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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A Question of Self Defense Redux with Weirdness

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK: -something- happened to Ye Blog Poast from last night... NOT sure What it was... I actuually had to recover this from the nightly save... NO Idea... first time a Poast has disappeared... from both sites... Which has me a mite concerned.  One site, ok... both of them?  WAAAY out there....
And the backup?
Only half, if even that got backed up.  What got recovered is below...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Me question behind this is a couple o'poasties over at Miguel's place at Gun Free Zone. Having met the Mad Cuban-in-Exile in person at blogshoot, my recommendation is treat him with the respect that he's due, both as a Cuban Expat, and just as a 50 plus -something- "Stay the fuck offa mah lawn" deserves. That and I've watched the old bugger shoot... yew youngsters ain't standin' a chance. Hell.. he's better'n me, but that's of course allowing me on the end of a 4 day vodka bender when we went to 'guns up'...

Jes' Sayin'

However, my Blogger-In-Arms points out some very valid points vis-a-vis our current sociological outlook. Now, mind you, this'm MY take of his observations, and whut I took from it, not his overall analysis. He consistently talks about the fact that the Leftists out there are constantly making excuses, covering up, and generally allowing bad things to happen, as long as it allows the movement of 'issues' to further the dialectic of "Right Wing = Bad, Left Wing = Good". As seen in many instances, he points out in a general moment, the case of some poor bastard, (patriotic type one each) who had his vehicle assaulted, himself assaulted, in front of the police mind you, and he got arrested.

Case, as shown on his blog, GunFreeZone dot net, with links here:

Essentially, AntiFa set up roadblocks
In full view of the police
Now, to my POV, that means the police are fully complicit, I.E. either part of, or encouraging the situation.
And there it got cut off from my backup.
"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K"
Funny innit how calling out the Cops for the obvious complicity in allowing AntiFa (it's just an -idea- mind you) to run roughshod and rampant all over the populous.

And, as I thought about it, not without precedent.
The Romans, back during their conquest days of tear-assing around Gaul, they used to use savage tribes of Goths... and no, not the emo-kids, but Ostrogoths, Visigoths and the like... teutonic badasses with battleaxes to run around a attack other Goth tribes that the Romans didn't necessarily want to have to deal with up close n personal... Sort of also like when the Brits used the Hessian (German) troops in the Revolutionary War...

In this case, it's the Police Praetorians letting the AntiFa terrify and subjugate the population with the intent of making everyone too intimidated to do anything that'll hem them up.  Self Defense?  A thing of the past... Unless you're on the 'right side' of the political spectrum.

Even worse is the morons who're doing the dirty work?  The kids in AntiFa... the ground troops?  Fodder that when and if the Iron Grip of Permanent Political Investiture is assured, they'll be disposed of, right along side the 'deplorables'

And because of the paucity of genuine education for the past 30 years they have ZERO idea what happens after the whole thing is done and in place.  They don't realize that they're helping to establish an overarching, overreaching Giant Police Oriented Oligarchical Totalitarian Authority that'll not allow dissent.  And anything that helped overthrow the old order is as much a danger to the "New Order"...
Think "AntiFa Protocol 66" for you Star Wars Fans out there.
But for now, I'm still puzzled as to WTF happened...
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Back After a Long Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
WHEW!  Oi!  Seems I was a bit more knackered than I thought.  I crashed out Saturday Night at about 23:00 after a few drinks and whatnot, and then proceeded to go into a coma until this A.M... aside from one minor break to call in from work yesterday, I only got up for bathroom runs and water refills. 

Wifey always gets worried when I do this.  It's about every 7-8 months, depending on 'stressors' that my brain and body call "time out" for 24-48 hours and I literally sleep damned near nonstop, hence Ye Olde Intrepid's absence.

Man, I still feel like I need more.  

So... What's been happening with y'all?  Lots of questions about the 'jamming' and I'll say this, I think whoever put that the size of the cartridge is the issue, as in just almost too big is right.  It's always failure to feed when it does happen.  It's better, but the fact that I can't afford to 'properly' break it in (at $4-6 a round for factory loads) for a nominal 200 round break in, makes it that much trickier.  The mags are custom .458 mags that're designed to help feed with a half-moon trimmed out of the feed on the front.  The round is so stupidly fat that it takes up every millimeter of play in the chambering cycle.
So it it what it is.

Other news things, on Gab, @ProGunFred called it a day apparently
H/T CA for the image...
I usually 'target' @proGunFred and the other day, his icon was black and inactive.  So it seems occasionally he bails from Gab is what the word is, so guess we'll either see him again, or not.  For those of you who don't know I'm on there as, of course @BigCountryExpat, short handle BCE.  Feel free to check me out.  I usually poast my updates from here on there for both the websites.

