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Monday, April 19, 2021

Interesting Questions

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of questions popped up in the comments from the bigcountryexat dot com website, which is the secondary to the blogspot sight. I still haven't gotten a handle on the design, and I really need to get a full day, sit down and focus on getting it to work mo' bettera.

That being said, one of said questions was "just curious, is the next phase of this communist takeover going to be the deliberate exfiltration of military hardware to BLM and antifa?"  

Now, as far as exfil of US DotMil equipment?  Tough call.  For the most part, the amount of security involved with the storage, accountability and issuance of weapons, kaboom-boom, and shit that makes hurty stuff is really hard to work around. 
Your basic US DotMil Arms room is really fucking secure.

AND on top of it, literally there are maybe 3 people per unit that have 'anytime/anywhere' access.  This keeps the list of who gets in, when they get in, and then, depending on the time that the Arms Room gets opened, it gets inventoried.  Oh how does it get inventoried.  I have literally counted hundreds of thousands of weapons in my time.  It's really hard to nigh impossible to steal something out of an Arms Room.  Maybe "back in the day" pre-computer tracking, back when the alarm systems were locally wired and didn't have individual codes and whatnot, never mind some of the newer shit with biometrics.  They know -who- unlocked the Arms Room, -when- it was unlocked, and on the latest and greatest, even the small cages are monitored, making a record when a rifle is pulled from the fucking rack, and when it gets put back. VERY high speed/lo-drag.

Nah... odds of shit like that getting loose is going to come from the ferals snatching it from NG Joe with no mags nor live rounds.  I'm of the "Southern Comfort" school of reserve/ng defense.  Great movie... Divemedic mentioned it in a comment... I'm like uh yeah, totally loved that flick.  For those who don't know, check it out.  Powers Booth and one of the Carradines in it... Bunch of Reservists in the Bayou of Louisiana piss off the local Cajuns bad enough that they locals start hunting them down and killing them, and the only live rounds they have with them are those that Powers Booth had with him out of being a Nam Vet and overcautious.

Nope, I'd personally say that it's going to be the ChiComs, who've already been infiltrating and pre-po-ing the shit for years.  Leland Yin Yee, of Joe Chink extraction, did 5 years for Arms Trafficking ... seems he bought and sold guns that he got from the Muj in the Philippines, and sold them to gangs in L.A.  Leastways thats the official story.  Color me highly sceptical that that's the real deal.  Joe Chink Yee, Chinkfestivus Maximus, dealing with the Muj?

Nope.  "Anything you say, can and will be doubted in perpetuity" due to you fucking corrupt Fibbies being such unbelievably corrupted pieces of rotten rhinoceros shit.  In fact, my apolly-olly-geez to the Rhinos, they can't help how foul their scat is, whereas the Federal Bowel Incompetents knowingly and willingly suck more than a $2 whore at a US Navy Port Call in 1954... Black Holes don't suck near as hard as a Fibbie, hence "Fib" as in "To Lie".  


Yeppers... I'd suggest that the other comment about Prepositioned equipment can't be far from the truth.  Lord know we had shit stashed ALL over Germany back during the Cold War.  And Poland for that matter, as well as a few other places.  One of my bros from Iraq was in SF in the late 70's/early 80's and was actually trained on those W54 Air Jumpable (supposedly) Special Atomic Demolition Weapons (SADM). 
He jumped it once, a near-exact weight simulator, not a live round of course... said it was like jumping with a full garbage can on his gear...  Needles to say, I heard... rumors... when I was stationed in Germany in the early 90's that there were pre-po sites allllll over the place that the Army had just plain lost track of and were 'out there'... nothing about lost nukes though... THAT was Ivan's issue... unofficially, they still got some missing pre-po'd 'suitcase nukes' unaccounted for from Former East Germany and the Former Czechoslovakia... never mind the current rumors of the Ukrainians having some leftovers that Ivan missed when he bailed...

So yeah, do I think that Joe Chick has 'party favors' stashed far and wide?

Sure do.

I mean what with how many tens of thousands of unaccounted, unopened, uninspected 40 Foot Shipping containers coming in-country daily?  Roughly 19,000 a day according to Da Google.  And inspections?  Very Very Very few.  In fact the dogs are trained to be sniffing for drugs for the most part, not guns and ammo.  How hard really would it be for Joe Chink to have one or two deposited in a secure area, in every. single. major. city in the United States, until they decide to hand out the "fun stuff?"

Trust me, a 40 Connex can hold a Metric Fuckton of weapons and ammunition.  First hand experience there again Aye.  

So, that being said,  watch for AKs and 'other things'  Joe Chink Yee, at the beginning of the investigation (now scrubbed from the web) was actually parceling out grenades and RPGs from initial reports.  Don't know for sure, but, like I said before... I've heard... things... from law enforcement and 'other sources' that some of the Bangers out there are hardcore armed... who's calling the shots tho?  Not sure, but you can bet it'll get bloody fast.  Hence why I'm taking out a new line of credit.  Looking at a Nice Rifle to add to the collection, and my thoughts are not IF but WHEN the economy collapses, that thing will be a nice addition to the family.  I just need more team members.  I have enough gear, I just lack people I can trust that are local.  Oh well... we shall see Aye?  Any suggestions for the new bang-stick?  I'm thinking M1A.  I have a real hankering for the 7.62 rifles these days... and shit, I've earned it.  

