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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wifey is Happy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
After the Gray Man sale, I was able to get Wifey's anniversary present out of layaway without resorting to insane credit card abuse.  $400 wasn't too bad, not for what she wanted.  And man, she's a Happy Happy Girl.
A solid mahogany, non-veneered 1910 Rice-Carver (? no fucking clue Aye?)  style Vanity

She is, absolutely stoked
First thing however, is to get it properly 'loaded'
Putting Ye Olde Vest Pocket FN1906 Browning .25 'Nightstand' Weapon in the topmost drawer that she can reach in the middle of the night... seems really apropos to have a handgun that's from the same timeframe +/- 4 years as the go-to nightstand weapon.

Of course that's quite literally the 'last ditch weapon of last resort' as a .25 will only irritate a home invader.  But, in this case, it's a perfect fit/match for the whole thing.

We found the vanity in a GIANT antique store that Spawn told us aboot.
4 acres of Antique Mall
OMFG soooooo much stuff.
And Wifey found this thing on our first ten minutes in the store, at which point she slapped a Cee-note on the table and put it on layaway.  I surprised her today by paying it off after Gray Man bought the long arm which made me momentarily solvent.  

Yeah... that lasted aboot 24 hours Aye?
Bills are paid, and I'm happy and Wifey is thrilled.
Can't argue with that.
Kills me too.  Serbian War Criminal was drafted into using his MONSTER F250 DeathFord to go git it.  He's got a 32 foot R.V. that he needs to haul around so he's got the giant assed P/U for the towing, and the Vanity fit jes' fine.

Man, this'sa great weekend
Only possibly 'racially charged' aspect I can put out... the Vanity was handmade in 1910... by Irish Immigrants... Not one piece of diversity had a hand in it's epic creation.  Made by whypeepoo, for whypeepo... fuck all the rest

ALSO QUICK ADDENDUM: I'm offishully old. I just got word that Spawn #1 is engaged to Shorty. News to follow!

Jes' Sayin'
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  1. Good score. Nice piece o woodwork. Not my style, but I can appreciate fine furniture in any style.
    As for feelin' old, one of the most alien concepts I ever had to wrap my head around was a little kid following me around and calling me "Grandpa". Once I got used to it, it's not a bad gig, and she became my copilot. Has more time in my logbook than my wife. And now that little kid is a grown woman, married, with a baby who turns one year old tomorrow. What the hell does that make me???

    1. Welcome to "Ancient". All three of my grandgirls are well grown, and I suspect there's gonna be a little one coming down one of their pipes pretty soon.

  2. TO paraphrase. When Momma's happy. Everyone happy.

  3. That thing is a stone cold Beauty. It will only increase in value. Sounds like it as $500? Steal. No doubt that thing is all hand-crafted.

    I've got a dresser set same timeframe, solid mahogany, hand cut dovetails in the drawer sides. I don't but you can pull the drawers using just one of the side pulls. Just can't buy that kind of furniture for less than thousands these days. If you do get a hankering, go to High Point, N. Carolina - furniture maker capital of the world. Can't go in springtime though as buyers from over the world are there putting orders in and the makers just don't have time for retail. You won't find better prices.

  4. Beautiful, I love stuff that exhibits a level of craftsmanship. Whoever made that took some pride in doing so, instead of just churning out pressboard crap.

  5. I love old hand crafted furniture as does the wifey thank God. Beautiful piece there and in excellent condition.

  6. Amazing how much better and real old furniture is than the new crap. Sure you can get real furniture today but it costs as much as a new car. (per piece) but regular guy new furniture is just throwaway. But look that piece is over a 100 years old and still close to perfect. real wood, real craftmanship. Good thing we've had all this "progress". Thing like that today is probably 10 to 20 grand.

  7. Beautiful piece of furniture. That should get you some leg for sure!
    Where was that antique mall at? I remember the huge flea market/antique mall they had in Sanford when I lived in Orlando back in the early 90s. Use to go there after 3rd shift at the laser company and waste hours and dollars there. Furniture, food, pets, doctors offices, bootleg tapes, music equiptment, clothes...made Walfart look like a booger. Good times.

  8. Very Nice! Like they say 'happy wife- happy life' Good job on taking care of the little lady!