So, part of my early-morning Observations from Below the Trench Line:
Looking at the Headlies, ever notice all we ever hear about is the need for "MOR LAWZ N SHEEEE-IT!!!"  Like fuckin' really?  These people are control crazy-insane as fuck.  I mean what drives this overwhelming need to make MOR LAWZ?  We, as a people right now have almost every. single. aspect. of our lives either tracked, regulated, taxed or generally interfered with on the daily-daily by minions of the DotGov and DotBureaucracy 

I swear, if it wasn't for the 'fix' being in at every.single.aspect of our electoral process, I wonder how much a traction of "Vote for Me, I'll repeal the Useless Shit and Fire the Parasites in DotGov!!!"

They'd probably have me killed quicker'n Kennedy

'Cos therein lies the dirty secret of the DotGov and all the festering parasitic bureaucrats that are part and parcel of the gross deficit we have going on.  Especially when you see the fucking salaries these fucks get paid.  Case in point, our "Program Manager" who shall remain nameless, I'll call him Remora, as thats appropriate in these conditions... Remora was a retired Commo Colonel, I believe full bird.  25 plus years, and as soon as the ink was dried of his DD-214, he essentially transferred to the "Program" that put him into the Senior Executives Services Union
THAT is where the "Big Boys" play for big pay.
To whit:
Entry Level: $161,700 per year
That does not include Cost of Living Expenses, Housing uplifts, being married, kids or, in the case of Remora, overseas danger pay.  In fact, I never saw this guy around unless he was just fucking around. 

 Like "what the fuck do you actually do all day dude?" I had the audacity to ask him.

And then I foolishly wondered why I was then 'blacklisted' from that program after I came home.  Aye... fucker blacklisted me from ever being able to work that particular part of an overseas and stateside contract.  Purely out of spite from me daring to ask a question of my betters apparently.  See, I didn't know he was the Capo-di-tutti-Capo... I thought he was another mid-level retired Colonel... which we had hunnerds of them runnin' 'round off-lead in Iraq.

Nope, this was the King, and I done fucked up and questioned just what the fuck he did that deserved almost $350K a year to sit back, do laundry and hang out and bullshit all day... I mean occasionally Ranger Jay'd go to a meeting withe this fuckin' guy, but as far as any genuine contribution to anything, other than professional ass kisser and paper shoveller, first class?  Not so fucking much.

Guys like that, and the territorial nature of them, insipid small-minded nasty creatures, who befoul the very airs they supposedly rarify with their pretentious ass-gas-passing... Fucker's are high on their own unicorn farts man... that and Hubris... fuckers don't get that in real time?  They ain't worth shit 'cept as fertilizer... probably great fertilizer, as being so full of shit, they'd extra-help the grass grow... that and sandbags... or maybe Soylent Green, which if some of the predictions out there are right, is actually going to b e an issue in the next 10-20...
Not sure
Je's Sayin'
Until we get some real  reform out there, nothin's gonna change
'Cept get worse
Heads on a Swivel... The whole Trial of St. Floyd of Minneapolis on, and off to a banging start.
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Big Country

Sunday, March 28, 2021

For Sale

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, I wants new toys, but I ain'ts gots the scratch, so's time to clear out the collection methinks.
Up on Ye Olde Chopping Blocke is going to be the .458 Socom Retardation Ele-nah-phant Gun.
Now, this 'un here isn't the complete weapon.  Just the upper, the mags, all my remaining ammo, and reloading dies, along with the primers and boolits.
Literally a pretty good 'starter pack'
List as follows:

















Yeah.. Pictures here:

now on that one, blurry as it is, you can see the half-moon cut-out for allowing thr .458 to feed properly... yeah, you can use standard mags, but the rounds tend to get hung up on feeding with regular mags....

Factory ammo... rare'nfuck right now... try $4 a round...

So yeah, just in my money tied up in it was $1400 with ALL the ephemera.
Whatchu think?
Email me @ rakkasan101st@protonmail if you want to plead yer case....

Part of the reason I'm sliding away from it is TBH, is the cost, the feeding, the lack of being able to practice, and the feed issues.  It seems to jam quite a bit... not sure why, but hey, tis-whut-tis.. rather put that out to y'all.  I want to be upfront w/y'all, my loyal readers here.  Fucking .458 is a beast and while I like it, I'd rather get something else to work on now that I'm over the project.
Let me know, as otherwise GunBroker is getting it.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Bit Delayed Today

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Had a minor interruption today when I got home to start my daily for y'all.  We spent the early afternoon up at that Antique Mall that Wifey scored her Vanity from... pretty cool place, and large enough that there's always -something- interesting to look at.

