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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bring It

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
The Gateway Pundit has an interesting poast this A.M. vis-a-vis the Chauvin "trial".  The link is here:
I'm going to use extracts for this poast, with my remarks in bold

"In a shocking collection of interviews from the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis, far-left extremists admitted to wanting another civil war and implied that white people need to be killed.
(No shit... fucking Blacks purely hate Whypeepo, as we exist in their minds as demons and oppressors)

“Burn the whole city down, what does it matter?” one of the women asked. “I say burn the city down, y’know? So they can see that we’re here,” another woman asserted.  (Sounds like a plan.  Let me ask, are you going to make mud-huts to live in, because us Whypeepo sure as hell won't pay to rebuild... and we'll -crucify- any politician who tries to...  burn your own shithole ghettos down, and live in the ruins, I'm comfortable with that)

One of the women went on to say that Derek Chauvin should not have received a trial at all.
“There shouldn’t even be a trial, he should be convicted just as is,” she said.
(Sounds good... what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.  Lynch mob anyone?)

The extremists were all in agreement that if he was not convicted they would support “street justice” for him, meaning murder. (Ferals gonna Feral)

One of the women said that she believed that “thousands” of unarmed black men were killed last year in the United States — the number is actually 18. (This is what you get with public education, and a national average Black I.Q. of 78... Forrest Gump was 75 BTW... Jes' Sayin')
They all also seemed to agree that there is a “genocide” happening to African Americans — and “anyone who isn’t white.” (We wish)

When asked about a second Civil War, one young woman said “if that’s what it takes, then we have to do it.” (Again, to paraphrase: There's 42 million Black People in the US, and there's 234 million Whypeepo in the US... does the name "Custer" ring a bell?)

Another responded, “if that’s what it takes, then I believe so.”
Asked if it will happen, yet another woman said “probably.” (In your dreams)

“I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like…” one of the militant extremists said. (Don't start writing checks you can't cash honey)
“But…?” Horowitz asked. ((((Of course, Horowitz))))

“Maybe they need to feel the pain and the hurt,” she continued. (Believe me, we do every single day we have to put up with your rude, self centered, criminally stupid, spoiled and childishly retarded antics.  Never forget, Genocide was a WHITE INVENTION)

Whew... man... the fire n'brimstone level of payback is going to be epic.  
Worst part is, is that it's going to affect a LOT of innocents.  Genuinely decent hardworking people of all colors.  Stupid is as stupid does.  No kidding.  Stacked bodies.  Burned cities.  Shit straight out of the Darkest of the Dark Ages.  In fact it'll be worse, because we've industrialized slaughter to a scale unimagined in the past.

Your skin has just become a uniform.

To Quote Greg Johnson: "The Chauvin verdict is a verdict on the American justice system. From top to bottom, it has failed. You can either pursue justice or pander to morons, but you can’t do both."

And from what I can tell, the Morons are securely in charge, have no fear, nor a clue as to the Pandora's Box they continually work at prying open.  
Fucking Morons Aye?

Other questions I've been pegged with
The Military:
Generally speaking, my observations regarding the Military: They're going to sit this one out.  I think if the Elite Oligarchs start issuing orders to the Perfumed Princes in the Puzzle Palace on the Potomac, that the orders are going to 'get lost in translation' and issuance.  Meaning they might get issued to start to quell shit, but so far?  The Guard isn't even able to defend itself.  The R.O.E. are completely politically fucked, and the Grunts know it.

Got a hunch the second that Orders to Crush "White Supremacy in Revolt" are issued, the chain of command is going to be seriously disrupted.  All the talk of the 'purges' of 'extremists' in the ranks?  Outside of some outliers, and man there are some that'll get purged (but need to be purged mind you) and that'll be enough for The morons in the Puzzle Palace to be satisfied.

What I mean by this is there are some hardcore Nazi Motherfuckers in uniform.  THOSE guys? Fuck them.  Toast.  Going to end up being the 'sacrificial lambs' that the Chain of Command can use to keep the rest of the unit integrity together.  Hell.. I wouldn't doubt that in the SPECOPS community, that there are guys who're really close to retirement, who'll volunteer to 'fall on their sword' to keep shit rolling smoothly.  That's how they roll...

"The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." Mr. Spock, "Wrath of Khan"

Back during Post-War WW2, because of Budget Cuts, the US Army had like no ammo to practice with. So the command turned a blind eye to "SkilCraft Qualifications" on the Rifle Ranges.  SkilCraft is the company that supplies those shitty black ball-point pens to the DotGov/Mil.  They're juuuust about the right diameter for a bullet hole.  Guys would fire for record once and everyone, without exception, would qual "High Expert."  Which of course, led to the debacle of Korea and the inability of our troops to initially hit the broad side of a barn with anything... fake the funk, until you fail.

