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Friday, April 30, 2021

A Well-Earned Weekend!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Another fun filled day of The Normal Stuff. A full day of work, then coupled with the 'after work' stuff.  Dinner is on deck, and GranBebe was returned to Other Rents after a week here.  She's in non-stop growth mode, which was interesting.  No bullshit, last night at dinner, I was spent after a full day of training new people at work.. doing blocks of instruction remotely via Zoom?  Painful... especially when a few of your 'students' you absolutely know aren't paying attention, and are there just to do the 90 days in order to get their unemployment bennies re-upped.  ANYwho... didn't feel the urge to cook... I do 85-90% of the chow around here.  As I've said, Wifey may be hell-on-wheels as a Stylist and Hair Chick, but not so much in the kitchen.

So I got a deal, 2 Large Pizzas for $20 from a really good Mom and Pop joint.  New Yawk style pizza... Pepperoni and a Cheese for Wifey... figured GranBebe would help with that.

Boy, was I wrong...

Three... THREE entire adult slices of pepperoni.
Gone... like in 10 minutes.  I swear to God, I have no idea where it went.  -I- had two and was stuffed to the gills.  She smashed three adult slices with 'roni.  Leg pouches or something I swear.  Killer is that after she was full, an hour and a half later, she had 1/2 of another slice.  THEN she crashed hard.

This was the finale of the day mind you.  Breakfast: 1 English Muffin w/Jam, and a Banana.  THEN a bowl of cereal.  Lunch: a 6 inch cold cut Sub, Ham, Turkey and Bacon w/Lettuce... almost lost a finger trying to help her.  Then dinner was the pizza feeding frenzy.  And in there, there was non-stop snacking with the lil cheddar Fish crackers... Pepperidge Farm I think... I know she's outgrown, well like everything.  Wifey after her last gig spent $100 on a pile of low-cost Fruit of the Loom basic colored T-Shirts and Shorts... like a 12 pack of each in multiple colors.  To make 'em less generic, she found a bag o'patches on the Zon...$12 for 100 iron-on patches... all girlie patches... Lil Girl stuff... Embroidered Unicorns, rainbows.. sparkly shytte like that.  She spent two nights going to town "Kickin' Up" the plain outfits, and now?  They look like high(er) end fashion than the basic $2 tee and shorts.  She even matched up a lot to make 'themed' stuff... the Aqua Colored shirt n shorts is my fave... she put mermaids and fish and whales and hearts... makes GranBebe cuter than ever.

So... that was my day.  My evening, before hitting this was to get the New Rifle put a bit more together as I got MOR parts in today.  Still waiting on the barrel nut, but I think I have everything now.  I 'mocked it up' to see what it'll look like when done... the results?
The book is holding the barrel in place so as to not put pressure on the mounting point.  The foregrip is in place the same way.  The upper now has the ejection port and forward assist installed as well.  For the front end, I went with the JComp Type 89 Muzzle Brake...
I think it looks bad ass.
The guy I'm building it for hasn't replied to me emails yet since I started with full on building... Have to see what happens.  Either ways, this's looking like a killer rifle.  I really like that the CeraKote is perfectly matched all around.  It's always a possible problem as various 'shades' can differ ever so slightly to make something 'off.'  In this case though, everything is a perfect match.

Other things... I managed amazingly to get through to a live Hoo-Mon at the Infernal Revenue Service.  I found out what happened too.  Seems that when I filed, I hadn't gotten (due to bureaucratic issues) my $600 stimmy payment.  Apparently, I had forgotten I had 'checked the box' sayin' "Yo... I ain't been paid!" to which I got the credit for it... forgot ALL about it too.  So as we went over the return and stimmy issue, (and yeah I did eventually get it), It WAS paid to me eventually, so the credit got removed, and therefore, I was in the hole.  Only $78 bux thank GOD but still, I can deal with that.

Also, I greatly appreciate everyone who's hit the Tip Jar as of late.  I couldn't do it without y'all.  I've sent out some 'thank yous' to y'all personally, and know I appreciate you guys and gals, even if I don't mention you by name (which is the normal request anyways).  Anyone who needs to get ahold of me tho, my secure email is rakkasan101st@protonmail... I check that every day IF I can.  The other is theintrepidreporter2019 at gmail.  

So, as it is, tomorrow is range morning.  I have to get up and git to get some trigger time in...  The Space Blaster 10 hasn't been tried yet, and the M1A needs a break in as well.  Have to get some pictures so y'all can see.

OH Which also, I forgot.  Mine and Wifey's thanks for all the support in her attempts to win that contest.  She got pushed out literally in the last minute from first (which she would have made the quarter finals) to second, and I couldn't bring myself to spend any $$$ for more votes.  My 'umble thanks to everyone who did vote and or contribute.  It would have been cool, but eh... it is what it is... The ONLY issue I have is the slampig who DID win?  Fucking talentless hack compared to Wifey... It kinda gives me a case of the ass yannow?

So, as it is.  More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

IRS Weirdness

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Uncle Sugar Gives, and Uncle Sugar Taketh Away.  By now, y'all have heard that the majority of tax returns are getting double-special oversight by the IRS for -whatever- reason.  Mine, I did my taxes (painfully) back on the day that I got my last form from my employers.  The return was for a small amount, which I'll mention because it's pertinent.  I was supposed to get $522 back.  And I waited. 
And Waited
And Waited
Still Waiting
Then, the news talked about the double-secret probation hand-jamming that the fucking Vultures were doing, and I was all like 'fuckin' great.'  Nothing went on until yesterday.

Where I got a thick envelope in the mail from said-Vultures.


