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Monday, February 8, 2021

WTF Did I Just Watch?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sonofabitch... let me tell you, outside of some pretty good eggball, the entirety of the evening was fucking execrable to the extreme.  Negro Felons League INDEED!  Fucking that was the single. largest. pile of monkey shit and anti-white poo-flinging I've ever seen.  Ham-handed propaganda doesn't even begin to cover it.
I mean it was holy shit soooooo obvious when they started with that horseshit "Black National Anthem" bullshit... I -knew- it was going to be a shitfestivus and I wasn't wrong.


And that's it
A complete summation of the Stuporbowl
My only question?
Just WHY were they all wearing jockstraps over their heads?

This was, by far the most retarded monkey-worshipping I've seen since this past summer where the cops took a knee in front of a pile of black criminals and washed their feet.  This is -not- going to end well, as the majority of the ads, the shit... hell everything was about lifting up the black folks, and shitting on whypeepo again.
And then they wonder -why- they're losing money hand over fist?
Alienate me some more whydoncha?

I also knew that the KC were gonna lose hard at the coin toss
The Team Captains came out, and the coin was tossed by a stunning and brave nurse (who juuuuust so happened to be a rug-muncher, who's 'wife' was shown in the stands).  The fact that the team Captain for the Chiefs was a tall white dude, and the Captain for the Bucs was a smaller black dude, I knew the mentality/programming for that scene was to set the "David versus Goliath" myth...

Predictive Programming much Aye?
So yeah
Never was a big eggball fan anyways.  
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Didn't watch it. I haven't watch nigger football or baseball and definitely not basketball for over 30 years. And college ball of any stripe is getting as bad.

  2. When I used to work at the remote plant I loved workibg felon bowl sunday. All the managers would sneak back to camp to watch and us workers could get shit done without some idiot trying to micromanage us. Same reason i never minded working on top of the evaps, no 450lbs manager is going to climb 200ft up ladders to check on your work.


  3. Thanks for watching it. I can't. You pointed out what I was afraid it would be, though, I give them credit for reaching further into the bullshit that would have driven me to change channels. Your summary of the goals, using the Stunning, Braaayve rug munching nurse, the choice of captains, obviously pure chance, right?? Yeah, shits so damned obvious and the number who get it is disturbingly low.
    I heard Biden got booed though.
    Hard to understand how The Most Popular man in America could suffer such an indignity.

  4. I didn't watch a goddamn second of it. I'd rather die.
    They want to call me evil for being white and glorify criminal pavement apes? Fuck them off a cliff.

  5. Why were they wearing jock straps? Because they're athletic supporters, duh..

    And, no, I won't watch anything that makes me out to be the bad man. I don't watch sports, don't watch much TV except crime programs (love "The First 48" as it shows who's really killing whom. Yeah, you don't have to guess. It's black males killing black males, black females, white females and white males. Occasionally it's a hispanic (gang related) or a white person (drug related... and gang related...) but mostly it should be called "Black People Behaving Badly.)

  6. I no watch sports for decades except Tiger til he outed himself.

    30,000 cardboard cutouts in the stands for an event that not long ago, it seems lots of guys would cut something off just to be there ? Who is bankrolling these shitshows?

  7. Well, that explains it.

    Yesterday, I left Oregon to travel about five-hundred miles to Sacramento.
    In California, each overhead 'traffic alerts' flashing billboard said 'Fans don't let fans drive drunk'.

    I have zero-zero-zero interest in sports, so that special information was wasted on me.


    In other news:

    Along Interstate Five, semi-tractor rigs carrying the amazon prime logo out-numbered all the regular transporters at least a dozen-to-one.
    No United Parcel Service.
    One Federal Express.
    Very few of the usual transporter names such as Old Dominion and England.

    I saw convoys of amazon prime; two/three was common, one convoy was six 53' rigs.

    1. Actually this has a pretty good explanation. Generally FXG and FXF, UPS, OD etc don't run their hubs on sunday. meaning the packages aren't moving any further for a day. Meaning you might see some late running trailers getting in on a sunday but the hub won't move packages until Monday night. And most LTL's are set up to be out and back in one day, or at most two.

      amazon is ALL contractors and it pays dick. I mean less than the cost of running the truck. You'll notice most of the tractors are old and crappy. They lose money just running but they don't do their numbers so they don't know. Look if i run harder and take more runs I'll make more money. But they see only gross and not net. It's a scam, you'll see them falter out and die and get replaced by new suckers.

  8. Last time I had any interest in sportsball, Daryle Lamonica, Fred Biletnikoff, and Ben Davidson were playing for the Oakland Raiders. Now, they can all FOAD. Did my own version of "ball", loaded up some 173 gr. FMJ. in 308.

  9. Wifey switched to it a couple times. Once was during the trophy hand-off... she asked "Did they let out the Temple?"

  10. Black national anthem should be "Jungle Boogie".

  11. I haven't watched nfl for years so a friend that loves to watch, called and said the Chiefs were playing aggressive and angry seeming with penalties. Now if I were playing in the SB after working hard all season to get there, I would be royally POed if I was told to back off and flop. I would be looking for a chance to hurt the "winning" team. Hey, maybe the nfl did arrange for the game to be in Tampa. And maybe they wanted to make Brady a Hero and retire with another ring. Just Sayin'.

  12. I didn't watch any of it either, even when I was still into sports I couldn't stand the Super Bowl. The Conference Championship games were always better and used to be on the Sunday before Adulterous Plagiarizer Remembrance Day, aka MLK Day, so we had the next day off work. The whole fiasco is a great reminder that half of America, populated by the descendent of the people who actually built America, are living in a occupied state.

  13. I would love to watch an American 'football' team play against a good RUGBY team (the All Blacks from New Zealand or the Springboks from South Africa) WITHOUT the helmets and body-padding stuff, just shorts and shirt. Just watch a re-play of the World Cup England V South Africa!!

    1. Having played both football and rugby, the hits in football are way worse than in rugby. Hockey was the worst of all, though, as the speeds involved are so much higher.