Let me know what ya think.
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  1. I've been led down the path by the siren song of the M1A before. It will only end in a lot of effort for little return. It's definitely a *fun* rifle, when it works, when youre not constantly tinkering with it, trying to make it fit your stance, trying to get it to return to zero when you dare take it out of the stock, trying to figure out the best way (trick question: there is no best way) to mount an optic, wondering where all the weight is hidden, and asking why you spent so much trying to make it work the way it should work out of the box.

    1. I have owned an M-1A for 30 years it is good to 700 yards but an AR-10 will do the same job w/a lot after market support for less $

    2. Agreed, the M1A looks nice and has great nostalgia value but my RRA Ar-10 in 6.5 cost me about half of what a new M1A cost. Happily I bought a fair amount of 6.5 before things went too crazy but anything I shoot now is going to hurt to replace.

  2. AR-10 rifle in 6.5 Creedmore, for when you really want to reach out and touch someone.

    Ammo is lotsa spicy, though, north of $2 a round

    However, a community of like minded individuals to stand watch overnight as you sleep is the what the Right most needs. Loners have to sleep some time.

  3. concur w/tin. i maintain m14's for a living now. and even tho they are fired rarely, they still need constant repair. one marine alumni told me he was happy to give up hism14 in nam, so he could stop toting a spare bolt in each pocket. that little roller on the bolt has a tendency to take a crap when you least need it to. yeah, if you put a shit ton of smith work in you can have something nice, but tight weps don't function well in adverse conditions. get yerself a ptr-91, or go fn fal like guns? we used to get hit regularly convoying thru cities in the 80's, and armories aren't guarded just alarmed. they rely on barney fife to cover it. in the 70's hey regularly got knocked over for the weps. belted ammo is the problem tho. not stored on site. highly secure ammo dump on a manned base. so other than m4/m9, not a whole lot to worry about. but joe chink may well have been caching heavy weps.

  4. oh yeah, now i remember, bill clinton tried to sell the chinese our largest port facility way back when. part of the agreement was it would be sovereign chinese territory not subject to u.s. customs etc. congress blocked it after word got out but they of course bought the company thru a subsidiary/front. be pretty easy to load a few thousand conex w/ troops/tanks and slide them in that way. they smuggle peeps in that way all the time.

  5. given the state of highly legitimate and totally freely elected government (/sarc), they'll probably just "deputize" all POC and just hand out the guns and ammo from the armories.

  6. I agree with the above posters on the M1A. I still have two (a super match and a Socom 16) but those are the guns I would hand to others in a SHTF scenario. I agree with the AR10 in 6.5 Creedmore but if you want something lighter and handier yet out preforms the .308 out to 1000yds go with a good Ar 15 in 6.5 Grendel. I have one from Larue and I could not be happier. The Grendel has a high ballistic coefficient and stays supersonic out to 1000yds. I have been very impressed with this round.

  7. I am not sure the ChiComs wouldn't just funnel money to locals and have them buy ARs or Aks locally instead of smuggling them in. I have no idea how hard it is to convert an AK to full pewpewpew but ARs seem pretty easy to do. Stuff like grenades and explosives maybe. I also wonder how well armed some of these drug gangs of mestizos are, it would be just as easy to ship military gear across the southern border as drugs and people. Sure you will lose some loads but they have plenty of cash. Just counting my nearby neighbors and me, we have more firepower than a platoon in WW II. I imagine the people getting foreign backing do as well.

    The local thing is a problem. I have neighbors I know and trust but only one who would be worth a shit if lead starts flying. That has been a problem on /ourside/ for as long as I can remember, any in-person community seems to be immediately riddled with Feds.


  9. There was a news article last summer on a shipping container that was listed as airsoft rifles. It contained real rifles with orange tips to make them look like airsoft. The article mentioned I think it was 11 or 12 thousand guns in the container.

    I remember wondering how many others had gotten through before someone noticed. It mentioned they were shipped from China.
    I can't seem to find the original article. Anyone else remember that story?

    About 10 years ago city cops up here found a gang with a 20foot can of guns, all chinese made. The younger brother of a coworker was a vice cop and was part of the raid that nabbed it. He was pissed that it had gotten through canadian customs listed as 'toys'.

    The point is, I suspect the PLA has sent a lot of weapons across the pond and likely has them stashed in intetesting places. Vehicles would be harder as they don't fit in a 7 foot can very well, but you could do parts for assembly here or lighter/narrower vehicles.



  11. Wasn't too long ago "some" SF members and their peanut gallery groupies of the online FreeFor community poo poo'd tfA-t's prediction of Chicom invasion via shipping containers and their cargo ships... Not so far fetched anymore huh?

    tfA-t truly is wise beyond mere murkin mortals

    1. Wasn't that long ago when the Italian authorities found all those semi's full of weapons coming in from Turkey.
      And I warned that Antifa/BLM will be showing up at riots with RPG's and beltfeds soon enough. Most Americans just don't get it, the Bolshies already have them outgunned.

  12. Mountain Rat is correct with 6.5 Grendel upper on AR 15 Lower. Last summer, I zeroed a cheap red dot on one for a buddie's half blind dad. If it had quality glass, it'd be quite the combo. Ammo may be the choke point for that venture, though. YMMV, Do a lookup on 6.5 PRC Precision Rifle Cartridge. Good Luck/Hunting, Ohio Guy