Nothing quite matches that sinking feeling when you get a thick envelope with a return Addy of the IRS... I got in and of course, opened it.  Seems I got hit with a bill.  $78 to be exact.  Which really irks the shit out of me.  The excuses were as such (which make no sense to me)
None of this makes sense.  I have no dependents.
Essentially, they're saying that I owe $78 because they didn't take out enough of the tax.  Payments was $2072... total tax was $2150... OK... $78

But what happened to the $522 that they owed me?

Completely at a loss here.  Add on they also recently had a 'review' of my VA Compensation, and decided that because there was a two-year gap in my marital status, that they took my marriage bennie away.  That's $150 monthly I'm down now...

Now, Maybe you smarter folks out there can figure it out, but I noticed that the $522, and the $78?  That's a single stimulus payment... the $600 they sent me... are they now saying that wasn't a freebie?  I don't remember that being part of the deal?  Maybe it is, maybe it ain't?  Maybe one of you geniuses out there can figure it out for me, as it's all fucked up.  As far as I knew, the stimulus was free cash... does that mean that next year I'm going to 'owe' them the money they 'fronted' to me? 

If so, I would have never cashed those checks

I wonder how many people are having the same issues?  I'm just gonna pay it, as it's the safer way to go... even though it is a bite that was unexpected, and the $522 I was hoping/counting on?  Dust in the wind apparently...
Let me know... 
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Embrace It

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So the mailbag came yesterday, I actually didn't get the mail until this A.M. as I had overlooked it.  Too much going on at the house, and if mail-dood doesn't knock at the door and drop large boxes/packages off, I sometimes forget that it comes and gets delivered.  Might actually be a self-defense mechanism against bills maybe?  God knows the summer power-surge (i.e. pricing) has kicked off here in Central Florida.

Last months, and the monthly average is about $100-120 per month.  3 adults, running a 'regular' life of Central AC, washer, dryer, and dishwasher, plus about 5 computers 24-7, and TVs.  Every spring/summer, the cost doubles though.  The 'surge'/gouge for money that we get hit with.  Now?  This month, doubled.  $260 for this coming bill due.


So, anyways, besides bitching about bills, I got a gift in the mail from an anonymous reader/sender.  From Jolly Olde England no less.  It was a largish soft envelope with "Royal Airmail" on it, no return addy, unless you count some weird Brit PO Box I believe.  -Whoever- sent this didn't want to be revealed.  Now as to the contents?

An M-40 Waffen SS Totenkopf Softcap.  Made by the company in England who makes ALL the reproductions for WW2 movies... they did all the uniforms for "Fury" and man... it even fits.  The note inside was a bit on the cryptic side.

"Embrace it"

Huh... Gets the old thinking meat cogitating, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure whoever sent this risked a hate-crime or 10.   Gets me to realizing the message too.  It's essentially, that since the Powers-that-be have essentially declared war on us, that we should embrace the very names they call us.  If it offends their sensibilities, so much the better.  The symbols as well.

God Knows they've painted us into a corner, and we're running out of places to go to avoid conflict.  I mean they Gestapo'd Giuliani yesterday...fucking Hunter Child-Rapist Biden gets to be a Visiting Professor Emeritus at Tulane, but Rudy gets hustled off to jail for doing his job per the Commander in Chief?

Clownworld INDEED

They're no longer even trying to pretend that there is some equanimity to be gained in trying to get a fair shake so to speak.  CNN and all the Ministry of Propaganda has essentially condemned all Whypeepo (under a certain income bracket mind you) as deplorable Ray-cist evil Nazis.  The lack of understanding is that personally, I get what my benefactor is saying.  

EMBRACE the names.  
EMBRACE the symbols.  

By doing so, leastways for now in this country, it's not illegal to wear such paraphernalia.  It purely takes the piss out of their accusations.  They Don't Matter.  Make Irony Great Again.  I mean hell, the SS Uniforms were by Hugo Boss anyways, and sharp as hell IMO.  Make NAZIs great again Aye?  

Makes you wonder what the general reaction on High would be from our (((masters))) in the media IF everyone who's being accused of being a Nazi started wearing a Party Membership Armband?  It's one thing to write off the 400 pound third grade trailer-park white-trash drop out wearing a makeshift Hitler-wannabe outfit, drunkenly screaming about "Goddamned Jews! and ZOG!"

It's another thing entirely when a nice, middle class guy like moi, a 25 year veteran of the Psychic Wars with a full understanding of the symbolism behind such attire to willingly go out and proclaim himself aligned with the very elements that which he stand accused of being. And the more people who are willing to do this, the more it undercuts them AND their entire argument.  

After all, why not?  If they intend (and they've made it abundantly clear that they are) to culturally and ethnically cleanse the 'stain' of 'whiteness' from the land, then we should, by God, fight back and to hell with niceties.  And if they continue to ramp up the rhetoric, and violence follows?

Well, those pushing so hard for this have never been punched in the face.
Quite literally.
They have no concept outside of a narrow view from Hollywood what a true and meaningful application of selective violence really means.

Which means, all joking aside, that it's going to be horrific.

Sort of like I discussed with Sapper.
IF someone were foolish enough to come to this house to fuck with me and mine, the last thing I'm doing is calling the Polizei.  I mean hell, the current Zeitgiest is "Fuck da Police!" so why would I bother them over something so minor as a harassment and trespass issue?

Not when I can take care of it myself.
I need the exercise... been a while since Abu G and Guantanamo.

But as far as reaction to a Pro-Nazi Movement, not that we are but if the shoe fits Aye?  I can see (((them))) Oye'ing and kvetching to make the symbols here illegal under hate-crimes laws, and that'd be awesome.  Because to MANY on BOTH sides see the Star of David as the same thing, an emblem of Oppression and Genocide of the Palestinians... First Amendment Aye.. it works both ways, and if it weren't, well, welcome to the "Awokening" as it's being called on GAB.  Normal folks who jumped on there are going Awoke as to the reality of race, diversity, forced segregation, and the calls for open support of White Rights. 

