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Monday, March 1, 2021

So Much For Joe

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
I give Slo about 30-45 days max at this point
He just had what I call his "Kennedy/C.I.A." moment.
Meaning he's come out publicly in favor of allowing the serfs to form a Union against Amazon.  In their eyes, that's a killin'.  Amazon has been notorious in it's anti-Union stance.  No matter the 'niceness' of the message, they are hardcore anti-Union.  Almost as bad as Wallyworld from my unnastanding.
Union Busting has a long history in the United States
The above pic was from the 30s when the Military was in on Busting up Unions as "communist infiltration" and shytte... pretty accurate IMO.

But what with the tech Oligarchs running around, having thought that they bought and paid for the current pResident and all that entails, you know that they gotta be pissed that someone is encouraging them to start pushing back against the near-slavelike conditions the lower paid peasants who're stuck working at the Zon have to endure.

It's been attributed to JFK that he said he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”.  Shortly thereafter, he caught a very public case of the "deads."  It's always been questionable as to the veracity of the quote, but it is suspicious that the C.I.A. shortly after invented the term 'conspiracy theory' to disavow and degrade any questioning vis-a-vis Presidential Case O ''The Deads' which leads me personally to believe they had something to do with it.

And now?
Slo just came out and told his new owners "Fuck You, pay them" vis-a-vis Unionization of the Slaves. And slaves they are.  Indeed.  Go and check out some of the expose that -some- of the news has done in the past... In particular the Brits have done some insane uncover-brother levels of gen-you-wine investigative reporting on the conditions of the fulfillment centers that the Zon is running over there.
Nothing here in the New Peoples Republic of the Socialist Untied States.  and yeah, 'untied' is intentional.  The Enemedia can't afford to upset their paymasters doncha know?

The Brits however, in the quest for MOR taxes have cut the media loose on the Zon, and the place from all reports is just as bad, if not worse than some of the Chinese Slave-Powered Manufacturers.  One bathroom, half a mile a way, and you can only use like 3 minutes per time...

I know I'm on meds which means I need at least 7-8 minutes for a Number 2 download... I'd last one day in a Zon Slave Pit before they ace me out.  Hell, they have fuckers die while working and it gets allllll covered up and buried with minor fines, and even they don't end up paying them.  The poor fuckers who die?  Their families get a pittance-payout, and God help them if they don't take it... no one fucks with the Zon.  

Except now Slo...
It'll be a  quiet 'offing' more n'likely.  They've made The D.C. Green Zone pretty much impenetrable.  So unless they ramp up their game, ain't no way they're going to be able to Lee-Harvey his ass with an AR-15, despite how they'd positively love the optics of that to further the gun ban chess piece.  They'll slip a lil sumtin'-sumtin' into Joes soup, and that'll be that... if'n they haven't already started the accelerating the process... his mental acuity is rapidly approaching a tipping point... almost like someone or something has been adding... oh... say Mercury into his chow?   I wouldn't put it past them to keep him in puppet mode, with the ability to throw the "Off" switch on the dummy, once his usefulness is expired fully.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. They'll have "a right wing extremest" guardsmen do it.

    That will deal with Biden with out a messy and revealing 25th amendment process, and have them demonize the military more.

    It is win win for them

    1. that would be perfect, multiple wins. i been predicting it since b4 he got put in office. figure late april, they'llparade him out for some historic speech, then boom.

  2. Everyone seems to be missing something big and every leftist revolution does it the same way. The "friends" of the revolutionaries are the first ones up against the wall.

    Remember these commies (not people) are evil not stupid. They know and saw the power of big tech in the last election (not this, but the last election). They are not going to allow that to happen again. Big tech (and big retail) will be the first to be destroyed and put under the thumb of the commies.

  3. Several slow toxins you can add to his food. Some do not show on toxicity scan either.

    Never marry your baby sitter.

  4. It isn't just in the warehouses, we get a lot of crap from amazon for the Amish and just in the last 6-9 months the percentage of deliveries done by Amazon delivery outfits instead of UPS Teamster drivers is incredible, probably approaching 50% and we are out in the boonies. I am not a fan of unions having worked with a number of them as a banker but the work conditions at Amazon are appalling.

  5. My pool dates are 10 March and 30 March for *Biden's demise one way or the other. I'm feeling confident. He has signed enough EO's to set records like tranny in a women's wrestling meet; so much of his usefulness as an idiot is already spent. No pressers -none- and no State of the Union certainly suggest faster progressing dementia than expected and TPTB are have trouble catching their plans- whatever that may have been - to reality. Maybe they're having trouble finding a Bracken-like character to set up like a bowling pin so *Biden does not go down due to dementia but rather a tragic hero, cut down in his prime -and his legacy must be continued....

    Need more ammo.

    Need a folding stock on my Saiga.

  6. I can't imagine that Slo makes any comments that aren't scripted and approved by the cabal. There must be an approved reason why he is going down that rat hole versus Amazon. Bob and weave, probably. I like the theory that we will have two years of Slo, then Ho will move in for the final two, then a full two terms after. 10 years of the Ho.

  7. They are already in the process of starting Another purge in the military...
    Previous runs did away with senior officers that were not "approved"
    then mid level officers...
    And now they must clear out the enlisted...
    So my money is that they will probably set up an enlisted member (Probably NG)
    Just as soon as they decide that Slo Joe's usefulness has run it's course,
    OR when he gets to hard to prop up and pretend he can still puppet the part.

    So for all of my friends, family, or just avg Troop girls and guys,
    I have a friendly warning...Look at the Stalinist Purges...
    All of those Millions of people never thought they would be the one's who were Purged.
    Take care of your Troops (Sr NCO's) And take care of yourselves (everyone else).
    Cause they really are coming for you.
    "The Great Purge Ahead"

    MSG Grumpy

  8. Or Hunter (I never met a crack pipe I did not like) gets Arkanacided (See Clintons) and Slo-Joe in his grief resigns and Kneepads takes over

  9. CLUE 2021 ed.:

    Kneepads in the Lincoln Bedroom with Scalia's Pillow."