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Sunday, March 7, 2021

What. The. FUCK!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Juuuuuuuuuuust to be clear. I do not care one whit normally about the 'breathing ribbons' that the DotMil gives out.  Truly.  The lil bits of cloth got the name from Mom Unit, essentially saying that if you're in uniform long enough, a.k.a still breathing, eventually you'll end up with some colored bits on your Class A's...  I, for all the time I was in, had 3 rows of Bullshit... Army Service, Defense Medal, Army Achievement, Army Commendation, Good Conduct (heh),Regular Army Overseas, Army Reserve Overseas...yeah.. no shit.. a join mission during my reserve time going to Gagetown in Canada was "Army Reserve Overseas"... used to be a real odd-man out ribbon because the reserves hadn't done jack shit in like forever back then.  U.N. Sinai Ribbon, and that pretty much wraps that.  Not bad for a majority-peacetime soldat.  Now, there's some question as to my 'other' overseas' stuff in the early early 90's, but that neither here nor there.  I went to Saudi in 1991... right after a lot of shit was already over.  Hell, my DD214 is pretty much blank as I only have the Service Ribbon, NatDef, and one other, which one I'm not sure... the day I got out the regular GS-12 who did the outprocessing was out sick, and even though I had my records (Jump Wings, his and hers and all the other bullshit "I was there" orders,) the dood didn't know how to correct shytte, and I wanted out so I only recently started doing the 'correct my record' shit through the VA...


Point is, THIS
I present to you, no shit, The 'Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon'.

Oh. My. Fucking. GOD.
Who in the ever-loving fuck thought of this misguided fucking abortion of a miscarriage of a diarrheic fever-dream?  This's something right out of a, oh say a Praetorian Guard "I've never been shot at but look at my cool ribbon stack!" kind of shit... you know who else makes up bullshit awards and hands them out to the troops?
Dictatorships like North Korea do.

The MOR illegitimate the DotGov, the MOR they need to placate the guys with the guns.

And considering that we've been drawn down like a motherfucker over in the Middle East for the past few, starting with Operation Cut N'Run under the Obamamessiah, the newer Nasty Guard Girls must be feeling 'badge envy', so to keep them in line and happy, they're throwing a bone to them with a bullshit ribbon...  In fact Angry Cops on (((Youtube))) had a rant about something about basic trainees having butthurt over guys with Combat Patches...  Dude ripped the 'new snowflake' Army kids a new asshole... His channel is a riot if you've never seen it...LINK
But on this one...


I am literally at a loss to a certain point... Now, mind you, outside of Tucker Carlson no one is talking about this shit.  I mean the original "ten foot pole" mode.  Carlson did a tear on the fact that only ONE RIBBON was made per campaign in World War 2.  you went to the Pacific, you got the P.T.o.O ribbon (Pacific Theater of Operation)... Europe, the E.T.o.O. Ribbon... Iraq, You got the Southwest Asia Campaign... as Carlson said: "Guadalcanal may have been horrible and bloody, but it just didn't justify its own ribbon,' Carlson said in his monologue on Friday night, referring to the bloody Pacific theater campaign in World War II."

Just what the fuck happened that deserved this bullshit to be created?

I'm dead right.  It's to placate the troops... it's a bullshit Praetorian Award.

And let me tell you, don't ever let me see a fucking Pogue-assed fag in Uniform wearing it.  I will purely kick his or her ass and make them eat the fucking thing.  Because ribbons are not mandatory.  Plenty of times I wore my shit with the barely allowable minimum.   AR 670-1states : "c. Soldiers may wear authorized awards on the Class B version of the service uniform during duty hours and when off duty, at their option."  Since I purely hated the A's, I wore B's as often as I could get away with it... the old Army Greens were cheap, shitty polyester nightmares that looked like a retarded leisure suit, but cheaper and shittier.

And even then? YOU decide what goes on your "rack".. you can leave it off at your discretion.

Personally, I'd say if I saw a NG Kid wearing it, I'd look to see if he/she (or xi/xir the way things are going these fucking days) has it, and only it, I'd go over and kindly counsel them: "You know you look like an ass kissing fucktard to us real troops right?  You a Biden-Buttboy?  You don't look queer, but then again, you may self identify as a Meat Popsicle for all I know... take my advice... lose the fag-rag dude... trust me on this one."

Hopefully they listen.
But again, just MOR evidence that the current resident is completely and utterly illegitimate.  When the powers-that-be have to start handing out participation ribbons to the line grunts, you know the end isn't far off.  Don't forget, it was a Romanian Light Bird who hosed down Nicolae CeauČ™escu and his wife in that courtyard.  

Eventually, all the bullshit collapses, because it is bullshit and no amount of talking or posturing will change that.  If anything, the regular troops are gonna smell this one coming from a mile away, and react much like I have, further undercutting the legitimacy of the current placeholders, and the puppetmasters.
And eventually, the DotMil lower ranks will decide that no matter how thin you slice it

A turd is still a turd is still a turd.
Thus to tyrants 
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. C'mon man, tell us how you really feel...

    Seriously, that was a f**king masterpiece rant, right there.
    Five stars = *****.

    But Point Of Order:
    Knife Hand means you know you fucked up.
    Repetitive Karate Chop Knife Hand means everyone in the same grid square knows you fucked up.

    This was that.

  2. The German Soldier's term of derision for the excessive baubles sported by the Party Members, back under the previous regime, was the "HGW Orden", standing for "Hinten Geht's Weiter" Order which is "Continued on Reverse". The muttered comment about the Hitler Salute was "How high is the snow in Garmisch?"....."This High!".

  3. The rot is real, the collapse is near.

  4. The more the military morphs into a participation ribbon social experiment, the less dangerous they will be when things get spicy.