I myself am by NO MEANS a 'supremacist'.  I'm, as I've said before but will reiterate for the newbies here, I'm a race realist.  Means that I acknowledge the various contributions of all races, no matter what skin color, but also acknowledge that some races are better at shit than others.   White People are the best at civilization.  Laws and Warfare.  Orientals, mathematics.  Arabs as well, leastways before they went Muzzie.  Blacks tend to be mad athletes. 

Unfortunately, there are negatives... Whites, (((self identified until called on it))) whites, tend to be shifty and underhanded in their business dealings... Blacks tend to be impulsive and base in their action/reactions, hence a higher than normal crime rate.  To each race there are pluses and minuses, however, none of that currently is being discussed with an eye on reality... I call out everyone for anything... if your people are being shady then get them to stop doing shady shit.  Ain't my fault for pointing out your deficiencies.  I'm an equal-opportunity bigot.  I hate everyone equally, until such time as they proven themselves to be worthy of my respect.  Telling me to respect you by dint of your melanin count?  Go fuck yourself.  Honestly, my standards ain't that high... look at the people here that I let in amiright?  (Speaking of Shady, anyone heard from Cedric lately?  He's not been around as of late)

Anti-Asian hate crimes?  How is it that criminal niggers beating on old Orientals the fault of White Supremacy?  Don't know.  But didn't stop them from organizing another anti-white pogrom.  I mean how many does that make now?  I can't go a week without hearing somewhere, from some member of the Elite's Ministry of Propaganda that white people are the source of all evil, and that they need to protect us continually.

So, I say fuck it.
Leave them behind.  Leave them flummoxed.  Let them wonder exactly how they can deal with something like that.  Be the NAZI that they accuse you of being, and when the time comes act like the Germans rolling into the Soviet Union.
Leave not one blade of grass standing, nor the leftist untermensch. 
Root and Branch,
The North Korean 3 Generations.  
5th Generation War to the Knife.


We'll finish it for them.

So, more pleasant subjects:  My other hats.  I got started as a wee one.  My Grand-da, MomUnit's Da, spent a lifetime Globetrotting, and brought me back hats as souvenirs.  A real leather Gaucho hat from Mexico, a Greek Fisherman's hat from Greece... I wore that poor thing out when I was a kid... LOVED
 that hat...   

Ball caps, 'operator' caps, DotMil caps, now a German M-40, and the packing list inside that package, it took me to the website where they guy/gal? bought it... ooooh boy... I might be in trouble there... they even have a German Mountain Troop fez that the SS apparently wore back in the day... a for-real red, tasseled FEZ.  I had a fez that I used to wear when drinking in Iraq... someone stole it dammit... such as it is with hats...
But my winter hat, that's a neat one:
Pashtun winter cover... May not cover the ears, but here in Florida, damned thing keeps you warm-warm in the winter months.  It's also just neat as I know it's not from some fruity fashion-house or stateside bullshit, but bought off a pushcart in Kandahar.

So, yeah, think on what I said.  Tell me your thoughts?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

More Fun With Fixes and Firearms

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So been working -again- on getting 'stuff' done around here.  Took y'alls advice on the Lee resizer/decapper.  I soaked it in WD40, and then put it in a plastic bag.  Then it went into the freezer it went for an overnight.  Took it out this afternoon, put it in the vice, and hit the brass on the ass sticking out with the blowtorch.  Put the vice grips on it, and gave it a tug, and out it popped.  Well, I -did- have to whack it a bit to loosen it up... 
Wee bit of pounding Aye.
Got it out, and didn't mushroom the top of the pin.  Now I have to wait til tomorrow to cut the brass with a Dremel and get rid of it.  We got GranBebe over and she's in bed, so no Dremel work til she's awake.
As you can see:
The base of the casing got chewed right the hell up.
Whatever.  At least it's off amiright?
So, After getting that done, I made dinner, which was cold-cut subs, ham, turkey and bacon, on a toasted roll.  Heated up the meats and cheese as well.  Quite good... an old standby here in the Casa.  Only issue -I-had was mustard.
As in "How the hell are we out of mustard?"  Damnedest thing... I literally, (I thought) that we had like 2-3 bottles of that stuff laying about.  In fact, there were so many at one point, and some of them were so old (XWife tended to buy on sale and stash as part of the prepper mindset) I had to shitcan some.  Guess I never realized just how much I had been utilizing.  Not a biggy... just surprised me.
Now then, it was time to do the 'quiet time' stuff... namely working on Dude's AR-10.
I was able to get almost the entire lower done but the front pivot pin.  That sumbitch is a pain.
Looking dead-sexy Aye?
I'm thinking I have to get myself one on those 'grip wraps'.  Soft n grippy.  Got it somewhere... it adds to the standard grip quite nicely.  As you can see, Extra-thick recoil pad installed, and the buffer is that Kynshot hydraulic that everyone was talking about on the boards... Have to see when I test fire it.
Now, only thing I found out new today was goin over the invoices, seems that the trigger assembly is nickel-boron, not stainless steel.  Makes sense for what I paid for it...
It breaks like -glass- when I pull it.  VERY nice addition to what's shaping up to be a hell of a weapon.  Wifey'd kill me if I try to buy, build or do anything over-and-above that which I've already done... Can't say I blame her.  TBH, I'm addicted to the build and the process.

There are definitely worse things to be into right?

So, Off to bed, it's late and I'm tired
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Dressing Up How-To

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
As y'all know, I can't leave well enough alone.  I -have- to play with my new toys.  It annoys the hell out of Wifey, as when I get a new piece, I tend to keep it at arms length for a goodly time.  I call it 'familiarization', she calls it obsession.  Meh.  Either way I like to get a handle on how to maneuver around the Casa with the long guns, and wearing the pistol in a shoulder rig or on my waistband gets me set for the inevitable day that that becomes S.O.P....

