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Thursday, March 4, 2021

False Flag

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
It's about that time to have the current occupational DotGov cut loose with a False Flag IMO
Annnnnnnnd -I'm- pretty sure they're goi ng to use a "disgruntled G.I./National Guardsman" to do it.  Those stories about the mistreatment of the Guard with insanely shitty food can't be legit.  I mean by that that it IS legit, but since when has the media ever given two flying fucks about Joe and the conditions they're living under.  In Iraq I had to subsist on 1 MRE a day at one point because the IED attacks and convoy attacks were sooooooooo out of control that we couldn't get resupply.  And that was the CJTF-7 headquarters.  At one point they told us to recycle and hold onto our plasticwear... the little disposable packets of knife, fork and spoon?  Yep.  Wipe 'em down and reuse 'em because we ain't got no more.

Never heard aboot that back stateside Aye?

So yeah.  The insanely shitty food?  Setting the scene for the set-piece of "National Guard goes Bananas, Film at 11:00!" is part n parcel, and then they get a twofer.  Because the Guard is the only thing close to troops that can be used state-by-state, having the Guard 'blamed, named and shamed' it'll let those disgusting fucks in the Occupied DotGov Green Zone remove the protections of Posse Commitatus and allow that Racist RatFucker In Charge of the Puzzle Palace at Sodom on the Potomac to cut loose regular DotMil forces on the civilian population.

NOT that I think the lower ranks will ever go along with it.  I mean there are some really sick puppies out there who'll do anything for a paycheck and pension...

Look at the Cops... you can see exactly the kind of people that'd willingly violate if not the letter of the Law and Constitution, but even the very spirit of it.  They KNOW what they're doing the 'wrong thing' but pension$ and $$$ speak louder than loyalty to an Oath and an Ideal. 

I'd give it til the end of the Month.  MAX
Slo's decline is so bad that last night during a Q&A they had "technical difficulties" where the feed from Slo was cut, rather than let him go 'off script' and answer unvetted questions from the Congresscritters and Slimetors.  

We're in deep shit
Plan accordingly.
Head on a Swivel
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Something is coming.... exactly what, when and where can't be known. In fact multiple something's is probable. The left MUST maintain the fear, the chaos, the insanity in order to cover and distract from
    the crimes they are engaging in.

    1. Look up Sergey Kirov and the Great Purge. Stalin whacked one of his own higher-ups, then used the "assassination" as an excuse to clean house and terrorize the populace. Used his own getting rid of one potential rival as an excuse to get rid of all potential rivals.

  2. Whoever decided to "contract out" food services to the occupying force should be shot. Start screwing with a grunt's chow, and there's gonna be heartache. Pelosi's army should have gone whole-hog and set up field kitchens with ARMY cooks on the Mall. At least the food would have been cooked. Wouldn't have tasted better, but safer. Nothing like chili mac and grape kool-aid served from the back of a deuce and a half !!!

    1. If we still had some real soldiers, those food contractors would themselves be dying from food poisoning.

    2. ... if not food poisoning, perhaps lead poisoning. I hear it comes at ‘ya pretty fast...
      Or maybe they’d accidentally fall on their chief’s knives. Repeatedly.

    3. Does the Army still have cooks? I always liked Army chow. Even the bad stuff was better than the swill I got from civilian cooks who were just punching a clock. Army cooks had to live among the men they cooked for - For some, that meant they cooked good out of pride. For others, it meant they cooked good because they'd get their ass beat if they didn't.

  3. NG false flag will also enable them to up the ante on screening for “correct think” for all military. They’re already testing the waters with screening .mil social media during security clearance investigations. Also, as an added bonus the NG false flag will star the big scary weapon of war front and center. Plus, it may give them the opportunity to rid themselves of Slo while making him a martyr. All of this wrapping up nicely with the final justification to go after us hard, as in Sherman’s March through the South, hard.

    Fun times.

    1. that's what i been saing since b4 the "election". too perfect.

  4. The filthy tribe swill are out to destroy national sovereignty and wipe Western culture off the face of the earth to get their One World Government "utopia". BAMN. They learned well from their days helping Lenin and Stalin murder FIFTY MILLION people across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim!!!

    Always remember:
    Hitler bad.
    Stalin great!!!