Thankfully I'm sort of broke right now.  I have some $$$ but my ATM card got compromised and the account is locked for now, so no extra $$$ except what I have on hand.  Thankfully a kind reader recently sent me some shekels to the PayPal, and THAT account is separate and it's card is still fully functional.  Can't thank y'all enough who help me oot financially occasionally.  It really helps, and you have my undying gratitude.

So, being gone for the day, Mister Bob-The-Cat apparently hasn't had enough attention.  I get to the 'puter, and as soon as I start checking the Gab and whatnots, up hops Bob onto the keyboard.
As y'all can see, Bob's doing very well here in Ye Olde Casa.  He's getting to be quite the hefty lil furball.  Who thinks every keyboard and computer in the Haus is his own private domain for scratchin' and rubbinz.  I ended up throwing on a YouTube vidya...
Which was insane by my standards
Matt from Demolition Ranch is known for his dangerous gun antics.  Today's was interesting as hell
I won't go into it in depth too much, but man... I was -really surprised- at some of the outcomes.
His vidyas are pretty cool, I just want to know where does he get the $$$ to do a lot of these?  Massive destruction tests, crazy ammo expenditure... must be nice to be that hooked up.

So 'other tidbits' right now is word of some poor girl named Lucia Bremer who got offed in Virginia... an Eighth Grader, which means she was probably about 13-14.  
No word on the suspect per se... just that he was 'underage'...
I'ma gonna go out on a limb and say mor'n likely a male with a distinctly heavily-melinated skin tone?  I may be wrong, but I've heard that some poasters on Gab from the area said it was a 'gang related initiation.'

Fuckin' savages Aye.
THIS is what we get.  Connor Hinant ('member him?)  And this guy, Mohammed Anwar... UberEats driver KIA'd by two female Dindus, both under the age of 16.  In my world, they'd get what Stalin called "The Noodle".. a low caliber pistol round behind the ear... as well as their immediate Mom and, if they can find them, "fathers"... I mean literally, there is no question what they did... They livestreamed it.  

The Washington D.C. Mayor, of course, with grace and aplomb, stepped right up with a tweet:
Nah, no she didn't
She tweeted some retarded thing about #protectyourauto or some shytte. 
Hey Mayor Fucktard, howsabout #diversityiskillingus and #gobacktoafricayousavages?

Fuckin' Dindus...

I got no problem as I've stated numerous times with people.

Act like people, get treated like people

Act shady, do shady shit, behave like an untrained fuckin' rabid animal, and that's how you deserve to be treated.  Right now, as I see it, Whypeepo are having a fucking Pogrom initiated at us, by dint of the Ministry of Propaganda, who're gonna memory-hole poor Lucia's story the very second that it comes out that the perp was named D'Wanlichious or some shytte like that.  Now if she was (((Jewish))) the kvetching would be a two-week grief-festivus of shytte... BUT since she's a disposable eeee-vil female Whypeepo, it'll be off the news in 3...2...1...  in fact, any bets they try to use the 'love triangle' aspect to smear her?   D'Wanlichious was mad that she broke up with him/wouldn't date him/spurned him or something... inserting the usual racial miscegenation in there, to provide helpful 'cover' that because she spurned a Dindu's advances, she was a ray-cist and sheeeit.

I wouldn't doubt the media does just that... nothing is off limits for them. 

In fact, w ain't hoid mucho about our Three Named Jihad Jake from Colorado much now Aye?

'Cept they stuffed his ass in Iso/Solitary as the word was he's a deader in GenPop.  Which I also predicted.

So, gotta go cook da dinner...
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Big Country

Saturday, March 27, 2021


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not much up today.  Working on the lawn again.  I got a nastygram from the HOA being about "We're going to fine you 'X' amount per day 'cos you ain't got no grass"  Maaan... I called the lady and stated clearly that it's growing you swine, so she's giving me 45-60 more days, leastways per our conversation.  Which today I documented in an email, and cc'd a friend of ours who's a Lawyer who deals with HOA laws all the time.

Take that you bitch.

I mean I can't make it grow any faster Aye?
Tough enough I had to spread, in total, two tons of topsoil, and put in the plastic barrier in to keep the soil in situ, as IF it ever starts raining, I don't want it washing away again
So, Phil over at Bustedknuckles got me good:
I literally LOL'd.
That's epic.
I just wish I felt better today.  Dunno what, but I'm feeling all out-of-whack.  Like I used to in Iraq when shit was about to get squirrelly.  I hate feeling this way.  Like an itch between the shoulder blades...

Paranoid slightly, but not sure why.
PTSD mebbe?
Tough to write when I'm like this.  Interrupts my creativity.
Literally More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday FINALLY!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whew... made it to Friday.  It's been a -week-...  Nothing self inflicted except the obligatory hangover.  The GranBebe is, as far as we know, still in the hospital and stable, but much work needs to be done.  Now that's covered, I was surprised by the content of Slo-Xi-Bi-Den's presser.