Just like in Iraq.  You never went anywhere without your piece.  Shower?  Bed?  Chow?
That thing had better be right there, right then, and you sure as hell better have a mag.

So, as I warned y'all I worked on the M1A
I didn't do the top cover yet.
That being said, I think it came out decently.
Now.  To get that pattern, I did the following:
I first field stripped ALL the pieces parts off.  Anything that could be removed, was.  Buttplate/pad, sling swivels, all weapons pieces parts.  the only part that didn't come off was the front band on the stock, which is pinned in place.  That's the piece that locks the stock tot he barrel mount at the front by the gas tube.
I then taped the one part, and painted the whole thing in Olive Drab.
Once it dried, I had picked up a $1 bunch of fake ferns from the Dollar Store.  I then started getting them ready:
Now, keep in mind, You need wire snips to do this.  The center of the fern 'leaves' have a thin wire running through them.  Cut them with the snips, and use scissors (if needed) on the fabric part of the fern if you want a clean cut.
Then, I took my double sided tape:
(Upside down here because of course..)
And then started bending the wires and taping down the ferns to the stock:
This was then hit with the flat-khaki.  
And this's the results:
Now, unfortunately, when I start doing a project like this, you guys know it's like "Buck Fever"
I get all excited and forget to keep taking pictures
That being said, you can tell just the how/where/what I did to get the final product.
The other finishing thing I do is I hit the stock after the final camo application with 3 coats of Matte Clear Coat.
It gives a really nice smooth finish, and helps to keep the dings and scrapes out of the newly-painted stock.  It also dries nicely.  I like it a lot.
Now, the question is, is do I take off the upper black cover and tag tthat as well?  The stock I wasn't worried about, as a factory new replacement in Black is $70 if I were to sell it, putting it back to factory original.  The top cover though is more expensive, and harder to come by.  Gonna have to thunk on that 'un.
Right now though, she's all dressed up and ready for this weekend's break in.
I'll let y'all know as we go.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Well, THAT Sucked...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, new rifle.  Gotta feed it.  So last night I busted out Ye Olde Reloading gear.  I got quite a few bits o'brass, powder and boolits.  Even have a brick of large rifle primers.  So off tot he races to start getting MOR ammo built.  Things went pretty well.  Got about 50 rounds that I had worked on previously fully cleaned and primed... already decapped, trimmed and resized.  Did the clean them in the shaker thing, and primed them.  Once those were done, I busted out 50 more brass and went at it.

Was going OK... got about 8-10 done, and oops.
More like oh shit.
It was not coming out, so I gave it a bit of ass on the handle.
Not smart.  The base of the brass tore off, because the fucking brass itself annealed to the interior of the Sizing die.  I tried to unscrew the top, but the pin is the resizing pin, and is buried tight as a tick in there.  And the brass itself ain't moving.  Tried almost everything to get it out.
You can see where I tried the vice-grips to either budge it, or 'spin it' out.

No dice.
So... that's a Ulysses right there.  As in Ulysses S. Motherfuckin' Grant, i.e. $50 to replace
Unless y'all have a good idea on getting this out?  The stone bitch is I'm religious in greasing my cases before I size.  I had this happen before with my .223 resizer, and had to re-purchase the whole kit, as at the time, single dies were not available.

Now?  They are available, both in singles and sets, but OMFG.  The cost?  I paid like between $35 (on sale) to $50 per set of dies when I started getting into reloading.  Now?  between the drought and dearth of ANY and ALL reloading supplies, sheeeeeeeeee-it.

Payday is in a week.  It'll have to wait.  Besides, I still have the 50 primed and ready for powder and boolits.  Not a biggie... just oh, so much of a piss me off.   Meh... it is what it is Aye?

So, on other news.  Took the Springfield and am getting ready to Camo it up.  I know, I know, some folks make a stink over doing stuff like that.  Whatever guys... I took ALL the metal off of the stock, and am hitting it with a coat of OD Green first, and following up with my fern-leaf patterned Khaki.  Some people get all bent over rattlecan paint... my attitude is it'll all come off, and in my case, I generally never  sell or get rid of my rifles/pistols.

Also, finally in the mail today, I got the suture kit that I ordered off of Ebay for $15.  I ordered this thing like a minute ago... Like months ago.  
To the point I hit them with a "WTF is my stuff?"... it wasn't them, it was the Post Orifice.  

The same poast orifice that took 2 months to get me my Hexmags.  I didn't go over that now that I think about it.  I found from MidWest Supply some 20 round black Hexmags for the AR-10 for $14.00 a piece.  Unheard of pricing amiright?  So, ordered 4, as the MagPul AR-10 20 rounders are like $30 a shot, and these?  I've got zero complaints about Hexies.  

So, ordered them and then >poof<

Almost 7  weeks to get them here.  The tracking number that the Post Orifice gave me tracked them alright... ALL over the fuckin' hither-and-yon to the Great Beyond I swear.  Those Hexies have seen more of the country than me.  I mean it was insane... Literally like 9 states, 12 major cities, it was like a Rock Tour going all willy-nilly.  Two complaints later and a bunch of nastygrams, and they finally showed.  The box looked- like it'd been on tour with a Rock Band.  Beat all to hell, but kudos to MidWest Supply... they packed them well enough so's not to have them damaged.

So, now, I got a buttload of 'other' things to get done.  More Shipping and Receiving.  I'm -only- doing the Big Brown these days... my Poastal Experiences have me a bit kerstonkered.  Missing mail, delayed mail, possibly intercepted mail.