So yep.  The smart DotMil Commanders, Brigade and Battalion and below will definitely be sending the 'problem children' out of the ranks.  God knows I knew a few... some real skinhead assholes...they tended to be fuckups anyways, and they tended to weed theyselves out by their inherent stupidity, so no great loss. 

Division is questionable as those jokers are on the Brink of breaking into the "Big Time Big Leagues/Bright Lights Big City" ranks, so they can't be trusted as far as I could throw a full laden M1A2H (74+ tons).  The disruptions that I mentioned will be much like I said before in other poasts, 

General: "We've got orders to start rounding up all White Supremacists from Washington, their families and disarm the general population.  Get ready Colonel."
Colonel: "Sir, these orders are patently illegal, we can't do this."
General: "You will follow orders Colonel, or I'll find someone to do it for me!"
Colonel <removes M18 from under his blouse> "You had to make this hard..." BLAM!
Colonel: <Picks up phone> "Yep... done... let all the others know.  Secure the base.  No one in, no one out, issue the ammunition, get the security plan in place, and shut off comms.  Fuck D.C... we're staying out of this."

It's just like the Equal Opportunity Racial Awareness programs we had to run in my old unit.  I was assigned to assist, and we had a "Racial Awareness EO Meeting" in the Battalion Classroom.  We watched "Blazing Saddles" and discussed it after.  The Battalion Commander was happy, the XO was happy, and I got a nice attaboy for creative EO Awareness training.  A good time had by all.  So yeah, do I think they're (they as in the super-on-high ranks) actively wanting to purge ALL the anti-Commie elements? 
Hell yeah. 
Are the Individual units down the chain of command going to follow these edicts? 
And rid themselves of the real problem children in the process.  It'll look good on paper

Just like a "SkilCraft Qual"... looks good, but doesn't really mean anything a'tall.

We'll have to see.  But right now, Keep your head on a swivel
Trust your Feelings
Stick with the Gut Hunches
If it's hinky, stay away from it
Never, ever EVER call the Cops
Keep your weapons close at hand.  They do no good in the safe or with a trigger lock.  I'm wearing my should rig now despite Wifey's objections.  No real danger, but best practices Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. My buddy on the rez says that blm is trying to recruit 1st nations to the cause. They started this time 2020.

    AIM (american indiam movement) is doing discussions trying to recruit natives to the blm cause. They keep using as talking points the study on the thousands of missing aboriginal women in canada. Except the original study showed 98% of murders or rapes of native women are dobe by..... drum roll.... native men. Usually realatives. Of course the natives screamed over that and the report was rewritten to only look at the 2%.

    Anyway my buddy told his boys that they would be idiots to joins AIM. He said BLM is the lefts cannon fodder and any native who joins will be the cannon fodder for the cannon fodder.


    1. I live in Indian Country in the USA and they have the same thing here. Ominous words about the number of missing native american women with billboards and PSAs. Never mentioning that it was native american men that caused 99 % of the disappearing. It reminds me of the recent Asian hate and the implication that it is whites doing it when we all know who is attacking asians.

  2. I will keep saying this:

    * george floyd was a suicide.

    Mister floyd accomplished his suicide by inserting a massive overdose of illegal drugs into his rectum.

    Mister floyd accomplished his suicide by ingesting a massive overdose of alcoholic beverages prior/during/after he inserted his massive overdose of illegal drugs into his rectum.

    Mister floyd accomplished his suicide while committing crimes against his neighbors and against his community.


    If Officer Derek Chauvin is guilty, a criminal conspiracy existed between all the First Responders in and around the scene of Mister floyd's suicide.

    Each medical professional at the scene is complicit.
    The dispatchers are complicit.
    Each person in the command chain was a participant in that criminal conspiracy.

    Everybody vaguely connected in any way to the response is a party to Mister floyd not breathing today.

    Snopes check:
    * not true


    How can I trust any Black© at any time in any interaction at any level?
    If a dole-fiend career-criminal such as Mister floyd can be viewed as a hero, what stops any other Black© from causing me great grievous harm with the expectation of an equivalent exoneration?

    The logical conclusion:
    * how can I trust any Black© LawEnforcementOfficial at any level at any time?
    Much of my anticipation of anything resembling 'fair and equal treatment' evaporated during the time of o'bama and TopCop eric holder.

    At this point, I am suspicious of the motives of every Black©.
    You could be the nicest Black© to my face, but how reliable are your smiles and declarations 'for unity and brotherhood'?


