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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Purge

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
They really seem to thirst for death.
No, not the repungnicunts.  The entirity of the left.  Dumbshitocraps and allllll of their anti-military leaning "Elites" who are nothing in the 'real world'.  I swear to God, they're intentionally trying to start a civil war.  It's the -only- conclusion I can draw at this point.

Much has been said aboot the "Purge" of the DotMil and the "60 Day Stand-down" and what it entails.  Part and parcel of it is a purge of 'white supremacy symbolism'.  This means any and all 'symbols' deemed inappropriate by the mob... which means pretty much anything cool and fun.

A BIG thing they are saying that needs to go are 'Punisher' skull patches and tats.
The problem is that the Special Forces started using it in following a long tradition that dates back to VietNam.  The patch above for you civvies, the ODA stands for Operational Detachment A, #516, which means it's a SF "A-Team" which are the badasses... not the cheesy 80's show.  The tradition stems from early SF, as in MACV-SOG or Military Advisory Group, Vietnam, Special Operations Group
Lots of history and Honor in this tradition.

Can't have that now can we?  Bunch of dour, box-wine swilling, Unmarried Feminazi bitches who long for 50 Shades of Gray but are embittered because life either handed them a face that looks like it caught fire, and Daddy beat it out with a hatchet, or a body that in it's best shape, was considered "round."  Hence the increase in shrillness, gross piercings, blue/green hair, and 'problem glasses' as Spawn calls them.  The near-continual harangue on our Warrior class is primarily motivated out of spite, jealousy and above all longing.  They wish that a hulking SF-Alpha Stereotype who gives them the tingles and splooshes would come in and sweep them off their feet... 

Hate to tell ya, never happening... they'd blow out their spines tryna lift yer fat blue-haired Latte Swilling asses.  So, like all leftist assholes, that which they cannot have, they must destroy.

Word is that guys who got unit tats with those logos or likeness or any logo that the Left and the new Nogger-of-the-Army Llyod Austin has determined to be raaaaay-cist has to be removed, or face being thrown out of the Army.  One guy I know, retired SF CSM emailed me and said the 'rumbling in the ranks' is getting to be ugly.  Guys who've served a bunch of tours (and are still 'operating') who got unit tats with those now-offensive symbols are being told "get rid of them or get oot."

This from an over-promoted Social Justice "Warrior" General Affirmative Action Austin-the-Asshole. 

 In fact, that works... G4tA... 

Looking over his what I consider his less-than stellar career, I'm wondering if he's a plant.  I mean I -know- he's dumb as a fucking stump.  I know from personal experience he's a shitbird commander.  When he took over 18th ABN Corps and took over MNC-I in Iraq, shit went sideways because of his lunatic rules.  PT Belts, in a combat zone?  Asshole even talked about setting up Arms Rooms on certain bases to rack the weapons... in an active war zone.

Fucking military genius Aye?

He came back as Obama's Butt Boy to oversee "Operation New Dawn", know to the rest of us as "Operation Cut n'Run" or "Operation No Dice"  

And we all know how that worked out Aye?
So yeah, congrats to these idiots.  You're managing to piss off the entirety of Special Operations personnel.  The most dangerous being the actual Special Forces theyselves.  Rangers and SEALs are badass as fuck, BUT... they ain't force multipliers

SFs actual job is to go into strange locations, find highly disgruntled locals and train them to fuck up 'loyalist' forces and break shit to make whomever they oppose hurt.  The SF kids in Nam taught the Montagnards, in Northern Iraq, the Kurds, in Affy, the Norther Alliance Affys... not sure which tribe but those guys LOVED the SF until Big Army showed up and of course, fucked everything up per usual. 
And these are the guys they seemingly want to throw out of the Army?
I mean what. the. fuck?
Talk aboot a recipe for a Civil War.  Take the best trainers in the world of irregular militias and troops and shitcan them back to the streets of a highly divided and pissed off country?

Pure-Dee-Fuckin'-Genius there boyos.
Unless it's part of a bigger plan... but thats, even for me, a bit o'a reach.
"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." Hanlon's Razor
And considering just how fucking stupid our "Elites" are, I credit it to the usual politics of bumblefuckery, retardation, Dumb-Box-wine Aunts, and 'Nogs-are-gonna-nog' revenge against the cool kids 
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Do you think they are trying to convert the entire army into a "Pleasure Unit" for the invading Chinese to butt-fuck at their leisure ??? Seems that way to me. Change my mind.

  2. ...Guys who've served a bunch of tours (and are still 'operating') who got unit tats with those now-offensive symbols are being told "get rid of them or get oot."...