Shocked the hell out of me actually.
I really expected guns to be on the menu.  Russia was also conspicuously absent from it.  And of course, the enemy Ministry of Propaganda is over the moon with talking up how genius the Commander in Thief was, how strong and awesome he was.
(((Max Boot))) of course chimed in:
Jesus... fucking the tardation on (((that 'un))) is deep and burns.  I mean even the fact that the ancient Kidsniffer said he'd be running for re-election!?!?!  Are you fuckin' kidding me?  This is one seriously deranged motherfucker.  Unless they got him cloned at his current state, and the clone is on ice, ain't no fucking way his decrepit ass is gonna live another 3 years is my bet.

I mean great that he's so confident.  Great for laughs and derangement... shit... telling ya, we are so hosed.  Lots of people are pointing out the fact that because our media is soooooo insane and partizan, the rest of the world is laughing AT us, as well as planning bad shit against us... I mean right now?  We look weak and ready to be attacked and conquered.  Motherfucking Chinks are allll about kicking our asses.

That "3600 Years of Culture" and shit?  Yeah, them lil slanty-eyed bastard HAVE A PLAN.  They're all about long term thinking.  Critical Long Term STRATEGIC THINKING  which, by my reckoning, OUR fucktards here in the states haven't done any of that in the past 40+ years.  Mebbe evvar.

Nope.  The 30 second news cycle and instant gratification nuked the ability of our Self-Absorbed Self-Declared "Betters" to think either critically, strategically, hell even tactically.  Basically, the only thing that our Politicians have on the brain is control, keeping control, and looting as much as possible for them and theirs, and not giving a fuck in the meantime... just as long as they retain their perks and comforts, the rest of us can just die as far as they're concerned.

Any wonder that we're utterly hosed long-term?

I'd say they kept him off of the subjects of Guns and Russia primarily because they know any and all executive fiats regarding 'assault weapons' might actually backfire spectacularly.  Third Rail Style shytte... and Russia?  Got a hunch some of the backchannels were interesting... probably along the lines of "We got proof you fucks stole and rigged the fuck out of the election, so back off the whole "RussiaRussiaRussia!" thing or we blow the whistle, and not only that, keep it up, and we'll glaze your capitol, and send in the Chinese with the Windex after..."

So, still gonna keep on keepin on.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Tonight's Gonna be a HOOT!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Many thanks for all the well-wishes on GranBebe#2. We -think- she's out of the woods, but tough call.  Little-to-no comms makes it hard to tell, and the only stuff we get are from the third parties that've been tracking and updating us...

So, as to tonight?
Slo Xio-Bi-Den, current pResident s going to give a presser.

His first Presser.  After how fucking long?  Even with a totally in-the-bag Ministry of Propaganda is gonna have a tough time if he slips the leash.  Which makes me wonder just how Amped are the going to have him?  He's going to need to be juiced to the gill to be able to perform, both ear'll be stuffed with microphones feeding him his lines, and in all probability, a shock collar under his suit, around his neck I'd wager.

It has the potential makings of hysterical shytte show if'n he goes off the rails.

However, I fully expect his to announce absolute garbage Executive Orders regarding gun control.  I got that 'feeling' and I've lern't long ago to trust this.  I'd say it'll be an immediate ban of any and all 'assault rifles' with a call for turn-in-or-be-prosecuted as well as a ban on anything holding more than ten rounds, with a tax on existing weapons and mags.

Queue potential Civil War in 3...2...1...

I mean I highly doubt it'll fly.  I mean they'll pass the law, but it's quickly going to become irrelevant.  Much like the ban in Commieneticut... 'register' what?  I lost all my guns in a tragic boat accident.  

As well as all the rest of y'all.

So, Update now, GranBebe#2 is being transported to a much larger facility, that specializes in Pediatric stuff.  Apparently the local CASH couldn't drain the pus?  Ugh.  

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Need to Vent And Stuff UPDATED

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Aye that...

Lil late to poast, as it's been a whirlwind of bullshit 'round here this A.M.... starting with Wifey getting a text from people watching Dumbfuck and Dumbunny for us...  Seems Dumbunny posted on Fecesbook some pics of Granbebe #2....

Seems, from my perspective, she got bit by a spider.  Her whole lil upper lip is all blown up and swollen.  She apparently has been progressing... Dumbunny thought that it was a pimple under her nose, and maaaan... it's bad.  
Typical of Dumbunny, she poasts the progressing pictures to Facebook for "prayers and good thoughts" and "she can't eat, and is miserable, and can't use her pacifier or anything" then the dumbass sez in the whole attention-whoring poast, that she's planning on taking the baby to the doctor fucking tomorrow!!!!

