Monday, April 12, 2021

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Looks like the lid is already starting to boil off in Minneapolis and we haven't even gotten to the end of the trial.  Portland, shee-it... what to say about Portland?  Seems there this weekend the fucking lunatics tried to lock a bunch of people in the ICE building, and then this time were a bit more successful in burning that motherfucker.  
Nice folks eh?
Only real problem I see in this picture is there isn't an "after" pic... Ideally, there'd be a low velocity 'crack' and the asshole holding his hand up would be face down, brains oozing from a hollow point sniper shot from the roof and the after picture showing that exact scene.

All these feral animalistic assholes have no idea what games they're playing.

It's only a matter of time before the cops decide to do what they did down in Rio de Janeiro.  For those 'not in the know' Rio has/had a major problem with street stupid.  A.K.A. feral fucktards.  Most of them homeless, a lot of them underage.  They, with the knowledge and blessing of the judicial authorities, have been occasionally rounding up people, usually people who've been 'hassling' the local shop keepers, and 'disappearing them'.  For a fee.  The U.N. and damned near everyone goes off about it, as they say "But you're murdering children!!! Oh the humanity!!!!" <queue wailing and rending of garments and Oy veying>  

Here's the thing tho, that whole 'underage' thing is a miiiiighty slippery slope...  Very much like the whole Trayvon Martin thing... the picture the media used was when he was a ten year old, sweet cherubic-faced kid.  NOT the reality of the 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound (according to the autopsy) fucking MMA wannabe gold-toothed gun-toting gangsta-wannabe feral nigger who got exactly what he deserved.  To be honest, I'm glad Zimmerman made him 'good' because at the rate the kid was going, it was only a matter of time that he broke into a house with some little old lady (his specialty was B&E) who was home and he killed her...either intentionally or 'dindu nuffin' by accident...

So when (((the media))) start screaming about 'children', keep in mind they list here in the US as all gun deaths of 'kids' up to age 18.  When I hear 'a child got shot,' as horrible as it is, I think 'GranBebe' age...3 to 6...  'kids' to my mind, and most normal folks are 7 to 12, and then you get to 'teens' 13 and up... a 17 year old street hustler is not some 'innocent waif' and the Brazilians know it, and treat them like the animals they are.  And as far as 'reforming' or 'educating' these animals?  The soft-headed leftists and social-scientists want to say that they can be 'reformed'... the right wing realist in me knows the best reform is a 62 grain green tip.  And the Brazilians concur with my findings.

The disconnect is so obvious and the evidence is right in from of them, but the Pozz and Delusions run really deep.  Sort of like the stories we get, at least monthly... when and IF the Ministry of Propaganda allow it to slip through the cracks of the filters.  It's usually a story of a "Rich, left-leaning (usually) enlightened educators/doctors" who adopt some 'flavor' of 'magic dirt' kid, who, when they get a bit older, turns on their 'savior adoptive parents' and butchers them gruesomely.  Case in point, a chick I tried to date in High School who friendzoned me (bullet dodged there... I knew not back then...) who ended up growing up and becoming a card-carrying militant lesbian College Professor... no shit.  She then, after the bio-clock went off, imported not one but two Somali 'orphans' and adopted them.  Last I heard the two 'brothers' were in jail after trying to murder her for the third, or was it fourth time?  Seems she -still- couldn't de-couple herself from the Pozz and her Delusions to file charges after the first two times they beat her ass, stole and sold her shit (all while at the tender ages of 13 and 14 respectively).  The fact she's still alive amazes me. 

So, when I see shit like this:
I know it's only a matter of time before the shopkeepers get together and pool their cash (like Rio).   They'll then find a sympathetic cop or five, and suggest that it might be worthwhile to hire them as 'off duty security' (like Rio).  The cops, who've already been defunded, disrespected and figure it's time to 'git some back' decide to go for it.  Full covenant.  No brakes.  Kill them all, let God sort 'em out.  After all, Who watches the watchers?

The way the Rio fuzz operate is they get paid to be 'after hours private security'.  Then, once they've identified the perps, usually by the shopkeepers who've been hassled, robbed or assaulted by these animals, the cops wait until after hours, then actively go out, hunt them down, pull them from the holes that they live, and give 'em one to the back of the head.  Investigations are minimal, as everyone knows what's going on...  As Pablo Escobar used to famously say "Plata o plomo" (silver or lead) meaning 'take the cash, keep your mouth shut, or get one to the nugget.'

