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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Baghdad Redux

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couple of observations here, so if'n it meanders, well, y'all who know me know I do tend to wander a bit.  So, that being said, I had a guy over this A.M. to eval the Casa for a potential sale.  We got into a discussion regarding the 'why and where' aspects of things, to which, during the discussion, I realized the exact parallel nature of certain aspects of what we're seeing going on. 

OK OK.. Wandering... what I'm saying is nationally, we're going almost the same exact route that Iraq went in mid 2004.  When I first hit ground in Iraq, it was a few weeks before the fun n' games in Fallujah.  The incident there sort of was the 'spark' that kicked off a massive shit-show that never really ended.
Long story short (TL;DR) is that the Blackwater Kids ended up in Al Falluja, downtown.  Bad bad place to be.  Western Iraq.  At the time, the stronghold of Saddam's 'tribe.'  Like literally.  His family and his people were all from that Sunni A.O.  In fact it wasn't far from there a few months later they found him hiding in a hole in the ground.  Needless to say, not an area to 'randomly get lost in.'  

Now, that's what precipitated the whole 'insurgency'... Saddam's kinfolk, pissed off at being run out of power, decided to 'git sum' against the "invaders" and the U.S. Marines went in and devastated the A.O.  We all know the history.

That being said is the unstated issue(s) that also assisted in the 'insurgency'
One of the biggest was our fuck up in firing all the cops in the country.
The Grand Poobah, Paul "Fuckhead Jew" Wolfo-lack-of-witz decided as part of the "De-Ba'athification" (meaning getting rid of anyone and everyone in Saddam's Political Party) program, they fired all the military and cops.
Nice going you morons.
See, when we initially invaded, people don't understand... Abu Ghraib was a prison when Saddam was in power.  Just how fucked up a person did you have to be to be jailed in Saddam's world?  And no, they weren't political prisoners... no such thing under Saddam... if you fomented anything political against Saddam, you got fed to the Crocodiles kept at the Al Faw Palace complex, which became Victory Base Complex... and that ain't bullshit.  I personally saw the former croc-pit AND the forensics team cleaning out the bones after we first set up the camp... they eventually filled it in and turned it into a parking lot.  3rd ID had kil't and probably et the crocs before I got there... they did a lot of that on Al Faw at the first occupation... it was a hunting palace... Saddam kept it well stocked with African game animals alllll over... 3ID showed and started killing and eating all the gazelles and antelopes to extinction on the base... used to come across burn-pits with bones and shit where you could see they cooked up the fresh food... can't say I blame them, they'd been living on MREs for months at that point...  it's also why we had lions and tigers and shit running 'round loose for a while... and why the whole base was surrounded by a giant assed wall...  anyways back to the particulars.
Abu G was a max-sec prison.
And when we invaded, Saddam literally backed up truckloads of weapons to the front door, opened all the cells and told the bad guys to "Run, be free, and fuck up the Invaders!"

Just because they're criminals, doesn't make them stupid.

They went into the hide.  Until such time as they realized that there was A) Like ZERO Police to speak of anymore, and B) The US DotMil wasn't equipped to deal with 'small crimes' like murder, kidnapping, rape and extortion.  
Now these aren't really small crimes, but they are to "Big Army".  B.A. is designed to smash, kill, shoot, and destroy the enemy.  Not arrest and detain.  Never mind doing CSI shit in a warzone.  They DID eventually adapt, but in 04-05, it was far too little, far too late.  I used to drink and party with the J.E.F.F. team... The Joint Expeditionary Forensics Force. Literally "CSI: Baghdad"... Lots of hawt chicks in that group, let me tell ya.

So, now... lookie what our supposed betters, the "smarter and MOR intelligent SCIENCE!" followers/leadershit are saying.  
Reprehensible... I mean Representative Rancida Tlaib, Head Raghead member of the Retardsquad said "No more policing, incarceration, and militarization."  Pure Fucking Genius there Aye?

My rule:  You want no cops, then you personally get no cops
No special police, private security or nuthin'  
Only what you can provide for yourself you stupid bint.
The rest of us like shit the way it is, leastway was before your Corrupt Asses took over.
That's Atlanta

The only difference between Atlanta there and Fallujah, is that the cops didn't get shot first, and then had their cocks cut off and stuffed in their mouths, before being strung up by a bridge trestle.


It's a matter of time.  Unless the Rules of Engagement start changing, and that includes shooting the media and politicos who allow, and encourage this shit, we're headed to Fallujah 3.0.  They're currently undercutting and making the DotMil worthless and useless, and if they keep persisting in pursuing a policy of A) White bad, Blacks Good, and B) No cops and no prisons, it's only a matter of time til we get a Hitler 2.0 to rise up the Whypeepo who'll gleefully and ruthlessly decide to genocide any and all opposition with a resoluteness that'll leave future generations looking back and going "Jesus... they were really pissed off weren't they?"

Of course I personally look forward to that.
I ain't too old to stack 'em.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Me, Baghdad 2004 with "Long Tall Sally" my SVD...


  1. Too bad the NPZ PO 6x36-01p with picatinny scopes are out of stock! Would work very well on my Rushin Rifle. Ohio Guy

  2. The "get rid of the police" thing would also mean "we can mete out justice on our own and there won't be cops to stop us" and Tlaib ought to think about what that might mean for her and her fellow invaders in America.

  3. Big Country, I was always taught to lean in to rifles with recoil. Is that picture just for fun or your actual shooting posture? I can see that you are a big guy and can handle the recoil, but the NRA instructor in me felt a need to ask. I enjoy your blog and am glad you write it, so just asking a question.

    1. Just fucking around in the pic... you can't see it, but there was a window that was I was scanning out of and sort of leaning around, getting a sight picture... When I actually 'lit her oof' I generally leaned in as well, but as you say, my size helps and 'wrapping and locking in' the sling mitigated it pretty well. Wasn't too often I used her tho, the ammo that I had was A1N? Match Grade Serb stuff and impossible to replace... 148 grain as I recall... I hated using Unlinked PKM ammo...

    2. Hi Bubba!!!!,
      A big, trucker's 10-4!!!!!
      Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat!!!!,

  4. if any of this shit is true, we'll need every edge we can get to survive what's coming

    and don't forget what general slant eye said..

  5. Big country,

    Follow up on my drone issue.

    1) my buddy is an idiot, when he gave me the fix he took on it He said it was 17 degrees north of west. Which went well with my reading just off of south at my place. That put it over the pow wow grounds on the rez. And about 15km from my land. Turns out he meant south of west.

    So i set out tofind it and it wasn't were i though. Took more readings and elevation on it. I ended up about 45km south west of my place and it 'climbed' from 20degrees above horizon to 46.
    At that point i think its still way further south and it was midnight and i had to work at 6am the next morning.

    At my stop point it is much clearer than at my place with 60x binoculars. Its white in color and a red light on one side and blue on the other with white lights on the end.
    I think your right its a balloon of some kind, but i also think its way higher than i originally thought.


  6. Well that was a neat fact to learn about one of Saddam's palaces and the aftermath of the invasion. All that went down when I was in high school. Wouldn't you know it we were told the opposite back then: Criminals were executed and political prisoners were all locked up. Happy to get some first hand information from someone who was there on the ground.

  7. Copsuckers, equally as worthless as free roaming niggers.

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  9. Saddam had a crocodile pit? I like this guy more every day!