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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Things That Make You Go HMMN

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
What have I said in the past about false flag ops?
Tends to be the Three Named Man.
Now?  Meet David Lee Huber
Guy literally had -nothing- on his record to the point the picture they have to use is from his drivers license.  Even in quoting the britnews: "Florida court records show Huber with only minor traffic violations. He had no listing as a sex offender and no Florida prison record. Records show he owned computer consulting businesses from 2008 until last year."

Now, The interesting part of all of this?
Take a wild guess as to the name of one of the Agents KIA'd in the shootout?
Special Agent Daniel Alfin
Apparently he was one of the computer forensic specialists who worked on 
<queue dramatic reveal music> 

Hunter Fuckin Biden's Lappie
Queue my shocked and surprised face.
What are the odds?
"The FBI has so far released very few details about the deadly shooting and a number of questions remain unanswered as to how a search warrant, which agents carry out regularly, went so awry.

Former agents and law enforcement experts have since said that meticulous planning goes into serving warrants in a bid to prevent casualties so the FBI has a lot to answer for as the investigation continues."

I bet
<Begin memory-holing in 3...2...1...>

So, possibly the main computer guru on Kiddie Porn just happens to be the guy 'taking the door' oin  a daylight raid by the Federal Bureau of Incompetency?  
Don't pass the 'smell test'
FedBro got retired from the Secret Cervix for being on a raid like that.  He too was an ardent anti-kid-diddle.  He was the 'breecher' on a raid, and unfortunately the intel on the target was bad.  Apparently, the front door of the perp's house looked like yer basic Suburbistan Front door... in reality?  It was a battleship-grade Uparmor, so's when he tried to do the "Smash through it like a linebacker" (he's as big as me almost) he literally kind of squished against it... broken shoulder, collarbone, scapula, dislocated his shit hard.  TOTALLY fucked him up.  They ended up with THAT asshole using the Bearcat to smash through a wall as it was easier than the door.  He got retired shortly after as he was terminally fucked up in line of duty.

So what I'ma saying here is, FedBro, as big as me, as mean, armed to the fair-thee-well, and armored up like a stone cold motherfucker STILL got fucked up on a raid.  290 Pounds of beef bred muscle.  The Fibbie in question?  A fucking buck-ten soaking wet computer geek?  At the lead of a stack to take a door?

No. Fucking. Way.
Would love to know if the shots that kil't him came from the front or from behind?
Methinks I'd be looking behind his ear is all I'ma sayin'
Jes' Sayin'
And the three named bad guy?
Y'all know my opinion on that sheeee-it.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. The FBI has been weaponized...we've seen that. I wouldn't trust the fuckers if they told me the sky was blue at noon on a cloudless day.
    I no longer recognize their authority.

  2. So I was checking out that Deth Guild site. The latest post seems kinda like bait. Are these guys fucked or am I being paranoid.

  3. Would you be so kind as to provide a source for the following: "Special Agent Daniel Alfin
    Apparently he was one of the computer forensic specialists who worked on


    Hunter Fuckin Biden's Lappie"

  4. Wouldn't be surprised if he was dead for 24 hours and they had his body in the back of one of their cars.

    Or even if he wasn't actually there, but dead in his apartment in DC.

    I used to trust law enforcement. Hell, I used to work for law enforcement.

    Now? Fuck law enforcement. By not staying with the oath to protect and defend, they've tainted themselves. Sure, there may, MAY, be still good cops individually, but if they don't fight the system, then they're part of the problem.

    Fuck them all.

    It is time, past time, for Vigiles.

  5. If a story smells like bullshit it's best to check your shoes....and scrape them clean if needed. This whole episode reeks. About the only thing regarding it that we can be certain of is that since the Feds routinely lie they are lying about this.

  6. Daaaayum... yeah that's fishy as all Hell. Any bets they'll have the DC coroner do the report? They're used to cleaning up political messes from what I understand from the investigative reporters familiar with coroner reports from fishy deaths in DC political circles.

    One new thing I noticed tho poppin' in here - notice the lil' bar 'cross the top talkin' 'bout cookies from da Googlag? Din't notice that before. Methinks yer over the target an' they're tryin' ta scare yer audience away. Good on ya, bro. Keep that head on a swivel, tho...

  7. This doesn't surprise many who served overseas. You beat me to the post or else I would have written similar things. You are right over the OBJ, I think. Stay hard.

  8. What if there is a hunter biden laptop connection? What if daddy joe had a kill team caught in the act of a ballistic pardon of his son's sins?

  9. Hi Bubba!!!!,
    Line from a very old Pop/Rock/R&B song,"Momma said there'd be daze like this!!!"

    If after the second hand in the Poker game, you don't know who the "Patsy" is... YOU ARE!!!'

    Time to "Lock and Load!!,"

  10. In ̶s̶p̶a̶c̶e̶ Clown World no on can hear you scream

  11. What are the odds this is connected to pedo joe and his fam? I fall in with the crowd that believes there's no such thing as a coincidence. Fuck the selective law enforcement apparatus.

  12. You were right about Feeb of the laptop weighing about a 150 lbs.