Wifey melted the fuck down.
Kid can't fucking eat and you'll taking her tomorrow??????
Looking at the three pictures, I think it's a Black Widow bite.  Had enough of them in my time.  Started with the lil pimple, then started weeping the yellowish-clear-ish liquid as the swelling is just starting... the pic is where she was at this A.M. apparently.

I dunno if I want to cry, or kill the two incompetent fucktards meselves.
Actually I want to do both.
Wifey's a wreck.  I'm highly pissed off.

Really appreciate y'all letting me vent... 

So, with the current shitshow outta da way, lets get back on track to the stuff at hand.
Like Xio Bi-Den.

Fucking really!?!

Delusional isn't a strong enough word to describe this fucking mobile corpse.  Seems China Slo has been meeting with historians to discuss his "legacy" and how history will view him:

"Citing “people close to Biden,” Axios reports Biden feels powerful, ready to end the Senate filibuster and push through as much transformational legislation as possible while he still has the majority in the House and the Senate.

He also “loves” the idea he will be more transformational than former President Barack Obama, who struggled with House and Senate Republicans to move legislation forward, the report noted.

Biden’s list of planned aggressive actions includes historic legislation on climate change, gun control, and federal voting laws, according to the report."

Uhhhh hate to be the one to breeak it to Ya there Slo, but the "Legacy" you're so worried about?  At the rate the way things are going in this country?  You'll be remembered as a curse mor' n'likely...  I can almost see 100 years in the future:

"Duuuude... you as such a biden!!!"
"Motherfucker, take that back, ain't no man call me a biden and lives!!!!"

The only legacy he's going to have is that of a pResident that may just literally usher in a 4th Reich and/or collapse the Federal DotGov once and for all.  He's radicalizing the entire Left without so much a one thought in that decaying pile o'taters that he calls a 'brain'.  I mean when was the last time he looked out a window, and realized that he and his creatures have practically self-isolated from the Rest of Us Unclean Deplorables?  You know, the people that they seem hell bent on disarming, by hook or by crook, and then putting us into Uighur-Style "Re-Education Camps" a.k.a. Concentration Camps?
Eventually something is gonna snap.

I mean even now?  Looks like Sapper n Me were on the money again regarding Aloha Snackbar and his federal involvement.  Word now is he was a Fibbie Fucktards 'person of interest'... which usually means, 'radicalized, given support, and launched like a missile' by his Fibbie Fucktard Controllers.

Just like in the case of the Texas Jihad Shootout, the Fibbies more than likely either enlisted or provoked this idiot.  It's also very strange the reports I've been reading on his 'surrender' as well... seems he came out of the shitter having stripped off all his gear!?!

Last instance of shit like that that I can recall was the "Batman Shooter" who was found drugged the fuck up, and no longer in his tac-gear in a car after the fact.

And it's presumable that the "Batman Shooter" (who, BTW has been conspicuously absent in mentions of mass shewtin's as of late... curious that Aye?) that Bats was a MK controlled sock-puppet.

They did this one pretty well.
The kid bought the rifle six days before doin' the do...
So now, the whole waiting period or whatever it is going to stretch to a hell of a lot longer methinks
And, the other?  The mental health thing?  Yeah, git ready... anyone who ever saw a shrink is going to be probably barred from possessing or buying a weapon in the future.  Fact is tho, his High School classmates said he was a short-fuzed asshole who blew up at people and harbored grudges.  I'm wondering if the fam coming around and sayin' he's cray-cray is a hail Mary defense attempt?

Might be.  Never trust a Haji man.
I know of what I speak.
So, gotta bounce.  We also, as a end-note, fucking Mom and Dad man... when the hell did we become the 'rents?  Dad apparently took another fall... this is the 2nd on inside of two weeks... first one?  Minor, no damage, and the LifeAlert I made 'em wear worked like a charm.  Day before Yesterday? damn... no injuries, but he fell, and Mom took an hour and a half to help him up... they didn't use the LifeAlert dammit.  Seems Mom threw out her back 'cos it was oh-dark early, and she 'didn't want to cause a fuss' by hitting the button...

Man... and Wifey wonders why I drink?
To excess
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

As per the call from commenter Greg, dehydration came into play.
They've admitted her to the hospital now.  I may have to go offline if'n we need to go 'rescue' her from the Tennessee Fucktards.

Hopefully it'll be aight.
Appreciate all the good thoughts and support Me Droogs!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Analysis of The Current Black Flag Op

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
“Gee, we have no idea why that nice young Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa shot up that supermarket full of people?”

