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Thursday, February 11, 2021

So Much For Star Wars... AGAIN

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Teh Wimmez.... Jeebus.
So much for "The Mandalorian"
Gina Carano of teh hottness just got the ax from Kathleen Kennedy's Star Wars spin off.  Apparently she went too far in her latest Twitter/Instawhore poastings and got whacked by the rabidly feminazi Kennedy and probably under intense pressure from the (((tribe))).
Apparently her awesomeness went 'a bridge too far' with her latest vis-a-vis her conservative tweeting and tweeking the noses of the leftist lunatics out there.  Of course the 'bridge too far' is doing something that upsets (((the masters))).  

Her quote was about how things were getting out of control regarding the attacks on conservatives and conservative speech.  Ain't the first time she's done it either.  Which is awesome.  When the fucktards and loons out there stared adding their pronouns to their profiles "They/Them/Their" she put hers to "Beep/Bop/Boop" or some such droid-like noises.  Which utterly infuriated the crazies, as mockery is the best way to really get under their skin.  

What did her in was saying that "Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors.... even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don´t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?"

Yep.  All she did was compare Conservatives to (((Jews)))
Can't have that now can we?
Seeings that it, for the most part it IS the (((tribe))) being the most shrill at calling for a (ironically) pogrom of Trumpists and Trumpism.  Nevermind that the one single greatest ally those (((Yomkipper-eating Mahtzosmelling Leftist Fucktards))) had was Donald the T.  

So, despite being completely historically accurate,  she's done.  
Adios Cara Dune.  
Too bad.  It -was- nominally a good show.  Fuck Disney.  They can suck my balls.

Otherwise, I'm in pain.  Been in pain actually.  For about a two week gradually-building pain sort of thing.  Think I figured it out too.  Might be a kidney stone.  Which if it is, it's going to suck.  More as I can't afford to take a day off to go to the ER yet as I already lost two unexpected days for the grillwork...  And go figure, I have 5 cubic yards of topsoil that needs to be spread.  <Le Sigh>  Never a break 'round here.  Only plus is that because of so much nerve damage, the pain is somewhat muted.  Instead of a bullet wound/knife feeling, it's sort of a 'really really bad hit baseball bat-to-the-kidneys' feeling.  Harsh throb every time I breathe.  I'ma tryna make it til Friday Night or Saturday morning to go to the VA.  
Lets see now.  Other stuff.
Found out due to the Beijing Boogers, my home value has rokkit'd thru the roof, leastways according to all the websites I've been checking.  Whoo-wee... it's enough to debate relocating.  To where though is the question?  Problem is I'm anchored here until Wifey's folks kick as well as MomUnit.  That, at it's current rate is gonna be quite a spell.  Longevity seems to run in both fams, leastways with those particular genetics.  Until they cash, we gotta stick around.  That makes me a bit nervous because of the longevity thing.  If shit kicks, I'd rather be in the middle of nowhere, but hey, that ain't happening.  

Realistically, no matter what the fantasy of shit going sideways is, I'ma staying put.  Even if the sweet meteor o'death hit -somewhere- (please let it be D.C. or San Fran... pleasepleaseplease) leaving your house is flat out dumb.  Unless the house yer in in terminally compromised, meaning on fire or bombed out, you -need- to stay put.  Because without a pre-existing fallback point, you become a refugee.

Refugees are victims waiting to happen.  Fuck all that noise of "Well I got mad skillz and DotMil knowledge!  I wuz a Force Recon SEAL!"  Really?  Glad to hear it.  On your own you -might- be fine, but your going to have to become a predator, preying on weaker folks to stay resupplied.  You're going to be hunted for shit like that.  The "Mad Max Lone Wolf" fantasy is just that.  Fantasy.

Talk to the Serbs on how that whole thing worked out.  Most, if not all of them, given the choice of 'should I stay or should I go?' pick "STAY" in huuuge 72 point boldface font.

Other things:  HIGHLY pissed off that one of the last parts I got for this build on the AR-10 doesn't fucking fit.  Motherfucking piss me off.  $190 front handguard that I was told, multiple times that it -fit- the AR-10 DPMS build by both the description AND a company rep, because the description was that id did, but the pictures were, shall we say a bit ambiguous?  Si I did a 'chat' with an idiot (prolly an AI) and THEN I called because I didn't think the AI was worth a shit.  Was assured it DID fit. Ordered it a ways back, (mind you burning out the down payment) and when it showed?  Grrrrrr.... AR-15 sized. 
And then, they want ME to pay for return shipping?????