Any wonder normies are waking up with this shyttefestivus ongoing?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Five Minutes of Stupi...Errr Fame...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I personally blame the Kard-trash-ians.  The 'insta'-famewhores of legend.  EVVABODY wants, need and demands their fame and 'fifteen minutes' in the limelight.  Because of this, any and every asshole out there is trying to 'make their mark.'

Lord know I get trolls who accuse me of the same thing.  Which is funny.  I started this blog originally as a day-to-day for my family and friends to keep up with what I was going through in Iraq.  Everything else sort of kinda just fell into place after the fact.  I blame Phil.

BUT... today's subject, is the stupid fame-whoring and the idijits who profit from it.  Case in point, the Newest Winners of the New Good Nigger Lotto: Ma'Khia Bryant's family.  She's the ratchet-girl made good by the Fuzz while committing, what here in Florida is called a "Forcible Felony", in fact multiple crimes... i.e. Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and even Attempted Murder?  Not sure what degree, but the fact that she came out of the hose, in full view oof the Cops, and tried to gut another girl, knowing the cops were there shows that either A) She didn't care and had it planned or B) per the majority of her kind, Lacked any self-awareness and/or impulse control.

Either way, she got made 'good' rather quickly.  To whit now everyone is on the "Profit From Her Death" Train.  To include her Father:
Who, BTW had to be taken to court to acknowledge his paternity.  He looks like a stellar member of an Upright and Law-Abiding Citizen doesn't he? </sarc>
In reality Myron Hammonds has a long and distinguished rap sheet, to include multiple felonies and other shit that if it were me?  I'd be freeze-dried and buried under the jail.  This goon?  Running around with an active warrant when the shit went down... He's also on camera, right before his daughter got made good, kicking a woman in the head who's on the ground.  Nice fellow Aye?

Then, there's Mom:
Paula Bryant, who ranted and raged about how her poor poor Honor Student Daughter "Dindu Nuffin!"
Yet again, another Candidate for "Mother of the Year" what with her multiple convictions for domestic abuse against her daughters which is why Miss HyphenatedGoodGirl was in Foster Care to begin with...
And as far as Honor Roll?  Some dood did the heavy lifting.  She wasn't on the Honor Roll... Mom apparently made that shit up out of whole cloth.  Hell, according to school records, she wasn't even registered in school until February.

So WTF was she doing all that time Aye?  Idel hands and all that.  Probably dealing drugs, considering the propensity for it in the Family.  

So, she got made "good", and now the family has had ALL the race-hustler lawyers come out of the woodwork like the scum that they are.  I'm really hoping they get nothin but this's the Insane Days of Negro Worship Most High, so I can guarantee a payout of some kind or other... on the Taxpayer dime no less.

And then, to continue with the "need to be famous", all the second guessing assholes out there had to put in their comments, but the topper was this one:
Took the shot from Angry Drill on the Angry Cops tube channel...
And, as you can see, his reaction is much the same as mine.
Because what we have here, besides a failure to utilize the thinking meat, is a Stupid, Vacuous, Socially Acceptable Pile of Pablum, that is so virtuous it's full on borderline Retarded.
Which queues up the Visceral, Pained Expression that I duplicated when I read it meselves.  My -only- real thought is that this Thoughtless Thot could never have served, never mind retired from The Navy.  I'm sure the only seamen she's familiar with is the goo she gobbles on the reg through Tinder.

Angry Cops/Drill tears it up pretty good.  His Channel is Here:
He cracks me the fuck up severely.  Especially when he does his "My Drill Sergeant Senses are tingling!!!" and he ducks down and cutscenes from being in bearded civilian mode to clean shaven and uniformed... and then begin.

It's apparent we have too much going on out there, that too many people, the wrong people are getting ALL the attention, accolades, and even worse, Deification.  In the case of George Floyd, a three-time drug addicted piece of shit loser ghetto rat, he's now been turned into some sort of Martyr For Psychotics... Patron Saint of Fentanyl INDEED.  To the point(and I didn't screen=cap it) that they've got Christian Revivalists at the Street Corner this thug died on being baptized and shit on the street. Now, I'm all for 'getting right' with whatever God(s) you pray, or pray not to, but to do a Church Revival at a street corner where, that were it 10 years ago, would have gone unnoticed for the fact that the moron got what he deserved

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
But now?
With the new good nigger lotto?  I'm fully expecting that the trajectory of this will be such that deadbeat, piece of shit Black "parents" will be actively encouraging their kids to resist police in the future. Without explaining the negatives... They'll feel emboldened to NOT follow the law, and if little De'Tonshay or Rastarufus catches a boolit in the interim, it means they'll be financially set, and after all, they have another 14 crotch goblins, and they won't miss one or two, if the payout is right.

Myron and Paula all of a sudden care about their good girl.  No mention mind you, of the remaining 15 year old -by either of them-.  She doesn't factor in unless they have to give her a cut of that future filthy filthy dead-money payout.  

You watch.
Because now they care because the all mighty dollar is on the table, and they saw St George of Fentanyl's fam get that 27 million dollar payout, so you can fucking bet the house that they're expecting the same treatment.  Entitled Negros indeed.  

Funny that they didn't give two shits about her til after she's no longer alive Aye?
Where were they before this shit happened?
Oh yes, dad was avoiding the Fuzz because of an outstanding warrant, and Mom was out of the picture and lost custody for abusing the aforementioned kids.

