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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Last Words on The Current Events:

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Last Laugh for the night:
Uh... yeah...they have an I.Q. average of whut?
Ahhh memories... I fondly remember reading this to Spawn, and telling them both about MY first knife fight... Good times, good times...

And Lastly, On the Bi-Furcation of Sanity in this Country:

“That cop who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt was totally justified because she was in the middle of committing a crime.”

“That cop who shot and killed Ma'Khia Bryant while she was attempting to stab a Black woman should be prosecuted.”

- the same people

Only one thing to say:
Gonna be a long, hawt, nasty Summer methinks
Head on a Swivel
Prepare to Defend Yourselves
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. There is many reasons I live in the cold north and niggers are one of those reasons...

    1. Got plenty of em up here in little mogadishu. Not cold enough.

    2. That's because whitey is paying to keep him warm...They keep their thermostat set at 85 or 90 and you and me get to pay for it all...

    3. Not for much longer. Leaving this shithole for a slightly less shitholey place. Let the ferals here burn the place down to keep themselves warm. Doom on them all.

  2. Perhaps there should be a large box of knives dropped in da hood. Just sit back and let the niglets slice and dice to their hearts content. Head shot to the winner.

  3. You have to give them credit for consistency, no matter what happens they never stray from the narrative.

  4. The police officer did the right thing to save the life of the black girl who was being stabbed by the other black girl.
    Story and video here:
    A black girl who was 17 years old stabbed another black girl who was 16 years old to death using a kitchen knife in a classroom during classes at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Michigan in 2018.
    The adults were unable to save her before she bled out once she got stabbed.
    A teen-aged black girl with a knife is a deadly serious matter.
    A stab that cuts or even nicks the carotid artery in the neck or the aorta that supplies the heart is quickly fatal and can be done delivered by an amateur without military or martial arts training with a knife found in the kitchen.

    1. But, but, but, but........... MOAR GUN LAWS ARE THE SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

  5. The obvious conclusion that I have reached over the past few days is that these people just absolutely don't want to be policed, period, and the only way to win at this game IS TO NOT PLAY. Stand down officers. Have a flat tire, stop for gas, whatever, and put the ghetto in your rear view mirror. What this is ultimately going to lead to is vigilante justice -- aka the "lynchings" that blacks complain so loudly about. Even though the total amount of lynchings in this country from 1865-present is less than 9,000, and that same amount of black people died in Detroit over one ten-year span at the hands of other black people.

  6. It is very hard if not impossible to patrol and preserve the peace if the people charged with that duty are crucified every time they act to do their jobs. Making this worse is the systemic and inculcated lack of respect for these very patrol officers.

    The people who live there who do want the police around are awfully quiet when shit like this happens. I do not think the officer had many choices with the dynamics of the situation. Based on what he came upon someone was going to probably die and it was a choice of a criminal living or a potential victim living. He made the right choice.

    Overall, in light of the stink every time law enforcement acts to stop crime I agree.....

    Let those neighborhoods burn. Let these uncivilized and law enforcement hating people kill each other at will. Let this go on until the body count is high enough that people start getting upset about that. Then put the pundits, athletes and big mount politicians at the tip of the spear and send them in to sort this all out. Maybe then they will see how difficult keeping the peace in a war zone like a ghetto really is.

    1. Are you suggesting stepping aside, allowing the slum to evolve into another 'Rwanda'... Hutu genociding Tutu for revenge because of Tutu genociding Hutu... favored weapon -- machete?

      The idea warrants further consideration.

  7. Boy, that racial awakening is really picking up pace. I've even heard little old ladies complain about "I'm not racist but these blacks..."

  8. There comes a time when whites have to get real and pull their heads out of their arse and admit negroes are a curse, the kosher tribe need expatriated back to the middle east and illegal Aztecs deported and flown out on a C130.

    I see from time to time on various YT channels which airs old TV clips of Johnny Carson reruns of Mannix etc. It's the same comment all the time. Man things were really good back then. Women and men are pretty in those shows. They picked hot girls. Oh all the men were handsome, yada yada yada.

    I want to reply to these folks to remind them, the reason why things were so good was because we didn't have a gaggle of spoiled entitled bantus, communist Jews and other liberal pukes salivating and tolerating their BS. White men didn't put up with this crap and took care of it immediately.

    When they tried to harrass Joe Horn in TX, the entire neighborhood drove them out. Physically. The bikers revved up their engines so the bantus got it and left.

    We had clean white towns. You didn't need to use a seat belt. My brother and I slid all over the back seat and we're still alive. You could drive home with one drink in you and be not subject to the stasi sending your ass to jail. If you did, it was usually like Otis at Mayberry. No stupid masks at the grocery store, etc.

    Anyone born after 2000 have NO idea how different things were.

  9. It takes two knives to have a knife fight. If only one person has a knife, you don't get a fight, you get a stabbing.