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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Rainy Day FINALLY!!!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
FINALLY!!! Rain... Blessed Rain.  Normally a curse too the Infantry, lovely lovely rain is falling.... Man... Just when I was facing poverty for the lawn re-build.  Literally.  The amount of watering I've been doing is purely stupid level IMO for this fucking HOA.  Kinda thinking of waiting until IF we have AntiFags running around and throwing a molotov where'd do the bestest goodest Aye?

Can't hassle me aboot the lawn if'n y'all been burned to the ground

Jes' Sayin'

Which is something the Authorities in Charge of all the Shenanigans haven't seemed to cotton onto yet, as well as all Ye Droogs N Droogettes out there.  Bit O'the Ultraviolence could be 'kicked up' whence the kiddies begin playtime.  AntiFa patches and black bloc merch can be found online at Etsy and Amazon of all places... 
Couple of bux, and a set of all black BDUs and viola!  Instant Blac-Bloc.

They do False Flags
We can too.

Jes' Sayin'

So, besides figgerin oot how to get under the Powers That Be Skin, Got some personal worries.  My man Rain-man finally checked in.  Rain-man is literally one of my oldest friends in the world.  Been my best friend since we met and partnered up in 6th grade.  No shit.  Met him in 1986.  We were the class geeks, and vidyagame and D&D nerds.  Common interests.  Turns out where I was just seriously repressed, Rain-man was actually an insanely high IQ'd High Function Aspergers/Autist.  Fucking internalized a lot of shit, and we got along and had many a mad adventure back in the day... meaning I came up with wild weird shit, he'd contribute his ideas, and usually it involved gasoline and/or fireworks, and led to a LOT of gray hairs on both our 'Rents heads.  That and second degree burns and/or missing eyebrows.

So, anyways he's done really well for himself.  Became a prime mover/shaker as the "Power Behind the Throne" in a major metropolis... as in he became the Personal Assistant/Secretary to the Comptroller of the City.  The perfect role for him... High level organized bureaucrat.  he's about 5-6 years from a full pension.

Problem is, he's doing it for the City of Portland 
As in "As Bad as Baghdad" Oregon.

Between the lockdowns and the bullshit, he's been working remotely.  Problem is he's a fairly High Functioning... to a point.  He needs social interaction though... and he's NOT what I consider someone who should be left alone too much.  I worry about him a lot.  His main socialization came from travel, going to live bands all around the city, and his friends there.  Now, between the Bogus Beijing Boogers and the near-constant state of war existing in Portland, poor bastard is literally losing his marbles.

I've been screaming at him to get the fuck out, but he's steadfast in trying to go for the pension.  I think I'ma call him back tonight and urge him to go for the Section 8 Med Retirement... I mean he's got to have long term PTSD at this point.  He at one point had to go into the office to get some bullshit or other... said it was like having to sneak-n-peek from all the psychos who surround City Hall.  He's a fairly gray-man in his presentation.  Much to his luck.  Literally a face that's not memorable to the average person.  Average height, average build.  Very gray-man.  Allows him a certain leeway in his movement around Psycho-Central.  I really need him to GTFO before the wheels come off completely and evacc down here.  Hopefully I can verbally abuse the motherfucker enough into bailing.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Hell, if they have him working remotely, get him to be remotely somewhere else, I know someone who's job is in Nome, Alaska but since they are "working remotely" they are in Hawaii.

  2. Just heartwarming about how you are planning to take care of your friend (?). "Hopefully I can verbally abuse the motherfucker enough into bailing." I mean I can feel the warmth in a - I'm all f$%^ed up, your all f#$@ed up, Exsoldier/Sailor/EMS/Firefighter/Police kind of way. (Yes I'm the EMS/Paramedic kind of F%&$ed up myself)

  3. Back in the 80s we didn't have a name for people who were really smart but "quirky". People like that in my school, including yours truly, ended up not doing so great in the real world while the moderately smart people who were able to fit in did great.

    1. Yup. Loved the support that the nephew who "is just like Uncle Beans" gets, while they're still dogging me as to my issues.

  4. -_- a fucking pension. Sorry to insult your friend but it sounds like he's had it real good for a really long time and is getting greedy. Divine comedy just might knock him down into poverty and prison. Fucking pension- and I assume benefits- while most of us are barely surviving. Tell your friend in a nice way to get while the getting's good.

    1. No. That's a function of Asbergers. A functioning Asby will ride a job into the ground, while the business aroud him/her falls apart. They will take shit that normal employees won't accept, and it's normal to them.

      Think Milton Waddams in "Office Space."

      Thing is, often times, when the functional Asby leaves or finally gets fired, the business falls apart as the people discover that the functional asby has been doing 4-5 persons' jobs and is the only one who truly understands what is going on.

      Radar from "MASH" is another example. Sees all, knows all, when he leaves, the world goes to shit.

      Functional Asbys believe in the old 50's and 60's "The Company Will Care For you" bullshit.

  5. The way things are going there won't be a city government in 6 years. And the local warlord probably won't have use for a comptroller or their assistant.

  6. If portlandistan keeps going the way the rest of the country is going, none of us will be thinking of anything except survival in 6 months or less, tell him to gtfo yesterday.

  7. You may have to stage an intervention and kidnap his ass. Like others said, he can work remotely from a safer location.

    Maybe suggest he gets a pet. Dogs do wonders to focus Asbergers/Autists.

  8. For your HOA two words come to mind. Green Paint.