Worthless, stereotypical Ghetto Trash-monsters

And then people like me get accused of being dicks about it, but rarely do you -ever- see Whypeepo going for the dead-kid lotto...  Does it happen?  Yeah, but not to the extent that the lack-of-empathy Blacks and the fact that it's becoming part and parcel of the new stereotypes.  The jokes, they write theyselves.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, April 26, 2021

Oh Baby...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
One of my favorite kinds of days.
New Gun Day
First Up:
Mr. Springfield showed up today.  Since I did the paperwork on Saturday, and had the receipt showing the date-of-purchase, I was able to do the 'one and done' in-and-out.  Didn't know if it was going to come in a cardboard box, hard case or what, and surprise, it came in a nice embroidered custom padded tote bag.  Outer pocket has 3 slots for 20 round mags, and the M1A patch at the top is Velcro, so I can mount it wherever.
Took two hours after the uncasing to scrub the cosmoline off of it.  Gotta say, well preserved.  Also, Interestingly, in the document pocket, it cam with the DotMil Technical Dash-10 for the M-14.  Kind of cool.  It's a 1965 dated manual, but valid for the weapon.

Once I got it cleaned and reassembled, I put on the 1967 cotton-duck period clip-sling that was proper for those days.  A twenty round mag rounds is out.
Sunday is gonna be fun-day.
Back tot he loading board.  Gonna have to put at least 50 service 7.62x51mm 147 Grain rounds together.  I'm going to load them with 40 grains of N133.  Any thoughts?  Couple of the guys on the board recommend that as a load for the M1A.  I have 3 pounds of the N133, and I want to save my Varget.

The trigger is National Match, the sights? National Match.
Loaded indeed.
And then also, as part of the one-stop-shopping spree:
Dude's AR-10 parts.
Fuckin' dead sexy Aye?
Can't wait til I finish that 'un.  Pics as we go.
So, More Later, I got more tuning and cleaning to do.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, April 25, 2021

MOR Custom Work

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So part n parcel of getting the M1A is being able to afford the payments.  They don't start til the beginning of June, which is why I signed up.  Figure that probably it will, BUT if the economy takes a Blue Whale sized shit, I still have a primo brand-new shewtin' iron.  Now to afford the payments, y'all know I do a lot of custom work.  I just took on an new AR-10 for a reader.  I even found pieces parts for a complete build.

And let me tell ya, this's possibly one of the best builds I've ever done.  I got most of the parts on hand, except for the Upper/Lower/Front Rail.  I mean I have them, they're at GunGirl's place.  I'm waiting for the Springfield to show up so I only have to do one Form 4473.  Makes it easier on GunGirl and myself.

I did the paperwork, as stated earlier, and got to inspect the pieces-parts.

Hooba-dooba-dooba!!! as Fred Flintstone would say.
VERY nice.  Like perfect.  I got the matching upper and front grip/rail as well, all in FDE.  The uppers/rail is a high profile DPMS pattern.

The only negative I have is the barrel nut is proprietary, and out of stock.  I called the manufacturer, and they've already taken my order on it, so it'll be one of the first shipped second week in May.  
The rest of the pieces-parts:
16 inch, chrome-moly 1/10 twist barrel, made of 4150 steel.
Stainless steel trigger/hammer assembly
Magpul Stock with an extra thick recoil pad
Custom Texture Rubber Grip Wrap
and lastly, a KynShot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer.

Dude is having this built as a shared anniversary present for himself and his Wifey, and she apparently is smaller, and he wants it to have a reduced recoil footprint.  Kind of a bitch to do with an 7.62, but, I think the combination of all of the above, as well as the muzzle brake, which I just ordered and forgot to mention til now... I got a Strike Industries J-Comp V2 Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider.  Should be a really sweet piece once I get everything together and running.

I'm waiting on the Bolt (Areo Precision) which is on the way, and the other small fiddly bits for the upper (forward assist, charging handle and color-matched dust cover).  All in all, this's gonna be a pimp rifle when it's done.  Sapper wants me to 'twin' it when he can afford it.  Can't say I blame him.
I had to wait to poast about this, as it's Dude's biddness, and I always ask about poasting about a build if it's gonna be some elses toy.  He is, needless to say, excited and said Hell yeah to this.

So, I'll do some pics when I gets all da pieces parts together.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Just Woke Up

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Greatly Appreciate the advice and ideas on Home Security. Got a plan in place now, and we're good with it. Like I said, and as some commenters has stated, I gave away my Pos between her contest (she's looking to go to the quarter finals BTW, keep voatin and thank you all!) and 'other' stuff from over the past.  Thing is, I'm not hiding.  I'm just maintaining a 'polite distance' as one does in a bar.  You want to know my name?  Ask me... get to know me.  My handle is my handle, always has been, leastways since 2003 when it got hung on me.  I know Borepatch and Divemedic, as well as Miguel.  Hell, love to have those guys over the house for a BBQ if I could socially.  I REALLY enjoy Miguel up close and personal... dude has a personality as big as a Semi and a heart three times as big.  Divemedic makes -me- look dumb.  (BTW DM, thanks for the H/T today) Borepatch is one of the most -genuine- people I've met in a while, and his wife sweet as can be.

From what I can tell, its just like being in a bar.  You want to get to know some one?  Strike up a conversation.  Get to know them.  I actually have verbal comms with a few of Y'all now, and enjoy it.  Grayman, Doc, and CA... among others.  So it is what it is, and hey, like I've said, ain't my 'first doxx'.  Or death mark.
'Cept I'm way prettier.
First doxx was by "Code Pink"
'Meber them goofy bitches?  Xwife got a couple of harassing calls when I was in Iraq on Tour #1.  First was that I was 'dead' which was funny as fuck because when she got the "notification call", I was literally on a video chat with her.  They tried to make it sound like they were a DotMil phone-notification team or some such shytte, saying I was kil't.  Other things were they started doing the 'egging the house' but they stopped pretty quickly.  Where we were living at the time was no joke, one block down from a BIG Mosque in Quincy Mass.

