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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Good Question

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Commenter Annie Oakley (great non-de-plume BTW) made mention of the fact that the vidya of Slo pretty much begets another question:  As in where the hell is everyone?  If Slo is an Artificial Deepfake Greenscreen, where or what happened to the real deal?

Honestly, I think he's dead.  Even the George Suckonacockulas interview, on re-watching a lot of it, I'm having serious doubts vis-a-vis continued inhabitation of the skin suit.  I'm believing that he vacated that motherfucker and went to -wherever- dirty kidsniffing soulless fucks go when the lease is up on the carcass, and you get called out of it.

Part of my rationale is Czar Vlad the First's commentary today, which mind you got zero play by any of the US based Ministry of Propaganda Enemedia.  To whit, via the Brits:

"Vladimir Putin wished Joe Biden 'good health' on Thursday after the U.S. president called him a 'killer' - a description seen as an insult by the Russians and has escalated tensions between the two countries.

The Russian president made the sinister quip in an interview on state TV. Western officials have accused Putin ordering the assassination attempt of his most vocal domestic critic, Aleksei Navalny, which Putin has denied.

Putin gave his own strong response to Biden's 'killer' accusation, saying that 'it takes one to know one.'"
Now knowing that the Russians are excellent World Class Political Chess players, the whole "Good Health" thing tells me that Vlad knows something we don't know, and may be warning the Puppetmasters that he's holding Aces... and considering the inbred hicks and retards running our side of the pond?

I mean there ain't no way they can genuinely counter, (even though they'd try like hell) if Russian's Intel Kids release transcripts to the World phone messages or leaks of phone/email messages saying thzat Xiden was actually dead, and that they're keeping up a charade for their own self-serving empowerment/enrichment.
I mean even in this screen shot here:
the definition of Biden, sitting alone, in the chair, the body language? Minimal.  The soft focus of the background?  FAR too blurry versus the distance/size of the objects compared to Xiden.  Him though, utterly crisp, clear and overly sharp IMO.  Lack of proper shadowing too... look at the palms of BOTH hands... the left hand, there's a shadow on the leg, indicating the light is coming from slightly above, and the left, and yet the palm has like no decent shadow, where in fact it should... same goes on the other hand holding the pad of paper..., the pad is not projecting a shadow on his hand... the shadowing is off... it's also just the whole thing...

I suffered through 15 minutes of it before my gullet refused to watch any more.  It's was a knob-job... right horribilus.  

So, I think the morons at State, the crusty Fulda-Fucktards, and the rest of the "RussiaRussiaRussia" crowd though they'd fire a round across the bow.  Now instead, they got pretty much ALL of Russia totally and irretrievably pissed off.

And if Slo is taking Ye Olde Dirte Nappage?  Well, it's on the Deepstate fuckers to offer a legit "proof of life"... which means if'n yer Grandpaw in a nursing home somewhere resembles old Slo, I'd keep an eye on him, as they'll be looking quick for a decent stand in.

Makes me want to take the red banana
Jes' Sayin'

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  1. Your making an assumption; bidet doesn't need to be dead, if he's sitting at the level of a turnip he's still alive just non functional.

    They could be doing the computer generated inage because the real one is drooling too much to string real words together.


  2. What Putin actually said was "I'm rubber, you're glue, what you say bounces off me and sticks to you."

  3. Hollyweird called it in 1993 with the movie "Dave".... Only now, with all the high tech CGI and shit, they don't need a real guy.

  4. Slow Joe is not dead....yet. people with dementia often have good days and bad days. Days where they are almost normal and days where they can't put on their own shoes. These spells can run for several days in a row. Joe was probably just having a more demented than average weekso they panicked and knocked together a hasty CG video. But he IS sliding down the slope to where he will be nonfunctional for even EO signing and staged photo ops. It's only a matter of time.

  5. Didja see that when some loon was supposedly outside of the Naval Observatory the media mentioned Kneepads wasn't even there but was actually meeting with the President or whatever of Ireland? Why would the VP be meeting with every leader of every nation instead of The Usurper?

    1. @Arthur Sido
      Biden knows.
      However, like moany people with dementia, the part of the mind that normally filters things doesn't work as well and he ocassionally slips up and says something that he shouldn't say.
      Biden calls his second-in-command 'President Harris'

  6. I think Slow Joe is alive but has a serious case of dementia. With moderate dementia, he can be walked through scenarios and will respond to to questions if he is pre-trained to answer them. In other words, he is little more than a zombie whose biggest concern is where is my pudding.