    We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
    Up the way from us is a Southern Methodist church, the congregation mostly Black©.
    I visited, I felt comfortable because the preacher was strongly opposed to 'niggers!' (his word), defined as dope-fiends and slum-trash and absentee sperm-donors and goofballs in earthquake cars with loudspeakers blasting.

    I was under the impression we share a common ground.
    After the conviction of Officer Derek Chauvin, my faith is shaken.

    And what kind of jurors convict one man on involuntary manslaughter while also convicting for a simultaneous murder against the same criminal?
    Something stinks.

  3. BigCountry-
    I’ve been reading your blog and I really appreciate what you post. Lately, I’ve been not liking how things seem to be heading so I have a question for you. How do I find a local group of good guys to hook up with if the shit hits the fan? But I’m kinda paranoid that some groups might be infected with rats. I don’t want anyone busting down my door and dragging me out in the middle of the night just because I’m on a list. Im just a white dood living in suburban megalopolis with a wife and three kids to protect. I’ve got a little bit of land and a little bit of gear and a very little bit of training. Where is a guy like me supposed to start to find right minded people to band together with? Who should I trust to join? Thanks

    1. That's the Million Dollar Question right there! I'm in the same boat, kinda, no land and less kids, but feel "alone" on the cusp of a shit storm of epic proportions!

      And my "distrust of everything and everyone" meter is pegged in the red zone. I suspect when things get really spicy, the "sides" will reveal themselves...for now I just make mental note of things I see and hear from co-workers and neighbors that give me a rough estimate of what they are really about, and file those people in the friend or foe list, for further assessment down the road, when appropriate.

    2. You should of asked this question about 10 years ago and then it would of been a little easier to find guys...Now that it's getting dark out there it's going to be a lot harder because they will be as suspicious of you as you are of them...

    3. Very true lineman! 10 years ago I was primarily concerned about earthquakes and wildfires, so the whole MAG concept seemed a little far fetched to me. Now I get it, too little,too late but I get it. Who would've guessed in 2010 that in 10 years we'd have a "plague", financial ruin, a puppet regime and be on the brink of the ass falling out of the entirety of civilization all at once? However, your reply struck something in me;suspicion could be a good indicator. What I mean, if you were discussing "things" in a dicreet manner and the not-fully-vetted person you're speaking to ISN'T suspicious, or even shows gung-ho enthusiasm about doing "things" with you, that right there should jump straight out as a red flag. Anyone enthusiastic about getting their hands dirty with an unknown is either a Grade-A Moron, or is working to turn you into a statistic or fertilizer. Of course my paranoia knows few bounds, so take the idea with a grain of salt...

    4. I can't tell you where or how to find like-minded folks near you. One way to try and protect yourself, though is to read through and learn the lessons in this free E-book by Claire Wolfe:

      If you have kids, get to know their parents. If you go to church, get to know some of the folks a little better. Do you know your neighbors? Figure out if any of them think similarly to you, and try and put something together with them. If they shoot, go target shooting. Organize a BBQ at your place, get folks to come over and relax and talk. Then listen when they do talk. Drop small talk leading questions, then listen. People love to talk about themselves. They'll eventually reveal if you want to get to know them better or not.

      Nobody said it was easy, but easy times are over. Even that neighbor who still has a Trump sign in his yard could be an utter moron you wouldn't want at your back if things got spicy.

    5. I don't know if you ever were on the ol WRSA site before it got nuked but if you were then you saw my comments going back 10 years of the need to Build Community while everything was still somewhat sane instead of waiting until everything was burning down around you...

    6. This is my 3rd move as the first two cities I moved into to too fast without totally scoping out the area.

      I've learned by my mistakes.

      Getting too friendly with folks too soon, leads to trouble. Our former neighbors are in prison for drugs. Had I known their prior background I would have sold out a lot sooner. There are many like them, corrupt, money hungry and too lazy or stupid to make it the honest way.

      I'm moving back to ancestral land my family owned. Even though most of them are dead, there are quite a few people I grew up with who never left that area, know the score and aren't hardened by living in the city. Quite simply, good kind people.

      Almost everyone in my current AO uses Facebook. I have a profile and I look at who their friends are. I also read the local inmate roster. Time after time the same people are busted for drugs, identity theft (a few scumbags in my AO stole credits cards from Grandma and had a shopping spree) and possession of controlled substance, Xanax, etc... Most of the trailer park factories, local factories around me hire those convicted felons. A lot of them have been caught selling pills again at the company car lot. Seeing their FB profile stops any theft, especially if you hire someone you don't know to help you around the house.