After 9/11 "The Ace Tomato Company" and 'other' vans from 'various companies', i.e. surveillance vans from DotCop and DotGov and probably DotMil literally lined the streets on both sides to the point us neighbors started complaining about the lack of parking.
Me being me, I went down and bought a dozen mixed Dunkin' Donuts and 4 coffees and took 'em up to  the vans.  I mean who the hell did they think they were fooling?  The Imam (who I knew as he lived in the neighborhood) was a good guy and we had regular laughs because out of ALL the Mosques in the New England Area, this was the least-likely to have any radicals in it, and yet BECAUSE it, numerically speaking was one of the biggest, they concentrated all the spy-gear there. 

This first van, (Feds I think) from a "Flower Shop", didn't answer my knocks.  The next was a "Grocery Van", and  The State Police inside did answer, and were annoyed with me.  Told me to GTFA.  But then, one of the DotMil vans, (The plates were G series DotGov Plates but the van itself, no signage on it, but LOTS of antennas) happily took the goodies and the head dude came out and bullshitted with me about how useless and overdone this mission was.  He didn't give away anything, but when I showed him my retired card, he wasn't a total dick.

The fact that ALL that surveillance gear was in the street, whelp, seems when Xwife called the cops after the eggs and toilet paper the second time one of the Agencies gave up the camera footage of the perps, AND their license plates.  Dumbasses drove up at 2am,  with uncovered plates, got out wearing the Code Pink stuff in front of my driveway, and then 'decorated' the house and car(s) and drove off.  Not sure as to what happened, although X went down and signed the paperwork to press charges, but that was the last of it.  I'd like to think the guys I gave the donuts and coffee to were the ones who did me a solid.

The other time was in Iraq.  Me and Lil Country did a lot of good things for our workers.  We were ostensibly in charge of building the Central Issue Facility (Boots and Boolits) on Camp Victory in Area 51.  Y'all who've been there know exactly what building I'm talking about.  Located on the left side of the MWR, two ginormous warehouses that we literally built, from just 4 walls and a shot-through tin roof to a pair of giant air-conditioned warehouses stuffed to the gills with supplies.
 These were taken in 2011, as they were shutting down the CIF permanently.
I and a LOT of others put a HUGE amount of effort in 2004/05 to build that place.  I took these pics on the last day that it was open, before they cut the power and pulled the generators.  No idea what happened to it...

But, because when we were constructing it, we had been authorized to pay way more than the going daily rate for workers.  AIQ didn't like that.  They tried to intimidate our workers, so we got them armed escorts, and set them up with the Bear Mace I talked about before... they then tried to pull some other shit, like putting out a reward for Me and Lil Country's head(s).  It got up to about $25K USD, which was a bit higher than the usual 10K that all the other contractors had on them.  We ALL had bounties on us... back then that fag, al-Zarqawi liked making vidyas of us getting our nuggets sawn off.  That ended, along with the bounty from my understanding, in 2006 when the Air Force JDamned his ass to hell.

So, got security coming in place, and staying mellow.
Hope y'all enjoy your Sunday... it's hot and humid, and a bit gray here.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
T-Wall outside the Engineer Gate, Baghdad, 2011

A Busy Saturday (and now it's Sunday)

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
What time is it?  The day flew by.  In fact, it's now tomorrow.  Me 'n Sapper did a lot of errands today.  Had to go and get my FFL dealer to start the paperwork on a pickup for the rifle, drop off mail (which went sideways a bit), get chlorine for the pool, and we managed to hit the surplus store so's I could look for a mag pouch for the M1A mags.  

Found one too:
Condor mini-dual 20 round shingle style.  Was about $12 w/tax.  The other thing I found was a real plus too...
Common Tasks Manual for E-5 and up.
VERY Useful.
Like on the "must have" List.  Now the CTT manual or "Green Book" for E-1 to E-4 is also required reading.  That one covers literally the basics of United States soldiering.  The one -I- had 'back n the day' was at the time, freshly re-done and published.  This was the exact brick I toted around:
Woe betide the poor bastard who 'forgot' it. You were to have it on your body at all times.  A ziplock was mandatory to keep it from getting destroyed via water and shit.

It's size is designed to have you carry it in your cargo pocket of your BDUs.  Canteen in the left cargo, , Green Book in the right.  It has -ALL- the standard taskers in it that every soldier should know for Basic Training.  In the case of the one above, it had the M-60 as one of the taskers, whereas the newest version has the M-240 in it.
The new one looks like this:
They can be (and I highly recommend) bought on Amazon here:

Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1:  LINK 
Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 2,3,4: LINK

And yeah, I get a 'taste if you buy with my links'.  Which I can't argue with.  Last month, the link to the OC Grenade?  I made $80 in commissions on that... which is insane because I only get like a quarter +/- for each one y'all buy/bought.   #1, EM version, is dated 2017, and #2, the NCO one, is updated up to January of 2020.  They just updated it.  So I do highly recommend having them on hand.

Now, the particular copy is from August of 2003, but, with the exception of any Iraq-inspired changes, this one is relatively up to date.  I'll take it though as a used copy on the Zon is like $15 and up... for $3 bones, I can't argue with the price.  That and the NCO one, leastways according to a lot of the comparatives I've checked, as in what the differences are, the info in the old one is still valid enough for MY purposes.

So, other 'stuff'... the credit card got a workout today, the whole 'buy now/pay later' this is a plus as I found a new design for an ammo pouch I hadn't seen before... I mean I may have seen it, but don't remember maybe?  Either way, it was worth the $18.  A handy 12 Gauge Ammo pouch:
As you can see, about the length of an AR 30 round mag.  
Two long molle bands, with plastic stiffeners in them, with plenty of cross-molle to 'weave' with in case you want to make sure it's not going  to go all floppy on you.  Weaving molle straps can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but my own personal trick is using a butter knife to assist.  So, anyways... to open it, pull the flap...  
It's got a couple of stout snaps to assist in keeping it closed because then, once flap #1 is open, you grab the top of the pouch by the snaps, and pull down:
And... like... wow.  Thats a LOT of 12 gauge.  It literally has a 25 round capacity, although #25 is a small loop on the fold-out panel that goes horizontal from all the other ammo... the above picture you might be able to see the loop.  It's on the left, in between the first and second row of four shells... but that's not really that big a deal.  24/25 rounds of 00 Buck? Sheeeeee-it.  That's a buttload of buck right there, jes' sayin'.  