To give anyone who still thinks that the Brazilians are killing little kids, here's a list from the U.N. report itself of the ages of some of victims of the 'cleansing' of the favelas.
Viviane Rocha da Silva (age 14)
Cristiane Souza Leite (age 15)
Edson de Souza Costa (age 16)
Hudson de Oliveira (age 16)
Luis Henrique da Silva (age 17)
Antonio Carlos da Silva (age 18)
Wallace de Souza Nascimento (age 18)
Rosana Souza Santos (age 19)
Mois├ęs dos Santos Cruz (age 27)
Luiz Carlos Vasconcellos de Deus (age 30)
Helio do Nascimento (age 40)

Dunno... according to the report, the above were ALL suspects of drug dealing, theft, extortion.  To me?  And them ages?  Maybe the 14 year old might have been a bit young, but the company she was keeping?  Lay down with pigs, come up dirty.  In this case, it sunds like someone decided to take the trash out.  Another case:  The cops showed up at a house looking for a 19 year old dude who'd shot another cop.  They took his two brothers in 'for questioning.'  24 hours later their mom went looking for them, and the cops were like "We know not of what you speak."  

The neighbor found the two brothers shot in the back of the head in his garden the next day, dumped over the wall.  And the mom?  All of a sudden, she's screaming about how good her boys were and how "They dindu nuffin'!!!"  

The language may be different, but the song remains the same.
How long before the cops decide "What the hell?" and go full fucking renegade?
I mean they, for all intensive purposes ARE a gang, just under the color of Law, and that Law is becoming more and more weak by the day by dint of our so-called Elites.  They who hunker in their posh neighborhoods, not understanding that they're playing with fire.  Because eventually, fire burns both ways.
If the cops as a group decide to go "Judge Jury and Executioner" and add say a few politicians in their Areas of Operations, who's to stop them or investigate them?
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 
Who watches the watchers? 
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. You always cheer me up.

  2. The latest Minnesota kerfuffle is due to sumdood being pulled over 'for having too many air fresheners hanging on his rear-view mirror.' That's what the magic people said.

    And the kicker? Hit by a taser, dies, car drives 4-5 blocks before crashing. Or was it 'tased, crashes, dies?' Or was it, like George Floyd, a case of a hopped up dude on death's door dying because of what he did, and the coply action was just a side show?

    Dunno, truth comes out in a 48 hour cycle, always wait 48 hours for the real story to appear.

    Regarding cops going full Brazillian? Maybe the rural ones. The city ones tend to, by this time, either try to be the grey man or are full-blown progtards. Especially the ones higher up in the ranks.

    And who do we blame all this shit-show about prisons, children not being treated as adults, the high recidivism rate and all that bullshit? The Quakers. Yeah, the Oatmeal people. They are who, in the early 1800's, totally fucked up the American Justice System. Used to be, corporal and capital punishment were the norm. Most learning corporally that they didn't want to progress to capital crimes, and the few that did go that far, well, they deserved it, and lack of repeat offenders after the capital punishment was used were, well, pert near zero (there were a few occasions of people being hung twice and not dying, but that's because some idiot didn't measure or tie the rope correctly (my prefer method is short and tight enough to pop the head off the body, but I'm a sick mo-fo, so...)

    But the Quakers were the ones who believed in the whole 'reform' the prisoner thingy. Which does work, in a lesser number than those exposed to corporal punishment.

    Frucking Quakers...

    1. Turns out the chief released the body cam showing the female cop mistaking her sidearm for a tazer. Very stupid mistake. I can see this going bad in a lot of directions, and none of them good for the cops.

  3. If the cops end up "saving" us by extrajudicial means, then we deserve everything we are gonna get.

  4. A few local yokels and County Mounty types may try this. The FEDs will round them up post haste and make EXTREMELY public examples of them. Most aren't that smart and you never know exactly how many things are watching and listening to everything you say and do. Your cell phone, your Sirius XM radio, Wifi Access points your phone "sniffs", Siri, Alexa, Google, Bluetooth transceivers in stores, Ring door bell cameras, all the cloud linked surveillance cameras, traffic cams, tag readers, the police radio they carry, the persistent aerial surveillance planes up over all the major metro areas, your smart watch, GPS units in a ton of the electronic doodads in every car these days, etc... ad infinitum. All that stuff will cook your goose and the FEEBs of one flavor or another have the ultimate platinum subscription to all those privately maintained databases and contractor maintained custom front end search interfaces to google-fuck whomever they target.

    Just like the BATFE LOVES to look for and roll up good old boys who are trained and motivated courtesy of Big Green, get out and miss the rush and decide to become a Rip Crew kicking local drug dealers asses and stealing all their shit. The Feebs have task forces set up to look for dirty cops too. 99% of the time the stuff they get sent to prison for or kicked off the force for has nothing to do with the real reasons they drew Fed heat. The Feds are like trap door spiders. They will sit for years watching patiently building a file on a target, inserting snitches & UC narcs into their lives, shaping events in the targets life to make them more likely to fall into one of their traps.