    1. Mark,
      America has supported the Bolsheviks for well over 100 yrs, and now they act surprised when the Bolshies actually take over.
      And nothing will ever be done about it as the brainwashing was a complete success. These people have no fuk'n idea who their real enemy is, just where the media sends them this week. One false squirrel hunt after another.

  5. It wouldn't be difficult to mentally manipulate someone already unstable into doing their bidding. All of this crap in t the news, like the House being out of session today because of a "credible" threat is all part of the plan to create the narrative.

  6. Not to be snarky, usually means i'm gonna be, but at least i give a heads up, what else is new?

    I mean, .gov has been doing this shit for sooooooo long, that nothing will surprise me anymore..

    That said, here are some links to pre printed cdc covid-19 proof of vaccine cards and the info on the various vaccines to be entered into card by your trusted healthcare professional.

    just doing what i was trained to do by .mil, spread Black, White and Grey shit, Truth, Untruth and Half Truth..

    Spread far and wide...

    That experience in the mobile printing trailers sure is coming in handy now....

    Who knew...

    Some things once learned, can not be unlearned...

  7. I've been watching for a false flag coming from some direction but I never though of this and it's staring us all right in the face. TPTB will find an excuse to act.

  8. “ Because the Guard is the only thing close to troops that can be used state-by-state, having the Guard 'blamed, named and shamed' it'll let those disgusting fucks in the Occupied DotGov Green Zone remove the protections of Posse Commitatus and allow that Racist RatFucker In Charge of the Puzzle Palace at Sodom on the Potomac to cut loose regular DotMil forces on the civilian population.”
    I'm surprised you don't remember, that when Guardsmen are ‘on mission’ in this manner (full time & open ended duration), they are doing so as
    active duty federal forces.

    1. I think you are correct. At Fort Ord during basic in '69 there were Guardsmen in my platoon; they had to yell "NG" at the head of the chow line, their meal came out of a separate budget. I'm pretty sure McNamara sent Guardsmen to the Nam.

    2. many thousands, mostly in technical specialties and pilots.

  9. They can never admit they duped us by hiding Biden's mental decline during the campaign. My bet he goes out with a sudden 'heart attack' rather than being 25'd.

  10. Its gonna be real hard to find the unlucky patsy. I'm figuring it it does happen, there will a lot of shooting, followed by the 'shooter' being dead. And then theyll put a bow on him and point out the evils of that white supremacist.

    Sorry, been out of the loop for a minute. I got a new job and I'm putting in 12 hour days, 6 days a week. The money is great, but dang, I need a day off.

  11. Please, turn the DotMil loose on the civilian population.
    1) Half of the civilians are DemoCommunists, and they've got it coming, good and hard.
    2) Stripping the future walking supply points will be easier than finding ammo for sale in stores.
    3) The minute you turn DotMil loose on us, the range is clear to go hot in both directions.
    4) After the inevitable defections and mutinies, things will get really interesting.
    5) Anyone still sticking around for TeamGov after about Day Two is fair game, and there won't be any Green Zone in CONUS outside of D.C. 90% of most DotMil airfields are within rifle range of the perimeter fenceline already. 100% of the lines of supply and movement are in Indian Country, forever. Gonna be a short effort, overall, and any commander with two brain cells will lock down on-base, and wait to see who wins. A few will weigh in contrary to the wishes of NCA.
    6) Military authority and chain of command is a lot like painted yellow lines and different colors of blinking lights to control traffic: it only exists as long as everyone pretends it matters. Once they don't, "Respect mah authoritay!" becomes comedy relief rather than command and control. Ask any Soviet leader, Anwar Sadat, or anyone named Gandhi what that looks like in practice when things go pear-shaped.

    "May you live in interesting times."

  12. Remove the protections of posse commitatus? That's funny. Lil place called Waco comes to mind and a shitbird named weaselly clark or some such. Those who forget history are doomed to rhyme it.

  13. I think you have a winner. Watch as the media scoops it up like warm shit, and beclowns themselves further to the public. I fear who may step forward to "help" the US in it's troubles, and our socialists are just stupid enough to take another socialist nightmare country up on the offer. Of course, what's a few brigades of commies committing brigandage in fly over country? I think this shit show will turn into something unheard of in anyones' times.

  14. hence, the fbi vetting. they have to find the right patsy, complete with social media, few relatives etc. it has to be an evil black rifle too in order to further their follow on task of confiscation.