      Look for a tiny town. The farther away from Walmart, the better. A good buffer zone is 20 miles. A dry county is a good thing. Talk less and listen more. Find a way of making friends without looking like you're desperate or hard up. Don't ask for any freebies. A lot of folks in my new area like peppers and tomatoes, things that are easy to grow.

      The grifters look for places that have lights, malls, liquor stores, bars, etc..They don't like bugs, wind, trees or thick deep forests. They don't like areas where there are no street lights or porch lights left on. They're scared of the dark.

      Make friends with seniors who have no one. I almost fell out of my chair when I read that the meals on wheels folks is the only person a senior sees all day. My former college classmate has a 83 year old neighbor who's a widow. Her husband comes by and does honey doo things once a week. She visits her to have coffee and pie a couple times a week. She takes her to the grocery store to keep her from shopping alone. (dindus just loving jumping grandma, beating the shit out of her and taking her cash).

  4. “Burn the whole city down, what does it matter?” one of the women asked. “I say burn the city down, y’know? So they can see that we’re here,”

    If the city becomes black how can we see them?

  5. Concur entirely on the dotMil sitting this one out, mainly because the ones at the point where the tread meets the asphalt know that if they deploy outside their own wire, their primary function will be as a supply point for insurgency(ies), from all directions.

    Far better all around for dotMil to see what warlords crop up, and then treat with them intact.

    And Team Dindu is facing a Team Whypeepo disadvantage of 7:1*, which mistake is going to highlight all those times in school when their frustrated teachers told them mathematics are important for everyday life.

    *(Granted, not all of Team Whypeepo is on the same side, but the ones who are so will be tres enthusiastic about it, more than making up the lack, while Team Dindu will find that at best, only 10% of their team is really committedly down to being on their team either. Making the final tally more like 50% of 7 versus 10% of 1, i.e. 35:1 against. That won't be Custer. That'll be the first (Lost) Virginia Colony vs. the entire continent levels of fail. Three hundred years later we're still wondering what happened to to them. In the words of Doc Holliday in Tombstone: "Say 'When'..."

    All that assumes "reparations" don't suddenly take the form of enforced deportation back to African country of choice, without further option, in a move that increases the IQ of both continents irrevocably, going forward.)

  6. I think you vastly overestimate how much of the military will sit out. Keep in mind Obama purged the senior leadership who did not/would not subscribe to woke theology during his first term, so thats over a decade of those individuals writing the rules and promoting like individuals. 10-11 years in career wise you're looking at E-7s and Majors. It is branch dependent (Army & Marines are a slower turn than the Air Force), but I have worked with rabid leftists of those ranks in my previous units, who have said such things as "I dont understand how Christians can get and maintain a clearance.." and, most recently with the extremist purge "Im all for it, anyone who voted for Trump should have their clearance suspended and be immediately booted". In many places, your looking at the entire leadership chains fully and wholeheartedly supporting leftist dogma.

    On the subject of the military purges of "extremists", sure, you're not wrong that some skinheads will get das boot, and rightfully so. However, looking at the mandatory briefings and official policies on what constitutes extremism, it is abundantly clear the types of individuals they are looking to remove (Oathkeepers, III percenters, etc). It has gotten consecutively worse every year, and it looks like we're activating the turbo drive.

    1. I did 20 and I'm gonna disagree. The military has been specifically recruited and indoctrinated for mindless compliance and to see themselves as separate from anyone not in uniform. If the Man says White people are bad, your door is getting kicked.
      As for the "Extremist Stand-Downs", I've seen thr material, every example is "White Supremacist", whereby even donating to any pro-White organization is grounds for separation, but not a peep about going to BLM rallies....or an Israeli dual citizenship.

    2. Chase, you are spot on, and forgive my wrong use of overestimate. It was near bed time when I wrote that, and I meant underestimate. If I could go back and edit it I would, but I chose to post anonymously which precludes me from doing so. I also believe much of the military will happily support ridding America of the "irredeemable basket of deplorables" and feel justified in doing so. Im not sure how long you have been out, but It has more than likely gotten worse since you left. I would love to make it to 20, but who knows.

      Another poignant example Ill offer is that I had a commander, who was a full bird colonel, who had a standing rule that the only news station that could be played on the television in our unit was CNN, because they were unbiased and fair. Ill never forget the time I was sitting on staff duty and some poor sod put on Fox, he came screeching out of his office, veins bulging, eyes popping, spit flying, about turning off "that right wing propaganda". Completely unprofessional and very concerning considering he was the rank he was. But he made the decisions on which officers to put in command positions, who got recommended for promotion, etc, so you can guess the type of individuals he selected. It is going to be interesting when things come apart.