    1. Yes, American soldiers will be less dangerous. But what about the Chinese?

  5. Pretty much sums up my thots. A ribbon issued by an illegitimate government occupying the U.S. capital. Right. Does is come with a Jill Biden cookie?

  6. I was issued my Dress Greens in 1971 and although I don't have them to look at anymore, I remember them being wool, not polyester. I always traveled in Class A's rather than Class B's which were Khakis at the time and only suitable for warm weather.

    But, yeah, more on point, I have never understood the "ribbon collecting" attitude of the current generation either.

  7. I'm pretty sure it was Napoleon who said; "Give me a yard of purple cloth, and I shall conquer the world." Refering to ribbons and medals. The two guys from my unit who went have about 6 awards between them. They would probably appreciate the new shiney things. I'll probably explain to them that awards are optional, and there is a reason I don't wear my drivers badge and grenade badge. Because they're dumb as shit.

  8. Yes, eventually all bullshit collapses. But, here in this corrupt and syphilitic oligarchy-run country, it will NOT collapse until the debt buck becomes worthless. Our Femi-Nazi, LBGT, Beta-Male, Millennial .Mil will wear that little red-white-and blue jelly bean on their uniforms because the HNIC SecDef has authorized it. They will happily deploy to the hinterlands of Amerika to sweep up all of us Deplorables, racists, domestic terrorists and white heteros as soon as they are ordered to-no questions asked. That photo of Nicolae and his spouse on their way to Hell is a prepper pipe dream, vis-a-vis Pelosi and Schumer. Like your earlier article about Pedo Joe assuming room temperature, I will believe it when I see it. Bleib ubrig.

  9. AHH Yes The E-4 mafia Strikes again. A few strategically placed members will fuck their shit up and negate big army and national guard. I am waiting for the Marine Commandant to get fired after he refused Pelosi's demand for troops sin early January.

  10. While I agree with you about wearing stuff and new troops of all aspects, Guard, Reserves and Active seemingly coddled and more worried about having less patches and badges than.. earning them this one to me strikes as a BS award yes. But I don't think it was done to appease the lower enlisted. This is a smoke and mirror award but this was something someone came up with to justify the "Danger" the troops may have been in and to make it for those they were there to protect feel like or make it look like it deserved an award or medal. I honestly can't think of one single person that would give a shit for something like this opposed to someone in the white hose wanting this to make THEM look important and in danger.

    1. As a Viet Nam grunt that did earn a CIB in the boonies, I just want to know how many 'boxtops' do I need to save up for one of these?

  11. No one noticed 'PISR'?
    Pisser ribbon.
    Man, y'all slow.

  12. Ira Hayes already had 2 campaigns under his belt when he landed on Iwo and raised the flag. I believe he had 4 ribbons total for his war service.
    The average soldier came home from Vietnam with 4 ribbons.
    Today it's a free for all to hand out pogey bait awards as fast as possible, along the same lines of No Child Left Behind. What a fuk'n joke.
    There is no saving this mess, let it burn.

  13. I must admit, you sound more like a grunt every time I read your blog. Reminds me of a speedy four writing to the Army Times circa 1970 in VN, (while I was a grunt humping the boonies) "Does anybody care?" You see, he pulled perimeter security in a tower twice a week (wow, dude, the hardship) and didn't think the folks back home, or anywhere, cared. They didn't. But with his letter, said Patriot received many a heartfelt thanks from the folks back home, and the Times followed up with an article a month later, showing him receiving the Army Commendation Medal, for, get this, drawing attention to our brave soldiers and sailors everywhere, for their selfless (heh) sacrifices in fighting ? the War. I kid you not, I was there, I saw it. It sure pumped morale for us grunts. Because we had a good laugh. The Germans call it Backfeifengesicht, face begging to be slapped.

  14. That ribbon has the same level of quality as billy beer.

  15. I saw this someplace, thought it worth stealing:
    * which ribbon is the ribbon for wearing your ribbons right?


    "Continued On Reverse"



    Nuff said.

  17. That is the Tri_City-State Ribbon - Washington D.C., The Vatican, City of London (The Crown). That Flag and Ribbon have nothing to do with "The Country" - Those who got it (and Wear it) are showing their support for the Globalist take over. They could have prevented it, but choose to help it prosper.

  18. My nephew said he was in more danger in Puerto Rico after they were deployed there than when he was deployed to Baghdad and Afghanistan.

    Yet no ribbon for the PR, and rightly so. But this bullshit? And they, our political elite, wonder why we collectively hate them and want them dead.

    Now, if the NG had fragged all of the leftist assholes in the street and then gone on to accidentally killing quite a few congresscritter, judges and bureaucrats (and burning down the BATFE building, and maybe the FBI and the Justice Deptartment and the EPA, well, shit yeah, a ribbon for that. Ya know, actual action.

    No ribbons for shin splints and sore feet!

  19. Wearing that ribbon on your left cheek of your arse sounds correct.

  20. You ought to see what some of those kids in high school JR ROTC look like. My kid had a chest of ribbons that would have made any third world dictator envious. I was joking that they had one for being able to tie their boots by themselves, but I'm not so sure it was a joke...

    When I got out, I think I had two rows with one on top.

  21. I knew a couple of guys that were in a unit of the 101st that was sent to Florida to guard the Cuban criminals Fidel sent us in 1980. They got a Humanitarian medal that was nicknamed "Buttstroke a Cuban", or something like that. I equate this new award with that.

  22. Nobody wants to talk about the shit running down the NORKS legs? I have it on good authority that each badge represents controlling their fart/shit separator during Parade. two fisted,hard drinking Generals..slugging down the Geritol with one hand, while chasing it with metamucil in the other...These are true warriors who deserve every piece of hardware they display.