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Friday, April 9, 2021

Not On The Same Planet

 Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Well, Good to Know that The Lord High (emphasis on high) Emperor, King Joseph Biden the First, Kidsniffer Extraordinaire, Protector of the Realm, Coverer of Wayward Sons, Thrall to the Chinese and general Malarkey Marker, has issued His Decree to His subjects about the possessions of weapons in His Realm:

My only question is do these people really live in the same reality as us?
Obviously not.
ZMan always uses the term "Cloud People" and "Dirt People".  He's pretty spot on.  I don't always agree with his analysis, but the Cloud People Metaphor is dead-on IMO.  There's even a Star Trek episode "The Cloud Minders"... rather cheesy, but prophetic in many respects...
A Floating City, filled with the Leadership and Elites, who have the "Troglytes" as their laborers in the dirt, providing all the nice stuff for the Elites, and are kept from being in the high life of the floating City... no extreme luxury for the Trogs... and tell me how this isn't indicative of our current extreme social and financial stratification?

The very fact that Slo has -no- fucking clue as to what the Colonists had for firepower... I mean Jeebus... the Brits were on their way to collect the powder at Concord... specifically it was an "arms cache" consisting of privately owned cannons.  Meaning that the Colonists had their own artillery.  Now, going by the 'strictly interpreted weapons of the time', i.e. You can own the same shit the Colonists did, albeit updated to modern specifications, well... that leaves the DotGov in a bit of a Pickle.

Or "Puckle" as it may be...
The 1718 Puckle Gun was an Early Version (flintlock no less) of a Gatling Cannon... reason I call it a cannon was the bore on this thing was 32mm... THAT is a big fuggin' round
So, a 7 to 11 round Magazine, semi-auto Cannon, 32mm...
And then, as to the "No 'Assault Weapons' back then, I introduce The Kalthoff Repeater.
The Kalthoff repeater was a type of repeating firearm that was designed by members of the Kalthoff family around 1630.  1630 is when it was invented.  It had, depending on the model, between various one, the first being capable of holding between 8 to 10 shots, with a later Model being patented in 1641 with a removable magazine capable of 30 rounds of ammunition

So much for the utter bullshit of 'they didn't have those back then!'

In fact I read somewhere that Jefferson had one of these, or something similar.  Now, granted, they weren't common so to speak, as they were even back then expensive.  BUT nonetheless, if'n a Militiaman had the scratch, he could have had an 1700's version of an AR.

Fucking revisionist historians man, and lack of education.  Dumbfucks.
Nevermind that the Artillery in Question that the Colonials possessed were Field Guns:
Field guns, were lightweight, mobile pieces firing solid shot, grapeshot and canister in a fairly flat trajectory, could tear large holes in the Redcoat infantry ranks.  No wonder the Brits wanted to confiscate them Aye?

So... now having gone over this, This means that by Our Lords and Masters ways of thinking (or lack that thereof) We're to be allowed the same modern equivalent of what the Colonial Militia -might- be capable of fielding.  

So that means the modern day equivalents of these, that by their own definitions we can have would be:
For the Puckle Gun, The GAU-8 Avenger 30mm Cannon:
For the Kalthoff Repeater, ANY and all Modern 30 Round Capacity Rifles, to include the M-4
And for Field Artillery, the M777 UFH (Ultra-lightweight Field Howitzer) 155mm Lightweight Towed Artillery will do juuuuuust fine.
Now that we've essentially disassembled their arguments, I personally think they need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.  The Second Amendment wasn't aimed at limiting the possession of firepower, but to provide a tool for limit the government from overreaching and imposing it's illegal will on the People.

Uneducated Dolts.
Be Careful what you say that we can have.
Because eventually we're going to hold you to it

I personally would love to see one of the larger Gun Rights Advocates try and push that argument in a Courtroom setting.  Seeing that the Politicos constantly harp on how "They didn't have that back then!" and "They never intended!"  All of it completely and verifiable historically bullshit.

