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Friday, March 5, 2021

Wow! And Countdown Off Broadway

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I got the best readers in the world!
A certain one, under the nom'de plume of "R.A. Bear" sent me and Sapper a 'care package' which blowss my mind.  The generosity of y'all has been astounding.  (And Ohio guy, resend me your addy please.  I've been looking for the addys of the folk I owe mailing to, and some of them, the Goolag ate the emails very frustrating...)  So, the gifties in Question?
A complete "Space Cannon PSA AR-10 Lower... and a match trigger, and Sweet Jesus! 120 rounds of Kraut DotMil 147 Grain 7.62 to feed it!

As it was pointed out to me, the ammo exceeds the value of the Lower by a metric shitton.
So, new built poasts to follow.
Might go Divemedic's reoute and go lighter this time.  The last one was great but a heavy sumbitch.
And Mister "R.A. Bear", duuuuuuuuuuuuuude
Me most 'umble thanks.

So for todays round up, we got Slo...  again
Even the "Usual Suspects" in the Enemedia Ministry of Propaganda is having cognitive dissonance regarding the obvious degradation of the Sock-Puppet who's acting as the pResident.  In fact, methinks there's some serious in-fighting going on.

My reasons for believing this?
Well, they're trying to strip Joe of his ability to launch Nukes.  In a bi-partisan effort.  First time I think thats ever happened.  Even at the worst-of-the-worst during "Orange Man Bad", despite some serious anti-Trump rhetoric, they never tried to take the football away.  And considering that if Slo decided to drop da bomb?  It's literally all on him and his mashed taters-for-brains to make said-Nookuleer Dropping decision.  

Add on his Wife, Doktor Biden is at his arm, trying to keep things on track during interviews and whatnot, I think there's some "Who's in charge" going on.  

See, Jill is a social climber.  She fucked Joe and dumped her first husband when she saw a 'comer' on the scene.  Then, when that turned into the pResidency?  El Supremo?  El Numero Uno?  Missuz Big Cheese?  Do you think for one minute she's not gonna cling to that decaying mentally fucked retard for as long as she can?  Weekend at Bernies anyone?  She'll prop up his rotten corpse on a fucking dolly if it means she can get all the glam and shytte that the former First Dood "Big Mike" got.

Now the very fact that the Ministry of Propaganda has been, shall we say slow in what should be a massive push for the "OMG She's sooooo stunning and brave and brilliant!!!" lovefestifus that normally goes on with new -First Beeatchas- (of course only if they're DemoncRats)  They're slow rolling her, probably at the behest of the people 'behind the curtain.'
It's also why they want to yank Slo's ability to drop da Bomb.  If he 'wakes up' to what's really going on, or if Jill, in a fit of female-pique induced psychosis "If I can't have it all, I'll burn it all to the ground!!!" and talks Slo into lobbing some Minuteman IIIs?  Oh shit man... that'd fuck up the whole program....  Like seriously... wimmenz is the most dangerous critter in nature.  Just read Black Poison Soul's past blogs on the insight and nature of teh wimmenz.  His blog is HERE and he helped IMMENSELY in my deeeee-vorce.

The very nature of how we can see that she's desperate to be 'in the spotlight' and her insistence on being the new "Edith Wilson".  Either way, this will not end well, unless the payoff for Jill-the-Shrew is ginourmous enough to let her live out her life in luxury that we fucking peasants can't even imagine.  I mean iit'll have to be insane to pay her off, seeings that she doesn't give a fuck that her one remaining son fucked his sister in law, was grooming and or trying to actively fuck his neice... all in all a perfect example of a corrupt Oligarchical Inbred Psycho Family from hell....

Shiiiiiiiiiit.. even the Leatherface Clan wasn't this fucked up.
So yeah.  If you want an idea of which direction shit's gonna go, don't watch the Sock Puppet, but it's bitch.  She'll be a pretty good indicator of which way the winds are blowing.  Right now it looks like they're only keeping her around with Slo to keep a "lid" on his decline, but if she doesn't keep getting the rock star treatment?  A woman scorned and all that Aye?

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. After he gets cut loose, either to a secure hospital, or a case of the "measles" (as these happenings USED to be called back in the bad old 80's and 90's) She most likely is looking at a heart attack shortly he is quietly wheeled to his just deserts.

    Night Driver

  2. Money does not seem to be a desire as much as fame, recognition, (It's DOCTOR) and would drop the bomb because someone didn't. SloJoe would because I need to scare Corn Pop or what does this button do?

  3. ...In fact, methinks there's some serious in-fighting going on...

    Agreed. I once had a client that had an office of 15 women. what I learned was No one hates a women like another women.

    So it is probably pretty spicy between Kamala and Dr. Whore. I figured out a way to a way to infil the 2024 Harris campaign. Just show up as a Popeye's Fried Chicken delivery dude with a shit-tonof chicken and theyll escort you right to her.

  4. I would be willing to bet that the bait they are dangling for "Doctor" Jill is a promise of support for her own run at the White House, highlighting her bravely supporting her husband as his mental health unravels.

    Just fwiw, when it comes time to buy glass for your new AR-10 build, I might know a guy who gets dealer pricing on optics.

  5. R.A. Bear? someone borrowed the name from SSI, Mike Vanderboegh, that's cool. And good on them for keeping the name going.

  6. I have also been the recipient of generosity beyond my imagination as of late so I kind of know how you feel.
    It kind of stops you in your tracks because it takes time to process it.
    There are some extremely cool people on our side buddy.

  7. Another point is that Dr. Jill is a PhD, not an MD or DO.

    And I strongly suspect that she is sufficiently familiar with history and Edith and Woodrow Wilson to be thinking "Well how hard could it be if Edith made it happen..."

    Little does she know...

    1. And what Eleanor Roosevelt did.

      Everybody talks about Edith ruling the White House. No-one remembers Eleanor.

    2. Beans,Eleanor's syphilitic groom had other handlers. As an interesting aside, look up tertiary syphilis and tabes dorsal, then pull up video clips of Frank the Cripple. Recall he was posted to gay Paree as a young man, them add 2+2.

  8. and now they're missing HALF A MILLION rounds of .mil ammo. five five six, belted, mk19, you name it. all gone. gonna be fun times in the district when the weather gets nice. i'm picking out what trees to drop across the road for the abati/wire obstacles.

    1. I'm shocked that's all their missing. I can't tell you how many times a Joe or Sergeant, or random officer type picked up a stripper clip here, a belt there, or whatever might have been loose at the end of a spendex.

  9. Couldn't agree more. Jillian needs to keep Hunter out of prison, and Kalamon out of the seat. IMHO someone will go TU soon

  10. Phillip. Very possible. I once had a nurse ask me why we were doing this RPR test (screening test for syphilis) on a 90 year old woman. I said she wasn't always a sweet, little old lady. She might have been a hell raiser when she was in her prime, and in 1920 they didn't have antibiotics for "the great Pox". Tertiary Syphilis is nothing to sneeze about.