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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Amazing and Deadly Hubris

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Beware those who would Rest on their Laurels... and man, our current pretenders sure are banking on our 'supposed' victories to keep the wheels on this lash-up.  The origins of that phrase lies in ancient Greece, where laurel wreaths were symbols of victory and status.  Resting on them was a sure sign of decline.  Rome wasn't built in a day, but man, when it started to decline, it was like a greased ball bearing going down an 80 degree incline.

We, unfortunately/fortunately are in the same exact position.

It's actually funny.  With all due respect to my Brothers and Sisters in the Armed Forces, we really ain't won a war since Gulf One when we beat Saddam's Army like a rented mule.  Before that?  World War Two.  The entire issue is the "wars" we've been in have been near-continually subverted for political means over the past 20 years... maybe even longer.  It's not about the win anymore.. In fact I wonder if even since the Korean War it was about the "Big Win".  Pretty much every. single. action. of international intervention we've participated in since the early 60's (Nam) was predicated on financial gainzz for the corporate overlords and their political puppets.

Major General Smedley Butler had this to say:
Butler was a two time winner of the Medal of Honor.  Guy was purely balls-out the perfect Marine.  That being said, in 1933, a group of Industrialists tried to get Butler to overthrow Roosevelt as they felt that he's gone full Socialist/Communist.  Instead he blew the whistle.  Now, interestingly one of the Industrialists was a Bush... as in THE Bush family.  And man, barely a mention of it in the historical record... revisionist history much?

Especially since they, the Ministry of Propaganda back then even went out of the way to discredit any and all talk about the "Industrialists Plot" as it was known as.  Like buried it.  Much like the TRUE Russian story, that Obama and his coterie of Red Diaper Corruptocrats tried to fuck over Trump (and did) and are still causing issues to this day.

We've been resting on our Laurels for far too long.

For some reason, the Current Crop of Oligarchic Corruptocrats appear to have (unfortunately) bought into their own 'press releases' ... meaning all that fawning and knob-slobbering the Ministry of Propaganda did all over Obama's crew for their "Stunning" and "Brave" and "Highly Intelligent" handling of all domestic and foreign policy as if they were all Metternich(es)... when in reality, they bolluxed up the whole fucking planet.  Case(s) are far too numerous to list.  Not here.  Maybe future generations will look back and be able to analyse just what the fuck went wrong and where we went sideways, but hey, it's obvious that we had just started to recover from all the damage that the Self Declare d"Cool Kids" had wrought, and now?

In Ebonics: We'z be fukked.

Because the Russians are rolling in at least two heavy Divisions.  Tanks AND artillery.  Massing on the zone between the Ukraine and Crimea with an attitude of "Come at me bro!!!" which is not going to end well.  Consider also that we, the Untied States of 'Murica are sitting back and actively encouraging this stupidity.  The Ukrainians, despite how hardcore crazy they are, and I know from first hand experience in Iraq in dealings with them, they're gonna get curb-stomped by Vlad's boys if they start to tussle.  The Ukrainians I knew and partied with in Iraq were some outrageously crazy bastards.  First time they showed up, with the exception of some BMPs and BTRs, they didn't have too much as far as Armored Troop Carriers... now I know that the BMP and BTR ARE troop carriers, but the brass didn't want IFVs rolling heavy into Baghdad.  And back then Up Armored HMMWVs were few and far between, to the point that "Confederate Uparmor" was the rule of the day.  "Confederate Uparmor" referred to the fact that armor back then was special steel sheeting, rough cut to be bolted onto a Regular M998 HMMVW, and with the giant assed bolts and whatnot, they started looking like Ironclads from the Civil War.

So the Ukes got old Deuce and a Halfs, that they half-assed Uparmored theyselves, and went hunting.  Problem was, and I got this straight from a Gate Guard at an outer checkpoint when they came back in, they had bagged a couple of Bad Guys... real life AQI Muj... and done kil't 'em dead like Raid.  The issue was they brought back trophies...  When they came back, there were 3 'bundles'... bloody bundles tied to the Brush Guard over the marker lights of the Deuce.  Specifically the Marker Light Frames on the front bumpers.
Tied to these were 2 on one side, one on the other.  The cloth were bloody keffiyeh, or shemags as we call them in the West, leastways the surplus kids sell 'em as such.  Whelp, the Ukes came in pleased as all git oot about having a 'good killing' and the Captain (O-3) came out to do a quickie debrief, and asked "what was in the bags?"
The Uke apparently said something along the lines of "Proof of kill."
The Captain, now cautious as all hell, went over and looked closely, and realized the Ukrainians had cut the heads off the Haj and brought them back as proof of their Daring Do and Deeds.   

Needless to say, everyone fucking wigged.

Ensue mass hilarity to the tune of "Yakkity Sax" as the Captain 'rounded up a full patrol' to include a medic with a LOT of  medical staples and rolled like madmen back to the shootout, where they unassed the trucks, grabbed the stiffs that were left behind, laoded back up (all in hostile territory) and ran back to the base, all the while with "Doc" stapling the heads back onto the (hopefully) correct carcasses.

But this's sort of to give you (outside of High Comedic value) the fact that the Ukes don't play themselves.  They're hardcore everloving Bastards in Combat.  And them AGAINST the Russians?