Hell, guess Sapper has a new forend for his rifle

Way to go Optics Planet Fucktards.  Never shopping with them again.  Suck my hairy taint you scum.  I fucking purely -hate- companies like them and Cheaper Than Dirtbags.  ANOTHER soulless entity that has ALL the parts, and then BOHICA's ya in the ass.  I usually go to other areas to get what I need parts wise, but the paucity of the current cray-cray in both parts and anythi ng remotely orient in the firearms industry is insane. SO only the giant warehouses seem to have parts available, unless its the smaller 'custom' houses that do cottage size manufacturing.  Phil needs to lern't to start milling some of those much needed pieces-parts with that new mill he's been playing with.

Jes' Sayin'
He'd make a fucking fortune.
"Bustedknuckles Parts For Your Piece"
So, yeah... More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Vis-à-vis your suspected kidney stone, knock down a whole big jar of straight cranberry juice (not the cheap flavored stuff). Not sipped over two days.. chug it all at once. Top it off with some great chicken noodle broth and see what shakes out. Good luck.

    1. re:
      cranberry juice

      That would be more sugar than a twelve (twenty-four?) pack of soda-pops.

      If re-establishing a healthy alkaline balance is the goal, some folks eat a couple figs daily.
      Any more than a couple daily can take the liver out of ketosis.


      Physical Therapist here.
      I hesitate proscribing a 'one-size fits all' treatment over TheWorldWideWeb...

  2. Slippery Elm Tea helped me pass a couple of kidney stones with hardly any pain. Hell, the last one was like a water hose burping an air bubble after turning it on.
    Yea, I've about had my fuckin' fill of these commie shits thinking that THEY can decide what's free speech and what isn't. Fuck them all. I say what I want when I want and ain't apologizing to anyone. They're finding that out on the paperwork I got sent to fill out for jury duty next month. Asking me shit like what news do I watch, what TV shows I watch, what radio stations I listen to, are any talk radio?...
    I put "None of your damn business." on every one of those questions.
    Next month should be fun, 'cause I'm just getting started on their asses. I'm ready to drop a case of 18 U.S. Code § 242 if they get froggy.

    1. Ha... so innocent, thinks the Fed Laws applies to him.. (snerk...)

      Seriously, I think it's quite obvious that the rules and laws only apply to one side of the spectrum.

      Hope you don't catch a contempt of court case or two out of your beliefs that the laws apply to you in these fallen times.

  3. Kidney stones come in two sizes: a) small enough to pass, and b) too big to pass.
    The cure for a) is guzzle water constantly, and pee it out, plus Motrin and/or anything you've got that's stronger, as prescribed.
    The cure for b) is to get to a urologist for ultrasound lithotripsy, wherein they put you in a human-sized jewelry cleaner and vibrate a big stone down into lots of gravel. Which you can (uncomfortably) pee out, but at least you can pee it out.

    If you have type a), you'll know in a couple of weeks or so, and one day in the porcelain thinking room, the roulette ball will drop (literally), and life will be happy again.
    If you have type b), you will be suffering endlessly.
    If things get insufferable, a trip to the ER will get you a CT or ultrasound, which will ascertain the size of your problem, along with an Rx for the Good Stuff of pain relief.
    If you don't need to do that, keep chugging water and popping Ranger Candy, and see how things go.
    If it still hurts beyond end of the month, you start peeing obvious blood, pain becomes intolerable, or any other reason you see fit, get to the doctor/hospital.

    I've had them multiple times, diagnosed them all myself (it helps when you have daily access to urinalysis dipsticks), and self-treated.
    And after the last one 10+ years ago, I hydrate like a mofo, and have had no further problems.
    Best wishes.

    1. Many Thanks, might hi the ER either way as someone else stated, last week the grill got cut on to remove some bone spurrage. Might be a good idea to get checked

    2. Also might add, they put your ass out in heavy dream land when they stick you in a Lithotripor. We had one in our hospital and you could tell at the other end of the hospital when the fired up that big boy...

    The reason being that it might NOT be a kidney stone. It could be pyelonephritis. Seeing as you just had surgery done on the most septic area of your bod (that's why a human bite is the most infectious injury possible), you could be headed for sepsis. Sepsis kills! In very short order. Catch it early and it's treatable. Wait until the pain forces you to do what you needed to do yesterday, and you could well be dead meat. I for one, would sorely miss your blog.