    That will all change once all this planned out Cloward-Piven shit starts to boil over the top of the American Melting Pot. There's only so many feds to go around. Sure they can eek out some efficiencies with software looking for certain statistical patterns and other things but at the end of the day they aren't gonna have the manpower skilled and motivated to do the job. We're a year or two away from that at the current trajectory and velocity of decent. That's my really fucking optimistic estimate. My realist gut feeling tells me shit's gonna get real come August (the feral "humans" always start to lose their shit when it gets hot as hell), the bottom of the economy is going to fall into a black hole in September/October, and a 25-50% CFR version of COVID evolves courtesy of guided accelerated evolution courtesy of the "vaccines". Oh, before I forget, throw China invading Taiwan, parts of the Phillipines, etc.. and Russia invading the rest of Ukraine and who knows where else in there at some point. Digital Pearl Harbor's gonna be a bitch then too.

    But hey, look on the bright side. Your wife will never give you shit about all the prepper supplies and gun stuff you've been buying ever again. You'd best be figuring out who in your AO you can trust and who you can't. Time's a coming when some harsh things may have to be done lest they be done to you and yorn.

  5. AMERICANS ARE CHICKENS THE LORD SAYS,but it explains why they love SATANS WOLFPACK ,they know the police gangs PREY ON CHILDREN AND DOGS,americans HATE children,but as stupid as they are, they still don't think GOD ment it when he said "IF YOU HARM MY LITTLE ONES,BEING CAST INTO THE SEA WITH A MILLSTONE AROUND YOUR NECK,WOULD BE PREFERED TO WHAT I"LL DO TO YOU",hahaha,theres not a man in america who believes that,YOUR GOING TO HATE THE BIG ASSYRIAN..and if you don't know WHO he is,well you'll just have to learn the hard way won't you....

  6. In a lot of these urban areas there just aren't good guys at all, just less bad guys. Let them kill each other.

  7. Fun to think about, and great brain candy to go with my morning coffee. But Cops are trending the other way. The powers to be are working towards turning on each other. problem is,Cop unions, salaries,pensions, benefits and other perks have them guarding their own nests and they will turn on one of their own if any of it is threatened. Cops are safer in large groups,they just follow marching orders and hope they dont get singled out in some bad shoot...Like the gazelle on the serengeti, their safety is in numbers.


    I memed the Portland arson attack photo.

  9. BCE,

    Don't know if you or others here saw this; CA over at
    WRSA put it up as a topic thread:

    Black NFL Player Kills White Local Doctor, Wife, Little Grandkids – Media Almost Totally Silent

    There's very good reasons why the NFL is called the 'Negro Felon League'; this
    'good' (i.e. 'attained room temperature')murderous porch monkey is a glowing example!

    Obviously the Dr. in question did NOT believe in keeping the tools to protect self and
    family either within reach if not at all.

    And why he allowed this unstable porch monkey into his home in the first place??.....
    More than likely FAR too trusting, well-meaning, naive and 'nice'...

    'Nice' will get your throat slit faster than one can say 'rickety tick'.

    Looks like the late Dr. should have read Taleeb Starkes, "Uncivil War: BLACKS
    VS. NIGGERS". Might have saved his and others lives if he had...

    NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  10. This article made me wonder how many "black-on-black" killings in the major cities are deliberately misreported as such to cover for the times when a fed-up non-black person deals with a black "problem child" in their neighborhood and uses the large number of black-on-black killings as cover for their action.

    1. Read Starke's, "Uncivil War: BLACKS VS. NIGGERS"; he speaks very honestly
      and openly about how his own community (12% of the population) harbors
      the 2% (Niggers) that DO commit over 70% of the rapes, burglaries, assaults
      and murders in America.

      Plus there's the crime statistics that were well documented while O'blamo
      and Eric [pot]Holder maintained their regime.

      Facts don't lie. Niggers ARE a extremely violent and unstable 2%
      of the black population in America and they've been weaponized
      against America for over a century courtesy of the bolshevik
      created and controled 'NAACP'.

      The only 'misrepresntation/misreporting that exists is what
      has been done by those self-same domestic bolsheviks and
      the Global-pedo Bankster Masters, via their ownership and
      control of the "media/entertainment" organs.

      NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense

  11. Exactly like the Judge Dread universe.

    "I am the LAW, cease your illegal activity and prepare to be judged".