Too much IMO.  After this pic I took the lower part that unfolds and removed the 12 rounds from there.  Considering the fact that my Black Aces has a 6 round sidesaddle at the ready, plus 7 in the tube, which brings me to a total (if used w/out the lower flap being stuffed) of 25 rounds... if I repack the other 12, that makes it a total of 37 rounds.  Plus, it's heavy fully packed and long unfolded... too much of a chance in 'the heat of the moment' that the lower flap will have rounds falling out willy-nilly... in a firefight, this is a thing of badness.

Either way however, that's a LOT of ammo for a 12 Gauge in one pouch.  Especially since I don't consider it to be a full-on primary weapons system.  Don't get me wrong, shotties have their purpose... in Home Defense, the "shock and awe" phase, there ain't nuthin' like a twelve getting 'racked and ready to stack' and the Earth Shattering >Ka-BOOMs< that they produce are awesome, it's just that in a prolonged, or even slightly longer distanced firefight, a gauge isn't necessarily what you want...Initial Home Defense and Response?  Ab-so-fuckin'-lootly.  "Keep the skeer on 'em" as the Rebs used to say back in the days of the Northern Aggression.

So, the Surplus store is actually, besides surplus, is a prime Paintball/Airsoft supply location.  They carry all sorts of stuff, but they specialize in Condor Gear.  Now, Condor "airsoft/paintball" equipment?  For all the folks who knock it, all I can say is I've had, and still use Condor as my go-to for Tactical pouches and 'stuff'.  In fact I've had Condor gear that's outlived some Blackhawk gear, and a LOT of DotMil issued gear.  My only complaint is that their tactical vests, while awesome, are made for you stinking puny humans... No gorilla sizes unfortunately, because some of the designs are great, but wouldn't fit me even if I was at my skinny size.

Now, observations:  Last time Me n Sapper went over there, it was to fill the C02 tankls for the Flammenwerfer... guy only charges $5 a refill.  There's a big wall  in the Paintball/Airsoft side of the store (it's cut in half, one side all DotMil and 'stuff', the other area all Paintball AND Airsoft stuff)  and the wall -usually- is covered in Airsoft 'guns'.  Like tons of them... looks like some of those pictures of those insanely wealthy gun-guys... Kriss sub guns, FN P-90s... AKs, ARs, all the really cool looking firepower, even though they only shoot lil pew-pew 6mm fake bee-bees.


Nary a one.  My analysis is thus:  Some people, maybe because of economic issues, or past legal issues, or hell, even age issues, may not be able to purchase a real Boomstick.  So they get what they can  afford to get, either financially or legally.  I mean how many of those BLM assholes marching around had obvious Airsoft weapons?  I mean considering the very nature of BLM, and the 'types' it tends to attract, i.e. criminal grifters and dirtbags, the odds of a LOT of those guys being able to legally possess some of that firepower IRL?  Pretty fucking slim methinks Aye?

Hence, they cleaned out the Airsoft guns and (illegally) paint over the orange tip, thereby giving them the appearance of being geared up with shit that even I can't afford.  Now, it's illegal to paint over the orange tip.  Not that people inclined to do shit like that really follow the laws anyhow, but it's also part and parcel why a lot of younger Ghetto Hood-Rats get graduated from "Dindu Nuffin" to "Good Hood Rat" because they're carrying, aiming or flashing Airsoft at the Five Oh.  "A "Good Hood Rat" means a dead Hood Rat.  "Lay Down, be dead, Gooooood Hood Rat."

Which brings me to this:  Part of why I can't sleep.  Seems MomUnit got a totally random Phone call last week.  A blocked number, she picked up and said the person on the other end was obviously a black, soft-spoke female, who asked to confirm MY name and MY street address!!!!!  MomUnit, not knowing what was up, went on the "Who?  No idea who you're talking about!?! Who are you?" mode (the right thing IMO) and on that, they immediately hung up.

Slightly nervous making.  I've had a few death threats in the comments here and in the emails, but nothing I take too seriously.  That being said, I'm not worried about MomUnit... where she lives is, well, lets just say the particular place she chose for retirement?  LOTS of celebutards, monies and security out the ass... what does concern me is the randomness of it... I mean like outside of family, I don't think anyone would ever be able to connect MomUnit and I outside like that...  The last time I had any sort of connection that might be traceable was  when I was in Iraq...

So I'm getting soft-probed.
Me No Likey.
Head is now on FULL swivel.
Dammit... After I told Wifey, she shit.  She's not used to such antics.  So, because the DotGov cheese is gone, as soon as I got home, I put the Titanium Skull Bucket up on Ebay.  $800 opener, $1500 Buy It Now so's I can go to CostCo and get a full security Camera suite.  I'm not too concerned, but Wifey is, and what upsets her, makes me livid.

And, to whomever is playing fuck-fuck games, If y'all are reading this, let's get together.

I'm always up for a discussion of the current political/socio-economic and racial issues of the day.  If I can rectify all of your action issues with transformational deconfliction through a effective application synergistic minute-of-angle, I'll be MORE than happy to meet up.  I can then, hopefully, expand your thought process kinetically with an optimal application of approximately 3600 joules of energy.
So, Off to bed
Hopefully to Sleep
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country