    If true, wow. Like really, wow. The only thing that would wow me more is to learn that Mike, the Wookie, Obama is really a female.

    I'm just an old 13M. But that seems like a big deal. Sure would be a shame if they ended up unemployd in the likes of Idaho or Florida, or Arkansas. Teaching them good ole boys how to screen.

    I think Hanlons Razor is full of shit. Not only are they evil, openly evil, they piss down your back and tell u it's rainin'.

  3. The same people calling for gun control that lack even the basics of understanding of firearms, their operation or even which ones are which also don't anything about the military. I doubt the military is riddled with "White supremacists" but doing stuff like this will turn them into something close and that just helps my side. Plus it also makes it more likely we get our asses kicked in the next real war.

  4. So we’re stripping our military of it’s warrior class, replacing them with transgender illegals and rattling sabers with China, Russia and Iran.
    This should work out well, if one plans on losing.

    Wait until the winners impose the Nuremberg trials on US.

  5. Reminds me when some AF command asshole cancelled nose-art. And morale fell through the floor.

    Take away your spirit patches and tattoos and all that stuff? Yeah, they're just asking for it.

    1. Well, yeah, you'll lose your patches and tats, but you'll get shiny new cuff bands for re-named units. The 82nd "Paul Robeson" Airborne cuff will be very highly prized, I'm sure.... And those units who participated in the heroic and historical Inauguration Defense will be awarded Guards status, so they've got that going for them, which is nice.

  6. Every time I saw stupid stuff happening, I would think there must be a plan behind this because it's too stupid. Nope, just stupidness.

    However, there has been a plan being executed starting with the radical moslem vermin communist stuck in the White House twice so I think this is part of a plan and not one in American's favor. Plus DJT knocked em back to their own 10 yard line (scuse the thugball ref) and they are really pissed besides being evil and fugley. They're bringing their entire wish list no holds barred which means with zero respect for the law in any sense of the concept.

  7. I've heard the powers that be are pulling down FM's and other instructionals.
    That, in concert with other atrocities, they don't want anyone to be able to
    resist them...they must have some really nasty shit planned for the populace.
    This is it boys and girls, time to rumble is fast approaching...
    Square it all down and double check what you're short on for there may not be
    much re-supply.

  8. I just hope they "liberate" some toys on their way home.

  9. Being one of those slimy 95Bs (MP) I trained with a lot of Ranger Tabs and so know a little about shooting and scooting and communcating. I would surely not hesitate training under a SF grunt with irregular militias. As old and slight crippled I wouldn't be up with the dogs on the front line but I sure as hell keep your six and rally points and kasarns secured.

  10. Shhhhhh we could use those guys and it would be fun reading about their adventures since we would never see them.

  11. Yes....they left IS pushing us as hard and as far as they can. They think they can get away with ANY abuse, any violation of us and our rights. And to date they have had no reason to believe they can't get away with it. Unless that changes...and soon...they win.

    1. I've wondered how they can be so bold and stupid (normal for their kind) but after this slick coup they just pulled off, don't be surprised if something like nerve gas isn't on their backup plan. They're not afraid of us because they have a bigger stick in the closet.
      They've been threatening to kill us for yrs now, and between vax and gas, what else could be easier? There is no rule of law in this country anymore, so don't think they will fear punishment. The gloves are off, and we're the target.

  12. When the colonists shook off Britain the men were for the most part veterans of the Indian wars and most had served in Britain's Army. So, if you extrapolate to today, we have veterans with tours in the services and most of the younger men have multiple tours in the sand box fighting an insurgency force. That is going to translate well into what lies ahead for us the police forces and remaining loyal federal services will not be able to maintain any type of op tempo when you have 10,000 Dorners culminating simultaneously with trained and fairly quickly trained fighters. They have no idea what lies in store. Like Phil said above, "I just hope they "liberate" some toys on their way home." Oh they will.

  13. My eldest in Korea's not too happy...

  14. not to mention 600,000 or so veteran fighters you just pissed off. and as their slots go vacant...okay jaquannitus, get up there and fire up that what? man, i ain't sign up for no shit like dat! oh i got a pointmit wit da e/o rep, sarge. see ya later.......when i was there the serbs was the ones doing the invading and the bosnians were the ones doing the refugeeing ,and the dieing. NEVER BE A REFUGEE!!! sebrunitchya(sic), 100k refugees in a "safe zone" set up by the blue helmets. serbs showed up one day and murdered them all while the u/n watched. old men, women, and children too. dam the u.n.

  15. Hanlon was a fucktard. This "stupidity" is way too synergistic to be anything but malice.