    As with the recent video of his purportedly taking questions on the way to the chopper (with running helicopter noises but the helicopter is not running) and his hand 'slipped' in front of the microphones I think they are using doctored footage with video trickery to create the illusion that he actually interacted with the press corps. In fact he probably was walking to the helicopter alone, stopped to respond to his handlers and the audio was dubbed and the press gaggle's microphones inserted to complete the illusion.

    I spent a bit of time recuperating from a serious injury in a facility for physical rehab that also was an elder care facility and observed that people with mild dementia can be 'managed' with short term instructions and they will respond as directed almost as if they are automatons.

    Joe is on the slope to complete dementia and when he gets further down the slope he will no longer be able to comply with instructions. He may even get argumentative and physically violent. I have no doubt that they are using pre-recorded audio from his previous recorded statements over the years carefully edited to suit the scenario. With a mask on you really cannot tell what he is actually saying when he talks. For all we know he is merely mumbling....

  7. When the Christian Nationalists of America and Russia unite, watch out world.

    I concur with the perspicasious comment a couple of threads ago. We wouldnt be fighting Soviets, but Russians. A people who have been tempered from 100 years of major shit.

    Paper Americans (i.e. DACA kids and the bitch who got her citizenship yet refuses to speak American) lose their shit and scream the end of the world when they lose internet or not enough cream in their latte.

    Theyll keep the Greenscreen P(edophile)OTUS's skinsuit as long as it serves their interest.

    Considering how much all factions hate Kamala, later rather than sooner.

    1. @ Troy Lee MesserMarch
      "When the Christian Nationalists of America and Russia unite, watch out world.
      ... We wouldnt be fighting Soviets, but Russians."

      No More Brother Wars. We've lost enough generations of good men.

  8. This man is in DC. This is the video I watched. Where is everyone? It's like that 70's movie about a gigantic solar flare starring Peter Graves, Where have all the people gone?

  9. Almost right out of the Philip K. Dick novel, Simulacra. From the Good Reads website, "The Simulacra is the story of an America where the whole government is a fraud and the President is an android." (

    And just to throw this out - possibility that the video slip ups were done on purpose????

  10. Putin just made Biden his bitch. Putin challenged Biden to a live debate with in a couple of days. No delay, live.

  11. I've always had the opinion that Putin, while he may in fact be an evil bastard, will not lie to you. He doesn't have to. He may not answer your question as you'd like, but he won't lie. And never forget where he came from. Success in that environment takes serious cojones.

  12. my question is: why bother? why does it matter enough now to fake it? they're in. they could just 25 him n put kamelface in, no sweat. so why go to the trouble?

  13. 1) Droolin' Joe needs to put in 2 years to make Kneepads eligible for 2 "elected" terms.
    2) Putin would lie if he has to. It's just not necessary.
    3) I would LOVE to see a debate between President Putin and Droolin' Joe. Of course it would never happen because TPTB know that the jig would be up.
    4) Putin is a patriot. He acts in what he perceives to be in the best interests of his people and nation. I wish I could say the same about the Xiden Regime.

    1. I despise external authorities such as bureaucrats and tin-horn dictators (some overlap).

      And yet, each time I see President Putin, I am impressed by his quiet determination, his eloquence, his patriotism, his caring for the Russian people.
      I realize it may all be an act, I realize Mister Putin has the potential to destroy as well as build.

      [Astute readers of my posts might notice my capitalization of 'Putin' and the inclusion of his title/position, the opposite of 'biden', 'pelosi', 'schumer', etcetera. Is this a sign of respect? You decide.]

  14. _revjen45 is spot on. Catch the Christmas time interview Putin did with the young blind girl. I gives good insight to his character and motivation. #4 indeed, he understands he is fighting for his nation in the real sense of the word.

  15. No one, including 99% of the Democommunist Party, wants to see Kneepads running the show. Ever.
    She's a figurehead.

    Token Diversity Hires do not get promoted to CEO, Ever.

    What they want is to keep Gropey Dopey on life support, and use the autopen to rubber stamp Maximum Leftism for as long as they can get way with it. By 20204, they'll have sewn up any chance of any new national elections getting off the reservation ever again, and they'll be free to run anyone they want.

    Who will win, 62% to 58%.