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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Eating The Chinese MRE: Type 17, Menu #3

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Happy Easter to Y'all! Hope it was fun. GranBebe had a blast on Ye Olde Egg Hunt this A.M...

At 0500 Hours... Damn... doesn't that girl ever sleep?
Bit later than I wanted to do it, but apparently Sapper got hemmed up at work late, so I said the hell with it, and I'm doing it now.
So, to start, Meal Prep:
Took the Main Meal out of the bag, and tore it open and got the Beef sauce packet ready
Just like I done thunk it, the heater pouch, when opened had a shit ton more room, and the Beef sauce packet fit perfectly in it, with room to spare.
Now, per the instructions:
I took the lil clear plastic baggie
And measured out the appropriate amount of water... no need to guess what "8oz of water or 1/4 canteen cup" is for this one
Poured it in, and set it off the the side for it to heat for 15 minutes.
That other packet above is the pears on deck.  But first, the Sesame Seed crackers while this 'cooks'
Slightly roasted sesame seed flavor... I think it's honey that's used as a binder... not bad.  Sweet, a bit dry, but not a bad cookie.  3 Individually wrapped ones inside the main pouch.  Even Wifey seemed to like 'em.. she said she's had almost the same exact cookies in a Chinese Restaurant... Go figure.

Now, main meal time:
Skinned the meal and the sauce out of the heater bag
Saving allllllll of this and washing it to have for possible use later...
Then, the reveal:
Clumpy, very starchy.  Smelled good tho... the itty-bits of meat were then complemented by the Beef 'sauce':
I'm thinking something got lost in translation the Chinglish.  It was more like a beef jerky based sauce.  Not complaining tho, as I just added it to the mix and blended it all together:
Then I chowed.  Not a bad flavor.. not too salty, which surprised me, as almost 90% of ALL field rats I've had, and there's a LOT of them, are salty as all get the hell oot.  Even the beef chunks (or dog? who knows... tasted damned good heated up) weren't that salty.  Damned good chow actually.  Very pleasantly surprised.  Overall, it just needed some tabasco or ground red pepper flakes to make it perfect, but that's just me...

Jes' Sayin'

Now, the pears, well they're pears.
4 Lil slices of what appear to be genuine pears.  Now, unlike the US MRE, these were -not- swimming in psycho-diabetic level sugar-sauce.  Just a regular pear juice... if anything,a slight tangy vinegar tang... maybe the preservative?
And then lastly, the Gum and Fiber pack:
I only had 1/2 of what appears to be the Fiber Tabs, which look like big alka-seltzer.  Tastes like a chalky orange-lemon flavored candy sorta-kinda.

Overall, the whole meal is supposedly a total of 1200 calories, with 59 grams of fat, and 41 grams of protein.  VERY dense meal.  The portions were as I figured, made for Joe Chink in the Field.. what I -didn't- expect was to feel damned near overfull.  Like stuffed to the gills on such a small portion.  Now, I ate this at 21:00... we had a crazy early 'dinner' which I ate light as my diets been calling for, and that was at 16:30 as we had to get the GranBebe to bed early-early as she again, didn't nap, was up at oh-dark early and wore us out.  Hell, after I poast this, I'm looking at crashing mesleves.  Another observation is the complete lack of any extraneous bullshit.  No matches, bullshit toilet paper, nick-knacks or drink mixes... just the basics: Main Meal, Heater Pouch, Main Meal Adjunct (beef 'sauce') Crackers, and Fruit, with the "I was too cowardly to open Pickled Mustard Tuber" for flavoring I'm guessing.  With gum and fiber to insure 'regularity' I'ma guessing.  Bare bones, much lighter than the US version, and a better design overall.

Yep, a pretty damned good MRE.  I'd put it in my top five of foreign field chow I've had, with my favorite still being the Polish Beef Bolognese with Pasta.  THAT one I still have an extra laying around here in my stash.. damned good chow.
So hope y'all enjoyed it.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country.
(Gratuitously Stolen w/Thanks to Miguel from GunFreeZone)

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    You seen this ^ MRE Steve guy on UToob, Country? He's here in Florida too (Polk County).

    I've lost hours to his videos; he's opened and eaten rations from the Boer War and WWI.