They’re already setting up the reason as him being a fucking headcase Aye?
Can’t be properly blaming “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome” here.
Nosiree Bob
Can’t have a follower of the “Religion of Peace” deciding it’s time to waste a bunch of In-fy-dels Aye?

Per the Daily Beast:
“Ali Aliwi Alissa, the suspect’s 34-year-old brother, told The Daily Beast that authorities searched his house all night after the shooting.

Alissa described his brother as “very anti-social” and paranoid, adding that, in high school, he would describe “being chased, someone is behind him, someone is looking for him.”

“When he was having lunch with my sister in a restaurant, he said, ‘People are in the parking lot, they are looking for me.’ She went out, and there was no one. We didn’t know what was going on in his head,” Alissa said, admitting that he believes his brother is mentally ill.”

However, the way the Ahhh-thor-rit-ties are acting, there’s more to this…

“The suspect’s brother said he traveled to another King Sooper’s location after work to look for a third sibling who had run an errand and couldn’t be reached. He found that relative in police custody.

“I went to King Sooper that is close to our house to see if they are there, and then I saw a police car,” he said. “And then as I got closer to the police car, I saw my [other] brother was detained in the police car. That was 9:30 at night.”

Ali Aliwi Alissa went on to say he and more family members were detained by police.

“I learned that [Ahmad] is a suspect after coming from work,” Ali Aliwi Alissa told The Daily Beast, describing how he could not reach his siblings Monday afternoon.”

Now why would they do that?
Cuff n’Stuff the whole clan?
Veerrrrrry Innnnn-teresting Aye?
Least it ain’t a Three Named Man, Unless he spells the “Al” attached to “Aliwi”… which in my
experience, that’s the norm, so in one respect, Ahmad AlAliwi Alissa. Syrian is the rumor I heard on the webz, but no confirmation as of yet

And all the (((usual suspects))) are doing their usual:
Especially since dis:
Funny how dat woiks eh?

So, essentially, the perfect black-flag Op… IF Biden’s folks hadn’t spilled the beans aboot the whole “Isis Sympathizer” thingy… A paranoid, possibly delusional kid, who in all actuality was probably coerced, are at least influenced by an agent-provocateur from the F.B.I., as we haven’t had a real terrorist attack in this country with out their express co-operation and or actual execution.

No word on if he was on head meds.  My guess would be not.  The Middle East regards mental illness as a Curse from Allah, so they tend to ignore it, than admit someone is Koo-Koo for Cocopuffs in the fam.  It's also a by-product of all the inbreeding too... LOTS of 'straight line' in ye olde Middle Eastern Fambly Trees... not many branches if you dig me?  They tend to either ignore or isolate or overlook the family nutter if they have the scratch, or in this case, they just let Ole Boy pressure-cook his ass til he blew...

My guess?  And we've been on the Mark so far, is dood is a deader in jail, sooner rather than later.  The cops in the news briefs said he made statements and they might release info on those later, but I don't think so... it's going to be "Poor Mentally Ill kid lost his shit" and "Whypeepo Bad!" somewhere in there...  The last thing they can have is the kid coming out and screaming "Allah Akbar!!!" in court... that's be bad form... especially inn light of how they're already trying to form the narrative...

Another thing: One Week to the day of the Atlanta Whoreslayer...
They're in a rush...
Wonder Why?
Jes' Sayin'

So, stay tuned!
Anti-Gun Hysteria and Legislation in 3...2...1...

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Morning Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Something tells me things went -sideways- a bit.
No name yet for the shooter?
Sapper might have figured out why.

He thinks it's because dude might be an "Aloha Snackbar!" shooter
Which makes sense...
Can't "name the Arab Terrorist"
After all, it is the Bastion Of Liberal Boulder
And looking again at the pic, he's got the dark dark hair.
Sapper might be right on this one, hence the near-dearth of info on the shooter?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

UPDATE: 11:20
Sapper, that genius motherfucker was dead on
The Suspect has been Named:
Ahmad Alissa
Up next, Ye Olde Proverbial 10 Foot Poles to be Broken out by the Ministry of Propaganda
This's gonna get memory-holed so fast...

Monday, March 22, 2021

Here We Go, Off to the Races! UPDATED #9

Breaking News Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Looks like a Mass Shooting that anyone with 1/4 of a brain is going down now in Boulder.
King Soopers Market.
Initial reports is they rolled a BearCat to the front door and there's still shewtin' going on?
S.W.A.T. team delaying entry anyone?
In fact, the first unit on the scene should have entered and K.I.A.'d the motherfucker.

My Call:
Watch for Eeeee-vil Black Rifle (AR/AK variant)
Watch for "The Man With Three Names"
Watch for the "Reclusive Whypeepo Male"

Any bets?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

More updates to follow as we get intel

UPDATE #1, 17:45
One witness told FOX 31 Denver they heard a sound similar to fireworks after leaving the store and saw a man in the parking lot holding an "AR-15 style weapon" and wearing what looked like tactical gear. 