Hoo Boy... THAT'll be some killer combat footage.
And all the while, this's being done and prodded into reality by the State Department Diplo-Dunk Assholes who've never humped a rifle or ever been even punched in the Face.  Like that traitorous Light Birdturd Colonel Vindman and his brother.  NEVER actually been in danger, and sure as fuck, judging by those pasty dough-boy faces, (that I personally would love to beat on) they've never had their asses properly kicked in the entirety of their worthless paste-eating lives.

And all the time, the "Master Manipulators" seem to think they can "control" the "dynamic" utilizing "Defenestration and synergy to alleviate potential threat vectors" politically.  In other words,  They're thinking that they can blow off Putin again, utilizing the threat of further sanctions, and that he'll back down like a good little Rooskie.

Got a hunch that ain't how it's gonna play in Peoria this time man.  Got a hunch Vlad smells weakness, wokeness and blood.  "Go Woke, Go Broke" and the current crop of ree-rees in the White House and the Politically Appointed Perfumed Princes and Ponces on the Potomac are NOT living in the same reality that the rest of us are.

They're fittin' to start some shit that the rest of us are gonna have to pay the bill on.  
Hubris is a bad thing.  In Greek tragedy, excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, or in this case absolute reality, will lead to Nemesis.  

And in Ancient Greek In ancient Greek mythology, Nemesis, also called Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia (Ancient Greek: Ῥαμνουσία; "the goddess of Rhamnous"), is the goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris, arrogance before the gods.

At the rate these people are going, I got a feeling they're inviting a whole lot of retribution down on us. 
Brace yourselves, we're in for a bit of Turbulence ahead methinks.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I can't speak for everyone else, but were I still in uniform I wouldn't consent to being dragged into fighting a war some clueless diplodink bluffed us into out of stupidity.

    I'd be marching on D.C. instead.

  2. "...If there is not a dramatic change of course the world is going to witness the first nuclear war. The Western block collapse may come before, during or after the war. It does not matter. A nuclear war is a game with billions of casualties and the collapse plays in the hundreds of millions..."

    tfA-t stands fast on his prediction of 300 million Fusan dead


  3. 13,000 Russian tanks. Nah, it'll be fine. Remember when we promised to protect the Ukrainian territorial integrity if they gave up their nukes? Crimea river.

  4. Why hasn't it been about "the Big Win" since WW2, and the Gulf War? Easy: the Russians, and Kayfabe.

    Eric Weinstein studied Kayfabe; he said something like, Kayfabe is what happens when the risk and cost of meeting one's honest positions is too high. Apparently, this dynamic, not being able to meet one's honest positions because it's too costly, is endemic throughout most sectors of our societies. So for wrestlers, they work out a Kayfabe because a real fight between guys their size could easily be career-ending. So they work out a big show and come back week after week.

    For the military, it's been the same kind of thing since the Bomb was invented and the Russians got it, and we both invented rockets that could deliver 'em faster and better than any bomber could. Since then it's been the Space Race, and endless pissing contests of "proxy wars" that let us each show off our military hardware and prowess via our proxy armies and special forces etc - we don't dare fight directly. They don't care about places like Vietnam or Ukraine; just a nice demo stage for selling weapons to client nations...

    The Gulf War was about establishing unilateral supremacy after the Russians collapsed. Iraq was a client state gone rogue and too big for its britches, and we had TONS of advanced military hardware developed for war against the Soviets that we were dying to try out. So we blew them a new one and showed off how hard the US and its NATO allies could fuck you if you crossed us.

    After that, 9/11 and the War on Terra and Occupation... and I gotta wonder, was that Kayfabe, too? Ten years or more and Obama supposedly sends the SEALs to cap Osama? Bush supposedly had 'em cornered in Affy and held back, and he slipped away into Pakistan... all those years, we couldn't find his sorry ass? And where were those Iraqi WMD... other than the ones Rummy sold to them back in the 70's or 80's or whatnot?

    Now we get the repeat with the Daeshbags in Iraq and Syria. Obama with his thumb up his ass while they fuck over the entire region... and then Trump wastes 'em in a year. Is it too much to believe that the sick fucks at the top have been playing both sides the whole fucking time, grinding up and wearing out our military, selling weapons to both sides, and radicalizing Muslims to hate us? Is it too much to believe they could have STARTED it for that purpose?

    With the old guard back in charge, it bodes ill if we get in a scrap with China. If it happens while we have a military advantage, I expect the scumbag elites backing SloJo and the Ho to show our hand to them at the very least, if not sabotage our stuff. They far prefer the Chinese way of lording over their population anyway: the American system is messy, and We the People are uppity.

    On a lighter note, I had a GOOD belly laugh at the story about yer Uke friends in Iraq and their hunting trophies. Personally I think armored vehicles should have rows of spikes on 'em to help you mount your enemy's fucking skulls, show the bastards y'all mean business. OTOH, maybe I been eating too many Khorne Flakes...

  5. Ike said the same thing Smedley said upon his exit from potus

  6. At this point, i'd really rather continue my jr high studies on Russian language ( a million years ago) and learn to speak and write it than continue living under clown world.

  7. Was RA and not jarhead, but I read Smedley's book. Should be required reading for anyone who re-enlists in any service, combat or air force. The man knew his times, leadership and backroom machinations. Well worth anyone's time to read even now. Hell, should be a primer for NCOs and butterbars.

  8. Big,

    I humbly encourage your readers to view my comment in the 'comments' section following the column at:

    It includes a link to a free novel on Amazon about genetic-modified influenza-infested drugs, hall-monitors and control-freaks in general... and inoculation passports.

    AND HELL FOLLOWED by Mark Scott was published in 2014.