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Friday, March 19, 2021

Proof of Life? and WTF?

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Well, things keep looking bad for Team Xiden.  What is it? 60 plus days of the incredibly invisible pResident?  I know that lots of folks are saying he's still alive, because of Team Kamala and reasons but I'm seriously thinking not.  And now Putin has essentially requested a "Proof of Life" meeting with the Hologram...  I think that has unbelievable hilarity built in... but it won't happen.  Putin knows that he's dead already and is putting the screws to them to make 'em sweat.  My theory.  I mean lots of other say he's still alive... I tend have a more positive outlook vis-a-vis of the condition of the pResident.

It's part of the reason they've fobbed off a lot of the smaller foreign details off on Kameltoe.  Keep her busy, let her learn the ropes.  It's not like they don't have enough footage from the past 30 odd years of Slo, aka Krusty the Clown to use in all their deepfakes, voiceover and whatnot to keep the charade operational.  Watch.  Watch just how frequently they have someone genuinely interact with Slo, one-on-one.  Like shaking hands with someone, or watching him sniff another kid... been a while since we've seen anything like that, at all.

Then, cutting over to other "Stupid Things Team Biden Have Done" is that Xiden has ordered all 'Murican Flags in the FUSA lowered to half staff for the honor of the "massacre" in Atlanta.
So.... essentially Six Korean "Sex Workers", i.e. whores get capped out by a sex-addict in their respective "Spas", aka rub n'tug joints, and we, as a nation, go into a period of national mourning?
Are you kidding me?  This's the most awesome bit of pandering I've ever seen methinks.  For whatever reason, we're kissing up to every Asian on the planet right now.  I mean "all of a sudden" the media has been "discovering" all these assaults and attempted murders of Asians nationwide... they're sure as hell publicising every. single. time someone with a heavy epicanthic fold over the eye, or pan-flat face gets capped, beaten or called gook it seems.  This in not news.  It happens all the time.  But for whatever reason, the Ministry of Propaganda has seen fit to push the "Evvvvil Whypeepo are behind a rise in anti-Asian assaults!!!", because of course we are.

It's Whypeepo's Super-Secret Power
We're responsible for ALL the bad in the world and need to be gen-no-sided.
Hint: We're not
I'm not even gonna name the usual suspects, as it gets tiresome.
However, I do think it's hilarious that 6 Slants get capped, and it's "All Flags To Half Staff!!!"
Sweet Jesus, 6 fuckers capped, any race/creed/sex is usually called "A slow Tuesday in Philly"
THIS level of stupid tho...
It's beyond the burn.
And they're nominally in charge.
Ye Gods
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. You know, the "sex worker" vote could decide elections. Hell, one of them made to the White House.

    "I'm not even gonna name the usual suspects, as it gets tiresome." No idea what you mean, but if I did I wouldn't name (((them))) either. Sorry keyboard malfunction. Happens.

    1. "I'm not even gonna name the usual suspects, as it gets tiresome."
      I am going to go out on a limb and guess that this is in reference to the statistical fact that Black men commit far more violent crimes for their percentage of the population against their own race in addition to violent crime against White and Asian women and men, than the other way around.
      Headlines such as "40 shot, 5 fatally, in Chicago this weekend" are common every week, and for the vast, vast majority of these cases it isn't white people doing the shooting and the killing.
      Blacks killing blacks or whites or asians isn't really news - it's just businesses as usual normal criminal activity.
      But one White guy with mental problems and a pistol killing 8 people, 6 of whom were Asian women, makes the national news because it is different enough to be newsworthy and it perfectly fits the "white man bad" narrative.

    2. It's not just that, but the 2019 stats (most recent) show that hate crimes against Asians are perp'ed by blacks at about the same rate as by Whites, despite having a 60% to 13% difference in population makeup. Which means that blacks are about 4 times more likely to commit hate crimes against Asians than whites.

  2. When you're as shock proof as about any intelligent person and you note yourself saying What The Fuck at least a couple times a day, there is Some kind of serious bullshit going on that isn't going away on its own.

  3. If Washington DC got nuked would we have a war or declare a national holiday?

    1. A lot of great art would be lost, and that would be a shame

  4. LGC

    Bring hot dogs, bacon cheese burgers, some beer, some chilled Jagermeister, some mortars, and have a big hootenanny.