Picture from the local Fox Affiliate:
3 out of 4 so far
He appears to be stripped down of the Tactical Gear and a Evil White Male
Check the Box for Tactical Gear (Body Armor will be added later to the stuff that Leviathan don't like"
Check the Box for someone "witnessing' an "AR" Evil Black Rifle
Now, only thing left for the False Flag Olympics is The Man With Three Names

Place yer bets!
UPDATE #2, 19:00
Helos were landed at a nearby High School... as shown in this picture:
Now, I'ma Waiting on the Esteemed SME (subject matter expert) Divemedic on this, but is it me, or are the Two Red White and Blue "Medevac Birds" apparently fully grounded and shut down?

Add on that there's like z.e.r.o. activity around the birds?

The only Medevac experiences I've had were two times, One in Iraq, which was a "hot-load-n-go", meaning the bird barely settled, we threw the casualties on board, assisted those who needed assisting, and then they did the Baghdad Airborne Boogie to the C.A.S.H. 

Now, another time, was a civilian affair.  I was travelling through the Great Smokey Mountains on a looooong and desolate strip of road when I came on an overturned S.U.V... passengers were OK, but the driver was pretty fucked up.  No cell signal as it was 1996, and no way to get the cops... I was it so to speak.  I did however have my "A" and "B" bags for deployment in the car, plus some 'extra-shouldn't-have' shytte, to include a Star Cluster or 3, plus Smokes.

1 Can of HC White Later and 1 Multi-Flare Star Cluster in Red, and two Staties showed up full blast thinking there was a start of a forest fire... they got there, and after a quick consult, one of them hauled balls to be a relay point for the radio... we were so far in the middle-o-fucking nowhere that even their radios barely carried a signal.  Ended up using my red smoke to mark the LZ, and I also, as a matter of my normal carry load in my bags, had a panel marker to lay on the highway when the Medevac showed up.  I even used the bullshit hand signals to guide in Da Choppa when she grounded.  They too, did a turn n'burn, so I'm wondering just What The Fook is going on this this pic??? 

Jes' Sayin' Aye?

I'll update if'n I hear back from DM

UPDATE #3, 18:50
It's in the comments, but Divemedic had this to say:

When we call for the helo, they usually will keep the rotors turning, package the patient, then go. The goal is to have the patient with the trauma surgeon within an hour of being shot. There are times when that doesn't happen, most often when the patient isn't stable enough to fly to the trauma center, so they go to the closest hospital. To unstable to fly to TC usually means that they need active airway assistance, or they need chest compressions (CPR). In those cases, the medical crew from the helo will ride in a ground ambulance to the closest hospital to help the medics, while the pilot shuts the bird down until they return. Other situations that can cause this, is that there are not enough medics on the scene from the ground units, so the airmedics will stay on scene and help. In either case, that is not good. Usually means there are more fatalities than there are critical wounded.

So, this means it's either really really good or really really bad... I'm of the thought process of "Glass Half Full/Half Empty?" and I'm the dick who asks "It is piss?"

More to follow

UPDATE #4, 20:20
Man, that's a LOT of damage for an AR-15...
Another Angle:
What the ever living fuck was this guy using?

An AR-15 loaded with sooper-dooper high explosive rounds like Terry Crew's Nuclear Automatic Shotgun in the fucking "The Expendables?"  I mean Jesus... that ain't right... even lobbing M-67's wouldn't cause that much damage...

Jes' Sayin'

More as we go...

Ok gang... this's bullshit.
In a world of literal "instantaneous information gratiuity" there's been no word as to the name or what exactly happened in Ye Olde "Soopers" Mart.  Literally.
Gone silent
No updates besides the norm
Even though they hauled an obvious middle-aged, balding Whypeepo out of the building with a leg wound.  HOURS ago... no name, no motivation, no nuthin'...

Sez to me:

Something went wrong Aye?
Have to see as time goes on, but right now, if it looks like shit, smells like shit, it probably is shit.

I'll be on this alllllll night.  Hope my F.B.I. handler has some Monsters... this's gonna be an alllll night affair.

Unless they drone strike me, and say its a Meth Lab LOL.

UPDATE #6, 21:00
OK: Via Britnews, AKA The Daily Fail... Six dead.. which means "Wednesday in Detroit".
Lots of good pics and bullshit... still no name nor motive...
Bunch of Shytte there Aye?