They even had laws in many areas that you absolutely positively needed to own a weapon in one form or another.  And if you were too poor, they'd let you pay over time to the town which would buy you a piece. Had to because of hostile Indians... sorry 'native 'Muricans'... might come out of the woodline to start killing locals... which kinda describes how it is with the feral niggers of BLM and AntiFa running around loose.

I mean I sure as hell would like to be able to drop some 155mm DPIC-M on them at a distance as opposed to having to hit 'em up close and personal.

Jes' Sayin'

Guess all that "Edjamahcation' at Harvard and whatnot overlooks real history for them Elites Aye?
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Right on! April 19, 1775 the Regulars were hoping to secure the colonists in Massachusetts shot, powder and cannons, as well as round up a few famous instigators - didn't work out so well for them fortunately!

  2. How about a B-61? ALCM or GLCM? My old personal favorite, B-53? The last was so damn big that the release mechanism was a wedge shaped cutter to sever the cable holding the weapon in the bomb bay.
    If you have the means and money, why not? Pretty expensive hobby though. How about 80% built nukes? Finish in your garage. Tongue-in-cheek? Yes and no. Point being, if you want to play Constitution, there are no "reasonable restrictions". So dot-gov, dot-mil, dot-whatever - go fuck yerself with a dry splintery stick.

    Ole SAC Trained Killer

  3. Tens of millions or more Americans giving The Usurper the middle finger and refusing to comply, thereby becoming comfortable with flaunting the law. I am sure that will end well.

  4. "Uneducated Dolts."

    I respectfully disagree. They know all of this. They. Do. Not. Care. Everything they utter is pure bullshit pre-calculated for effect. The scary part is how many buy into it.

  5. As has been stated....the gun grabbing commie left FULLY understands the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. They simply DO NOT CARE. The Second fact the ENTIRE at best
    a relic. And for the most part to the left the Constitution and rule of law is irrelevant. All they care about is personal power, privilege and wealth. And they will do literally ANYTHING to attain more of all those things. They will allow nothing and no one to interfere with their quest for power. We truly have but one choice....allow them to succeed and see the destruction of America, the end of freedom and the probable death of millions of people they don't feel the need for.....or....we start killing them, in wholesale numbers. We have NO OTHER CHOICES.

    1. Sir, you have the right of it!

  6. Mmmmm, grapeshot fired at Biden. Oh and it must have been tough to be a privateer w/o the cannon...

  7. Plus armed merchantmen , privateers and ships of the line were the tactical weapons of their time. So I should have access to strike craft and nukes but to be reasonable I will settle for MOAB.

  8. The 777 is too much gun. You need about 6+ guys, it sucks for direct fire, and wants a 5T prime mover.

    OTOH, a nice M101A1 105mm howitzer shoots anything the 777 will shoot except nuke rounds, at 1/4 the size and weight, and half the range. It can be moved like a chariot by just 2 guys, you could pull it behind an old Jeep or a modern HMMWV in a pinch, it does direct fire like nobody's business, and will stop anything smaller than a late-gen main battle tank on the first hit, and for a bonus, they make beehive flechette APERS rounds for it. Which are just the thing for an Antifa/BLM riot.

    Like the Airborne's M102, it's also the basis for what they mount in an AC-130 Spectre (in highly modified form).

    I would happily fill out an AOW form to take one of those babies home.

    Double Bonus: You can use blank rounds for salutes on 4th of July and such, and with the APERS round, you can limit out using it for duck hunting (in one shot), which also shuts up the Fudds, and gives it a legit sporting purpose. ;)

    1. Never appease the fudds or acknowledge "sporting purpose" as a legitimate thing.

    2. You get how silly that sounds, when we're talking about duck hunting with beehive flechette rounds with a 105mm howitzer, FFS, right...?

      Just checking.

  9. ^Fuck Yea^ and a whoop whoop! Ohio Guy

  10. HMMMM So such large motor-pool to choose from. I would start with a M163 Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS) 20mm Vulcan on a M113. I used to drive a M113 back in the day. So that part would be easy. Leave me the Technical manual and I could figure the gun system out. The 30 mm would be fun but a bitch to move around on the ground. Or to go old school a quad 50 mount again vehicle mounted either one would be just the thing to quell a riot. Just wishful thinking