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Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Busy Saturday (and now it's Sunday)

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
What time is it?  The day flew by.  In fact, it's now tomorrow.  Me 'n Sapper did a lot of errands today.  Had to go and get my FFL dealer to start the paperwork on a pickup for the rifle, drop off mail (which went sideways a bit), get chlorine for the pool, and we managed to hit the surplus store so's I could look for a mag pouch for the M1A mags.  

Found one too:
Condor mini-dual 20 round shingle style.  Was about $12 w/tax.  The other thing I found was a real plus too...
Common Tasks Manual for E-5 and up.
VERY Useful.
Like on the "must have" List.  Now the CTT manual or "Green Book" for E-1 to E-4 is also required reading.  That one covers literally the basics of United States soldiering.  The one -I- had 'back n the day' was at the time, freshly re-done and published.  This was the exact brick I toted around:
Woe betide the poor bastard who 'forgot' it. You were to have it on your body at all times.  A ziplock was mandatory to keep it from getting destroyed via water and shit.

It's size is designed to have you carry it in your cargo pocket of your BDUs.  Canteen in the left cargo, , Green Book in the right.  It has -ALL- the standard taskers in it that every soldier should know for Basic Training.  In the case of the one above, it had the M-60 as one of the taskers, whereas the newest version has the M-240 in it.
The new one looks like this:
They can be (and I highly recommend) bought on Amazon here:

Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1:  LINK 
Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 2,3,4: LINK

And yeah, I get a 'taste if you buy with my links'.  Which I can't argue with.  Last month, the link to the OC Grenade?  I made $80 in commissions on that... which is insane because I only get like a quarter +/- for each one y'all buy/bought.   #1, EM version, is dated 2017, and #2, the NCO one, is updated up to January of 2020.  They just updated it.  So I do highly recommend having them on hand.

Now, the particular copy is from August of 2003, but, with the exception of any Iraq-inspired changes, this one is relatively up to date.  I'll take it though as a used copy on the Zon is like $15 and up... for $3 bones, I can't argue with the price.  That and the NCO one, leastways according to a lot of the comparatives I've checked, as in what the differences are, the info in the old one is still valid enough for MY purposes.

So, other 'stuff'... the credit card got a workout today, the whole 'buy now/pay later' this is a plus as I found a new design for an ammo pouch I hadn't seen before... I mean I may have seen it, but don't remember maybe?  Either way, it was worth the $18.  A handy 12 Gauge Ammo pouch:
As you can see, about the length of an AR 30 round mag.  
Two long molle bands, with plastic stiffeners in them, with plenty of cross-molle to 'weave' with in case you want to make sure it's not going  to go all floppy on you.  Weaving molle straps can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but my own personal trick is using a butter knife to assist.  So, anyways... to open it, pull the flap...  
It's got a couple of stout snaps to assist in keeping it closed because then, once flap #1 is open, you grab the top of the pouch by the snaps, and pull down:
And... like... wow.  Thats a LOT of 12 gauge.  It literally has a 25 round capacity, although #25 is a small loop on the fold-out panel that goes horizontal from all the other ammo... the above picture you might be able to see the loop.  It's on the left, in between the first and second row of four shells... but that's not really that big a deal.  24/25 rounds of 00 Buck? Sheeeeee-it.  That's a buttload of buck right there, jes' sayin'.  

Too much IMO.  After this pic I took the lower part that unfolds and removed the 12 rounds from there.  Considering the fact that my Black Aces has a 6 round sidesaddle at the ready, plus 7 in the tube, which brings me to a total (if used w/out the lower flap being stuffed) of 25 rounds... if I repack the other 12, that makes it a total of 37 rounds.  Plus, it's heavy fully packed and long unfolded... too much of a chance in 'the heat of the moment' that the lower flap will have rounds falling out willy-nilly... in a firefight, this is a thing of badness.

Either way however, that's a LOT of ammo for a 12 Gauge in one pouch.  Especially since I don't consider it to be a full-on primary weapons system.  Don't get me wrong, shotties have their purpose... in Home Defense, the "shock and awe" phase, there ain't nuthin' like a twelve getting 'racked and ready to stack' and the Earth Shattering >Ka-BOOMs< that they produce are awesome, it's just that in a prolonged, or even slightly longer distanced firefight, a gauge isn't necessarily what you want...Initial Home Defense and Response?  Ab-so-fuckin'-lootly.  "Keep the skeer on 'em" as the Rebs used to say back in the days of the Northern Aggression.

So, the Surplus store is actually, besides surplus, is a prime Paintball/Airsoft supply location.  They carry all sorts of stuff, but they specialize in Condor Gear.  Now, Condor "airsoft/paintball" equipment?  For all the folks who knock it, all I can say is I've had, and still use Condor as my go-to for Tactical pouches and 'stuff'.  In fact I've had Condor gear that's outlived some Blackhawk gear, and a LOT of DotMil issued gear.  My only complaint is that their tactical vests, while awesome, are made for you stinking puny humans... No gorilla sizes unfortunately, because some of the designs are great, but wouldn't fit me even if I was at my skinny size.

Now, observations:  Last time Me n Sapper went over there, it was to fill the C02 tankls for the Flammenwerfer... guy only charges $5 a refill.  There's a big wall  in the Paintball/Airsoft side of the store (it's cut in half, one side all DotMil and 'stuff', the other area all Paintball AND Airsoft stuff)  and the wall -usually- is covered in Airsoft 'guns'.  Like tons of them... looks like some of those pictures of those insanely wealthy gun-guys... Kriss sub guns, FN P-90s... AKs, ARs, all the really cool looking firepower, even though they only shoot lil pew-pew 6mm fake bee-bees.