UPDATE #7, 21:30
A Boulder cop is among the K.I.A.'d... more later

UPDATE #8, 21:35
Dude vidya'd some of this, and didn't help?????
What. The Fuck????
Woman down, not 15 seconds into the vidya?
No Blood visible?
What. The. Fuck????
Watch for yerselves:

UPDATE #9, 2230
Yah.. no word on "who or why"
Methinks because those of us "in the know" are following 
See whut 24 hours provides
Methinks a bunch of MK-Ultra leveled SHYTTE
You tell me

Blah Blah Blah

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ever notice how this new chick Jen PissAye never actually answers a question?  Bitch just drones on and on and on and on...and never actually gets there.  She's horrible.  BUT there is humor to be found in it...
Just like that.
Remind you of anyone?
Yep... Ole "Crazyeyes" Jen.
Great Movie.  In Iraq when we were running around doin' "the dirty" i.e. looting and stealing anything not nailed down at the behest of our Master, a crusty Chief Warrant 5... yeah, the Mythical CWO5... he was our boss... when he said "Country, I need lumber."  We got lumber... He didn't give a shit about where or how we got lumber, but dammit, git 'er dun, and "...don't get caught!"

Sooooo, to avoid issues of being I.D.'d positively when we did did "the dirty", we got one of those lil label printers.  We figured out the font and size of the name area on Ye Olde Common Access Card and printer up a new Nom De Plume... In my case I went with "Austin Millbarge", as a hat-tip to a great movie.  My bro-at-the-time Lil Country used "Emmet Fitzhume".  We carried our I.D.s like everyone else, in a strapped on around the upper arm carrier, or in a card carrier around the neck.  Generally, being an American, and just showing it was good enough.  The sticker couldn't withstand close-close scrutiny, but through a plexi-plastic window?  Good enough for DotGovMil work.

Only had one particularly astute E-6 in the entire time who read the names and started howling.  Dude was in stitches.  Apparently he too was a HUGE fan of 'Spies Like Us' and recognized the name(s). 

Now, as far as "CrazyEyes" PissAye...
Queue up Willum Shatner
"Those...eyes...they're... just...not right Spock!!!"
As the Critical Drinker would say

Cray-Cray Eyes.
Bigs Rule of "Spotting Teh Crazy Wimmez" is the eyes.

Windows to the Soul Aye?

Willum at Black Poison Soul has talked aboot this for years.  The dead-shark eyes of the "Thousand Cock Stare"  The eyes, if you can see over 3/4 of the entire -pupillary- area, then 10-1, you're dealing with a nutter.  And in her case, she's got all of the classic signs.  Nevermind the personality issues which are pure Red Flags
Dead Shark-like Stare
3/4 Pupils showing, indicating Bugeyed Feminine Madness
An inability to do any 'straight talk'
Aversion to the truth

Annnnnnnnnnd a face that sez that if she took Top Popp's dickstacking contest, she'd spatter like a bug on the windshield of a Buck doing 60.  To those of you not familiar with Terrance Popp, he's the guy doing  He's blackpilled like a motherfucker and I've mentioned him previously... His "Dickstacking Theorem" is that if you take the number of dicks that a female has taken into her "hot pocket o'love" and stacked them up inch-wise, with an average of 6 inches, what would happen if she fell from whatever height it added up to?  The dreaded "Thousand Cock Stare" would have a chick fall 500 FEET...

Nice huh?

She also seems genuinely stupid.  Unable to do 'off the cuff'... easily thrown off the track.  And this by a Ministry of Propaganda that practically verbally fellates her for ever time she gets on stage.  She's a stupid sock puppet.  A cum-sock-puppet if you will.

So, so much for that part of the rant... mebbe we'll 'circle back later'


So, I greatly appreciate all y'all taking the time to offer your suggestions vis-a-vis the RV.  Think'n I'ma try that "rent one for size" and see where that gets me.  I mean I have to do -everything- like that because the rest of you Damned Dirty Apes and Stinking Puny Hoo-mons are so small and dainty compared to the Dump Truck I am.

I gotta lose some more weight.  Bad enough I'm at 340.  My doc sez I need to be at 300.  And yeah.  300.  My bone density charts completely off the scale.  Literally double 'normal' of reg'ler folks.  Nevermind a 23.75 inch neck... which BTW when I -have- lost the weight in times past, stays the same.  That's all muscle.  If anything I have to be very careful in working out my upper back/shoulders and neck as its a stone bitch to find dress shirts in my size.  Big N Tall dress shirts start at like $75 a throw, and thats the cheap ones.

Thank GOD I work from home from here on oot.
It's a dealio and a half.  I get to sit in my sweats and t-shirt, comfy as all get out, with my shoulder rig and 9mm on, (getting re-used to the feeling) and being able to use my 15 minute breaks to walk the Doggo, or, as I love to do in the morning break, take a hot shower.

Luxury Aye.

So... More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country