    1. Yep. It's why you go on antibiotics in prep for knee surgery if you've had dental work done in the last month or so.

  5. Yeah stay away from the shitbags at Optics Planet. There are plenty of other fish in the sea who won't be cocksuckers to you when you want to patronize their business.

  6. Jews must have caused your stones. Ever think of being a people that everybody hates and doesn't even know one. No body wants to be judged by who they are including you. The (((tribe))) isn't one people. 95% of Orthodox (the folks who practice what they are) voted for Trump and before you shit on another Jew, ask someone who been to Israel what Jews are like. i don't like a whole lot of shit the commies who call themselves Jews do, but I do understand that HATE breeds hate and those folks have had 2000 years of it.

    1. Ever consider that if everywhere you go, people end up hating you, that perhaps the problem is you and not them? The old joke: if you got to a bar and get kicked out, maybe the bartender is an asshole. If you go to 109 bars and get kicked out of all of them, maybe you are the asshole.

    2. You must be new here. Look up the past poasts. I'm calling out members of the (((tribe))) who CONTINUALLY do shady shit as it were. FAR too many to make one wonder just 'what the fuck is going on?' I'm an equal opportunity bigot. I hate everyone, all kinds, especially if they're shady. Red Pill Jew used to hang here quite frequently... got no issue with him... 'regular non-shady folks' always welcome, so research first and welcome!

    3. What BCE is talking about are the JINOs (Jews in Name Only.) The ones that will whine about the Holocaust while endorsing the PLO, vote in socialist and communist politicians and treat everyone who's not a JINO as if they weren't human (except for those humans who are HAMAS or PLO or socialist or communist.)

      Real Jews are cool. You know, the ones who did vote for Trump, don't believe in socialism or communism, who don't support all anti-Israel and anti-Jewish organizations.

  7. Get well.

    Ezxcellent idea for Phil.

  8. kidney stones are the by product of too much ranger candy, i know. when you find yourself unable to piss
    but blood is coming out the piss stick- get to the er fast. there they will put a 2 lumen garden hose up
    ya and flush you out. it's fun. on the plus side of it- they are handy with the pain meds. it will help
    ya as the time goes by until you walk out. as said above- flush yourself with fluids for ever more.
    and take it easy on ranger candy if you can. like the old saying, if you don't have to piss,you not drinking enough.

  9. I have had a DPMS LR308 with a 24 inch ss barrel that shoots custom handloads into sub.25 at 100 yards.

  10. Regarding pronouns - I have a liberal friend who now puts she/her at the bottom of her emails. I was thinking of putting it/bitch at the bottom of mine.

  11. Optics Planet is trash. While Cheaper Than Dirt is evil, OP just seems incompetent.

    FWIW Gina never did much for me, loin wise, but at least she is recognizably a woman.

  12. consider
    smith enterprises

  13. If I do pronouns they will not be printable.

    Yes. if you have weird pains in the abdomen area you needs to see someone of the medical persuasion tut suet.

    It might be bad or good but that part of the body can do some really nasty shit.

    Usually addressed before acute it is less problem.

  14. Not all Jews are JINO's; they are fucked up and believe the Huff Po and similar more than the Torah (Old Testament, or Bible I). And it makes me fuckin insane, the comparison Gina made is spot on. In 1928, Germany was a great place to be Jewish... not so much a few years later. Why do so man Jews fall for the false allure of socialism/communism? Beats the fuck out me and it's embarrassing. Useful idiots come in all flavors. Try and focus on Jewish comedians.... not the fucktards.

  15. Make some tea from corn silk and drink it continuously until kidney stone is gone. Corn silk tea dissolves kidney stones. Won't hurt you, no sugar, and can save you the pain of passing or medical bills.

  16. Get yourself better, BC. Positive thoughts an' all. Ohio Guy

  17. ... I do understand that HATE breeds hate and those folks have had 2000 years of it.....

    Occam's Razor= Fucking with people breeds hate. They have been shady fucks for 2000 years. Fuck ((them))) and their whole Dunning-Krueger race.

    "Judeo-Christian" is another one of their perverted concepts. You either bend a knee to Jesus or don't.

    Do you hear Ukranians whining about the Holodomor? No. Because Ukranians
    aren't whiny sodomist. And a cuzz the whiny (((fucks))) don't want Ukranians cutting in on their victim grift. Again, fuck (((them.)))