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Monday, March 8, 2021

That's a Dead Bitch Right There...

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Going over the latest tabloid pabulum to see what the Propagandizing Enemedia Dumbass Oligarchs (or P.E.D.O.s) are feeding to the peasants these days.  Whelp, didn't have to look far.  Apparently Prince Harry and his Half-Breed Nogette went on the Queen-of-Daytime-Television's show... that being the Oprahsaurus A.K.A. Bigmouthamous Maximus Negrosaurus Rex and had an interview.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" said two of the most privileged and wealthy attention whoring pieces of shytte to ever come down the pike.

"Everyone is raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-cist and sheeeeeeeeeee-it!!!" proclaimed the former suitcase opener/Howie Mandel's jizz wiper.

"I hate my Daddy for cutting me off!" said the Pussywhipped Prince of Ponce

Sapper asked: "Are we all still pretending Harry is a Windsor?"
Harry and Captain James Hewitt, who played "Hide the Banger" with Harry's Mom, Princess Di.
"One of these things, is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong..."
Uh, Yeah... Sapper is kinda astute like that.
Ain't the first bastard in a Royal Fambly.  Jes' Sayin'.  Now, normally I'm above the fray, but Wifey has a migraine, and I'm entertained with my wit tonight, so its a BFYTW moment.  Besides, it -is- leastways to me how utterly hysterical shit is gonna get shortly.

The Queen?  Got my admiration.  Hard Old Broad.  Loves Corgis.  Was in World War 2 as an 2nd LT equivalent.  Didn't go hide out in the far beyond in safety.  Fuckin' truck driver man... 88M MOS by todays standards... a 2nd LT Truck driver.  And all reports a take-no-shit Woman.

Who more than likely had her troublesome ex-daughter -in-law aced out in a Tunnel in Paris a few years back.  And by all standards, when that happened, Diana was a fucking rock star compared to this trollop.  Diana had the audacity to be banging (and possibly preggers) by a fucking Muj/Wog named Dodi Fayed.  Just for banging a Muj, and all the bad press, the Queen shut that shit down old-skool, hardcore.  In comparison, Megan Markle is, by and large, a slut who got the gold ring, nevermind brass.  But, typical of all of her race, she's too stupid to know when to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Trashing out the Royal Family for 'woke points'?
Accusing like, the entire Royal family of being racists?
Making money off the Royal Titles and whatnot?
Doing this while the love of the Queen's Life, Zombie-Prince Phillip is on what more than likely is his death bed?

Oh man... that is a killin'... 
A very special gonna be painful dying-in-flames helicopter crash and burned- to-death sort of killin'.

Along with his Royal Wimped Up Wokeness, the soon-to-be memorialized Former Prince Harry, A.K.A. SUPERCUCK!!!  It's been said that when Harry hooked up with the slore, Zombie-Prince Phillip took him aside and told him that "Trollops are all fun and the like, but one simple does not marry them."

Should have listen to yer Grandpops kid...

According to a lot of shit I've seen, she's already spawned one kid BEFORE his Royalship dipped ye olde wicke in the tuna-basket.  She gave the kid away, and some of the rumors around Hollyweird is she had the kid 'disposed of' when Harry showed up and she was laying plans on being the Princess.

Either way, Blue-Pill Harry... Damned shame.  He was at Bastion in Kandahar when I was there on Leatherneck... Same time/same place... Leatherneck was the Marine side of the base, Bastion was the Brit side.    Never met him, but all reports are that he ADORED the DotMil, and now?  He's a broken, pussywhipped soon-to-be either Widower, or Dead with the rest of his Half-Breed Nogger Brood.

Odds are it'll be an Aviation Accident.  Choppa.  My call.  I give it maybe a year... depends on if Phillip dies during the hroo-hroo fallout over this... and if he does cash, the furor and Backlash towards the 'breed?  OMFG... "Prince Phillip died from the betrayal of the Pricess HalfBreed!!!!"  I can hear Piers Morgan now.. and man, when she dies, she's only got her own dumbfuck woke self to blame. 

So, just my 2 cents... that and 5 bux more might getcha a Starfucks Burned Latte-to-Go... Xtra Small mind you.
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. This is the best thing I've heard regarding The Interview.

    ROT Kang is hilarious, but the Amazon LOTR is probably going to be even worse than that.

    1. Agreed, When he queues up Scotland the Brave, I about lost it. Thanks

  2. Harry and the Half-breed Princess. Sequels always suck.

  3. I wouldn't get all too enamored of the royal family, they in bed with the banking elites, i.e. The Rothschild's, The Vatican, The City of London and Wall St/Wash D.C.
    We're just simple tax cattle to them.

  4. No bets from me, I don't follow the FN queen and her kin. But the commentary was spot on!

  5. Harry there is the Poster Child for PUSSYWHIPPED. And I wonder if the House Of Windsor has DNA tested him to be sure of his lineage. And Meghan the Mulatto isn't too bright. The Queen has LOTS of options for dealing with quislings like her.

  6. I cant believe all the beautiful women Harry passed up for a psychopathic nigger. I seen pictures of hotties fawning all over him. What a fucking pussy. Hey Harry, you are a fucking chump.

  7. The whole thing makes me kind of wonder why we bothered to rescue the Brits in the 1940s. Given the state of the UK, I think a lot of those fellas in the British military would have rather taken their chances with Uncle Adolf than see their country turned into a third world shithole.

  8. coming here is SO gonna get me fired, but i don't give a tinker's damn anymore anyway, lol. life is easier if you just don't give a shit, i'm beginning to learn. or unlearn as the case may be.

  9. I have little to no interest in this royalty nonsense, but like you stated BCE, I have a great deal of admiration for QEII. My favorite picture of her is from the war years, in her uniform, changing the tire on a Jeep. She is a true class act; her dysfunctional family is a travesty.

  10. No end to the media's turd buffet...