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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


OK Really Quick
GranBebe's Great Granny went MIA today.  Seems she's got a beginnings of Alzheimers and she's gone missing.  She dropped of Great Grandpops off at the hospital for a proceedure and popped smoke.

Any of my readers and or disreputable associates I need a BOLO in Hillsborough, Pasco AND Hernando County in Central Florida

She was last seen going ALL over all three counties... apparently the Fuzz won't issue a Silver Alert (a senior Amber alert here in Florida) yet.  Nor because she's not diagnosed with it officially, and hasn't been missing 24 hours, we're pulling out the stops and connections all over to get her home safe.  Traffic cameras so far have her lost in the sauce so to speak.

Last seen on southbound 41, at the Hernando/Pasco County Border.
2015 Kia Sorrento
Dark Gray
License Plate Florida: India-Lima-1-9-Xray-India IL19XI
78 Year Old White Haired Little Old Lady
Any Assist would be Appreciated as well as Contact the Cops at
Hillsborough County Sherriff 813-247-8000
Pasco County Sherriff 352-754-6830
Hernando County Sherriff 727-847-8102
Many Thanks and Respect
Big Country


  1. Do you have "Flock" cameras in your area?

    They are pole mounted, black with a black solar power panel.

    They are a license plate gobbler.

    If you have a buddy in PD, or maybe even a friendly PO, they can run the plate through the Flock system, and it will find her, or where she recently was and you can narrow down the search.

    1. better hurry up..

      looks like phase II of the Great Reset is upon us...

      soon everything will shut down- including your $
      smart folks would get back-up documentation and and as much phyical wealth as possible before lights out

    2. Here are some of the systems that are reliant on computers.

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      Banks (all of the records are online) would not be able to process electronic transactions. ATM machines would not function to allow customers access to cash.
      Utility systems (most power stations are run by computers)
      Water treatment facilities (these are automated too)
      Protection of personal information, including data about your finances, medical records, physical location, and academic records – everything a person would need to steal your identity
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  2. Prayers going your way

  3. Will keep an eye out in Lake, just in case,

  4. Yikes. That is a tough thing, some friends of ours have a mom who is deep into Alzheimers and it is difficult and painful for the whole family.

  5. We'll keep an eye out up here in NW Florida, just in case.

  6. On the lookout here in the Leesburg area.

  7. Not much I can do from here. I’ll have a chat with the Guy in Charge tho.

  8. Dayum BC, hope she found her way back, or between y'all and the fuzz y'all tracked her down - Florida fuzz probably has a LOT of experience with that.

    I know it's a little late to be helpful for this incident, but if she's driving herself around, and ain't answering her phone (or forgets to charge it and the battery dies frequently), you might want to get a couple of GPS trackers and stick one in her car and one in her purse. Seeing 'em on Amazon for like $30-40; commonly used on fleet vehicles to ensure field personnel aren't playing hooky at the titty bar; works the same way tracking seniors.

    There's probably also an app you can just put on her phone that will do the same thing (in fact, the Alphabet Soup crowd probably has installed one of their own already), but if she forgets to charge it, you might be SOL. Then again, probably is the same deal with the trackers... Might be able to get one in the car to charge itself off the car's lighter port or whatnot, though.

  9. You may need to look at putting a GPS tracker on her phone or car if this is the first stages. That might help ease the tension.