Nary a one.  My analysis is thus:  Some people, maybe because of economic issues, or past legal issues, or hell, even age issues, may not be able to purchase a real Boomstick.  So they get what they can  afford to get, either financially or legally.  I mean how many of those BLM assholes marching around had obvious Airsoft weapons?  I mean considering the very nature of BLM, and the 'types' it tends to attract, i.e. criminal grifters and dirtbags, the odds of a LOT of those guys being able to legally possess some of that firepower IRL?  Pretty fucking slim methinks Aye?

Hence, they cleaned out the Airsoft guns and (illegally) paint over the orange tip, thereby giving them the appearance of being geared up with shit that even I can't afford.  Now, it's illegal to paint over the orange tip.  Not that people inclined to do shit like that really follow the laws anyhow, but it's also part and parcel why a lot of younger Ghetto Hood-Rats get graduated from "Dindu Nuffin" to "Good Hood Rat" because they're carrying, aiming or flashing Airsoft at the Five Oh.  "A "Good Hood Rat" means a dead Hood Rat.  "Lay Down, be dead, Gooooood Hood Rat."

Which brings me to this:  Part of why I can't sleep.  Seems MomUnit got a totally random Phone call last week.  A blocked number, she picked up and said the person on the other end was obviously a black, soft-spoke female, who asked to confirm MY name and MY street address!!!!!  MomUnit, not knowing what was up, went on the "Who?  No idea who you're talking about!?! Who are you?" mode (the right thing IMO) and on that, they immediately hung up.

Slightly nervous making.  I've had a few death threats in the comments here and in the emails, but nothing I take too seriously.  That being said, I'm not worried about MomUnit... where she lives is, well, lets just say the particular place she chose for retirement?  LOTS of celebutards, monies and security out the ass... what does concern me is the randomness of it... I mean like outside of family, I don't think anyone would ever be able to connect MomUnit and I outside like that...  The last time I had any sort of connection that might be traceable was  when I was in Iraq...

So I'm getting soft-probed.
Me No Likey.
Head is now on FULL swivel.
Dammit... After I told Wifey, she shit.  She's not used to such antics.  So, because the DotGov cheese is gone, as soon as I got home, I put the Titanium Skull Bucket up on Ebay.  $800 opener, $1500 Buy It Now so's I can go to CostCo and get a full security Camera suite.  I'm not too concerned, but Wifey is, and what upsets her, makes me livid.

And, to whomever is playing fuck-fuck games, If y'all are reading this, let's get together.

I'm always up for a discussion of the current political/socio-economic and racial issues of the day.  If I can rectify all of your action issues with transformational deconfliction through a effective application synergistic minute-of-angle, I'll be MORE than happy to meet up.  I can then, hopefully, expand your thought process kinetically with an optimal application of approximately 3600 joules of energy.
So, Off to bed
Hopefully to Sleep
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country




  1. 99.9% of those "phone calls" are just psyche war, assholes trying to make themselves feel important by scaring people.
    Buy you got to be ready for that one in a thousand who's wired like Manson.

  2. I gotta say I like messing with people's minds...
    I especially like sharing Non-PC opinions just to watch the super woke heads explode.
    That being said, I will disagree and argue with someone all day long
    II would never jack with anyone else's family.
    That is WAY not cool.
    I agree on the need for camera's on the AO. Nothing beat Eyes in the skies.
    A couple of other suggestions...
    (you probably already know these, but there maybe someone out there this can help)
    Motion Activated Solar Lights
    1. Nothing can ruin Joe Cool's Ninja Stylin' quite like being lit up during mid creep.
    2. Solar because no need to run wires AND they can be re-positioned on short notice
    (especially if/when Ninja jerk gets lit up and he finds out where one of the trip sensors are located,
    always keep em guessing)
    3. The one's with separate solar panel allows the sensor and light to be very concealed and adds to the surprise factor.
    4. They also make speakers with the same type of motion sensor that can let Ninja Nerd hear a greeting such as: "Hello neighbor, I hope you don't mind if I don't give you a warning shot, since we have this ammo drought going on and all"...Is it Live or is it Memorex? Nerd boy can think hard on that as he is clearing your AO.

    In my humble opinion, those who target innocent bystanders and Especially Family have just revoked their membership to the human race and all the benies that go with that.

    Stay safe and God Bless

    MSG Grumpy

  3. Try here for manuals..

  4. Mags and pouches.

    I recently got some of these--

    So far I really like them. Not the cheapest option, but they sure hit a lot of check boxes. Good retention, fast uncluttered draw, stay open for mag insertion, and the big one for me--because they are flexible, they will hold just about any mag.

    Really like PMAGs. However they are longer and bulkier than the standard issue aluminum mags. Just something to keep in mind when setting up your gear. Had a "wait--whut?" moment as something went by on YouTube the other day. So I grabbed some of my mags to check it out.

    On the Gen2 PMAGs, you can indeed stow the dust cover on the bottom of the mag. Not so on the Gen3's, as the floor plate has been re-designed. Also FYI, the Gen2 and Gen3 dust covers will not interchange. The dust covers are most useful for storing loaded mags as they take the spring pressure from the ammo column off the feed lips. Don't know why Magpul does not mention this on their website.

  5. Hey man, I got rid of my M1A about 5 years ago, I found 3 mags in a box that i would be glad to send you. I think there was 2 Springfields and a chrome Checkmate.

    1. Email me at rakkasan101st@protonmail dot com. I really appreciate it!

  6. The Blink 5 camera security system is $50 off at Costco till 5/9. Super easy to set up/use. Wireless. Incredible night vision for the price. Buy/add extra components via the Zon at ur leisure when they go on sale. Just a suggestion. Mine works great.