't mean you stock shit yer going to hate, or not like.  Best to have stuff that tastes good, is nutritionally balanced, and you have no issues with.  Like I'm doing with Ivan's Rooskie chow.  If my ass doesn't detonate and I don't ralph my guts, I know next pay period there's gonna be at least two or three meals of these bought and stashed in the survival food. 

The thing about the Rooskie meal is it runs $75 on the Zon and you can find them cheaper, BUT the expiration dates on the Ebay ones are usually past... not that that's too much of an issue, as seen by that lunatic on YouTube Steve1989MREInfo... Dude has a fucking steel gullet I swear...he ate, no shit a World War One Emergency Beef Tallow Food rat that the Brits had... 120 something years old... and he's still alive.  Nevermind in the game Fallout you can gather up tins of food from prewar, 200 years later.  So, I figure it's worth chancing. 

Now as far as that Russian MRE, it's almost 4 pounds of foods and ephemera.  Like 24 hours of main meals, crackers, jams, fruits, candies, and bullshit.  LOTS of extras... Including a small stove, heat tabs, matches, and amazingly, (which the US Army DotMil should include but doesn't) are water purification tabs.
So yeah, now MY reason for trying and liking the foreign MREs is, besides the fun factor, I -want- variety in my long term emergency food stores.  Sure, you can go all "Bison Prepper" and have 10,000 pounds of rice, and 40,000 pounds of wheat flour (that apparently he eats by making a paste.... bleeeech!!!) but man, that's surviving, not living.  As side note BTW, he poasted a note a while ago after going dark, FYI.  I mean eventually, survival does come into play, but man, if I gotta go out, I'd prefer my last meal to be tasty, and not purina, knowhutimsayin?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  2. Well, if you put on a fuzzy hat and start dancing around, you better post video.

    1. And sing happy birthday mr. president. I'll pay to see that. Ohio Guy

  3. Back in the early-mid 70's we traded LRRP rations (the early Mtn House meals) from the SF guys and they were awesome, especially the old corn flake bar. But when we did a 6 month MedCruise and swapped rations with the Royal Marines, that was the shit. Their 24 hr rations had everything from Mars bars, to tea biscuits and sweet condensed milk in a toothpaste tube. The only thing none of us got used to was the canned kidney pie and mock turtle soup. And I got myself several of their large P-51 can openers, still on my keychains today.
    The Italian rats had mostly civilian food inside, along with clear ketchup packs of cognac which tasted like gasoline. I guess to cleanse your palate with.

  4. Checked out those Rooskie MREs on the Zon; their price for small lots is exorbitant. Much like US MREs, they're only somewhat palatable price-wise, if you buy by the case.

  5. If you have the space the BEST food to store for future festivities is what you eat normally. Just buy extra every time you shop and !earn to ROTATE YOUR STOCK. There is a place for freeze dried/survival foods and MREs. Prepping is a good thing? The real issue comes when things go sideways and either the local warlord OR the local FEMA warlord decides to liberate YOUR preps to care for THEIR minions. Because you KNOW the Fed Gov has plans to steal from those who have foresight to provide for the parasites who give them political clout.

  6. You can tell a lot about an outfit, by how well it eats, or doesn't. I realized the US Army was a fucked up thing from the first meal I ate with them. I stayed because I didn't know any better, and me dear old sainted Irish Mother was not a good cook, and consequently I knew nothing about food. Dining facility or boonies, you can have your insides ruined and scourged by what Uncle Sam sets before you. I made it a point to bring my own whenever I could. I'm trying the Russian stuff.

  7. Our (UK) rat packs are still OK, but the variety is a bit more generic than the good old days of yore (1980's - 90's). I've been stuck relying on your MRE's a time or two on joint ops and I class them as like Pratchetts dwarf-bread - you'll never go hungry when you have them ... because you'll literally eat anything (including your boots) rather than them.

    Try the French and German rats (if you haven't already). Think Pâté de foie gras and duck a l'orange (tinned), and the German tinned rye bread is the bees.