    @kid....Amen Brother. It is confirmation I am not the insane one.

  5. Pretty boy actor/news anchor stated last night on TV that America (I'm paraphrasing here) that we should look into and be concerned about hate crimes against Asian Americans. This is nothing new. Actually the majority of Asians in large cities are being pummeled by black men and sometimes black women.

    Remember the Asians who beat with sticks those black women who came into their shop and tried their chimpouts on Mrs. Lee? Nothing in the nationwide about that huh?

    I'm going to remind everyone how blacks have mercilessly slaughtered, beaten, raped, set on fire, shot, knifed many an innocent white man or women in the last 60 years. 50 years ago a black woman yanked out of my hand at Orbachs a dress, my aunt grabbed it back and beat the hell out of her.

    What about the couple in Knoxville that was sadistically tortured for several days? They finally died and the negroes caught, but the trial went on for years! That happened in 2007. I didn't hear about it until 2009. And I watched the news nightly.

    What about Nathan Trappuzano? Murdered by blacks for jogging while white.

    Little boy Anthony Santiago (13 m/o) shot in the face by a 13 y/o yoof while they were trying to rob Momma. A poor white woman who barely had 2 nickels to rub together.'

    Little Johnathan Swoland shot in the face in a drive by. Guess the race of the perp?

    I could go on and on, but I digress, incogman has a lot of examples. So does new nation dot org.

    No one listened to us. Black on white is a conspiracy they say! BS!

    1. With the schools and many churches closed the deep state needed a new target, what better group to go after as a back up than a traditionaly pro gun? The Korean community has been one, remember the rooftop Koreans?
      Asians are considered white adjacent because they work hard and achieve success in a supposedly racist soociety, even the government discriminates against them by allowing them to be denied educational opportunities because they are bad minorities who don't need affirmative action.
      And many Asians are fervently anti communists, which by default also would make them anti Democrats.
      It's no wonder they were targeted by the shooter's control agents


    I hope this link works, an all girl tank crew almost grease spotting a 2 star general.

    I use to drive an M233 SPPL. It was only 20ish tons. If I had come this close to killing someone, I would have been sent to Leavenworth.

    what a fucking clown show my Army has been turned in to.

    1. They can't park either.... as an MP in your Army, I would have been happy to bust them.

    2. Someone (tank commander?) turned the turret to the right and dropped the tank's gun barrel (why not keep it pointed straight and slightly elevated?) and as the tank got close to the podium the end of the tank cannon barrel hit one of the supports. At least the driver immediately stopped. Didn't come close to injuring or killing anyone. Just an embarrassing moment.
      Now if the driver would have panicked and hit the gas and turned to the right...

  7. Annie....
    I respectully add Cannon Hinnant and Levi Cole Ellerbe.

    Jesus I pray give them eternal peace.

  8. "biden" tripped going up the steps to air force one THREE FRICKING TIMES in one trip. i say "biden" b/c it looked aweful skinny to be biden, especially with body armor. then "biden" gave a silly assed salute at the top of the stairs. even his walk up to the steps looked jerky, like he was on some good drugs. was it even him, or was it dave? i know dam well the feeble old man that creeps around dc didn't run up thirty steps like that guy did.

  9. Going back to WW2 FDR had one of his sons to help him get around. Having got hit with the Polio and wearing First Generation Iron Man Gear on his legs. Getting around was hard to do. I think it was his son Elliott who was made an aide (uniform included) to help his pops. Fast forward to 2021, where is Hunter Biden when his pops is slipping and sliding on the world stage. You would think he would be dressed up in a nice Secret Service Hickey Freeman Suit, ear piece and one of those HK Special Brief Cases. BUUUUUUT! What is he doing these days? Snorting SHIT up his nose? At the Adult Toy Store? You know shopping for a friend, who is too busy at the Lobster Box down on all fours collecting Dollars from CUCK's making it rain. Just saying. Me? If my pops was PREZ or pretending to be one on Talmud Vision i would be in the CAT vehicle that trails AFO while taxing and taking off. It would make any dad proud knowing the son has his back like that. Trunk Monkey in a War Wagon is a coveted position. Back to reality, swing by the local Lobster Box and see if there is a fleet of Black SUV's parked out front while the VIP is inside getting his ROX off!